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DecfromTipp's Journal

DecfromTipp's Journal July 2013

Last Post 1675 days ago

Elephant Ear" (Colocasia

26 July 2013 21:05:48

Here we go again...

25 July 2013 22:43:53
Weakness Weakness

Weakness Weakness

While doing some houseminding for a friend I discovered that his borders contained hundreds of young  Stachys byzantina or Lambs Ears / Lambs Tongue plants. I just could not resist taking some for potting on. Its a serious weakness I possess but I imagine you fellow Gardeners will understand, even if the good lady of the house does'nt!


Now that I think of it he has another border that contains loads of "Elephants Ears", do they self seed too???


Tomato Problem

24 July 2013 22:04:29

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Some of my young fruit has developed black spot on the bottom of the young tomatoes. Right where the blossom is. Googling tells me that it may be a calcium deficiency or possibly inconsistant watering. What do you fellow .iers think. Will they all develop this problem. I have loads of young fruit and hate the thought of losing them all.................


Bird Box Not

24 July 2013 21:59:59

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If you remember some months ago I got a rush of blood and made 4 new bird boxes. Well this one will not have any feathered friends in 2013 at least as it has been taken over by a Wasp colony. Should I eradicate them, should I leave them have their fun. Any opinions folks?


Rain At Last

24 July 2013 21:56:24

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I know I asked for some nice gentle rain but what the heck is this? Still it will save watering for a day or two !

Lily in Flower. Lavatera Cuttings

21 July 2013 17:23:38

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Their beauty is but fleeting but I like the Orange Lily Flower (Cala Something or other/)

The larger Lavatera is from a cutting taken 2010 and has done well. The smaller one from another cutting (2012) has just been planted out to "fill a gap" as we say here in Tipp!


GreenAnn was interested in Lavatera so here you are GreenAnn


Agapanthus, Hostas, Teapots and Bits n Bobs

19 July 2013 22:44:51

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This Agapanthus took two years to produce a flower stem but by heck its now over 44 inches or 97cm tall. This cant be normal can it?

Mother said you should never throw away a used teapot so I took her advice and they found a use!!

The containers are neginning to get a little tired,thay need real water I reckon but whats one to do.

The Hostas have produced in the "Shady Corner" and Iam already looking forward to seed harvesting in a few weeks time..

Lepus curpaeums attack !!!

16 July 2013 22:55:48

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Well I never! I was minding my own business while watering some containers this evening and what should make a dash across the flower beds? Yes you guessed it one rabbbit. Well he/she took shelter under a Geranium but the hairy gardener was faster. What next? the entire family in my veg patch munching on the cabbage. I hope he/she learned its lesson and doesnt reappear any time soon...................

Doesnt gardening throw up the most unexpected surprises..



Plant ID anyone...

16 July 2013 00:03:32
Plant ID anyone??

Plant ID anyone??

The good lady of the house was particularly smitten with this flowering shrub. Says it may be "Star of Bethlehem". I didnt argue with her but now she wants them about the garden....This specimen was 3m tall and about the same wide, covered in white blooms.

Kilfane Garden & Waterfall Thomastown

14 July 2013 23:11:20

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Spent a few peaceful hours in the secluded and tranquil Kilfane today. I have to admit that I was somewhat dissapointed with the Garden. Most of the flowerbeds are now neglected and contain mainly grass with the odd plant struggling to survive. It could and should be so much more. I appreciate that maintenance is expensive but so is the admission at €7 each. Would it be too much to ask the head gardener (is there one) to at least weed the well laid out beds and re stock where necessary. It is a lovely place and very peaceful and relaxing but screams our for some TLC

O well maybe its just me ?

Tomato Help!

12 July 2013 17:43:11

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My tomato plants have developed this brown leaf spot but continue to look healthy and producing nice trusses. Iam told it could be one of many common ailments from too little water, too much water, fungal, insect etc etc.

What do the .iers find is the most common cause and is there a need for any major surgery/treatment?


On another note I entered Lidl today for some Juices and came away with two nice healthy looking Hostas, at €2.99 each sure you couldnt leave them there neglected could you, especially when Woodies were selling theirs last night for €8.99 admittedly a little larger but hey, size isn't everything !

Late Earlies

11 July 2013 22:32:50
Late Earlies

Late Earlies

Well the wait was worth it. At this rate of eating I should have enought till next week!! Rationing called for I think


Too Hot for Toms

09 July 2013 22:21:09

Late Dish

08 July 2013 22:12:04

Smell The Hay

07 July 2013 22:54:53

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The neighbours are busy saving Hay, hay like we used to have years ago when it was made without seeing rain. The sweet smell in the evenings makes me feel like a 10 year old again. Windows open all night with the lovely aroma filling each room.

At 2pm Iam awoken by the barking of a young fox. Seems very close and could be in the lawn. Even the dogs are too tired too answer back or else couldnt be bothered.

Up at 7am for a drive to the midlands. Countryside looking so well and the quiet roads make driving a pleasure. Everyone in such good form too.

Tractor Lawnmower in for a new deck fitting so Iam back to cutting lawns with the small self drive for a while. Still its almost relaxing just to stroll behind the mower cutting at your leisure with no fear of rain interupting work. 

At the end of the day a large salad from the garden goes down a treat with a big mug of tea.


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