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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal April 2015

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28 April 2015 21:20:01

Phew, did ''Those'' jobs

27 April 2015 16:19:44


25 April 2015 17:36:05

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It is fascinating to watch the Ferns unfurl , the different ones have their own method.  Here are a few different ones. 

Eucomis pole-evansii

24 April 2015 12:25:35

The Lull

21 April 2015 13:26:38

Fota report .

19 April 2015 14:00:06

Salvia confertifolia

14 April 2015 22:13:46

Double Primroses 2015

11 April 2015 16:44:47

Me again!!

10 April 2015 17:04:12

Thanks Hazel

10 April 2015 16:58:42

Turtle test

10 April 2015 16:50:51

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Seeing if I can put up the photo of the Turtle I am going to set on the men working in the fields!!  He should scare them.  Taking a chance got to love this pale blue Muscari the dark blue one is doing really well this year.

Fertiliser gate

09 April 2015 21:06:05
Fertiliser gate

Fertiliser gate

I told you earlier about limegate when my whole garden was turned white, and my car, when they sprayed the adjoining fields. Then came slurry-gate, well one must expect this stink living in a field and they did keep it to their own property. Well fertilisergate arrived a couple of days ago. Same as last year , working in the hot bed area and these small white spherical objects came hurtling through the air at me. You feel these when they hit the face. Finally I hope, to day came earthgate. The ground, well the surface is now so dry that as they tilled clouds of dust/earth descended on my garden , at least it can't do damage but living in the country is not all quiet and peaceful!!!  If they do any more I will set my Turtle on them.


06 April 2015 19:31:24

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Well my friends I come before you this evening to confess a deep and dark secret.  I refer to my Front Garden.  You see I have never ever showed it to you and if you look to the right you will see why!!  Point is that I never see my own front garden , that is almost true, I drive past it going in and though there is access from my side garden through a little gate I never seem to open the gate. The front door is never used and rarely opened!!Ferns in their multitude grow from the stone wall with thick Ivy in competition. There are a few nice plants in it......I think....! Anyway today I attacked this poor little front garden. I must have removed about 40 Ferns from the wall, and there are around 8 monsters left for Eddie to try and remove with his mattock .I dug the soil and noticed that the lovely but thuggish Geranium versicolour was making a take over bid so will have to get out the Round up .  I will plant the garden this year  and go and talk to it and keep it in order and generally be a good front garden owner. This is the end of my confession.Oh I have labelled the photos incorrectly I automatically called my Back garden ....the big garden....the Front garden anyway it is self explanatory but the real front garden does look sad...better gather up all those weeds and ferns.

And was it not a wonderful weekend well I hope for everyone, sun all day and actually hot.

Attention Peter W

01 April 2015 14:39:09

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Hi Peter as suggested I got two red Cordylines for the problem area. Unable to get small Phormiums of right colour. This one is called Charlie 's Boy. Still in pots waiting for approval from the Designer!!!  Photos not good either too windy or overcast.

Narcissus ID

01 April 2015 14:29:00

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A couple whose name I do not know so help with ID please. The centre one is the multi headed one called Avalanche.


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