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Jacinta D's Journal

Jacinta D's Journal July 2009

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last day of summer

31 July 2009 22:20:58
Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship

Well, folks. Tomorrow is the first day of autumn. When are we going to get a summer. Horrible miserable day here. Dull, drizzle, high winds. The usual.

But on a happier note, I HAVE A WHOLE WEEK OFF. Wahoo. I will be tackling my triangular bed, finally. I said before, that I will be concentrating on white flowering evergreen shrubs, and in the front, ground cover. So during spring I will have bulbs of different varieties planted in between these. I bought Hebe 'Wiri Mist', and Choisya 'Aztec Pearl'. I have ajuga Braunherz, and ajuga 'Burgundy Glow'. And I want to get Anemone Blanda. So its down to browsing the bulb catalogues later to decide what I want for spring colour. I had also been thinking of planting my Yucca gloriosa from a pot into this bed. Not decided yet. And i have my recent purchase of Olearia x haastii (Daisy Bush). So it's a start. Unfortunately I didnt manage to get out to the garden this evening but over the next week, hail, rain or snow I gotta get my finger out.

Normally during the winter months, my gardening jobs are reduced significantly because of the weather, and arthritic complaints. So I spend a lot of time doing a bit of oil painting. A very therapeutic pastime. No flowers to post on this journal entry. Instead, here is just a little sample of one of my paintings.


30 July 2009 22:16:24
Aldi Wasp catcher

Aldi Wasp catcher

Not too bad today Only one or two heavy showers but very windy, yet again. However it died down at about 4.30 and temperatures almost became normal for this time of year. You can see the shadows in the evening becoming longer now. Hate that. Autumn is coming.

Got home from work and cut back a lot of foliage off my tomatoes, and my vine. Picked my first bunch of grapes. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM  delicious. Also ate my first few yellow tomatoes (Sunbaby). I agree, Chili, very slightly peppery taste, but very nice. I will definitely grow those again next year. And there are tons of them to ripen yet. The girls wouldn't even TOUCH them. I don't think they have ever seen yellow tomatoes before. I'm going to have to tread gently here, normally they try new things with gusto. I shall introduce them slowly, maybe in a mixed salad bowl. God, you would think they were 2yr olds. Not the grown women that they are.

Peaches are still as hard as rocks. But they look so delicious already. Gotta be patient. Also got scratched to bits from picking blackberries that have grown over our back wall from the field beyond. I got a full pudding bowl, so they will be lovely mixed with yoghurt or on my cereal in the morning.

Steve dug out the stump of prunus, so the bed is ready to go for my hols next week, if we dont head off somewhere. I haven't picked much out for planting there yet. I want to really think this through. The measurements I gave before were way off. Its not half as big as I thought after measuring tonight. It's only 8x8x12ft.

Caught my first wasp in my new Aldi wasp catcher. Actually, now that I think of it, yesterday I saw my first wasp of the year. Strange, that.

And the Heavens opened, once more!

29 July 2009 16:48:31
Early Birthday Present

Early Birthday Present

Lashing this morning, so I decided to check Aldi out as a result of reading comments on Rachels journal last night. Yea the succulents seemed great value. So I bought 4. Better do some research on them as I haven't a clue what they are called.

I also bought myself an early birthday present, an RHS ENCYCLOPEDIA. Every home should have one. When I got home, I was torn between going out and digging up all the plants in my triangular bed, or sitting down to read my new purchase. But the weather made up my mind. At that stage the sun was splitting the stones, so the garden won, for now. Dug it all up and planted everything into pots until I can decide where to put them.

There is a big stump of prunus in this bed that I just cant seem to dig up. Instead I keep on hacking at any new growth that I see and then planting around it. But Steve will hopefully do this before my week off next week. Its definitely not a job for the faint-hearted. Took some lovely pics of my gazanias. And couldn't help changing my profile picture accordingly. They are so beautiful, they don't even seem real.


28 July 2009 20:55:53
sad Olearia x haastii (Daisy Bush)

sad Olearia x haastii (Daisy Bush)

I have been trying to get rid of a shrub in work since the beginning of April. No takers, even though I reduced it from €10.99 to €4.

