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Jacinta D's Journal

Jacinta D's Journal August 2009

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Flowering at last!

31 August 2009 21:38:38
Acidenthera (you gorgeous thing of beauty!)

Acidenthera (you gorgeous thing of beauty!)

Well I never! Yesterday when I was out in the garden, I was taking a very critical note of successes and failures. One of the failures was the Acidentheras which I planted in late spring. Disaster. All leaves, nothing else. Was going to hope for the best and just leave them there until next year. And if no flowers appeared, they were for the compost bin. Lo and behold, this evening, during a very brief respite between showers, I went back outside. What did I see? Yea, my ACIDENTHERAS - IN FLOWER. I couldnt believe it, they came out overnight. There was absolutely no sign of flowers yesterday. Gorgeous flowers. Rachel, I was mad jealous when I saw your photos in your albums. These are completely new to me. I never even heard of them before until this year. I'm so excited that they did the business finally!

Question: Has anybody ever grown fuchsia from seeds? Or is that method of propagation strictly for the specialists?


31 August 2009 18:11:21
Phormium 'Jester'

Phormium 'Jester'

Oh My God!

"Water, water, everywhere. And not a drop to drink."

It didnt stop all day here. Every stitch of clothing on me got soaking wet, even though I had raingear on. They sprung a leak. 

I am just finished watering tomatoes. That's all I will do this evening in the garden. I believe this weeks' forecast is to be much the same as today. I took Jocko's advice, and bought myself a Phormium. This one is 'Jester'. It has a pinkish tinge to it. And only grows to 1.2m. So that'll be the start of my shady border extension. 

I hope my ponds don't overflow. They're looking pretty full right now.


30 August 2009 20:31:32
Lonicera nitida 'Baggesans Gold'

Lonicera nitida 'Baggesans Gold'

What can I say? Full of great intentions for the garden today. Pity the weather was so awful. I couldn't even get the grass cut. It's beginning to look like a wild meadow. I spent most of the afternoon dead-heading, and discarding some summer bedding. It made me think, what can I do for added WINTER interest in the garden. I want to get a few really good shrubs (low-growing ones preferrably). My stipa gigantea looks great with a touch of frost on it. I have a photinia which looks good with its autumn colour, and the foliage of my blueberry. But I have to think of further down the line. Like, mid winter. I have a lovely Lonicera nitida which brightens up that shady border. And there is very little maintenance on that. I also have Mahonia 'Charity' which looks spectacular during the winter. I also have a jasminum nudiflorum in front of the oil tank but its not vigorous enough for my liking. I might try and get a couple of evergreen climbers for the loggia. I think the posts are crying out to be clothed with permanent climbers.


29 August 2009 20:02:28
Carnations in hand-crafted pot

Carnations in hand-crafted pot

It was very quiet in work today, customer-wise. So that gave me a great opportunity to get time-consuming jobs done uninterrupted. I must have top-dressed about 150 clematis. And tidied up dead and dying foliage on them. They look a lot better. I reduced loads of them. I cant believe that I had to dead-head autumn/winter violas and pansies already. That just takes FOREVER. I hate it.  I bought myself a lovely pot to plant my white carnations into. It's 'handcrafted'. It was dear enough but its worth it. 

So I planted them up when I got home. I planted Narcissi 'Hawera' into the pot first. So I have flowers now with the carnations, and in spring with Narcissi, from the one container. Just in from the garden. Have watered and fed tomatoes and picked loads. I dont think I'll bother with tomato feed for my containers and baskets from now on. They're not going to last too much longer at this stage. I think it's time for another Lemsip.

No Gardening!

28 August 2009 17:58:34
Garden Angel

Garden Angel

Productive day in work. Ferocious winds though. Had to remove all pots from top shelves for customer safety. Bought a lovely garden ornament today, a sleeping angel, and white carnations. I feel a headcold coming on, so I'm not even going out to the garden today.  I'll plant them tomorrow after work. I feel completely drained right now.

