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fraoch's Journal December 2009

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Small tree down

31 December 2009 20:18:35
Small tree down

Small tree down

Got out in the garden and did a few bits of tidying up out in the back, pulling up the nasturtiums that had collapsed in the frost etc. Then I went out for a look in the front and discovered that my little tree had come down in the gales last night--it was a small prunus of some sort, maybe an ornamental peach, I've forgotten as it is almost 30 years there. There's a small bit left so I think I'll leave it and see how it gets on. Not sure if I should paint the wound with something? 

Happy New Year everybody!

Back home.

28 December 2009 22:30:58
Hi all and thanks for the Christmas greetings. Just got back tonight and guess what --it's raining here! A change from the frost and ice I suppose. I got another Hippeastrum bulb as a present, luckily a red and white one which I don't have so must get that potted up as well as starting off the ones that have been resting--all plain red.

Happy Christmas everyone!

23 December 2009 12:33:56
Happy Christmas everyone!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Just to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2010. I've really enjoyed all the chat on the site and great photos and advice. I'm off later on to the North to visit family, including 6 year old twins, a 4 year old and a 2 year old( in 2 different families) so I'll be kept busy! Luckily I'm flying not driving. Chat again in the New Year.

Winter solstice

22 December 2009 22:25:35
Solstice at Drumbeg

Solstice at Drumbeg

I found this photo of Drumbeg last year. It wasn't exactly at the solstice but it sort of gives the idea of how the sun sets in the dip between the hills and how the stones are aligned to it.

Late December

22 December 2009 19:55:40
Just put up some photos from today. The Cape Primrose is still flowering(indoors) though it usually stops at the end of October. The rose bud is surviving the frost, though the other two buds got water-logged during the bad rain. The bird at the feeder is the redpoll, the best I could do!  Sorry about that, Jacinta. As you can see there is a branch in the way as well as distance and glass!

redpoll spotted

21 December 2009 19:42:51
Spotted a redpoll having a fine feed of nyjer seeds today; that's the first time I've seen him this year. I also had blackbirds and wood pigeons fighting over an over-ripe banana that I'd put out as well as a great tit , a blue tit and a robin.

Pink amaryllis

20 December 2009 21:36:57
Pink amaryllis

Pink amaryllis

Just thought I'd put up a photo of it though it's not fully in flower yet, It's really more white with a pink blush but I must say I love it.

No snow just brrr...

20 December 2009 20:09:21
Very hard frost today here but no snow. We were supposed to go to west Cork to a stone circle aligned with the setting sun at the winter solstice but as any puddles were frozen solid we decided the journey would be foolish and just did a local walk of maybe 12k. It never thawed all day apart from partial thaw where the sun was shining.

Dec 09

18 December 2009 21:10:59
Unfortunately I haven't any really good winter plant so I've just put an album of bits and pieces from this month so far.

Outdoor amaryllis

17 December 2009 22:25:33
We've all been talking a lot about the indoor ones but I notice my outdoor ones have leaves now. Should I start feeding them or if not yet when? They didn't flower that well last year so I feel they need a feed.I'd be glad of any advice please.

End of the busy lizzies

16 December 2009 21:44:45
The frost had done for the busy lizzies so I pulled them up and chopped them into the compost. They are actually indoor ones that I've had for about 25 years I'd say but they get very leggy so I take cuttings in the new year and then plant out the old ones at the bottom of the garden and some years they come on really well.

Another brave flower

14 December 2009 21:46:45
Another brave flower

Another brave flower

Even though we had a fine thick white frost today I found this poppy flowering happily in a sunny patch of the garden. I love coming across things like that at this time of year. I got some chrysanthemums cut down--also in a sunny place luckily--and shredded then I had to do a patch job on my plastic green house which had sprung a hole in the roof, maybe caused by a bird landing on it? I really sympathise with all off you who are at work all day and can hardly even look at your gardens let alone do any work in them. (And then have to go socialising at the weekend!)


13 December 2009 21:06:55
Delighted to hear from all the journals that the get together went so well and lovely to see all the photos. My weekend was great too-eating , drinking, singing and dancing and 2 lovely walks one in the National Park and the other in Tomies Wood. Hope I'll be able to meet you all some other time.

Enjoy the get-together!

11 December 2009 20:07:47
Have a great time on Sunday everybody. I'd love to be there but I'm off to Killarney tomorrow for the Cork Mountaineering Club C'mas party plus a few walks, though probably not on mountains.

Burren orchid

11 December 2009 12:19:20
Burren orchid

Burren orchid

I was just sorting through photos and came across this one of either the bee orchid or the fly orchid , I'm not sure which, that I took in June.

Totally wet day.

05 December 2009 20:30:14

Before I finished breskfast it had started to rain( ok I may not be up as early as some of you but still) .As far as I know it's still raining. Decided I would go to Mahon Point shopping centre and park in the underground car park so I'd stay dry. Surprise, surprise, 90 million other people had the same idea! Took ages to get out of the car park afterwards too. Still what else can you do on a wet afternoon? If I'd stayed at home I might have had to do HOUSEWORK.


Brave flower

04 December 2009 20:07:34


Spotted this brave little fellow today.Amazing how the least little flower seems wonderful at this time of year.

Potato barrel?

03 December 2009 20:22:52
I'm thinking of getting the potato barrel in Mr Middleton's catalogue (I'm a bit addicted to catalogues!). Has anyone used them before, the barrels I mean , and are they good?


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