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DecfromTipp's Journal

DecfromTipp's Journal May 2016

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Persicfolia Alba and Hound

31 May 2016 22:06:26

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Two purchases brought home and left outside front door this evening while I changed into suitable outdoor wear ! Imagine my disbelief when I saw the pot empty in the lawn and bits strewn everywhere !! Yes the new bound decided to chomp it into manageable portions . After I calmed down I began to wonder ... Many of the bits had small roots so nothing ventured nothing gained . All potted up and the rootball may even survive . Think I'll buy " Hunter " his own gardening tools .. The other plant was a lovely lavander which I saved in time . 

New Bed and Homegrown

27 May 2016 23:27:36

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Well the various Zinnias grown from seed beeded a new bed do they got one today . Then I added some Stock , Geraniums and Clarys to it as one does ! At least the potting table can breathe a little easier tonight ... I imagine the beds will one day " join up " if I keep adding them ad hoc . 

The Hostas are from division and I think they enjoy the drier conditions in this bed as do some Sedums I propagated . Always nice to see your own stock multiplying . Weather forecast is for some nice warm days next week .


Bloom Advice

25 May 2016 22:03:00

Only wanted a bale of compost

24 May 2016 21:55:31
Only wanted a bale of compost

Only wanted a bale of compost

Must have been heatstroke . I popped in to get a bale of potting compost and ended up with 1 Darwin Ligularia, 1 Royal Pelargonium, 1 Lilium, and 2 Heathers.... Ah well sure it could be worse ... I also had my hands on two different varieties of Hostas , ha . Is the Royal Pelargonium ok for a patio outdoors? Its out there now anyhow . The Lily was a new shade of pink/yellow which I don't have so ... 

I did weed and thin out the carrots , peas , beans and parsnips today so that was my reward .. I've noticed though that my Geranium collection is getting large , they are too easy to propagate . My patio containers are increasing in numbers too. 


20 May 2016 20:39:20

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Gardening related as I was pottering about these little chaps decided to spend day 1 outside the conservatory . Perfect camouflage as Mum danced about collecting insects in the lawn grass. Camera was to hand . They were so tame I probably could have picked them up but did not want to risk it. Two young wagtails . 

Geum Border ... Azalea and Pieris

10 May 2016 20:29:45

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Remember last year I had over sixty young geum plants to grow on . I simply " stuck" them in along this edging. Apart from the grass covering them they have all done well and are now budding up, despite the neglect. 

The Azslea has a nice show but is really small and uninspiring.... They do get larger don't they ? 

Two Pieris in pots as my soil is limy . They are now happy after being lifted out of the garden . 

Useful ...., can anyone name it

05 May 2016 19:34:53
Name it

Name it

We did a big clean up of done outdoor sheds these past two days . Two visits to the County re cycling center ( hint don't arrive after a bank holiday twenty mins before closing time as they get grumpy) and one item saved was this fork. It's perfect for the leaves and picking pulled weeds from the grass. Not its original purpose but can anyone guess what that was . Older country may recognize it ? Answered on a postcard to garden.ie

Tulip advice and Glads too

02 May 2016 23:05:31

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Does anyone lift divide and store their container tulips ? lots of new bulbs forming too . Should I plant these for growing on or store too ? 

I sowed loads of Gladioli cormlets and they are all peeping now. This is a two year project I think , pot on for flowers next year ? 


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