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fraoch's Journal

fraoch's Journal March 2010

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Cape primrose activity

30 March 2010 21:48:33
Some of them have buds! Summer is here in spite of the snow! and one of the white leaf cuttings is putting up a new leaf, also two of the mauve ones-- though I may have killed one of those by letting them dry out.

Amaryllis news

30 March 2010 17:23:38
Amaryllis news

Amaryllis news

The Minerva I got as a Christmas present is now in flower and has a second bud coming on. Meanwhile one of the old ones (7 or 8 years or more) is flowering too, even though it's only 2 trumpets,and  the other old one  has a bud coming in among the leaves, which they don't usually do I think.

Off again!

25 March 2010 11:42:59
Just to let you know I'm off to the North for family visit for a few days. Very busy trip-wise these days! Enjoy Belvedere, those of you who are going!

Yellow and blue

22 March 2010 21:56:31
Yellow and blue

Yellow and blue

After my few days away the garden has burst into flower , mostly yellow and blue. I'll do an album in a minute.


17 March 2010 10:12:08

Didn't mean to go "bold", but couldn't undo it! I'm off to Corca Dhuibhne for a few days walking  "as Gaeilge". Enjoy the day everyone!





Lá Fhéile Phádraig 2010

17 March 2010 10:06:47

Beannachtaí na Féile oraibh go léir!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Another bargain

16 March 2010 15:17:28
Another bargain

Another bargain

Went to Woodies to get potting compost and of course wandered out to look at the bargains and came away with a Cyclamen down from 7.99 to 1.99. Left over from Mother's Day I guess.  It's quite a big one so I think I did ok, though it is a bit scruffy looking. Have just tidied it up and taken its photo.

Hark, hark the lark!

14 March 2010 21:00:53
A few of us were cycling near Clonakilty today when one person went " shh! Listen! the lark." And sure enough there it was. So Summer has arrived! We also saw primroses and lesser celandine.

Seed sowing

13 March 2010 21:57:50
I sowed several different flowers in the propagator I got in Aldi recently--Gazania, Dahlia, Brachycome, Petunia and a couple of others. Not sure what I'll do with them next week as I'm going away for a few days. I suppose I can just take off the lids and turn off the heat and hope for the best. Also sowed salad leaves and rocket outside so they can look after themselves. I've also cut down a Fuchsia that had got very twiggy; it's the wild one so I guess it'll sprout again. Also cut back a Cotoneaster that I have on the front wall, I'd been waiting until the berries were gone as the birds love them. Also shredded both of these. This was over a few days , not all today!

Well look at that!

12 March 2010 19:58:18
Well look at that!

Well look at that!

Only the other day I said that I couldn't remember if I had Chionodoxa or not. Today I was in the garden and there it was! Maybe it read my comment! Actually after one night without frost things are definitely moving-- lots more scilla have popped up and the Mahonia flowers are starting to open. Spring has arrived!

11 March

11 March 2010 21:19:42
11 March

11 March

Took a few photos today that I have just uploaded . I was quite surprised how many flowers I found though some of them are only just appearing. It's actually very nice to go round and discover things in what looks quite a bare garden at first glance.

Planting bargain purchases

07 March 2010 20:24:23
Aucuba with some of the slabs

Aucuba with some of the slabs

I've managed to plant most of the bargains I've bought in the last while. Most of it was straight-forward but when I was digging a hole for the Aucuba I kept hitting stones and slabs-- I think it was where the builders were mixing concrete a couple of years ago. Then when I came to fill in the hole I hadn't enough soil; anyway I spotted a bag of leaf-mould from a year or two ago and that did the job. Just another of those jobs that isn't as simple as you think!

Lidl purchases

05 March 2010 19:51:27
Hi all. Back from Spain after lovely week; weather was mainly good , just one and a half wet days. Had 2 quick swims in the Med--much like here in April or may. Went to Lidl today just for a look and of course came away with a propagator, a self-watering window box, various ties etc , an Astilbe and an Echinacea. Now the usual question--where will I put these?


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