 Everytime I passed it, it was looking sadder and sadder. It was being shifted from place to place, as the demand for space was paramount. It got shoved in behind more glamorous plants when I realized that it was going to be a lot harder to sell. And, of course, because it wasnt getting enough light, it began to lose some of its leaves.

 At the weekend, when I gave the garden centre a good going over, I re-discovered it. So I brought it out in the open. Stocks are low at this transition period from Summer bedding to Autumn/Winter, Releasing it from its hiding place had no effect. Still, nobody wanted it. But today, I saw that it was beginning to flower. Now this is not a shrub that I am too familiar with (Olearia x haastii). But my new triangular bed is going to have small shrubs that have white flowers. And now that I have finally decided on a colour scheme for this bed, I think maybe there was a reason it didnt sell. I WAS MEANT TO HAVE IT. It looks quite pathetic right now, but in my July 09 album I downloaded a picture of what it will look like in time, and with a lot of tlc.

Also, I discovered some old stock of terracotta pots in at the very back. They arent huge, 32cm. I always swore I wouldn't ever buy small pots again. But I reckon I will be gardening for a long time to come, and you ALWAYS lose SOME to frost over the winter. I bought 15 of them. They were only €3 each.

Maybe if there is another get-together, I could donate a pot if I don't have any cuttings or seedlings.

27th july

27 July 2009 20:03:59


Good day today, apart from the strong winds. Perfect working conditions. Didnt do very much this evening. But one of my jobs was planting up some strawberry runners. I only have about about 6. But I usually buy my strawberry plants each year. So I am pleased with that.

My cherry tomatoes are doing well. When I planted them up in the beginning, it was recommended to only put 1 plant into a hanging basket. But to be honest, it looked really puny. So I put 3 in. I am going to get SOME crop. But the flowers have only appeared recently, so I hope it's not too late for them to develop. Gave my musa and canna some tomato feed. I bought a canna last year and the flowers were gorgeous. But so far on the new one, nothing. So a good feed might be just what it needs.

And guess what? I actually have A ripe tomato. Ha ha. I am so pathetic. Am I the only one who gets so excited about small little things. I have never grown the yellow variety before, so it will be interesting to compare its taste. These ones are 'Sunbaby'. The other tomatoes that I am growing are just the ordinary, run-of-the-mill 'Alicante'.


26 July 2009 21:38:30


26 July 2009 08:41:19
Corpse flower

Corpse flower

I have been looking out at the heavy rain since 6.30am. It's going to be a very long day in work. At the moment I am making a list of things to do. I will have a WHOLE week off starting next weekend. I must re-design my small triangular bed towards the end of the garden. At the moment I have a mishmash of higgledy-piggledy plants there. Not a pretty sight. The whole lot is coming out. At the moment I have lots of campanula, which is growing through everything down there. Very untidy looking. I have Rodgersia (totally in the wrong place), I have primula vialii, Sedum, Paeonie, Arum lily,Geranium, Lychnis coronaria (also in the wrong place), saxifraga, and one or two other things which I just cant think of right now.

 Anyway, my first dilemma is where to re-locate all these plants. Second dilemma is what do I want from this area. I think I will keep the planting quite low, because I want to be able to see beyond this bed. I could also do without perennials. I want something architectural, and evergreen, and I want it to look like it was PLANNED for a change. I am fed up getting plants at KNOCK-DOWN prices without any thought as to where they are going to go. They usually end up in this triangular bed for ages until I get so sick of looking at them. The bed measures about 9ftx9ftx18ft. Not a great size, but I could always extend it out into the grass.

I was browsing some seed catalogues recently and came across a photo of a CORPSE FLOWER  (Amorphophalllus titan). It looks soooooooooo amazing. Does anybody have it? I am thinking of getting it.

Perfect Day!

