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Jackie's Journal

Jackie's Journal

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Taking it all in.........

28 March 2017 07:43:28

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Sometimes it's nice to just sit and take it all in. 

And that's what I did for a little while yesterday. Another gorgeous day and another bit of planting and tidying done. But I spent more time just sitting and looking around the garden too. Even the 'boys' thought it was a good idea and joined me on the bench. 

What a great few days we have had. A little more cloudy this morning but still quite mild. As long as the rain holds off I don't mind and maybe get another little bit done today. Fingers crossed. 

As the sun was setting...........

27 March 2017 08:08:45

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.........it created a fabulous sky at the bottom of the garden, which was just stunning. 

Mother Nature at her best once more, she never fails to impress! 

What a great weekend!

27 March 2017 08:05:13

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Well this is the start of it! 

It couldn't have been a better weekend, blue skies, warm breezes, enjoying the garden and sharing Sunday with family.....simply perfect! 

I only had a small amount of time in the garden on Saturday as I generally visit my sisters for our weekly catchup ;) ( gossip more like lol) but I did plant out my two Magnolia which I bought in Lidl during the week. Also mulched a little bit more and did a small bit of weeding too. But it was back breaking so had to give up.............

Then yesterday was another stunning day. Took a few photos and put out some of my garden trinkets. I noticed lots of new growth and particularly on my Clematis Montana. That was a fabulous display last year so I'm hoping for even better this year. Lily bulbs are shooting up and lots of growth on plants that literally disappeared over Winter. I love to see the surprises of what appears above ground when you least expect it!!

Then all the family arrived for Mothers Day and we had a lovely afternoon. 

So today I'm hoping to maybe get an hour or so in the garden to do a little bit more. Little being the operative word here, as I'm finding it quite strenuous at the minute. But I'll get something done as its another stunning day............

Have a great day whatever you do! 

Plant ID please

24 March 2017 08:17:35

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I bought this little plant last year on the 'special offers' counter, I think it might have been Woodies. It was only a couple of euro. It totally disappears during Winter and has the most beautiful foliage and blue flowers to boot. 

But can I remember the name? I remember JoanG commenting on it too. But that's about it!!

Any idea what it might be called?  


Go Compare!

23 March 2017 07:54:05

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So during last year, Mr Middleton had a warehouse sale and he was selling 1000's of bulbs. So of course I had to have a look and bought quite a few!!!

One of the packets I bought was called 'Alaskan Aurora' which according to the picture had thse beautiful white Daffodils and almost ripple stained tulips. Just gorgeous. 

However, the daffs have now opened and looking at the picture on the packet and the flower that has opened, they don't look quite the same!!! No tulips as of yet have opened but hoping they will be the same as the picture. 

I feel a bit like Mary being disappointed with these, but then when I see how delicate the little daff is I'm happy with it as its very pretty, but another case of not being 'exactly as it says on the tin' 

That time of year!

20 March 2017 07:54:52

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Its that time of year when the weather just can't make up its mind what to do. We have had almost the 4 seasons in just one week here and it would drive anyone to distraction. 

Last week we had a fabulous start to the week with wall to wall sunshine and the temps were terrific. Then Thursday arrived and the rain just didn't stop until about 3pm yesterday, we had a few dry hours here and there during those days but nothing much that you could actually garden!! 

I did get a chance to pot up my Dahlia and they are now in the greenhouse, hopefully growing like mad underneath the compost. I also sowed my first seeds, Cosmos, Cornflowers, Nigella, Ricinus, Poppies.......the list goes on.  Looked at them yesterday and already some are peeping up through the soil which is great. 

Yesterday during that dry spell I took advantage and captured a few photos. 

Dicentra 'Bleeding Heart' has started to flower already. I have a few planted around the garden and each are at the foliage stage so was quite surprised to see flowers yesterday. Hope the forecasted frost doesn't get it!! 

Pieris is doing fantastic too.......and I just love those flowers before it opens fully. 

