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Michelle finn's Journal

Michelle finn's Journal

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a bargain and a poppy

20 September 2015 10:30:31

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i got this poppy 'harvest moon' in april or may of this year, it flowered in its pot and that was it i thought it had died off as the leaves went on it but when i planted it in to the new area it took off again and now it is attempting to flower and i think the other two will follow this one has a fine big bud on it, the colour will be orange which fits into the colour scheme in this bed. i really hope it gets to flower again before the winter 

i got 2 solar spot lights in woodies for 5 euro, these change colour and look really cool in the grass beds, i must pick up a few more this weekend coming 

new area part 2

19 September 2015 17:10:51

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here are a few more photos of the new area. i painted the boxes black so the plants stand out more 

the new area

19 September 2015 15:03:49

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i took some new photos today of new area and this site wont upload them will try later what i did put up is of the new area during the big clearout and getting ready for planting. it is extremely frustrating when you take ages to put up an album and it wont take.

here are some photos for now 

new area and tunnel almost complete

19 September 2015 14:12:58

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 i havent been on the site much but i have been doing alot of work on the new area. when i have it finished it will be a japanese area. the tunnel has been cleared out and refloored as the old floor was in bad shape. it is now ready to house the tender plants for the winter. my neighbour made me 2 new doors so it will be extra cosy and secure, the old doors were falling apart. 

the new area is almost complete. a bit of light weeding and getting more bark for the beds and stone for the ground around the beds and add some box and rocks put in something that resembles running water   then it will be complete. planted the two grass beds yesturday with miscanthus and strippa aurences  two different phormiums the one with  the varigated yellow leaves is a phormium i had for two years in a pot and it finally found its home yesturday, i had to break it out of the pot, the pot was cracked anyway but the broken bits will come in handy for bottom of pots. 

it has taken a long time to get this finished but very happy with it now. i have an idea for a type of arbour/ summer house  for this area in between the two grassbeds this i will make myself with trelis.

looking forward to seeing the two spotlights light up. these change colour.

Rio the dog has found his own nuck in the beds so will have to leave that free of bark for him or he will tear up somewhere else.

i am putting up an album of the new area so far. i will start of with pictures of when it was first planted up 

you know you are getting old when.................

05 September 2015 23:12:27

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when jobs you used to get done really quickly and easily and now it takes you a week to sort out.  the tunnel.......this job used to be done and dusted in one day..............crikey my energy is gone. i paused the finishing of the new area until i clear out the tunnel because i need to have it ready in case the temps dive even more and my tender stuff needs to come in then i can finish this new area and show you what i have done so far. i have bulbs to add to it and then mulch with bark so by the end there should be a good bit of interest in it then for the different seasons.

sorted a load of pots today in the tunnel putting them into piles and clearing them out of the tunnel, just need to sort out and move the table out then i clean it and put down new mypex ( the good stuff)  as the one that is in it is gone very old and worn down and ripped up......thats the plan


begonia glowing embers

02 September 2015 19:47:29

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while picking up a few bits in dunnes this evening i picked up these begonias. i am not really into them but this one with the delicate flowers and the lovely dark foliage looked so exotic and at 3.49 euro they were just the thing.

also at the claregalway show in july i got those scabious, i deadheaded them after floweing and now they are starting another session.......love them. i got a free pack on the weekly garden news mag and cant wait to sow them next spring they are a lovely wine colour.

a woman on a mission

31 August 2015 18:59:42

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a good while back i mentioned i would love a greenhouse, well i am a woman on a mission to make one. i have been pricing behind the scenes but they are so exspensive and small so i have decided to make one to the size i want but in addition to that i am also adding a shed for potting and pots. it will be a lean to with access to the shed from inside the greenhouse. 

the tunnel will have raised beds put in and will house veg and will also be used for propagating and seed sowing.

it will take months to do but if i buy the materials bit by bit in the coming weeks. i am determined to have my dream greenhouse and shed by this time next year. 

the photo of the full greenhouse is my dream growhouse :). it will mean more to me than winning the lottery

everyone loves a bargain

30 August 2015 18:59:50

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espeically when it is a plant. i got those two alstremeria for half price. they were 9.99 each but i got the two of them for 9.99 now that is a bargain. really like the colours 

i have put up a small album of the patio if anyone wants to see it.

