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JoanG's Journal

JoanG's Journal August 2015

Last Post 904 days 15 hours ago

Two hardy Fuchsias

31 August 2015 21:16:04

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Fuchsia genii, which I've had for quite a while, was slow getting going this summer but is looking good now. 

And this lovely Fuchsia 'Hawkshead' which I got from PeterW as a tiny cutting at our 2014 Johnstown get-together has once again amazed me with the growth it has put on.  It's perfect for this spot in the front garden where I can enjoy it from indoors as well as out.  I've already passed on one cutting from it and have a good sized plant destined for my nephew's garden.  More cuttings were taken recently, so I hope to spread it around further.  Thanks again Peter for this gorgeous plant.


Dahlia 'Vancouver'

27 August 2015 18:03:22

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Just look at the size of this flower!

Myrtle gave me a generous piece of her Dahlia 'Vancouver' earlier this year and I have been watching with eager anticipation as it started to open about a week ago.  I was afraid the rain was going to ruin it but no, it's coming through fine so far with more buds to follow. Next year I'll know to stake it better and give it support for its large heads.

Thank you Myrtle for this gorgeous dahlia.

Fire and Ice

21 August 2015 21:54:05

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In the September issue of The Irish Garden magazine received today, it mentions that many maples have taken on their autumn colour early this year.  Of my two Japanese maples, Acer 'Orange Dream' in the back garden is still delightfully green while Acer japonicum 'Aconitifolium' out in front has already gone crimson and is looking quite fiery.

A few feet away is the icy Pittosporum 'Irene Patterson' which I planted last year and has come on really well, with a little touch of fire from Crocosmia 'Saracen' popping up in front of it. 

And a few more

18 August 2015 00:14:47

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Three more photos from the garden this evening.

The one and only sunflower;

Rudbeckia goldsturm, one of my all-time favourites;

and my new Crocosmia 'Harlequin'.


Garden this evening

17 August 2015 22:10:32

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I took quite a few photos in the garden when I came home at teatime and was going to put up an album, then remembered that the photo software on the new laptop will only let me resize one photo at a time!

So here are just a few until I get this problem sorted.

It was such a lovely day today, hope you all got to enjoy it in some way.


Plant IDs please Hazel

11 August 2015 00:06:17

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Hazel, can you provide a name for this lovely geranium I spotted on your Open Day?  It's below the deck, beside the paving circle, and it's just lovely.  Apologies for the poor photo, the flower is out of focus.

Also saw this cheery orange plant in your front garden and wondered if it's an orange Welsh poppy, or is it something else?


Perennial Violas

09 August 2015 16:08:33

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Since seeing a gorgeous display of perennial violas in the Chelsea floral pavilion, I have been smitten.  Have since acquired these two and I suspect this little collection will be added to next year.  Their scent is divine!


Double Click Cosmos

07 August 2015 21:59:32

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Sorry I haven't been posting journals or photos this last while.  I'm struggling with the photo editing on the new laptop, which won't accept the camera's software which I used previously and the photo editing feature in Windows 10 only seems to allow photo resizing one photo at a time!  Anyway, I've finally managed to create an album of today's garden photos, hope they turn out ok.  **

While I normally prefer single flowers, this year I decided to try Double Click Cosmos seed and have been bemused by the results, as some of the flowers are doubles while some appear to be semi-double and a few have come up single.  They germinated ok but after planting out took ages to grow to anything approaching normal cosmos size.  However, they have improved a lot over the last week.

Would be interested to know of anyone else's experience of double cosmos ... I reckon I'll return to the singles next year!


** PS I've since deleted this album as the photos are included in the Back Garden Summer 2015 album.



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