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Lìga's Journal

Lìga's Journal March 2010

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So disappointed...

31 March 2010 12:47:33
After last night...

After last night...

Last night was storm.Again smashed glass to glasshouse,this time 2 places.Ok,it not good,but can fix it.And then i find that my little paeony seedlings look like boiled.Unlucky they was all night on table what was open to wind.Ah....:( Just happy that little fuchsias still alive


30 March 2010 11:04:41


When we walk around wall garden in Belvedere, i saw Coltsfoot in flower beds.Clara ask me name and i didn't know it.Today,is so boring day,that all what you can is use it for learning something new. Using google i find info in English.

   I would love to introduce you with one of first spring wild flower,or weed,,or,,i better call it herb.

"Tussilago farfara, commonly known as Coltsfoot, is a plant in the family Asteraceae.

It has been used medicinally as a cough suppressant. The name "tussilago" itself means "cough suppressant." The plant has been used historically to treat lung ailments such as asthma as well as various coughs by way of smoking. Crushed flowers supposedly cured skin conditions, and the plant has been consumed as a food product.

The discovery of toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids in the plant has resulted in liver health concerns."(Wikipedia)

   Other names:Ass's foot, Bull's foot, Butterbur, Coughwort, Farfara, Foal's foot, Foalswort, Horse Foot and Winter heliotrope

   I colect  little yellow flowers,dry them,and making tea use like good medicines for cough,,belive me it really help.And taste is like sweet honey.

There too about coltsfoot:   http://www.anniesremedy.com/herb_detail96.php

What a beautiful morning,what a beautiful day...

28 March 2010 22:04:11
In witch's forest

In witch's forest

  Hi,to all:))!Was great day isn't?!Specialy for meeting.Again in Belvedere,where i met my garden.ie friend first.And after that meeting i get so brave and write up my first entry in my jurnal.Ah,yes i was thinking that Belvedere's garden is too boring,,but ..it to surprise me.In good meaning!Now i think we'll go there again,,to see progress.

   Thanks to Fran for all what he did!!!And what can be better for meeting your friends in beautiful day!And when you bring back home full car boot with new plants:))Oh,it is excellent!

   Silly me,forgot photo camera at home,,now i gonna use 2008 pictures form Belvedere .This creature(and others) you can meet if you go for long,long walk...

Trillium cuneatum .

26 March 2010 19:40:39
Trillium cuneatum

Trillium cuneatum

I got last year very nice present form my gardening friend in LV.There was lilys,some other plants,and this one-Trillium cuneatum( i think cuneatum).Right now it flowering,still in pot,poor plant.I hope that soon i can finish flower bed for shadow loving plants.It is almost done,but there need little work.

  Rain,rain go to Spain.....i need finish my flower beds:))


25 March 2010 07:48:25
Signs of life.

Signs of life.

    I was thinking that my rhodochiton is dead.Like it won't be a big problem,i have some seedlings,but...Couple days ago i look at it very carefully,because i saw something green.First thoughts was,some seed there fall and start growing,but if look really closer,,then can see first little leaves.Great news for me.It mean it can hold tem.-6,or little more.Under garden fleece in unheated glasshouse is good for it.

Guess,what is it!

22 March 2010 19:19:04
Schoenorchis fragrans

Schoenorchis fragrans

You don't know???It is orchid.But this time very,very small!Poor orchid travel in box from Tailand almost 2 weeks,but at last it is here.I like its size:))And i hope some day it will flowering for me too.Oh, then i will be very proud with my self,,:)))))


Big and small.

17 March 2010 20:28:57
Big and small!

Big and small!

Behind new phal. stand my last year present on Mothers day,last year it had 2 flower steams.Now is 3.I wondering,,maybe next year will be 4 ot them,,and then 5,,and then 6,,,ha,ha,,wake up ,Lìga it is not possible:)))

 Picture in Orchid album.

Phalaenopsis Philadelphia (schillerianaXstuartia)

17 March 2010 20:05:23
Phalaenopsis Philadelphia (schillerianaXstuartiana)

Phalaenopsis Philadelphia (schillerianaXstuartiana)

Please,meet my new house plant Phalaenopsis Philadelphia (schilleriana x stuartiana)

  I think it is goergeous:))))

P.s. i uploded picture in Orchids album.

Big boy!

13 March 2010 21:49:59
Big boy!

Big boy!

At last it flowering.I wait so long.I think i said that last year it had a 3 flower steams,i bit lay.Liam remaind me-was 4 of them.This year i have just one flower steam,,but...it growing new bulb.:))

Sowing trees!

13 March 2010 21:20:57
Yelowhorn tree

Yelowhorn tree

I planted seeds of this trees:
1)Dove tree(Davidii Involucrata). Seed was already stratificated,,all what i have to do,plant it,and wait.

2)Tulip tree(Liriodendron tulipefers) Soaked seeds for 48 hours in rain water,right now them in fridge for 90 days.

3)Strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo) Soaked seeds for 48 hours,now in frigde for 2 or bit more weeks.

4)Yellowhorn tree( Xanthoceras sorbifolium)Soaked seeds for 24 hours,waitnig for germination:)

5)Chinese Kousa Dogwood Tree(Cournus cousa Chinensis) 24 h,in water and after 90 days in fridge.

6)Lily of the Valley Tree(Oxydendrum arboreum) No soaking and no fridge,,Just sow ,and not cover with peat.

  Liam planted today first cabbage,califlowers,broccoli,peas and parsnips,spinach ...in one month time we will get our first veg,,ok,,just spinach:))


08 March 2010 19:32:34

Mairin's acer!

08 March 2010 17:59:39
New home for Mairin's acer.

New home for Mairin's acer.

Thanks Maureen,thanks so much!I planted your acer yesterday.I know right now looks it is not the best place,but you will see at end of summer,it was good place.I planted there where i want new flower bed.

  So thank you very much,and thanks to Jacinta who help me dug out it.Thats wasn't easy:))Rachel was right,acer did't want leave home...

p.sMureen,,maybe you remeber name of acer


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