25 July 2009 21:15:32


What a gem of a day. I hope all of you had the great weather that we did here in Dublin. Perfect working conditions. Got loads done in work. Went through each section in the garden centre systematically. Dead-headed all planted up containers and fed them. Fuchsias needed a lot of work done. The place was 'buzzing' with customers. So the jobs were constantly being interrupted. C'est la vie.  All good.

I managed to get the grass cut when I got in. Then I dead-headed my roses. And did a general tidy around. It wasn't a lot. But a lot more than I have managed to do in the last few days. Everything looks good now. My Alstromeria is looking great thanks to the constant tomato feed. Ha ha. You see, Rachel. It pays off. I must post a pic of it. Nothing more to report. Heavy rain forecast for tonight. I hope to God it clears up before I get up in the morning. Work again.

24th july

24 July 2009 19:49:11


Well, Holy God! What's happening here, lads. Are we being punished or what?

Its a good job I get a 'kick' out of work in the garden centre, coz I am NOT going to get the opportunity to get out in the garden for any decent length of time this evening. I have never seen showers as frequent or as heavy as these. And it must be going on like this for at least 3 or 4 days. Unbelievable.

In work today, I spent the morning dead-heading all the hanging baskets. That took from 9.00am till 1.30. And then I fed them all. After lunch I felt the need to spread out the lavender. They were quite cramped. I also noticed a lot of them had developed botrytis. So I reduced  lots of them to try and make a quick sale on them. I trimmed the others lightly and they look super now. It took me until 5o'clock to do those 2 jobs, what with dodging all the showers. The garden centre was as flooded as if it had been pelting rain all blinkin night. The shores are all blocked up because people keep on opening bags of compost to see what it's like and it's all pouring into the drains. Hello? It's COMPOST! God, it really gets up my nose that people can be so inconsiderate.

Sorry. Couldn't help that. It's lovely and warm though! I pretended it was really winter today, but there was a distinct advantage because it was so cozy with the sun beating down on my back. If Only our winters WERE like that. It would make my job a lot more pleasant throughout the colder months. Although I must say it doesn't bother me much being out in the freezing temperatures. Aldi are great for thermal underwear and I wear 3 pairs of socks in the winter. I also have those brilliant hand warmers. I got those in an Outdoor Sports Shop. You just jiggle them about, to activate the chemical, and the heat lasts for at least 4 hours and I put them inside my fingerless gloves that I also bought in Aldi.  

However, summer is not over yet. The weather can only get better. And also, remember how the weather improves dramatically come September, when the kids go back to school. So let's make the most of what we have.

day off

22 July 2009 19:24:33


The showers were just non-stop today. Thanks, Monica. You just sent them down from Kells. Ha Ha. The weather is really getting to me now! I remember a few years ago I was actually researching drought-tolerant plants. Ha! That's a good one! Things are about to change!  I might as well plant up a WHOLE bog-garden from now on.

Went off today to get myself a Hard Drive so I can back up all my photos. Now I have to wait until Kim is home. Too technical for the likes of me!

Today I cut back my vine. The grapes are doing very well and I have a lot more than previous years. I'm going to have to set up a stall especially for my tomatoes. I have so many. And the peaches are looking very mouth-watering. Still not ready though. I did a lot of dead-heading today. And planted up the cyclamen I bought yesterday. Fed all my pots, baskets and greenhouse plants ie. tomatoes, peppers.


21 July 2009 22:25:50
Eryngium planum

Eryngium planum

Seems ages since i did a bit of gardening. I'm getting cabin fever. The weather has been so bad in the last few days.

Autumn is fast approaching in the garden centre. This time of the year brings all the autumn bedding. We only have chrysanthemums and cyclamen so far. But the rest won't be far behind. It's a sad thing. We cannot even appreciate all that summer bedding, before they try to push next seasons' bedding. Each supplier trying to out-do the rest, by getting in there first. It's all about profits. Sad. I hate the chrysanth bedding, but I have to say, the cyclamen just lift my spirits. They are so delicate, yet robust, and so feminine.

I bought 3 new pots yesterday for only €3 each, and some cyclamen today. But it just hasnt stopped raining. I have to plant them up tomorrow, hail, rain or snow. I NEED to get out in the garden, whatever the weather.


