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fraoch's Journal November 2009

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To cut or not to cut?

30 November 2009 22:59:20
Cut down a largish clump of Japanese Anenomes today (cold but fine again here ). I know some people say to leave plants like that to give some structure to the garden during the winter but I felt it was better to let more light and air get at other things. Then I went for a cycle --absolutely perishing-- and got a puncture so had to walk home--not too far luckily and I warmed up a bit!

Fine day

30 November 2009 11:02:21
Fine day here yesterday but very cold wind. No work in garden done tho as Sunday is one of our walking days. 3 of us went to Kilbrittain and did about 7 miles I think including some on the beach which was freezing but invigorating! We had our picnic lunch at 11.45 as we were all dying for the hot cuppa.

November colour

27 November 2009 21:18:23
Just added photo album; don't know why some don't have names. The photo tool is great once you get used to it--thanks Labourer-- but I still have a few bits more to learn I think.

Amaryllis bargains

27 November 2009 11:17:40
Did a small bit in the garden in the morning yesterday, Tying in bits of climbing rose ( to my neighbour's hedge!) and then more cut and shred. Then I went to Lidl and got a white and a pink amaryllis for 3.99 each. they both have 2 flower stalks so they should be good. Any I have already are red so if these turn out red I will scream!

Photo tool

26 November 2009 20:12:27


Think I  may have got the tool to work. Yes it worked!

Fine day

23 November 2009 23:08:59
Fine day here though windy. Got some more cutting and shredding done. Nothing exciting happening in the garden I'm afraid . Sorry to be so boring!

Some gardening done

21 November 2009 21:05:44
Put the washing out earlier on. Two blouses made a bid for freedom but luckily got caught in the buddleia before they could escape. I planted out the toad lily I bought the other day and cut off the old hellebore leaves as I read somewhere. No sign of flowers yet. Did some dead-heading--the pelargoniums get horrible when they get wet. Am I the only person that pulls out the brown bits and tries to save the few little buds still to come rather than just cutting off the whole thing? Several nasty showers later in the day.Lots of bulbs poking their noses up, of course I've already forgotten what's what.

Home already!

20 November 2009 20:48:52


Have arrived home a day early as the hotel had to close as the lake was almost coming in the door! I hope things don't get any worse for them. They were really great , moving peoples' cars for them and making arrangements for them and so on and trying to keep the water out and move stuff upstairs at the same time. It was just an adventure for us but I really feel sorry for people who have to deal with all that in their homes.

Short break

17 November 2009 23:16:23
Off to Killarney for a few days tomorrow. Judging by the forecast I don't think we'll be doing many mountains!

Irish Times offers

17 November 2009 20:09:28
I've been looking at these offers and wondering about the hardwood plant house or cold frame. Anyone have any experience of them? Lots of other gardening things too. www.irishtimes.com/shop.

More bargains

16 November 2009 21:32:15
Passing near Woodie's so had to have a look. Got a round bowl with a small conifer, 3 pansies and 2 polyanthus for 3.99. Not bad. Also got a toad lily which I haven't had before (half price) so any tips would be appreciated!

More shredding

15 November 2009 22:02:33


Did some more cutting and shredding yesterday. There was quite a bit of holly and the shredder did NOT like it so it was a case of one bit of holly and one bit of something else to help it along--a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down kind of thing. I find you really just have to jolly the shredder along or else it just jams up.

Iris in flower

12 November 2009 20:38:24


Did what i hope is the last of the leaves and then I spotted a couple of little irises in flower. I only planted them a month or so ago. Is this normal?

Lá fén dtor

08 November 2009 19:56:36
West Cork

West Cork

Glorious day here. Afraid I'm not as committed to the garden as most of you so went off with a few friends fo r a cycle in west Cork--Timoleague, Clonakilty, Courtmac etc. More tiring than gardening!

Very little done

07 November 2009 21:28:05
Wet here most of the day. Got some work done on leaves yesterday and bit of weeding. The bit of colour on the hollyhock is slightly bigger so let's hope...

Hollyhock to flower?

05 November 2009 20:54:34
Did some cutting back and shredding today. Started with phygelius; I have it in the corner just inside the gate but it doesn't want to stay there. It moves up towards the house and tries to get out the gate. So I actually had to pull lots of it up rather than just cutting it . Then there were bits with buds that I left on in the hopes. Did some cotoneaster but left the berries for the birds. So I didn't really do that much. Got it all shredded without the shredder jamming which is a plus. Then I noticed that a hollyhock is showing a tiny bit of colour. They got badly eaten early on which set them back I think. Any chance it will get to flower this late? are they hardy or will the frost kill them? This is the first time I've grown them.

Perennial sweet pea

04 November 2009 22:11:37
Got a lot of the leaves done the other day and then cut down the sweet pea and thought that it hadn't flowered very well this year even tho I fed it quite a bit. Any ideas where I might have gone wrong? It usually does well.

Bargain buy looking good

02 November 2009 22:31:16
Bargain buy

Bargain buy

Wet all day here so no work done in garden . Hope tomorrow is better as millions of leaves fell while I was away. I noticed that two of the bargain busy lizzies I bought in a mixed container a while back and potted up and brought in are looking good so took their photo--anything rather than do housework!


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