i was able to upload the patio album but when i tried to do the garden in august ones again it would not upload...........very strange i have taken more photos so i will try again 

the patio completed at last

30 August 2015 15:52:33

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i have just finished the patio and extremely happy with it. i had pots and bistro set sprayed purple but to me it just didnt work so i have now gone for black which i think looks far classier. the bistro set the you see in the picture is from mom i love it in black.

i also done up some pots with ferns ivy and some delicate violas for some colour, i love when joe swift done hanging baskets with ferns on gardeners world a while back, i loved them and thought when i was doing the patio i was doing these, i had no moss to add but they still look good.

also added solar lights, the photo does not do it justice as it looks so lovely when the lights are on it 

nature at its best

26 August 2015 19:06:40

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one border i dug over this year after dad sprayed it has so many selfseeders in it. i have been blessed with loads of calendula, and now teasel ( thank you hosta and joanne for ID i also have annual poppies, and forget me not and rocket.........all in all a banquet and all for free, cant get better than that 

but may i also add i have also inheritated an all merciful amount of weeds....yikes, it will be head down bum up for the coming weeks to try and get on top of it.

i went out for a look around this evening and it is sooooooo cold brrrrrrr. 

unable to upload

25 August 2015 21:02:04

what is this?

25 August 2015 20:54:46
what is this?

what is this?

my dad sprayed an area in the front garden last year and everything died then in spring i dug it over and planted it, now this area has alot of this plant in it, it has the leaf just like the primulas but the midrif at the back is hairy and spiny, what is it, the leaf is identical to the candlebara primulas but the midrif at the back is not spiny like them.

i must add there is no flower 

the garden in august

25 August 2015 20:02:09

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i have taken some photos of the garden in august, lots of weeding to be done out front once i have finished the new area which is nearly there. it should be finished by next week weather permitting. just some finishing touches to put to it. 

i am also sorting the patio, i will reveal the two areas at the same time. need to pick up a few bits tomorrow for some of the pots that i am putting in there.

i am putting up a small album now if anyone wants to have a peep 

a taste of whats to come

12 August 2015 21:05:37

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and i mean a quick walkabout, sweet divine the weeds have completely taken over the front garden, its going to take months to get this sorted agggggggh.

the next time i make or mention making new borders please have the men in white coats take me away pleeeeeze.

making great progress with the new area, its coming along well, most of the planting is done, there is still a couple of days work to do but then it will be ready to enjoy.

i brought out my breakfast yesturday morning and although there was alot of empty pots thrown all over the place i enjoyed just looking at what i have created 

i am really happy with it, cant wait to show it to you when i have it finished.

bamboo ID please

10 August 2015 18:58:33

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at the claregalway show i picked up these bamboo but the guy at the stall could not remember what variety they are. i have fargeisa and i have compared them and to be honest trying to ID two peas out of a pod and trying to see if they are from the same pod if ye get my drift, 

if anyone can help i would be so happy.

it was very windy and wet at times today so i decided to leave laying out the plants until tomorrow, i did try but they kept falling over so very hard to see what worked so off i went and did a bit of shopping, took a trip to a nursery that is closing down- what a pity) , i will call back again as i saw something i really like, then i went to woodies  - plants shopping, i came home with two melsplis and a miscantus zebrus ( excuse the spelling). the mespelis are small but i dont mind them growing into their space, i know it will become a small tree but that will be a good few years yet, i seen them on love your garden and love them. 

tomorrow is promised good i hope so, i can get the plants laid out.

i pottered about for an hour this evening and was so happy to find another miscantus but not the zebra but i can divide this and use it in the new area and a phormium that should be dead as it was neglected it is still alive, i gave it a liquid feed and left it in the tunnel for now,  that will also be used as a focal point. my banana plants are in need of TLC  so i have put them in the tunnel and gave them a good feed so that should help them along with some heat and they should recover, i stupidly left them exsposed to the wind and they look terrible but they are still putting up new leaf so they will be fine 



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