20 July 2009 22:56:16

20th july

20 July 2009 22:03:53
20th july

20th july

Nothing to report for todays journal. Did nothing all day yesterday, nursing my head after saturday night. Didnt get to bed until 6.00am. Just look at this gorgeous rose, 'Tequila Sunrise'. I have been waiting ages for this to flower. Finally....................... and it was worth the wait.


and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Rachel who celebrated the big occasion yesterday.


17 July 2009 22:13:57

Last minute tidy-up

16 July 2009 19:57:22


Steve was himming and hawing about doing the grass tonight. It HAD to be done tonight. Hail, rain or snow! It could be p...... out of the Heavens tomorrow and then he would REALLY have an excuse. But because there were black clouds looming he decided to put it off until tomorrow. And it just HAS to be done before my visitors on Saturday. I said to him, "oh, forget it. I'll do it myself".

That worked!. He immediately took ownership of the lawnmower and the job commenced. My plan worked. Ha ha. So I went in to make the dinner. But a minute or two later it started raining. Not much, mind. But enough to make him stop. But that was where I took over. Men! Any excuse. Women are the DOERS of this world. "Oh, talk about a 'big girls blouse", I snorted, and continued to do the job myself. Mind you, I DID think he would try to take over again. But, no, he just decided to leave me to it. Ha ha. C'EST LA VIE! It was ME who wanted the grass done. And it was ME who GOT it done. Luckily, not everybody is a fair-weather gardener.

He glued the pot that got broken a couple of weeks ago! Now he is sitting here with a can in his hand. Looking very pleased with himself. Ha ha.

 I am going to have to re-arrange all my pots, placing some of them around the pond because there will be quite a few small children here on Saturday night. However, it REALLY IS raining now. And it looks like I have become the fair-weather gardener. That can wait until tomorrow. Did no gardening today other than water, and cutting the grass. I bought a lovely yellow dahlia, which will have to wait to be planted. Its too mucky out now. And I bought stainless steel oil torches. I am a bit of a pyromaniac. I just LOVE candles and torches and the like. The garden is going to be magical with these torches dotted around the borders.


15th july

15 July 2009 20:41:53
Pergola tidied up

Pergola tidied up

Showers were VERY heavy today. But when the sun came out, it was scorching. But unfortunately it wasn't to be relied on.

Spent most of the day cleaning and tidying the house. Family gathering on Saturday. But I only cleaned the house during showers.

I never got round to varnishing my wooden garden furniture this year and it doesn't look great. However, at this stage, I don't think I'm going to get the opportunity to do it before Saturday. It will have to do, as is. I cleaned and tidied the garden and did a bit of dead-heading. My buxus needed a bit of pruning. My topiary cat needed it too. If anyone looks in my july 09 album and laughs at him, I will understand. Ha ha. I know he's not great at the moment but eventually, HE WILL LOOK LIKE A CAT!

How is it possible for anyone to gather so much JUNK, black plasic bags, plant trays and pots, bags of weeds. There is just no end to it. And no sooner than it's cleaned up, more rubbish is generated. Is everybody like that? Or am I just basically a 'slob' in the garden.


14 July 2009 20:33:01


Not a whole lot to report today. Got very wet in work. I think the rain is here to stay, for the night anyway.

We got a delivery of houseplants in today. Has anyone any advice on the care of a plant called Alocasia? I have never heard of it before, or even seen one until today. I think the foliage is just amazing. And there was only one of them in the whole delivery. And very cheap. I didn't even need to reduce it. Ha ha. I just had to buy it.

8.45pm. Just been googling on this plant. It's full name is Alocasia sanderiana (Kris plant). It's an ornamental plant of the Araceae family and native to the Philippines. It's a tropical perennial and can grow up to 6ft in tropical areas. However, it remains much smaller here. What do ye think?


13 July 2009 18:44:46
Peach tree

Peach tree

Showery all day. Not going to get out to the garden at this stage. Time to take stock. I might browse through a bulb catalogue and plan for the spring.

