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JoanG's Journal

JoanG's Journal April 2012

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Last ones standing

30 April 2012 21:57:54
Tulipa 'Maureen'

Tulipa 'Maureen'

It will be another week or so before I can get back to gardening, as home decorating and family homecomings and events are taking precedence. 

Just managed to get out with the camera late today to capture the last tulips.  I'm pleased with these which I planted last autumn; there's a lovely pale yellow green flush on the white petals which the photo doesn't do justice to.  These tulips are in the front garden; all in the back had their heads whipped off in the gales and rain over the past week!

Hope to be back in proper gardening mode shortly; meanwhile I'm trying to catch up on all your journals and enjoying seeing how you're getting on.

Not a bad week after all

20 April 2012 22:26:43
Corydalis flexuosa 'Purple leaf'

Corydalis flexuosa 'Purple leaf'

I've had little chance to get out to the garden this week with various work going on round the house ... but finally this afternoon, with workmen departed for today, I was able to get to the greenhouse and pot on some annual seedlings, have a wander about and take a few photos.  These are added to my March-April 2012 album, the last five shots.

Blackbirds were singing in neighbouring trees, little coal tits, robins and dunnocks were whizzing back and forth to the bird feeders and suddenly all was right with the world again.  A nice finish was the piece about the Wexford Garden Trail on 'Nationwide' this evening which I just managed to catch. 

Despite the showers and unpredictable weather, I do love this time of year.  Happy gardening everyone. 

Damaged peony - advice please

20 April 2012 20:36:12
Damaged peony - advice please

Damaged peony - advice please

When planting a couple of peonies in March, I broke the root of this one.  After cursing my carelessness, I decided to stick it in a pot and see what would happen. 

So, is there hope for it or is this false promise?  What should I do now ... leave it in this pot for this year?  try planting it in the ground?  or any other suggestions? 

Of course, the one I did plant in the ground without breaking it is showing no signs of appearing yet!

Tulips that come back

08 April 2012 23:12:59
Tulips (in the ground) that repeat

Tulips (in the ground) that repeat

A few people (including me) were asking about tulips that will come back the following year if left in the ground or pots.  I've had mixed results, with many tulips in the ground not showing again or maybe only a few from a larger group planted.  The best performers have been these which I think are all Darwin hybrids, various Appeldoorns, most of them now in year three or longer.  I planted them deep which I read is supposed to help.

This year I've also planted tulips in pots for the first time so will have to wait until next year to see how they do.  I've added some photos to the March-April album (pics 14-21 to save you scrolling through the lot). 

Visit to Rachel's and Jurgita's

07 April 2012 22:38:34
Rachel's Garden, Douentza

Rachel's Garden, Douentza

A most enjoyable day out in two wonderful gardens.

Rachel and her family gave us a warm welcome and great hospitality and it was lovely to meet garden friends again and be introduced to new ones.  As many of you already know, Rachel has created a splendid garden in beautiful countryside surroundings.  I wouldn't know where to begin to describe it; hopefully the photos will go some way to doing it justice.

Then on to Jurgita's (Hoeys) for our first meeting and another warm welcome from her family and great chat with Brian (Jemo) and Maria too. What Jurgita has achieved in just three years is truly amazing, an ornamental garden, orchard, pond, stream & waterfall, with chickens, geese, ponies and dog and cats too.

Thanks to both hosts for a terrific day and to my fellow visitors for your company and the lovely plants I came home with.

Anyone going to Rachel's want ... ?

04 April 2012 21:27:50
Sample of offers

Sample of offers

... nothing very exciting to offer but if you're going to Rachel's open day on Saturday and would like any of these plants please let me know:

Hellebores (4 plants, pot luck), may flower next year. Parent plants are either pink/purple spotted or white.

Carex aurea 'elata' (4 plants) - Bowles' golden sedge.  Will look better in a few weeks than they do in photo.

Pink flowered penstemon (1 plant).

Also have about 6 each of sweet pea seedlings (Old Fashioned Mixed) and Sunflower Harlequin (bi-colour). 

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sat.


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