Steve is away for the weekend for a stag party in Kilkenny. Zoe (my 18yr old baby), and myself are having a 'girlie' night. No gardening. And we have just ordered the biggest pizza ever. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM And we are already in our pj's.


27 August 2009 18:45:02
Malus Domestica (Redlane)

Malus Domestica (Redlane)

Bought a nice new pot for my new apple tree. One or two of the apples have fallen off. They taste really good, but are not quite ripe yet. They are red inside.


27 August 2009 18:39:37
Did I thin them out enough, Chili?

Did I thin them out enough, Chili?

Accomplished lots in work today. Weather was perfect for it. Well..........almost. By the end of the day, I was ducking and diving, trying to avoid flying pots. By God, that was some wind today.

Got home and thinned out my carrots. Chili, will you let me know it I have thinned them out enough. I also planted up my newly-purchased apple tree (Malus domestica 'Redlane'). Watered tomatoes and fed them, after picking loads more. Picked loads more blackberries.

The fish are only being fed once a day now. They are definitely going into hibernation mode. We found one dead one last week. Dont know what caused it but all the rest seem to be fine.


27 August 2009 06:18:52

busy day

26 August 2009 20:35:47
My 'cheer-me-up' tonic!

My 'cheer-me-up' tonic!

Shower dodged all day in work. When the rain came down, I spent some time on the houseplants. As soon as the rain stopped, out again. And in again.........etc

Doesnt matter, I dont mind one bit. At least both indoor and outdoor plants, for once, got the same treatment today. I often wonder what I would do if I didnt have this particular job to go to. I needed to be totally engrossed in my work, especially today and in the last few days, so I didnt have time to dwell on other depressing matters.

My manager came to me this evening and disclosed that the Garden Section took in more than any other department this summer. So it wasnt all doom and gloom today. That did a lot for my confidence. The compliment was perfectly timed. I Wasnt home until 6.30, then got dinner, so I didnt have much time for gardening, except for watering stuff in greenhouse and picking tomatoes.

25th August

25 August 2009 19:10:15
Exotic and gorgeous!

Exotic and gorgeous!

Hi again. Did nothing yesterday except a days' work and deal with a teenage crisis. Didnt have the energy to even turn computer on for very long. I just checked out a few friends journals.  Stressed out big time!

However, I was off today and did a big  clean up of the garden, dead-heading and emptying baskets that were gone over. I have decided that I am going to get loads more dahlias. I won't be doing as many pots next year. They take too much time and effort. I will give away small pots and replace them with bigger ones. Much bigger. But not as many. I am going to get far more exotic and tropical plants. And concentrate more on foliage rather than flowers. I just love Canna lilies and musas.



"Dahlias, take a bow!"

23 August 2009 20:07:35
'Dahlias, take a bow!'

'Dahlias, take a bow!'

All I did today in the garden was a bit of watering. I had one of those divil-may-care days. But I have to say I was bored witless. I hate doing nothing.

I took one or two snaps. Another one of the usual yellow and deep red dahlias. I am going to post it on this journal entry purely because I planted these dahlias in this area to soften the ugliness of my compost bin. Eh, really, I am only looking for an excuse to justify having taken another picture of them. Dahlias are fast becoming one of my favourite flowers around the garden. They just come in so many different shapes and colours, and are so versatile. And they withstand all the harshness that our horrible weather inflicts upon them.


22 August 2009 21:11:05


Just look at this gorgeous orchid! In the past, I have bought orchids and looked after them and killed. I refuse to give up. This is my last attempt. (joke) I enjoy a challenge so much. I think orchids are so feminine and 'ladylike'.


20 August 2009 19:56:20


I also bought a very pretty Begonia today. I couldn't resist its charming leaf patterns. I think it's called 'Tigers Paw'.


19 August 2009 17:31:48
Thanks, Clara

Thanks, Clara

Had a rare lie-in this morning. Got up and I was full of vigour. I didn't think I was going to get much done in the garden today as the forecast was bad. But I reckon all counties except Dublin got the expected rain.