Today I reduced Iris sibirica from €6.99 to €3. I should be able to divide it into at least 4 plants. I am delighted with that.  And 2 peach trees which were originally priced at €24.99 down to €5 each. I bought all three.  I have been keeping an eye on the peach trees all summer, hoping that they wouldn't sell at full price. I think I did pretty ok in spite of the rotten weather. It was worth going to work for that. Sometimes it pays to be a little bit patient. Not one of my virtues, I have to say. Ha ha.


12 July 2009 19:32:56


Had to ring in sick today. Bad stomach. Couldn't do a whole lot in the garden as there were regular downpours. But, I did manage to get a few cuttings from my newly-bought penstemon 'garnet'.

I watered and fed all greenhouse plants. My vine is going mad altogether. I think tomorrow I will cut back a few branches. The grapes are swelling nicely. I think I will have to sell my tomatoes. There is no way four of us can eat that many. I am growing a yellow tom this year 'sunbaby'. I can't wait to taste them. Peppers are getting bigger by the day. I have to say I am sick to the teeth of eating courgettes. I won't be doing them again, as I am the only one eating them.


10 July 2009 19:56:10
Flower Carpet 'Amber'

Flower Carpet 'Amber'

Was very busy in work today. Did a big job on the roses. Took all morning, deadheading, spraying and topdressing. Spaced them all out more too, to help with ventilation. Just when I had finished and the place was looking all spruced up, in walks the judge for the Garden Centre Awards. Was I very glad I hadn't let him see the roses before I had done a make-over on them. It was great to hear his positive comments about the garden centre. I went home a 'happy camper'.

When I got home, I planted 2 gorgeous dahlias which I got in work. A lovely red one, very similar to Bishop of York, and a yellow one. I also bought coreopsis. These are for my red and yellow border. Stood back and inspected my work, but I was disappointed with the impact I thought I had created. I better get more tomorrow. Ha ha.

Also, I bought a lovely rose which I reduced from €10.99 to €5.00. It had fallen off the delivery trolley and the pot split. So I couldnt sell it at full price. And I COULDN'T let anybody else have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's amber in colour. Very rich.

I also bought a new pot for my Corylus contorta 'Red Majestic'. This is forever being put into different pots, purely because I don't have a designated area in the garden for it. Maybe it would actually be better STAYING in a pot. We'll see.

That's it for now. Going to watch Gardeners World and then RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2009.

The dreaded Ivy!

09 July 2009 20:59:13
Did I grow? or did the greenhouse?

Did I grow? or did the greenhouse?

I finally got round to cutting back all that horrible ivy behind the greenhouse. It's not really taking from the light or even hindering the greenhouse in any way. I just can't stand it. It looks untidy. But I think I must have put on weight since I last cut it back. I struggled to get in behind the greenhouse. The only access I had is from the door end. There is a rabbit hutch at the other end, so access is denied there. Unfortunately, I couldn't reach all the way up to the top of the ivy. Steve will have to finish it tomorrow. I have done all I can for now.

While I was doing that, Steve was making a protective covering for the new pond. The heron is on the prowl again. He used the bamboo canes we saved from the bamboo we dug up. He formed them into a circle which is slightly larger than the pond and covered it with netting. It's raised up on 3 stakes. This looks rather unsightly, but it is only a temporary measure, until we can come up with something better.  Pic on 'july 09' album. Maybe we are worrying needlessly. Maybe this pond is close enough to the house to be a deterrent in itself. However, we'll just have to keep an eye on things for the moment. We bought 20 fish last weekend.


08 July 2009 20:19:17


I did a lot of tidying up in the garden today. Any lilies that have gone over, have now been moved to a hidden area of the garden. I moved a lot of pots around to fill up any gaps.

I watered everything and fed anything in the greenhouse. Vine is climbing out the window. The grapes are coming on nicely. So are my peaches. They're a bit on the small side but I guarantee they will taste perfect. Peppers are getting bigger by the day.

