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Johnplotman's Journal

Johnplotman's Journal April 2009

Last Post 3191 days 8 hours ago

Wednesdays rain galore.

29 April 2009 20:31:00
RHODODENDRON shines in the rain.

RHODODENDRON shines in the rain.

What a washout today was.From early morning it never stopped.Nothing in the garden was touched either at dinner time or in the evening.The temp,reading ok but the nip in the air most noticable with the rainfall.Managed to sort out some petunias [confetti] to larger trays.Some herbs [basil] were pricked out also.With the veg notes taking over the past while, im afraid it leaves it looking like i have to forgo with the leeks now.Rather let down with them but other veg is making up for it.I started some more cabbages [greyhound] and some broad beans,and a few peas in single pots.

Tunnell time.

28 April 2009 22:25:13
Warming up for the Summer.Shine,shine,shine.

Warming up for the Summer.Shine,shine,shine.

This evening the main emphasis was in the polytunnell.The weather was ok today.Inside in the tunnell i thinned out the marigolds and spaced them out to the correct distance among the potatoes.That was all the garden work that could be done  this evening,but for a quick look over all and see what lay ahead.

Disaster struck again today.

27 April 2009 20:30:35
The mulch has a stream flowing down it.

The mulch has a stream flowing down it.

More of those dreaded showers today especially in the evening time.The ground a mess in places.Some clay for the big tubs like a shovel full of wet mud.Weather wise still a little nippy with the showers,to do much in the tunnell this evening.At least one good thing done was the setting up of some tubs alongside the tunnell to suit some of the fast growing veg and with a companion or two among them.A final quick look was given in the garden area [tunnell and greenhouse etc]and then in to check the trays in the house.

Sunday stroll in the garden.

26 April 2009 17:11:14
A little under the weather,the garden boots.

A little under the weather,the garden boots.

Still a little damp and wet today.Nothing much done,just a brief look aroung at any new veg etc,and how seeds were coping.Afternoon the thinking cap was back on to see where i can place my bargain concrete boots in the garden.[shop soiled Just a small touch up with some elbow grease, but all should be ok along with trying to have them as suitable for the job as possible.Thats all that went on today.

Saturday dash.

25 April 2009 22:25:34
Dwarf runner beans showing nicely in the tunnell [companion]

Dwarf runner beans showing nicely in the tunnell [companion]

Nothing wrong with todays weather after a showery start earlier.Good patches of sunshine came through during the day.Moved out some more veg trays to the greenhouse.Gave the g-house windows another quick rub.[cant avoid it im afraid]Set up some more brown tubs in the  garden 2 area and hopefully with some luck the final filling of clay etc will be completed as early as possible.[hopefully some evenings in the coming week] Moved the final few yellow tubs to the garden 1 area also.Had a look in the tunnell to make sure all was well.Delighted to see the dwarf beans coming on well there.Having been moved on from the room just under a week ago.

Friday evening seed sowing.

24 April 2009 21:44:40
Carrot and parsley combination in the polytunnel buckets..

Carrot and parsley combination in the polytunnel buckets..

More of that troublesome rain today.The whole plan done for    Thursday evenings work [Home late]almost failed, and had just time for a last minute check on the seeds inside the house.

Being wet,it meant Friday evening in the tunnell and green-h.Started more Nasturtium seeds along with some lettuce,and some carrot and parsley seeds combined [to fight off carrot fly all going well]inside it [tunnell] and some nas, with the potatoes outside despite the rain.Done a final check on watering inside where needed.[To hear the rain beat against the tunnell and with me having the hose on inside it [tunnell ]who knows].The sun has to arrive back and stay a little longer the next time.All that can be done is wait and see.   

Wednesday afternoon garden clean up..

22 April 2009 20:10:47
Lilium [suspense].

Lilium [suspense].

Looking among some flower pots in the shed i came upon a discarded Lilium plant that was given to me at some stage last year to be thrown in the compost heap.It had been damaged after a fall by a neighbour.Interesting to see what colour of a flower will grow on it when the time comes. 

Dull and cloudy today.Started some more herb seeds thyme,and peppermint.[evening time]Gave the final top up of paint work in the garden.Both tunnell and greenhouse needed water.If weather permits tomorrow evening the grass will get a trim.  

More rain today.

21 April 2009 21:47:16
Easter time comes in handy in every way.

Easter time comes in handy in every way.

The day started poor with showers lasting up until lunchtime.Only a short time in the garden this evening to check in the tunnell for watering etc,and how the beds were coming along outside.Moved some more trays out to the greenhouse.Have to check on the remaining seed trays in the house later. 

