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Periwinkle's Journal

Periwinkle's Journal

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Donegal Garden Trail on Nationwide!

10 January 2018 20:53:45

New Year Greetings!

08 January 2018 13:38:40

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Although the weather has been appallingly wet here for many months now it is heartening to see these wonderful little flowers appearing out of frozen soil looking so clean fresh and cheerful!  They are such a joy and inspiration! 

May I wish you all a Happy and successful 2018 in your gardens and I look forward to meeting up and renewing friendship with some of you during the year!

Another year.

21 December 2016 12:16:13
A gift from dear Keego brought much pleasure.

A gift from dear Keego brought much pleasure.

As we have reached the shortest day and another Christmas is just around the corner, I want to take a moment to thank all my friends on this site  for their sharing of their gardens and gardening experiences both good and bad! It can actually be encouraging to know that others also have their failures!

Like many of you I look back on the past year and am thankful for all the pleasure and support that friends have given through the ups and downs of the year and I would take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas. 

A favourite spot!

03 November 2016 17:37:46
A favourite spot!

A favourite spot!

Like many gardeners I don't sit for too long in the garden in general!  But I have a favourite seat in the east corner of the Lower Garden that is well hidden but gives a great view across the garden at any time of day. Lovely to sit there in the shade of an early summer's morning with a mug of tea and watch the sun waken the garden with its morning rays and if your early enough you can observe the birds as they finish breakfast!

But perhaps my favourite time spent on this seat is at the end of a busy autumn afternoon when there is more time to just sit and enjoy the atmosphere and sense of fulfilment that a garden exudes at what is really harvest time. The garden and the gardener seem to sigh contentedly: "we've done it for another year"!

I took this picture from this seat the other day so thought I'd share it with you all. 

For those who may be interested!

05 August 2016 22:03:07

Thank you, Keego and Linda B.

07 July 2016 20:50:00

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It is always a treat to meet up with friends from Garden.ie and a double treat when they take the time to vist my garden.

Over the last couple of weeks I have had a visit from Keego and some of her family and also from Linda B. and some of her family!

Even though the weather was rather unfavourable and the garden suffering from the excess of rain that has fallen in recent weeks this did not deter us from enjoying a walk through the garden sharing ideas and gardening triumphs and defeats!  

This sharing has been one of the pleasures of Garden.ie from its beginning and both Mary and Linda, like myself, have been members from the start.  It has, indeed, introduced me to some great gardening friends and I have learned so much from them over the years.

Thank you Mary and Linda and your plants are a lovely reminder every time I walk past them.


14 May 2016 22:24:12

The joys of April.

29 April 2016 20:39:07

The haul!

20 April 2016 21:43:11
The haul!

The haul!

Home again after a lovely few days catching up with the extending family !!

A trip away is never complete without a visit to a garden centre or two and I returned home with hardly an empty space in the car! 

This picture shows the number of pots of plants that I managed to squeeze into my wee Fiesta!

A goodly number of the smaller pots are from Myrtle and some will be on my Plant Stall for my Open Weekend! Tonight many of them are under a sheet of fleece - just in case.

More details of the plants will be given as I get round to planting but a lot of preparation to be done before then.

A great day!

09 April 2016 19:11:58
A great day!

A great day!

Those of you who follow on Facebook will have seen that we had the Launch of our 2016 Donegal Garden Trail yesterday. Always a busy but enjoyable day, especially for those of us involved in the organising.

It is always good to meet up with our members, to share gardening hopes and dreams for the coming season and to launch our new 2016 Brochure. Our new and enhanced webpabe is also up and running and our Facebook page is updated regularly.

Talking to Margot, known on this site as Flourette, the subject of old varieties of daffodils came up and she was telling me about the Ansley one at Castlewellan. How exciting for everyone involved.

I have some quite old daffodils that my father planted here 65+ years ago. One a double, the other single. Sorry the picture is not better. they have nearly all gone over now, especially the double. I dont have names for them, but that doesn't make them any less beautiful!