Today I was suposed to be cutting back all the ivy behind the greenhouse. That didn't happen. But I did cut back any ivy that was covering my arbour. It certainly looks a lot better. A friend of mine gave me a climbing geranium a few years ago. I thought it had died. But luckily I spotted it before I cut it. It's nestled in behind the ivy. And nearly ready to flower. This will be its first time to flower. I can't believe I nearly cut it down. My agapanthus are just bursting to flower. They look like they're going to explode. I love them. I have a big blue one and a small white one. White one needs a bigger pot, I think. I gave my rhododendron 'gold flimmer' a light trim. It was looking very untidy with all the spent flowers on it. I have more pics on my 'july 09' album.


07 July 2009 21:53:02
canna and musa

canna and musa

Went up to bed for an hour after work. Couldnt keep my eyes open. By the time I came down, the evening was nearly gone. I managed to pot up my canna and musa. Also, I decided against planting my newly-discovered Mitraria coccinea into the border. I think it might benefit from a bit of cossetting first. So I potted that up so I can keep a watchful eye on it. That's the extent of MY gardening today, I'm afraid.

Off tomorrow. Must cut back a load of ivy growing rampant behind my greenhouse.

dull day

06 July 2009 20:53:00
Buried treasure (Mitraria coccinea)

Buried treasure (Mitraria coccinea)

Thankfully the rain held off until I got home from work. I got a nice red dahlia with tips of white. So I planted that in my red and yellow border. It's planted very close to my compost bin.

While doing that, something caught my eye. Something orange. Well lo and behold I pulled out a pot of something rather pathetic which somehow got squashed in behind the compost bin. It has been there I'd say about 4 years and still in its original pot. It's called Mitraria coccinea. It's supposed to be an evergreen but I'd say there are probably 10 leaves altogether on it. I didn't realize until I looked it up on the computer that it is actually a climber. Maybe that's why I could never find the right spot for it. I do now though. It takes partial shade and a very moist soil. So I am going to plant it in my shady border.

I did a small bit of weeding. And watered and fed everything in the greenhouse. I'll NEVER be able to eat all those courgettes. The peaches are ripening nicely. I was salivating at the thoughts of eating them. Last year was the peach tree's first year to produce fruit of any decent size and I only got 3. This year I will get about 8. Can't wait for them. Strawberries are coming, fast and furious. If I eat all of what I have grown, I'll end up like a baby elephant.

I also got a great bargain in work today buying 2 nice pots for my canna and my musa. Terracotta-coloured fibreglass for only €15 each.

Wet Weekend!

05 July 2009 20:16:32


The sky looked very ominous this morning. It didn't look like I would have a very productive day in the garden. It was such a horrible sky, I felt like a child who was stuck indoors and bored to death.

However, I was treated to dinner out this afternoon. Then we headed off to Ratoath again. Steve wanted to get more fish for the small pond. So, we bought 7 more goldfish and 10 koi. Wahoo. The pond is teaming with life. Just the way I like it. After all, what's the point in having all that water with nothing moving around.

I also bought a Canna and Musa. These plants are going to be great for creating impact, because I am having my whole family over on Saturday week for a barbecue. I need to make an impression. I also bought Penstemon 'Garnet' and another Astrantia. I can't remember which one it is. The label is still stuck in the pot. And it's lashing outside. It can wait.

When we got home, I tackled weeding my yellow and red border. I have dahlias, red, yellow and orange. I also have geums and asteriscus maritimus. And I have a lovely rose 'Tequila Sunrise' which has yellow blooms tinged with orange. That should be flowering any day now. I planted 2 sunflowers. That was all I had left after all that seed-sowing weeks ago. I just didn't get the time to look after them. When all that was finished, I covered it with bark chip. This was a job that I had been putting on the long finger. I'm so glad it's done. Now I can concentrate on the task of replanting my triangular border. Major indecision there.

Showers were numerous and very heavy today. But at least I can go to work tomorrow with an easy conscience knowing that I got a decent bit done in the garden on my weekend off.

Oh and I also sowed salad leaves. They were already positioned on a strip of tape for ease of planting. My God, how lazy is that? Great though!


04 July 2009 21:45:04
yum yum!

yum yum!

