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DecfromTipp's Journal

DecfromTipp's Journal August 2013

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Window Boxes now on final call

30 August 2013 22:01:02

Future Trees.com

25 August 2013 23:38:56
Marvel Hybrid

Marvel Hybrid

Anyone got any info on these so called Marvel Hybrid Trees. Iam thinking of planing a few!! for firewood........

Piltown Show

25 August 2013 23:34:11

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The Piltown show was part of my childhood as Dad was from just up the road. Every August weeks of preparation went into getting the Flowers/Fruit/Veg into "show order". Bragging rights were important! In those days 40 years ago Tunnels were unheard of and only the lucky few had a Glasshouse or maybe a home made shed with glass sides (old windows)

I guess now most of the fruit and veg is Polytunnel produced but I suppose thats progress. The crowds still flock there. Apart from the Flowers, Fruit Veg you can admire the Cattle, Horses, Poultry (boy was there poultry) on show. Breeds I never even heard of.

There also appears to be a move for "Future Trees" and I was very interested in this section. Could not find a name on Google though for the somewhat "Marvel Hybrid Tree" that is supposed to be the new end all for anyone looking to grow there own firewood!  Sapling to firewood in 5 years with very little work or maintenance. 60 Bags of firewood from one tree??


Indoor Potted Plant ID

16 August 2013 20:18:54

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Can anyone ID this indoor plant please. I rescued it from work some years ago when moving offices but no one had a clue what it is. It has beautiful waxy shiny leaves and hands nicely from a stand!  I have never seen flowers of any sort on it.

I would like to know its name after 10 years of not knowing.


16 August 2013 20:14:27

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All this talk and some photos of lovely Dahlias recently has gotton to me. I arrived home with two today (€10 is that good or bad value) and then had to find somewhere to plant them.

I might have been a bit hasty but sure what the heck I think they might be the start of something?

"Dahlia Maxli" was all that it said on the tin, sorry I meant pot.......


14 August 2013 22:23:06

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My Parsnips would get graded very high on appearance, odd shapes wouldnt pass inspections but do I care?? Hell no its the taste that counts.

Only two drill of spuds left such is the demand ha ha

Work Work Work and some Enjoyment too

14 August 2013 22:13:08

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I often head out into the garden with one job in mind and then find myself doing something completely different ! Am I unique in this I dont think so.

Today was one of those days. Planted three drills of Strawberries from runners for next years crop. Dug a new border (smallish) in a garden corner so that I could plant some of my surplus home grown flowers. Echinacea, Elephants Ears, Young Gladioli Plants, Lambs Ear all found a new, if somewhat haphazzard home.

Removed a dead Yuca stump and thinned out the new Yucca growth as it was totally overcrowded. The hard frost two winters running put paid to my 25 ft Yucca some years ago.

Then at 4pm I started to edge the lawns (boy do I hate this job) using one good pointed council type shovel. No need for your fancy edging gadgets. The old ways are best. Youngest gave a hand filling the wheelbarrow after enquiring" what are you doing Dad " from an upstairs window. "Guess" I replied, "Kerbing" she says, "Close Enough" says I.

Kilkenny Castle is looking quiet good these days too


Plant ID Please

09 August 2013 22:32:35
Plant ID

Plant ID

 Can any of my garden friends ID this Yellow flowering plant please. I deadheaded and collected some seed heads from it at Muckross House recently!! Thats not really bold is it?

I would love to put a n ame on it for next years (hopefully) seedlings....

Hover Flies

08 August 2013 15:07:22

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OK, which one of you experts said they had no Hover Flies ? Since reading that statement I am seeing them everywhere but especially on the Lillies. I can forward some if you like

Muckross House Monday 5th Aug

06 August 2013 19:46:39

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When in Rome so to speak. After I managed to "remove" the ladies from Killarney Shopping we managed to spend some few hours in Muckross House. The Park and grounds are well maintained and were full of young families (Irish & Foreign) busily enjoying the lakes and gardens.

The flower beds were simplicity itself and I think we could all learn from the manner in which they are laid out. I counted no more than 4-5 different flowering plants in each bed.

I've attached some photos in my photo albums which shows the colours on display. When I think I paid €20 for entry to Kilfane House/Gardens and free entry to Muckross I now which wins handsdown.

 Thanks for all the comments on the "glasshouse" too. Very amusing they were !




Rhubarb Doing Well

05 August 2013 23:51:44
Giant Rhubarb After The Heavy Rain !

Giant Rhubarb After The Heavy Rain !

I just knew the heavy rain recently would do the garden some good ! The Rhubarb went mad !



05 August 2013 22:31:10
Glasshouse For Me

Glasshouse For Me

Finally I have found what should be the perfect glasshouse for me !!!! Anyone recognise it ?


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