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JoanG's Journal

JoanG's Journal July 2016

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Blessington Street Albizia

23 July 2016 22:28:38

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It's a while since I've been in Blessington Street Basin (a hidden oasis in the heart of Dublin city) but was there earlier this week and spotted several plants of Albizia julibrissin around the gate lodge.  Most were in raised beds and looking just a little stressed in the heat and drought, not surprising for young plants, though Albizia are supposed to like sunshine and warmth.  The best example was in a pot in the porch of the gate lodge, looking and feeling wonderful with its tactile silky foliage.

It must have flowered quite early as there were already seed pods. 

The first and only time I saw Albizia in flower (Mount Congreve), I was completely smitten but basic research told me it would grow far too big for my garden.  So I'll be happy to watch the progress of these whenever I'm back in Blessington Street. 

Sorry the second photo is sideways, the usual problem with phone photos on this site. 

New plants

22 July 2016 22:02:29

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We all like getting new plants, don't we?  Despite having a very small garden, I find some plants too hard to resist.  Here are three that are new to my garden this year.

Hemerocallis 'Catherine Woodbury', a nice pale one which I fell for at Bay Garden on my last visit.  

Viola 'Molly Sanderson', added to my little perennial viola collection and I love the black flowers.

Astrantia major 'Sunningdale Variegated' is a gift from Mary (Keego); the foliage is green and cream when it first appears, then goes all green shortly after flowering starts. I love the pink deep within the white flowers.  Thanks Mary, really like this one. 

Yellow cheerfulness

16 July 2016 21:58:50

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This may be my favourite summer perennial; many of you have heard me going on about it before.

In full flower now and will last until November with just one session of deading around September.

Anthemis 'E.C.Buxton'; such an easy plant. 

Pink and orange

15 July 2016 21:28:20

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Myrtle gave me a cutting of her lovely Diascia personata at Johnstown last January and today I was wondering whatever possessed me to plant it next to Hemerocallis 'Pink Damask' which isn't pink at all but a deep coral colour which looks more like orange, especially in bud.  

I don't think this combination works; very Christopher Lloyd maybe but not really me! Looks like plant moving time again but which one to move ... and where??

What do you think?  and have you any pink and orange combinations in your garden?  

A few in pink

09 July 2016 21:44:01

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I have various jobs to do in the garden but seem to lack the energy for getting around to them, perhaps it's the heavy though windy weather.  So instead I'm enjoying just pottering, deadheading, tidying up the roses, watering pots etc and appreciating the plants in flower right now.  

Penstemon 'Evelyn' has lovely dainty flowers in a glowing shade of pink.  In its second year it's doing well in the front garden and I'll be taking cuttings soon.  Persicaria affine, an often underrated planted, is one I've always liked and good at the edge of a border. And my favourite small hardy geranium, Geranium sanguineum striatum, always brings a smile when I see it; the camera doesn't get the colour right. 



Tree sculpture

06 July 2016 20:40:23

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I think Jacinta may have posted a while ago about this tree sculpture on the corner of St Anne's Park by the causeway.  I drive past it regularly and today stopped for a closer look.  It's a mighty artwork, sculpted all round.  Some of the creatures spotted were a large swan on top with wings outstretched, a gannet, another seabird (guillemot?), 7 owls, 3 badgers, 3 seals, dolphin, another big fish, a lobster, wading bird, 3 turtles, 3 foxes, 2 hares, 2 bunny rabbits, a bird of prey, starfish ... and tucked into the centre, a hurley.  There was probably more. 

The sculptor came over from England and completed the work in stages after the tree had to be cut back last year. 

Seriously orange

05 July 2016 22:04:58

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I'm not all that mad about orange flowers and they can be hard to place in the garden but my sister likes the colour so we have a few.  These lilies are in pots which are popped into the back border when the tulips there have died back.  They certainly add some zing right now.  Sorry I don't have a name for them. 

Fuchsia procumbens

04 July 2016 21:10:13
Fuchsia procumbens

Fuchsia procumbens

Eilish posted a journal a while ago showing a lovely display of Fuchsia procumbens she has growing in a pot.  When I asked her about it, as this is a plant I've wanted for a while, she very kindly sent me a rooted piece through the post.  I potted it straight away and popped it in the greenhouse.

I certainly wasn't expecting a flower this year.  It's teeny tiny, very different from what you would expect of a fuchsia, and blurred (sorry - photo taken with my phone) and I'm just thrilled.  Many thanks Eilish, I'll enjoy growing this one on! 


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