I planted loads of daffs into my new bed. And all the plants that I got in Farmleigh on Sunday. I also planted the Asplenium scolopendrum 'moly' that Clara kindly presented me with when we met up. Thanks a mill, Clara. It looks great at my new pond.

I watered everything in the greenhouse and picked loads of tomatoes. I provided my brussels sprouts with canes for later. And I thinned out my cabbages. I disposed of the tired looking plants in window boxes and containers. Looking a whole lot better now. I also took cuttings of my fuchsia 'Black to the future'. All in all a good day spent in the garden. ANd not a drop of rain. UNTIL NOW!


18 August 2009 22:14:10


Well, true to his word, that customer who promised me the pomegranate seedlings, came up with the goods. He had 2 seedlings in the one pot. He is wondering what he is going to do with the other 20 or so seedlings that he is left with. I told him that I was a member of a gardening club and if he wanted to throw a few my way, they would be going to good homes. Because that's what we do here, give and swap etc. So all I did was sow the seed for thought (pardon the pun). So if anybody wants any, just let me know.

All I did this evening was pick tomatoes, AND MY LAST PEACH. And it has MY NAME on it. The others were either given away, or eaten by snails. THIS ONE IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didnt even water the stuff in the greenhouse so I hope the toms don't split. I think they will survive one day without water . I am now chilling with a bacardi and planning my day off tomorrow. Lots to do. But the forecast is not supposed to be great. C'est la vie.

Has anybody noticed that the Gardening Page is has been omitted from the RTE Guide now? Bummer. That was the page I always turned to first.


Aldi Offer

18 August 2009 17:50:30

17th August 09

17 August 2009 20:16:39
Steve tying in honeysuckle. He'll kill me when he sees this pic.

Steve tying in honeysuckle. He'll kill me when he sees this pic.

A customer came in today with a geranium for me that he dug up from his garden. I don't know which one it is. It is quite tall and has a very small purple flower. Put it in my car at lunch time and by the time I clocked out at 5.00, it was so shrivelled. It's now soaking in a bucket of water to try and revive it. I'll post a pic when it recovers. The customer who promised me a pomegranate last week still hasn't shown up. But I am hopeful. I bought a bag of daffs to give me something to do on Wednesday, after I plant up the things I bought yesterday.

Got home this evening and gave everything in the greenhouse a good soaking. I picked a heap of tomatoes. Then I picked 3 lbs of blackberries.

I did a stir-fry for dinner and threw in loads of runner beans and chives, and a lot of stuff from the herb planters. Steve is pretty new to gardening and is loving this lark of growing your own. I might make a gardener out of him yet. When I got home from work he was spraying the roses and tying in the honeysuckle. But he is going to get very upset when I start cutting it back very soon. He built a loggia at the beginning of the summer and he has been so anxious for the climbers to do their business.

OMG he has just come in with another pound of blackberries. That is a grand total of 14 lbs so far. I have never picked blackberries so early so the bad weather must be good for SOMETHING. I think I will be baking on Wednesday, rather than gardening.

I sowed stir-fry leaves on Saturday and they are already up. I used the 'cut n come again' lettuce for tea yesterday.

Plant Fair, Farmleigh

16 August 2009 20:37:07
left to right: Me, Monkells, and Clara.

left to right: Me, Monkells, and Clara.

Did the usual watering and feeding this morning. This afternoon, myself and Steve, and his Mam and Dad headed off to Farmleigh. It wasnt a very big affair at all, but meeting Monkells and Clara made up for that. Lovely people. And Clara, thank you so much for that Asplenium 'moly'. It's exactly what I was looking for to plant around my lower pond.

Even though there weren't very many stalls there, I still managed to buy a few things, Hemerocallis 'Sabine Bauer', Eucomis bicolor, Paulownia 'tomentosa', (I had seen Paulownia in Monkells albums and I thought that it was just magic), Epiphyllum anguliger (Orchid cactus or ric-rac cactus), Sedum 'frosty something or other' (lost the tag), and Nepenthes 'Rebecca' Soper. Happy with my lot.

