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DecfromTipp's Journal

DecfromTipp's Journal February 2015

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Lidl Japonicas

23 February 2015 11:49:37

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Honestly , after dropping youngest to school I was tasked with some grocery shopping . Trolley full I headed for the checkout. unfortunately I had to divert around a frustrated looking young mum with children in tow. Imagine how I felt when I found myself in the garden section and I have no idea or memory of getting there. Surrounded by Camelias and Japonicas what's a man to do only reacue some if them. Decisions decisions ... Camelia and Japonica or Jdponica only or maybe one of each ??? I eventually picked two nice looking japonicas as I don't have any . Question will I need ericaceous compost for these I think you do ? Leave in pots I think as my soil is Lime and Rhodos and Camelias don't do in it???? Got to go wife on way home from morning work.. Evidence to be hidden .......

Yuck Week Ahead

22 February 2015 20:29:51

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It looks like a wet windy and generally a yucky week ahead. Wait ! Lidl have more gardening stuff in on Thursday. Iam in the queue again..... Roses, Hellebores, Loppers, Pruners  etc etc Oh Dear..............

Dung day done

20 February 2015 22:05:16
Dung 1

Dung 1

Why I didn't think of this before I don't know! I suggested to my farming neighbour that I would clean out one of his roadside sheds and take the dung or farmyard manure for the gardens only 50m away. Work away he said. Today ten wheelbarrows were duly transferred to various roses and veg garden. There must be another thirty in the shed still . One mans manure is another mans gold ..  

Seed Trays

18 February 2015 21:25:55

Orchid advice

17 February 2015 19:16:56
Orchid advice

Orchid advice

Visiting with my sister today noticed a nice Orchid on her window sill. She asked should she pot it up in a bigger pot with compost. Now I don't think that's what these chappies like ? Is it Rachel is the Orchid queen. Sis is agast at the work these Orchids require!!

think I may be offered it yet ..,,,

Photo testing be patient

16 February 2015 16:07:27
Photo testing be patient

Photo testing be patient

Photo test 2 ... Well one of them is right way up, problem is I can't pinpoint which wat this one was taken !!!!!

Counting My Chickens

16 February 2015 15:54:50

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Some months ago I posted a photo of four Rose cuttings looking good and apparently rooting nicely . Well now the four have become one. And funnily enough it's the smallest wesker cutting thar has taken root. The other three rotted completely. Someone did warn me that it may have been just the sap rising in the earlier photos!! Well said you.. Iam posting three photos from iPhone just to see will one appear right side up . 

Lidl Roses ?

15 February 2015 21:35:58

Magazine Subscription Query

15 February 2015 18:10:04

Interesting Growing technique I spotted on Exotic.

15 February 2015 13:19:57

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Whats this growing technique called? Spotted on Exotic Gardening f/b just now . Gent in Spain I believe . I like the Pelargoniums on the buildings too. Apologies if upside down 

That Feeling

13 February 2015 18:41:25

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Well no grass cutting but that "feeling" or "urge" hit me today. Shovel in hand I prowled about looking for work. Two small beds were enlarged in prep for the plants thst will shortly need permanent homes. The garden got a digging over too and I have my eye on some nearby farmyard manure! The dogs kept watch and Kody better learn quickly that flower beds and borders are out of bounds !! Grrrrr. 


12 February 2015 17:55:13


09 February 2015 21:01:48

Mad or what

04 February 2015 20:32:22


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