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unagrant's Journal

unagrant's Journal

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Happy New Year to all

04 January 2013 16:35:18

Talking of Annuals

25 January 2012 15:54:15
From my wild flower area last year

From my wild flower area last year

Jemo mentioned about annuals seeds to grow and I went through seeds I collected from the garden last year and was quite suprised how many I had. Here are some that I wouldn't be without now.

Cosmos the colours are just beautiful and easy to grow from seed I found the ones I grew in April seemed to do better than the seeds I grew earlier in March.

 Marigolds so so easy from seed.  I put them into a border quite close so they nit together.  They flower non stop till the first frost and I very rarley even dead head them.  They really look after themselfs.

Nicotina great for late colour in the season make sure you get the scented variety.

Sweetpea wouldn't be without this climber again make sure you get the scented variety and the more flowers you pick the more flowers you get.

Impatiens I found  not as easy but still sucessful. This year I have brought them indoors to over winter.  They are still flowering now.  Not easy to over winter as they need alot of looking after, but it's worth it as I will have lovely big plants to put out in the summer.

Pelargoniumn easy from seed as well but always a better plant the follwing year.  Easy from cuttings.  I also over winter these.

Begonia seeds I always do but not one I would recommend in a hurry.  Not always easy from seed but whats worse is the pricking out. Theirs hundreds of them tiny tiny little seedlings.  I have also over wintered these and they are lovely bushey plants now. 

 Poppies I grew these direct in the ground can't get easier then these so beautiful as you can see from picture.  I grew these with a mix wilf flower seed last year and it was a great sucess anyone who came into the garden had to talk about them.

Lobelia great for baskets and tubs again quite easy.  I use to cut the tops of it seemed to make them bushier.

Godetia came with the mix seed last year and bless it just kept on flowering.

Cerinthe really easy from seed and can self seed as well.  I feel this one needs it's own space but it's beautiful.  The bees just love this one.

Well I have more but I'll go now before I bore you all to death.

Sorry did I mention Antirhinums, Calendula, Petunias Candytuff, Nasturtium........ 


Nicotina still in flower

13 January 2012 15:13:05
Nicotina still in flower

Nicotina still in flower

We all know how mild it's been and the poor plants don't know what time of the year it is.  I have a climbing rose full of bud ready to flower if the weather stays mild like this.  I usually do Nicotina from seed and I have one that is still in flower, every other year they have been rotten to the ground by now.  Back in October I bubbled wrapped the greenhouse and if there is any bit of sun out, it's snug as a bug in a rug in there.  Annual begonias are still in flower in the greenhouse also which gives a lovely summer feeling when I give a bit of pottering around out  there.  Lots of herbaceous plants are showing growth but if we get bad weather I wonder how they will cope.  For now we can enjoy a bit of extra colour around the garden  that we normaly would not get at this time of year.

Preparations for Winter

28 October 2011 11:45:55
variegated  lavateria

variegated lavateria

Well  it's that time of year again and it's full steam ahead to get everything protected for winter. We had quite a bit of frost again this morning. I always find it frustating at this time of year when it's gone dark by the time I get home.  So my gardening is left to the weekend.  I really hope the weather will be kind so I can get on.  New beds are nearly dug out and I hope to get planting this weekend.  The greenhouse needs to be bubble wrapped.  I have taking so many cuttings this year I really want them to get through the winter.  Dahlias are still flowering there socks off so I shall wait till there blackened before I bring them in to the greenhouse.  In the photo is a variegated lavateria, I got seeds from Deborah and sowed them late spring.  I think Deborah said they don't flower for a couple of years but the foliage is really beautiful and the photo does not do it justed.  I have a few so I shall edge my bets and bring some into the greenhouse and leave one out to see how it copes.  Enjoy the long weekend everyone.

Back in love with my garden again

13 October 2011 11:54:24
Still flowering it's socks off

Still flowering it's socks off

With the bad winds we had a month ago I went through a very upset and angry stage with my garden.  Everything got hammered. The Spring had started the same way and distroyed alot.  So I went through a stage of just dead heading watering and a bit of pottering and trying to ignore the distuction that had taken place in certain areas.  What ever it is about gardening you can't stay like that for long as it draws you back in to make it all better and more beautiful than before.  So I'm back in love with my Garden again.  New beds been dug out by Darren and just seeing them go in fills me with excitment and anticipation of what is to come.