Pity we hadn't spent all day together, however, I reckon we will definitely have more meet-ups.


15 August 2009 19:11:57
Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw

At least the rain stopped eventually. Not a bad day after that even though it remained rather windy. I did all my errands yesterday so I wouldnt have to be interrupted in the garden today.

It took until late in the afternoon for the grass to be dry enough for cutting. Steve did the honours. Looking good again.

I finally got round to potting my Anigozanthos (Kangaroo Paw). I have to say it's gorgeous. I did a walk around the garden with a critical eye, thinking would I change anything for next year. Happy with things so far. My carrots are coming up, and Raddichio, Radishes, Cabbage. Everything looking better than I had hoped. I am very surprised that the veg has germinated so quickly. I picked all my grapes. They probably should have been left on the vines a bit longer as they are not as sweet as they should be, but I'm damned if I'm going to let those snails get them before I do. And I can't stop them from climbing up the glass in the greenhouse. I also sowed some stir-fry leaves into a hanging basket so that will be a welcome treat during the winter.

Rachel, I noticed that you grew Acidanthera. I have been looking at mine all summer long, and there's not a sign of a flower. Should I expect flowers next year? Or did I see in your journal that they are tender? I don't know whether I should just chuck them on the compost. 

Every visitor to this house goes home with a bundle of tomatoes, they're ripening, fast and furious. My cherry tomatoes are coming on now too. I must get the recipe from Maggie and Dave for ketchup and chutney before everybody gets fed up with them.


14 August 2009 21:01:09


Going to ease up on the fish food from now on. I can see by them that they are beginning to go into 'hibernation' mode. It wont happen just yet but they are eating less and the worst thing you can do at this time of year is overfeed them , because any food that is not eaten will sink to the bottom and pollute the water. So, I am only feeding them as much as they will eat in a few minutes. The koi in the upper pond must weigh at least a pound by this stage, and this is only their 2nd summer. The fish in the lower pond are still small, but have put on quite a bit of growth since we got them a few short months ago. I believe that the lower pond will be less likely to freeze over in the winter because the ground that it is sunk into will provide it with insulation against frost and cold.

I didn't get very much done in the garden today as I had to drop into Dad after work. And talking about work, I was up to my neck in dirt, and pruning back some straggly shrubs, as the Examiner is on the prowl again. The lack of customers today was a welcome break as I was able to concentrate on areas that had otherwise been fairly neglected over the last week or two. And I just HAVE to keep going, and keep up the standards that I have adopted since I started working here 3yrs ago. The Garden Centres will be visited one more time before the final verdict is given. I think I am in with a fairly decent chance, even though our garden centre is quite small.

 And a garden.ie friend came up to me and introduced herself and her husband. After I got over the initial embarrassment of meeting a friend for the first time, while dressed in my dirty uniform, and work trousers and safety boots, I was delighted they took the time to come in and introduce themselves. It was CLARA, and hubby, Greg. Clara, it was a pleasure to meet you finally. You are such a pet and so easy to talk with. Thank you for taking the trouble.


12 August 2009 21:50:54
'Black to the Future'

'Black to the Future'

Not a whole lot done in the garden today. The weather could have been better but at least it was warm.

I sowed some Stir-fry Leaves this evening and watered my greenhouse plants. I got a fuchsia this summer which has gorgeous flowers. The corolla is almost black. However, I dont think it is hardy, is there any point in taking cuttings? It's called 'Black to the Future'. Rita, maybe YOU could help me out here, I believe you are a bit of an expert on Fuchsias, amongst other plants. All advice would be most welcome.

Oh and guess what, I bought myself a dwarf Peach Tree in work for a KNOCK DOWN PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cut to bits!

11 August 2009 19:45:36


I have just come in from the garden cut to shreads. Ha ha. But boy has it been so worth it! Just look at what I got. AND ALL FOR FREE! I have already filled 3 pudding bowls with blackberries. And now another 2lbs 7ozs. Thats about 9/10lbs.

