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DecfromTipp's Journal

DecfromTipp's Journal October 2015

Last Post 845 days 10 hours ago

Project Table

30 October 2015 15:47:58
Table top

Table top

at last it's looking like the finished article . Just know I'll still be adding bits for a few more days though . Some hooks and hangers for the garden tools possible . Two costs of paint shortly , red ? Brown ? White , other ? 

Drawers or no drawers mnmm

29 October 2015 17:50:08
Drawers or not

Drawers or not

Drawers are tricky what with runners and sliders and minute measurements . four sides says Jackie ha ha.  It's decision time anyhow . Finished putting some braces on frame today and brought home the timber for Top. Think I'll leave a slight gap between boards for expansion and run off. 

Project Potting Table / Bench

28 October 2015 18:51:35

Click to zoom

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Click to zoom

The old back deserves a break as lately I find potting on jobs leaves me with a very sore lower back . Hopefully once this gets finished I can potter away without pain . I downloaded some images do this will be a Hybrid type . I think I made it a little too wide at 4 feet 4 inches while the length is ok at 6 feet 4 inches. It won't blow away anyhow and I've put it in place to finish off with a top and a bottom shelf . Now Iam thinking of a drawer once I figure out how to make one ha ha. I might put two wheels in it later.

Any suggestions welcomed as I know some of you have potting tables or benches. Should I put raised edges on three sides or not ? Should I leave some gaps between timbers for rain to run off? 

Mary thought she was getting some nice new Garden furniture !! 



Fran Hazel Jackie

22 October 2015 18:17:49

iPhone IT issues

22 October 2015 10:58:18

Iphone sideways bug

20 October 2015 17:55:43
Iphone sideways bug

Iphone sideways bug

Thanks to Kate and Graham for pointing out the iPhone sideways bug ! I have discovered that holding the iPhone in portrait has this effect . Holding the phone in landscape posts photos correct way up . I forgot to hold phone in landscape for la journal " Autumnal Color "  

You would think that the site would allow for adjustment though ?  now have three stray kittens from my late friend Larrys cat ! Just because I've been feeding her since Lmarry died in Januart she now believes Iam ready for an increase in family !! And yes the photo is prob upside down again 

Autumnal Color

20 October 2015 11:59:05
Autumnal Color

Autumnal Color

Sometimes you've just got to sit down and admire the colors for a second or two. Yesterday was such a day . Nothing added but nature !

Seedaholic member

15 October 2015 18:28:06

Click to zoom

Click to zoom

Well Fran was correct and the new Dahlias arrived today ! Seedaholic are just great and they even remind buyers that you can collect your own seed from some of the plants after flowering . I don't recall many seed packets advertising that fact now mind . 

The flowers on Mums grave needed renewing so some winter color was planted up. Nothing worse than sad looking window boxes . I hope I get a while from these winter offerings . 

Daylight Dahlia Robbery

13 October 2015 14:15:53
Altar Dahlias

Altar Dahlias

I have discovered the reason for my good wife's sudden interest in all things botanical . Last Sunday in Church I spotted some very familiar looking Pom Poms displayed on the Altar. Further investigations proved conclusively that yes my wife has been " assisting " the local Altar society with their floral arrangements !!!

My favorite Dahlias now live in fear of Saturday mornings and Church flower offerings ..... I suppose Jack Frost would have had them sooner than later in any case . 


09 October 2015 23:24:48

Click to zoom

Click to zoom

I don't know how I persevered with these " Offerings" all summer. Must start earlier next year , possibly in January ! Love the colors though and almost too good to use . Ha 

Dublin Park

06 October 2015 21:34:39

Click to zoom

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Click to zoom

Competition Time.

First one to correctly name this Park ( I took a short cut ) in Dublin wins a..... well a plant I suppose.

Simple but effective planting



Pumped Up

02 October 2015 21:34:47

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Today I finally got stuck into the old pump from my friend Larrys garden . Larry died last Jan and his daughter asked me to have this old hand pump. I was going to stick it into the newly cleared east border but now I think I will make A feature of it in a new circular stone raised bed . Better to show it off .

I'll say one thing Larry you knew how to paint ! I must have removed at least ten old coats before getting it to this bare state ! 

anyone like to suggest a color scheme... After googling most are in black/red combos? Iam leaning towards a red maybe blue ?

Busy Bee and Gerry DalyD

01 October 2015 19:47:00

Click to zoom

Click to zoom

Like this shot of a Bee tax ken todsy on the Sedum . Totally oblivious to me with the iPhone up close! This Sedum Nectar must be the business.

late last night I sent a quick email to the readers queries section regarding a two year old fig tree . I was pleased to see an unexpected reply from one Gerry Daly... Surely Gerry doesn't reply in person .... Does he 


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