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fraoch's Journal October 2009

Last Post 1915 days 20 hours ago

Wet again

27 October 2009 15:26:03
Wet again here today so nothing done. Off to the north for family visit for a few days so hope the weather there is better!

Wet, wet , wet

26 October 2009 22:00:00


I gather from all the other journals that I'm in the minority having had a wet day. I did get as far as the compost bin at one stage  and it did stop actually raining later on. I went out to the shop and onthe way back discovered the hard way that the perennial sweet pea had got dislodged from the forsythia--Nasty shower! Cut the worst bits off so it wouldn' t drown me again. The only cheerful thing was finding a late snapdragon starting to flower.

Day off

25 October 2009 22:04:03
Nothing done in garden today. Went cycling instead--yippee!

Leaves falling

24 October 2009 21:05:35
More to come

More to come

Strong winds brought down the leaves overnight so the vac and shred had its first outing of the year . I got it last year as I ricked my back raking the previous year. All you younger stronger gardeners make the most of it as it doesn't last unfortunately. Also put some tender things into my plastic greenhouse in the hopes that it is enough to keep them safe , though I did bring a couple into the house. There are still  millions of leaves to come down!

Anemones again

23 October 2009 20:17:42
Decided I'd have to put the anemones in containers as the garden is full! Dug around in the shed and found two containers and managed to find some soil and mixed it with compost from the bin. Realised I should have asked how to tell the top from the bottom--hope they can do somersaults if necessary! Just finished when it started to rain--good timing for once.

More bulb planting

22 October 2009 20:26:18
Planted out the Chionodoxa from the free bulbs that I had totally forgotten about until I knocked over the box that was still sitting about ! Basically just stuck them in in the front garden anywhere I could find a space. Then it was so warm and sunny I did some cutting down of things that had gone over like the Mich daisies and then had to shred them of course.Put the anemone  bulbs in to soak and will hopefully get them down tomorrow--where I don't know.  Reckoned I deserved a treat so went out to Blarney to the Woollen Mills Sale....Did lots of damage to the credit card I'm afraid.

Last grass cut?

20 October 2009 19:33:48
Managed to cut the grass yesterday just before it rained. I' m thinking of putting old carpet at the edge of the flower bed to kill off the grass so that i can enlarge the bed next year. Has anybody any ideas or experience of doing this?


17 October 2009 20:46:36
Mairin mentioned the other day that she had bought a white hellebore and I suddenly remembered I had bought a bargain one a couple of weeks ago and had totally forgotten about it! Thanks Mairin! Anyway planted it out today and hopefully it will do ok. Put it near some other hellebores that I got as seedlings from Charlie Wilkins a couple of years ago and that flowered well this year so with luck they will pass on the message! Hoped to cut the grass and pick up fallen leaves with it but it was very wet; the day was damp here though not actually raining.


16 October 2009 20:48:25


Did some work tidying containers and planted some bulbs in them. As I was putting things away in shed I got a scent , looked round to see what it was, maybe the Viburnum Dawn but saw no flowers on it. Then later I spotted a couple of tiny ones--hard to believe they were giving off such a lovely perfume. Then when I went to the bin with some weeds I noticed that an evening primrose that I had intended to pull up had a flower, so of course it got a reprieve! Added a few more photos to album--Tried the tool but got stuck and had to use old way!

Oct flowers

15 October 2009 20:29:05
Decided to take some photos of what is in flower in the garden and make an album of some of them. There are a few more but it's tiring work!

Mystery plant again

15 October 2009 11:36:01
Trawled through a few books last night and decided it is Mirabilis Jalapa or miracle of Peru. I remember the name from when I bought it but thought it was another one I bought at the same time which seems to have given up! Must develop a system some time.

Mystery plant

14 October 2009 14:30:14
Mystery plant

Mystery plant

Out in garden doing a small bit of cutting back etc. Looking at this plant which has been flowering for the last week or two and wonder if anyone knows what it is. It has seeded itself round a bit though it didn't flower that well other years. I bought it in Aldi as a bit of a stick but have forgotten its name.


13 October 2009 11:36:29


Lovely few days in Dingle but came home with nasty cold. Not much done in garden but found my wallflowers are flowering--in October! I think I grew them from seed in Spring 08 and this is their first time to flower. Seems weird.


06 October 2009 23:41:47
Rained all day here so nothing done. Anyway Tues is my busy day so I wouldn't have done much. Off to Dingle for a few days, walking hopefully if the weather is ok.

Cut off

05 October 2009 22:07:58
My phone line got cut on Sat by tree cutting next door so no internet access. I'm glad though as it lets in lots more light to my place. Haven't done that much in the garden anyway , abit of cutting down and planting a few more bulbs. Bought a few reduced plants today, a Christmas rose, a diascia and an osteospermum .I'll probably try to overwinter the last two in my little plastic greenhouse. I like experimenting!

Bulbs again

02 October 2009 22:10:02
Actually planted some bulbs today not the free ones but some dwarf daffs I ordered with them--am I the only person that thinks " As I'm paying the postage I might as well get something else as well"? They probably hope we will do that! The bulb planter was no use as the soil was so dry so I just had to go with the trowel. I seemed to hit stones and roots everywhere so didn't get much done.


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