Now, what can I make with rosehips? Coz there are loads of those out there too.


11 August 2009 18:35:40
Agapanthus and Dahlias

Agapanthus and Dahlias

Off today. The weather was grand, thank God. First thing I did this morning was to inspect my last two remaining peaches. So far so good. However, I sprinkled a very generous covering of slug pellets around the base of the tree, AND another sprinkling on the ground around the pot that it's in.

I emptied the contents of some of my pots containing summer bedding onto the compost heap. They were slightly past their 'best by' date. Watering these days is taking ages. Since Steve installed the irrigation system, the pressure from the hose has been pathetic. I also emptied the contents of 2 hanging baskets into the compost. I picked loads of runner beans which formed part of the dinner for today.

The tomatoes are ripening fast and furious. Good job I love them. I took some more cuttings of penstemons and fuchsias today. And sowed some more white foxglove seeds. I also sowed radishes. I believe I shouldnt have to wait too long for them to appear above the soil. The Radicchio is making an appearance, I only sowed them last Thursday. I collected some Astrantia seed and Alstromeria also. I have never tried to grow Alstromeria from seed before, so this should be interesting.

It seems like everybody is posting pictures of Agapanthus these days. So I reckon I should do the same. A friend of mine told me that she heard that usually the white one, over time, reverts to blue. I hope not. I think the white is definitely the best. Mind you, Rita posted a picture of a white, tinged with pale pink, which I think is beautiful.

Yesterday, in work, a regular customer was telling me that he has about 30 seedlings of Pomegranate that he needs a home for. I told him that I would take 2 off his hands, so he will be bringing them into me, hopefully, tomorrow, or Thursday. I dont really have the space to be growing them in the ground so I think they will be going into a pot for now. I also think it might be wise to over-winter them in the greenhouse. I'm glad now that I didn't bother getting them in Aldi last week.

Gismo, my sunflower is flowering. Maybe I will change my profile picture to this.


10 August 2009 19:29:06
Jacinta VERSUS Snails

Jacinta VERSUS Snails

I have just declared a major war with SNAILS. Look what they did to my treasured peaches in the greenhouse!I have been very reluctant to use Slug Pellets in and around the garden in the past.  That is about to change. Right Now! I haven't been able to pick my peaches until they were ripe. Even though they looked pretty good, they were still as hard as bullets. I went into the greenhouse this morning to water before I went to work and look what I was faced with. 5 Bloody peaches had their skins just sheared off. The little feckers! THAT'S IT! NO MORE ECO-FRIENDLY GARDENING.


09 August 2009 21:58:32
Montbretia and fuchsia

Montbretia and fuchsia

And hows this for 'clashing colours'. Rita D might like this.


08 August 2009 19:44:56


Made the cage with netting for over sprouts and cabbage. DId my usual walk around and noticed some of the pots not looking as good as I would like. Maybe I should say goodbye to them for this summer. Its a bit late in the day to be feeding and feeding. They are annuals, after all. And they wont last too much longer. I would rather get rid of them now instead of them looking poorly. It takes from everything else. Its only one or two pots so its no big deal. I will throw them on the compost heap in the morning. And as well as that, I HAVE BLINKIN WELL RUN OUT OF TOMATO FEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Its a good job I fed everything yesterday.

 Back to work tomorrow so I'll stock up again. Enjoyed my week off and managed to get niggly little bits done in the garden that I had been putting on the long finger. And I did a lot of tidying.

My 'Alicante' tomatoes are starting to ripen up now. Looking good.


veggie bed

06 August 2009 19:43:24
brussels sprouts

brussels sprouts

Gorgeous day here, but got a bit cloudy from 2.00 onwards. Very warm though. I popped over to work and got my compost, and odds and ends, and potting grit for my succulents, and 3 Leucanthemums for my oul' triangle.