31 August 2011 17:59:36
Cerinthe major 'Purpurascens

Cerinthe major 'Purpurascens

Rachel did a journal about this plant earlier on which I had planned to do, so great minds think alike.  I did this from seed last year and loved it, so it was a must have for this year again.  The bees love it and get right up into the flower and you can always hear them buzzing away around this plant.  It's really easy from seed and the seed is easy to collect as well.  When you lift the flowers up they are even prettier.

A little gem for the garden

30 August 2011 16:38:37


I bought Mimulus bedding a few years back which I thought was not hardy.  It's come through two hard winters springing back up in Spring.  I have divided it several times, neglected it and what does it do for me but flowers non stop since May and looks like it has no intention of stopping soon.  So a great little gem for the garden.

To this

16 August 2011 17:46:38
To this

To this

Fran done a journal like this and it made me think what can be achieved in a short time.  A lot of this has been done from cuttings and divisions which makes it even more pleasurable to plant up.  Just got to plan out the next one now.

From this

16 August 2011 17:41:07
From this

From this

It's amazing what can be achieved in a few months

Garden visits

05 August 2011 15:49:31
Garden visits

Garden visits

I have uploaded some photos of the garden visits that I went on since my last journal on here, hope you enjoy them.  Eden Project was a lovely day out and well worth the visit. The Domes were fantastic the heat inside would knock you out so not for the faint hearted.  The Lost gardens of Heligan were lovely but was more of a museum and was still in restoration stage but in a few years I'm sure will be stunning.  My favorite of all was Mount Usher I just fell in love with it.  I would recommend for you all to go.

My own garden is at it's peak and so nice to just enjoy it.  Have taken loads of cuttings which are taking root already. The vegetable garden is full of produce, had a great year again with potatoes, onions, carrots but the fruit have been brilliant, strawberry's, raspberry and gooseberry's and have made jam with the excess.  The picture is of a area that we put too wild flowers and it's so pretty well worth the wait for them to flower.

Enjoying the summer

14 July 2011 17:39:34
new pond put in earlier in year

new pond put in earlier in year

Apologies for not contributing of late.  Have been having a quick scan of your journals and everyone gardens are looking so lovely.  I wish garden.ie was a app on my phone than I could contribute more.

I'm loving this weather and especially having the lovely long evenings to be outside making the most of the garden.  Last night I was sat out having a cuppa with family and the kids were playing and I thought to myself I love my garden and I'm so glad the hours and hours that has been put into were well worth it and thanks to everyone who has given me so much encouragement.

One of my teenage nephew's said the other day that our garden was lovely,  now I know I have made progress when a teenager takes notice.

Were off to Devon and Cornwall which I'm so looking forward to.  Myself and Darren will be visiting The Eden project and The Lost gardens of Heligan.  If anyone has any other suggestions for that end of England please let me know.

Enjoy the weather and Happy Gardening to all.

LyndaB geranium

09 June 2011 17:11:27
Geranium from Linda

Geranium from Linda

Linda gave me this geranium last year at Rachels.  I just love it.  Thank you so much.

So much has been going on in the garden for the past few weeks but most of my time has been planting out everything from seed.  It's great the number of plants you get from seed but you still have to plant them out.  Trays after trays but it will be so worth it.  I have planted mainly cosmos, marigolds, Lupins, Cerithe which are just fantastic for the bees and Nicotina.  It's so nice to empty out the greenhouse & cold frame. Great to get these gaps filled up, less weeding :)

Bloom in the park competition

27 May 2011 12:41:44
vote please

vote please

I have entered bloom in in the park competition so if any of you are on facebook please give me a vote as I would love to win some vouchers for the garden.


Also on there are Kinderspirte, Rachel & Bill so vote for them as it would be nice to see one of us get a chance.

Foxgloves Galore

20 May 2011 16:46:32
Mixed foxgloves

Mixed foxgloves

I sowed these foxgloves from seed last year and there just starting to bloom. I am so happy with them.  I have several of them around the garden.  I planted a wall of them in my mothers garden  which is given her a lovely display.  So I would like to encourage more people to grow from seed.  It gives great satisfaction.

Handy Man continued

18 May 2011 15:18:29
New table & benches

New table & benches

Another addition to the garden from hubby.  He has been busy making me several items so here is a nice new table with benches. 


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