I will put up a Daffodils album with pictures of some others that are in bloom at present and others will be added as they open.

A question for Jacinta!

01 April 2016 21:36:22
A question for Jacinta!

A question for Jacinta!

I had a lovely day out with a friend on Wednesday.  After treating me to a lovely lunch , we visited 2 garden centres!  As I was in NI and prices in Sterling, I was careful not to loose the run of myself! 

However,  I just couldn't resist this cordaline!  Pink Passion. Myrtle has Charlie Boy which is very similar and I have always admired it. SO Pink Passion came home with me.!

Myrtle remembered that Jacinta had this cordaline and mentioned it in a journal in February, 2010.

I'm just wondering if it survived those cold winters with you Jacinta? Should I keep it in a pot so I can move it indoors in winter? 

Making some changes.

15 March 2016 21:54:56

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I'm sitting at the computer with my face sunburned, my back and legs aching but I'm completely happy!

What glorious days we are having! Just the sort that we gardeners thrive on! 

So yesterday afternoon I got started on a new project - don't you just love a new project especially so if it provides more planting space!

The idea was to reduce the amount of grass that I have to cut and in particular grass that meant trying to push and pull the mower in and out around trees and shrubs. Those of you who follow my journals will know that I just have GRASS not LAWN!!

I did take pictures, intending to show you the 'before and after' but they seem to have disappeared of the computer into thin air!! So I will try to describe the area. It is on the west side of the Lower Garden where I have several trees and shrubs. A 10 year-old Purple Plum tree divides the grass  into two and the upper area of grass contains several shrubs and a magnolia seiboldii. I decided to get rid of the grass in this area and to turn it into a shrub border. After much 'faffing about' with a hosepipe I eventually marked out the edge of the border with spade and canes and set to lifting and turning the sods.Hard work so quite a large amount remained to be done today.

Fortunately today I managed to get a fit young man to finish the task and I must say I am delighted! Of course, the sods will need to be broken up and grass removed when it withers but think of the fun of planting ahead! 

Slowly but surely..............

11 March 2016 12:35:39
Donegal Garden Trail

Donegal Garden Trail

..spring is arriving! 

Yesterday was a fantastic spring day and I spent most of it in the garden or garden shed. Mainly dividing and potting up. Plants are really putting on new growth now and every day bring fresh discoveries in the garden - such an exciting time of year for us gardeners!

This morning started with very heavy rain so no work on the borders today but plenty to do in the shed!

One of the big jobs done yesterday was spliting Hydrangea Annabelle and planting a number of pieces where a clump of Rosa Rugosa had been removed earlier. As this is in the Inner Circle which is mainly white, blue or purple, they should fit in well and be easier to control (and work with!!) than R. rugosa.

Of late, my fellow co-ordinator and I have been busy working on our new 2016 Brochure for Donegal Garden Trail and the new web page is in the process of 'going up'! We have 24 Gardens again this year in the Trail so plenty of choice when it comes to garden visiting in Donegal! Check it out on donegalgardentrail.com

Excuse the poor picture!

A prickly affair!

12 February 2016 12:29:12

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What a great day yeasterday was! I finally came in as darkness fell after 6.30pm!

Most of the afternoon was spent cutting down shrubs that had got too tall. Like my mahonia 'Charity'. It had produced flowers all winter but it was now time for a chop! It is a rather prickly bush to work with strong gloves and coat sleeves are necessary. But I'm pleased with the results. 

The drimys in front of the mahonia will now have more light and space.



11 February 2016 13:18:50
Silver Birch.

Silver Birch.

On a sunny day like this, or yesterday when I took the picture, there is something very attractive about the bare skeleton of trees as they catch the sun. 

This is just a 'common' silver birch on the west side of the Lower garden but it really caught my eye as I had a walk around.

Do take "time to stand and stare"!



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