Had a lie in until 8.00am. It's a long time since I did that. Having my first cuppa of the day and spotted Holly watching the pond very intently. She is VERY interested in the activity. New pics in my 'July 09' album.

We went to Ratoath Garden Centre and bought more alpines, Sedum acre 'Aureum', Achillea x lewisii 'King Alfred', Calceolaria, Dianthus Mendelsham minx. Also bought Persicaria for new pond border. Lovely little plant. Have been meaning to get this for a good while. I also bought Sagittaria latifolia for the new pond. Lovely arrow-shaped leaves. New pics in my 'pond plants and alpines' album. We also bought an air pump for the new pond. I wasnt too sure whether the oxygenating plants would do the trick on their own. This is a small pump similar to one you would use in an aquarium. It pumps 250litres of air an hour into the water through an air stone, which guarantees to oxygenate the water, with minimal disturbance. This would avoid the need for an actual water feature. Therefore, this is an ideal environment for the healthy growth of water lilies.

And of course, I couldn't resist buying just one more fish. Small Koi for only €3.99.

Got home and planted everything immediately except for the Persicaria.I'll do that tomorrow. We spent the rest of the day just chillin with drink in hand. Had no choice really. Very showery day. No sooner than we started to do something, the heavens would open. But very short showers.


Another good day.

03 July 2009 23:15:42
completed alpine bed

completed alpine bed

Productive  day in work.  Big delivery came in. Hebes are big in our garden centre this summer. Selling extremely well. And Fuchsias. Our biggest seller in Hebes is 'Black Beauty'. Lovely Heuchera came in, lime green/yellow. Was tempted.

I have a triangular bed that needs total re-planting. Cant decide what I want in it. But tomorrow I am going remove everything that's in it. At the moment I have paeony, Rodgersia (totally in the wrong place), Campanula, Sedum spectabile, and Fatsia japonica, Arum lily, primula vialii, aubretia etc. Maybe I could just plant up different grasses. I like things swaying in the breeze and I could afford to plant tallish varieties. Or maybe I could put in a few small shrubs like Hebes. Its only about 7ftx7ftx 14ft. Right now it's a mess. And full of weeds.

Got home from work and Steve, even though he was off sick with a bad back, had the edging of the alpine bed finished. Lovely. I'll show ye a pic. I think I should put more alpines in it. But maybe I feel that way because I'm so used to just cramming loads in. I'm trying to discipline myself. Tell me what you think please. I should just give it all time to grow, but to me, it just looks empty.  It's extremely difficult. Did loads of dead-heading when I got home. Steve had everything watered.

Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink!

02 July 2009 20:04:53
view from bathroom window

view from bathroom window

Well, what can I say? This morning I could have done with a loan of Noah's Ark to get down to the end of the garden. Total washout with thunder and lightning all night and torrential rain. 'And the animals went in, two by two.' I hope that includes frogs. Ha ha.

It didn't stop raining until 5 o'clock when  I finished work. Now the sun is shining so innocently. Who would believe the weather we had earlier. Nothing done in garden this evening. Just testing moisture content of soil. Not a very good start to July. God love the kids on holidays.

While tending to the indoor plants today (during the floods) I discovered 2 geraniums that a customer just dumped in behind a calathea. They had totally dried out. Put them out in the rain all day. By the time I was clocking out they had fully recovered. But I reduced them from €7.99 to €3. And I wasn't greedy. I only took 1. It was Geranium pratense 'Midnight Reiter'. Lovely dark foliage and blue flower.

july here we come!

01 July 2009 20:37:04
freddie the frog

freddie the frog

Steve is off sick with a bad back. So edging of 2 other circles will have to wait.

Guess what, lads, do you remember all the tadpoles that I put into the pond a couple of months ago? I thought the fish had them for dinner. I spotted 4 frogs jumping around. Wahoo I am so thrilled. BUT, now they have come this far, are they going to end up as lunch for our cat, Holly? Nothing I can do to stop it. Hopefully they will be quick enough to outsmart her.

July, Here we come!

01 July 2009 07:24:30


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