Sunny Monday.

20 April 2009 21:55:33
Painting time.

Painting time.

Who could ask for nicer.Lots of sun and lots more to come [fingers crossed.I had a brief look around the garden and and with the good weather beaming down out came the paint brush.After some touching up was completed a watering check was given especially to the tunnell and greenhouse.Had a good start at the garden today not to long after 3 o clock.

Sunday at its best.

19 April 2009 17:59:08
My little friends call to say hello.

My little friends call to say hello.

What a glorious day we have been getting today.Quite amazing to,all doing so well with the sun.Water,water,everywhere.The hose needed to be in full swing with some beds beginning to get a little thirsty at times.Planted some S.pea [everlasting] in greenhouse. Dwarf runner beans [yellow] and some sweetcorn [Incredible F1]in tunnell.Started some mari,in new tubs [French] Dwarf Double Mixed]Also in the tunnell cleaned down the table and washed out the floor.Outside in the veg area one final check on watering was given.All going to plan on a fine day.

Saturday's work on a sunny day.

18 April 2009 22:03:59
New beds along shed

New beds along shed

No complaints about the weather today.From app,10.30 the sun was just perfect.Got a lot of work done in the garden today.Started with sowing some seeds,in the veg area.Some new carrots and beetroot and some more rooster potatoes.The main jobs were on the new bed section along the garden shed and some new paint work.[Has to be done]Cleaned some more tubs and  put them in to place.My colour coordination is slightly off.Instead of [red orange yellow green blue purple]  from the garden colour wheel. I had to settle for having no pink also, and do with [red orange yellow white blue and grey] The only few colours i have left to choose from for the garden. [Grateful at that].All going well i hope to set some seeds in them tomorrow.Nothing strenuous just some light work on a Sunday.[The Lords Day].

Friday night,weekend planning time.

17 April 2009 21:41:37

Thursday veg jobs.

16 April 2009 19:45:03

Wednesday gloom

15 April 2009 20:28:20
Sorbus [Mountain Ash] taken at 1.30 today, coming on well.

Sorbus [Mountain Ash] taken at 1.30 today, coming on well.

What another day of rain throughout most of the day.Had a quick look in the garden at lunchtime today and the place looks so washed out.Even the nip was in the air so not to pushy about opening the polytunnell door to long.This evening i sowed some more Cobea[Scandens] Amaranthus[Ribbons and Beads]and some Zinnia all in the room, along with some more beans [purple queen] and some cabbage.

Monday with heavy showers.

14 April 2009 20:59:55

Bank holiday washout.

13 April 2009 20:49:34
I think i see the sun on the way.[Easter Sunday]

I think i see the sun on the way.[Easter Sunday]

Another rather desperate day with constant rain for most of the day.So much planned to do on the bank holiday in the garden,but lets hope that the rain will not fall much more,and only when needed during the summer months.[Fingers crossed]Spent most of the day getting to do some study about gardening and only in the last hour or their abouts i have gotten to sow some more seeds inside the house.Still even more let down by the poor show of the Leek seeds especially.The other veg has no problem.In the flower area the marigolds especially along with the nastur,are also showing well.[Two of the main defence forces in the veg garden for me among the veg]

Friday news.

10 April 2009 22:53:31
Polytunnell potatoes planted on the 14/3/09.

Polytunnell potatoes planted on the 14/3/09.

Had a quick look this evening at what was sown in the tunnell  earlier this year.Delighted with the potatoes [roosters] doing so well.The potatoes,[Roosters]were chitted first inside the house with the lower bed [British Queens] planted straight and no sign of them yet.Quite a dirrerence between both sets of growth.Set some new Lavatera shrubs in place of the wind damaged ones in the garden.Seeds doing well in the house.Weather still to risky to leave some of the trays of seeds out in the greenhouse just yet.Drew up the a list of jobs to be done in the garden tomorrow at some stage.[weather permitting].

Weather poor today.

07 April 2009 21:27:52
Tulip [Bleu Aimable]

Tulip [Bleu Aimable]

Another cool day along with more of that rain,rain,rain.I kept the greenhouse and polytunnell closed with the weather.Got home around 2pm.Inside in the house i sowed some more  Veg,beans,purple queen. cauli,all the year round. b.sprouts.Had some time to sow some more pansy,petunia,spilanthes[first time to sow,present from New Zealand] also some Herbs, thyme,chives,peppermint,and commen comfrey.Gave another quick tidy up to the room and washed some used trays. 


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