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DecfromTipp's Journal

DecfromTipp's Journal July 2014

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Dusty and Charlie

23 July 2014 23:51:20
The Guys

The Guys

Dusty and Charlie spend more time in the garden than I do so its about time they met everyone.


Lily's tonight

23 July 2014 23:36:53

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It seems that the Lilies are in full flower for everyone. Heres mine today and a hollyhock from home seed which is a totally different color from its parent !


Today in the Garden

21 July 2014 21:33:08

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Todays was my birthday (which I actually forgot) until a text from a cousin arrived this morning..... As a treat I decided to do some gardening..... with the camera to hand.

Lillies in bloom and some Agapanthus too which I will use for Mums months mind Mass this Sunday. Where does the time go?

Anyhow thanks Mum for your love of all things growing and what I hope is a green thumb. You were busy all your life and widowed twice but still found time for the garden, flowers and veg.

Your Rhubard tarts were legendary. The Roses were your pride and joy and I cannot imagine how many buckets of water you and I carried to them down through the years (well mostly you). They are still in bloom and thriving ans whenever I smell their scent or see them opening I shall think of you in full health. "Get the washing up (soapy) water" was the call whenever greenfly were seen.

Hope you keep those edges trimmed up in heaven. You just hated untidy lawn edges, a job I got to do for you when the years began to creep up.

We forget how much we owe to our Mums. They are teaching us even when we are not listening or paying particular attention.

Thanks for the memories Mum.


Free Range

20 July 2014 17:02:22

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Well I will admit best advice is not to allow the Hens access to the Garden. Still I enjoyed the girls company as I pottered about. They even began getting used to the Tractor mower!

Attractive plants appear to be "Hypericum, Morning Glory & Assorted Dahlias" as well as Grass which is fine.

I feared for this Hosta but they never touched it and scratched all around it doing quiet a nice job under the Ash Tree.

Have no fear as they are now back in their run full to the neck (crop) with whatever it is they enjoyed so much.


Johnstown Garden Center

20 July 2014 00:00:47

Go Forth and Multiply

17 July 2014 17:47:11

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And they did, multiply that is. To think I doubted at one point last Feb/Mar that the packet contained any seeds.....................

Iam seriously going to have to investigate avenues of "off loading" some shortly. Maybe the car boot sale might work. I was even heard talking to this lot yesterday and was threatened with "men in white coats" whatever that means.


Rhodo sick

12 July 2014 16:00:25
Rhodo poorly

Rhodo poorly

I can never seem to successfully care for Rhodos. This one I bought in bloom , reported and fed, watered carefully and how does it repay me ? By wilting as you can see . I removed it from its pot today and it seems to have made no attempt at growing new roots. Was it too wet ? Possibly so I've repotted again for the last time ..... Your'rebon your own Rhodo 

First Earlies

10 July 2014 13:38:49

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The first new potatoes are huge this year ! Should I have dug sooner , still I get a childish pleasure every time I see the gleaming white skin appear from under the clay . 

Jack and the Beanstalk perhaps

08 July 2014 00:00:46

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The Paulownia are really taking off now and still I have loads of new seedlings to pot on.... I can hardly keep up. Its become a MONSTER. No really I quiet enjoy watchin these chaps mature.


Flower I D

01 July 2014 23:12:25
Flower I D

Flower I D

Can anyone id these please? I wish I had more of them as the photo doesn't do them Justice. A lovely purple/pink in color and low growing with light green leaves in clumps. I cant remember planting these at all !!


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