My Echium is budding up nicely with lots of flower buds appearing on all three Echiums. So hopefully a great display come Summer. 

I hope today stays dry as I would love nothing more than spending some time out there. Fingers crossed and all that!!! 

Great day

16 March 2017 19:21:35

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Yesterday was a fantastic day here in Dublin and it got up to 18C at one stage.

I spent a couple of hours in the garden doing a bit of tidying up, the most I have spent out there in ages and I really enjoyed it. Put some well needed compost down on the long border and planted up another few plants in waiting. 

Then out came the lawnmower and I 'hoovered' the garden. Its amazing how that can change the whole look of the garden. It takes up all the lose bits and all the debris, so was looking really well in the sunshine.

Very pleased with how it was looking by the time I had finished.  I also planted up a few seeds and my Dahlia too, so looking forward to seeing all those coming up soon!

And then today back to the usual March weather and its not going to get much better over the weekend. 

I hope though they did get that wrong and we can have some more time in the garden.


Hope you all have a lovely St Patricks Weekend

Camellia 'White Swan'

15 March 2017 08:10:22

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I have this in a larage pot but hoping to plant it out when it's finished flowering. 

Camellia 'White Swan' seemed to take forever to flower but now that it has it's been worth the wait. Beautiful crisp white blooms. Although they then brown very quickly once the flowers fade and they do look awful. But for now I'm delighted with them

C. 'Debbie' is still a good bit behind. But hopefully it will flower soon too. 

It's a fabulous day here now so going to try and get some time out there later. Enjoy your day whatever you do. 

Going, going, gone!

15 March 2017 08:01:37

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It's as if all my prayers have been answered.....

So for 4 years I pleaded with the council to remove the big Norwegian Maple outside my back door that just darkened the garden, and after many many calls and emails they did this a couple of weeks ago. 

That just left one tree across the road, not as big but imposing all the same and casting some shadow over the garden which is South facing on this side. 

Well on Monday the Council arrived, after my neighbour hounded them with calls when she saw my tree come down!! and they cut down the tree. 

Oh my goodness the difference in my garden is just amazing. The light levels have soared and so has the temp in my greenhouse as its smothered in sunshine. 

I'm just so delighted and so is my neighbour. When you google my house by satellite it showed a nice big wide garden and then Two big black circles where the shadows of the trees cover most of the garden when the trees are in full bloom. Well not anymore. Everywhere looks so bright and airy now. And with this beautiful weather you can really see the difference. So really chuffed!! 

Spring Cleaning.

12 March 2017 09:06:24

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There has been a lot happening over the past few months that meant I didn't get the time I wanted to spend in the garden. Plus the body and back at times said 'NOT A HOPE MRS!!' And I did listen for a change!! 

But Friday it was a nice day and I had a bit of time so I decided to tidy up my circular beds which really needed attention........not to mention the rest of the borders!! 

Anyway.....I managed to do a bit of weeding and then planted up some plants I had 'in waiting' ......very patient plants lol......and added some well needed compost.  Then sat back with a cuppa and just smiled. Lots of new growth appearing again which is great. Can't wait to see it in all its glory soon. 

Delighted with what I got done, slowly but surely, is my new motto!! 

Lots and lots more to do in the rest of the borders but I am just going to try to do a small area at a time. Some days I look out and think, oh my goodness how will I get all that done but then when I was out in it, it wasn't as daunting as I first thought! 

Today looks like it's going to be nice, so I have a bit of time before the grandchildren and the rest of the family arrive to celebrate Jimmys birthday ;) 

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday  whatever you do  


February Garden 2017

09 March 2017 21:02:10

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I cant believe we are in March already. The good thing though is that the evenings are now brighter and its lovely and bright first thing in the morning when I come down to let out the dogs at 6am!

I love the idea of doing an album for each month of the year and looking back and seeing how its all evolving over the past 4 years.  Not a lot going on really, Hellebores, Snowdrops and some Daffs take centre stage and then the usual shrubs that are there all year round.