I came back and decided to extend the veggie bed a bit more. I thought it looked a little bit pathetic. Now it measures 12 feet x 2 feet. So it's a little bit better. While I was over at work, I also bought a 12pk of brussels sprout seedlings. I think I just needed something that was actually VISIBLE in the bed. I haven't really been able to give them as much as the recommended spacing. I will expect smaller sprouts because of that. But it's the best I can do for now. If I see that the sprouts are struggling, I will extend the bed further. But the main thing is that they are in the ground. Steve will get some posts  tomorrow and I will make some kind of cage to protect them from sparrows and pidgeons later on. Then I watered everything in the garden and gave the sprouts a good soaking.

Unfortunately that is all I managed to get done, as a good friend called and stayed longer than I expected. But I haven't seen her in over 2 weeks, and my back was beginning to ache, so it was a very welcome diversion.


05 August 2009 19:07:55
New veggie bed (single bed)

New veggie bed (single bed)

Great weather today. I checked out Aldi in search of these lilies that Monkells mentioned. No sign of them.

I went to Homebase and bought 11cm terracotta pots, priced only 59c. I bought the same size pots in Mr Middletons yesterday for €1.77. And there was I thinking they were cheap. I needed these pots for the succulents I had bought recently. In Homebase they had a good selection of cacti and succulents so, needless to say, I bought a few more. These ones are quite small, but very pretty. Pic in 09 album.

I set about digging up a small veggie bed. It measures 8feet by 18inches, just big enough to sow my winter cabbage 'Durham Early'. I will bring this bed out more into the grass when Steve has finished the brickwork on the circle near this area. It'll have to do, for now. I also bought 2 zinc windowbox-type containers and I sowed Radicchio seeds into one of them. This is an Italian salad vegetable, so I'll be looking forward to tasting this. I ran out of topsoil AND compost. How embarrassing. I think this is the first time that has EVER happened to me. But I reckoned at that stage I had done enough for one day. So it can wait until tomorrow. I hate having to change out of my gardening clothes just to nip out on an errand. And besides, I dont really feel like going over to the job on my week off. They might think I miss the place!

I picked more tomatoes, watered and fed everything in the greenhouse. I watered all baskets and containers outside. It was very windy out and everything was drying out before my very eyes. I got another bowl full of blackberries.

Mr Middleton

04 August 2009 15:43:34
mr middleton seeds

mr middleton seeds

First of all, thanks CraigK for fixing journal box. Or whoever was responsible! Much improved!

Took a trip into Mr Middletons this morning. I am ashamed to say that it was was my 1st visit ever in there. I think I was expecting a much bigger shop. Their full range wasn't on show as they are doing renovations on the premises and I think they were also doing a stocktake. However, the staff were very polite, helpful and welcoming.

I bought a good range of veggie seeds to sow now for over the winter. Chili, you'd be proud of me, ha ha, Cabbage (Durham Early), Broadbean 'Aquadulce Claudia', Carrot 'Adelaide F1 Hybrid', Lettuce 'Winter Gem', Pepper 'Heatwave' and also for next spring sowing, Radicchio 'Treviso Precoce Mesola', and Melon 'Edonis F1 Hybrid'. Plus I already had Mixed Stir-Fry Leaves, and Lettuce 'Arctic King'. I think that will keep me busy for the winter months. And our stomachs full. Ha ha. I am really looking forward to the melons. I grew these about 2 years ago, and even though the melons only grew to the size of a grapefruit, THEY WERE GORGEOUS.

And Gismo, get yourself in there, or shop online. I bought a lovely little Ladybird/Insect house where the ladybirds can hibernate over the winter. Only cost €19.99. Well worth it. It is so cute! But if Paul was handy, he might even be able to make one for you. I'll post you a pic in Aug 09 album.

Grand day here except for the wind. Gotta go out nowand find longer bamboo canes in the greenhouse for my sunflowers. They are being blown to bits outside. And I am afraid they might snap. I only have 2 sunflowers after all that seed-sowing earlier this year. I couldnt give them time and attention that they needed and most of them died. So I cant ignore these last 2. I think they are 'Pastiche' and I am dying to see their colour. I think they are orange and brown. Gotta wait and see.