Also Storm Doris damage is plain to see, but I am getting over that now, JUST!!! 

I cant wait to get going in the garden properly. The past two days has been really lovely and that reallly excites me to see as I hope that the Summer will be a good one. Aches and pains aside, I just cant wait to get going soon. 

Hope you all enjoy the album

Coming up ST(r)UMPS

09 March 2017 08:15:54

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Last Sunday I finally persuaded Jimmy to bring the tree stump, which we salvaged from the tree that was cut down by the Council, up to the garden. No mean feat! 

When it was in situ I then 'persuaded' him to just dig out a little circle to put around the base, to match in with the rest of the garden. This he did. And there it stood. 

That was unitll  yesterday. The sky turned blue and the sun came out and what a fantastic Spring day it was. The warmth in the sun was lovely to be out in and everywhere looked great. 

So I got to planting up my stump! It took a few goes to get it looking right  So In there went a Fern which I thought would look nice at the top, similiar  to my Tree Fern bed. Also put in some Lamium to trail over the edge, some Sedums, Arabis, Primula and some Saxifrage. I will wait to see how these fare out and hopefully they will survive. Then I planted up around the base. Here I put in some Stipa as I love the look of it blowing in the wind. Also a Geranium and some low growing Campanula.  I had bought Primroses in B&Q ages ago and they were still in their pots. So to add instant colour these went in until the others bulk up a bit. I will definitely put in some Tete a Tete in the Autumn as these are looking great around my Tree Fern bed at the minute  

Overall I am very happy with the look. If I got another couple of nice days I could get out and maybe tidy up a bit more. Still loads to plant up!! But all in good time. 


Not much happening....

06 March 2017 07:59:47

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When the weather is damp and miserable, everywhere looks dull and sad. Yesterday it wasn't much better! It was so cold but brighter than of late  

I finally planted up my Lillium Kushi Maya and L. Prescott I just can't wait to see how these develop. They should be about 4 ft tall. Hope so! 

I also got Jimmy to 'move' the tree stump we reclaimed from the huge tree that was taken down a few weeks back. It was at the side of the house but I wanted it placed up in the garden, of course!  This was no easy task for one man........but he persisted with a little help from me telling him where to put it lol.........of course he almost told me the same!!!! 

Anyway eventually after a lot of huffing, puffing and swearing it was in place. He then drilled out some holes in it for planting, well that's my plan. Now I just need to put  some plants in it and who knows maybe even put a few at the base!!!! 

That was all that we did as it was getting very cold and started to rain. 

About an hour later the sun came out and it was a beautiful evening, too late to do anything but I'm delighted the stump is in place and I can get going on planting it up real soon. 

I have to admit...........

03 March 2017 07:46:04

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........that I may have a small addiction when it comes to buying and ordering plants!! 

I just can't help myself. I'm like a Squirrel, finding the goodies and putting them away for planting season. 

My utility room is literally bursting at the seams with all sorts. Be it bulbs, labels, garden gadgets, garden tools, all sorts of goodies that you know you 'might' use someday in the garden. 

The plan yesterday was to pot up a lot of these, plus my Dahlia tubers that I lifted last year, which are not in the picture, and others that arrived from generous .iers and the postman!! 

Why do plans always go astray. Out I went and I got to. the greenhouse, only to be distracted by the untidyness of the place. So starting to clean that up and was just finished, when one of my daughters arrived. So that put an end to my gardening antics!!

Only I'm babysitting today!!!!!!.............ah well there is always next week I suppose!! 

Have a great weekend and let's hope we can enjoy it a bit more without the rain. 

Email notifications

28 February 2017 08:18:19
Email notifications

Email notifications

I'm just wondering if you are all getting email notifications. 

Mine have stopped. I posted up a journal yesterday and no notifications came. So I assumed the site was just quiet. So I was surprised to find that there were lots of comments there this morning but i didn't get any notifications to say I had received anything. 

So will you let me know please and if there is an issue I can then email Craig. 


Many thanks ;) 

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