It's an awful shame we can't produce smells on the computer. Oh the smell coming out of my kitchen just brings me back to my childhood. Blackberries are simmering away. And to think they came in over the back wall from the field beyond. Chili, I am going to end up the size of a baby elephant if I start eating everything out of my garden!

Gazania with rounded petals!

03 August 2009 19:52:22
Gazanias with rounded petals!

Gazanias with rounded petals!

These flowers just 'so' cheer me up. It has been lashing here since about 4 o'clock.

Winter veg

03 August 2009 17:03:00
1st peach

1st peach

Dave and Madeline have me converted. I am definitely going to grow crops for the winter, but they have to be only stuff that I will actually eat. I have seeds here for the last year so I will try them. Stir-Fry leaves, Lettuce 'Arctic King' and as maybe Kale, sprouts and cabbage. We'll see. Dug out more weeds from the oul' triangle and after laying down the porous membrane I started planting up things there. Have planted Olearia x haastii, Choisya 'Aztec Pearl', white gladioli, Hebes, Ajugas, Coreopsis and Iris so far. Have to leave some space for the stuff coming from Heritage Bulbs. I didnt have enough Bark chip so that'll have to wait until tomorrow. 'Sunbaby' tomatoes are ripening nicely now. And quicker than I thought. AND, I PICKED MY FIRST PEACH. Mmmmm. Watered and fed everything. Weather not too bad today. Dry...ish! Could have got a lot more done if it wasnt for family commitments. However, tomorrow's another day. I am happy enough with what I got done. Now I can see the oul' triangle taking shape. Maybe I should get steve to edge this bed with the same brick as my 3 circles. It would give it a much neater finish and then I wouldnt have to neaten the edges regularly. AND, I wouldn't be tempted to extend this bed out into the lawn. ha ha,

And now for something different!

02 August 2009 20:43:00
Anigozanthus elegans (Kangaroo Paw)

Anigozanthus elegans (Kangaroo Paw)

Well, first of all, we went to Blacks Garden Centre in Julianstown. There, I bought a cute terracotta cup and saucer which I will post in my aug 09 album and a different alstromeria 'Little Miss Isabel'. Its red and gorgeous. Also bought Lewisia Ashwood mixed, a herbaceous perennial. Then we went on to The Forge Farm Shop in Termonfeckin. I saw an Anigozanthus Elegans (Kangaroo Paw) which I just could not pass. I have never seen this for sale anywhere. It's beautiful. I also got a succulent which I think is an aeonium 'Zwartkop'. But this was being sold as a houseplant I think. I am not sure whether this can be grown successfully outdoors. Any info on same would be much appreciated. And I also bought a small Sarracenia which needs a bit of tlc. I got that for €2.50. I have never had one of those before, so I will try and grow this small one before I move on to a bigger specimen. All in all, I had a good day and was absolutely delighted with my purchases. I dont even feel guilty for not having done anything in the garden. The Kangaroo Paw is absolutely gorgeous.


01 August 2009 22:05:57

A dry month?

01 August 2009 19:00:10
I bet nobody has one THIS BIG!

I bet nobody has one THIS BIG!

Has anybody noticed that the box for typing in your journal has become as small as the 'comments' box. Very off-putting. Can't see the whole text at one time. Even though it was quite cloudy most of the day, at least it was dry. I took everything out of the oul' triangle and dug out all the weeds. Thats enough of that until tomorrow when I plant up a few things there. Ordered a few things from Heritage Bulbs today, anemone blanda 'White Splendour', Eremurus robusta, stenophyllus and cleopatra, and the Bishop collection, 3 tubers of each. So I will be waiting with bated breath for them to arrive. I collected some seeds today, foxglove, nasturtiums, poppies, lychnis coronaria and lupins. AND I EVEN LABELLED THESE ONES. Ha ha. I also took a few fuchsia cuttings.


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