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Bizzybee's Journal

Bizzybee's Journal

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All set for the sun

23 May 2010 08:45:31
Ready to go

Ready to go

I'll be doing no gardening today.  It's going to take from today til tomorrow to get the dirt and stains out of my nails from the now permanent job of digging weeds out of the concrete I euphemistically call soil.  Instead, I'll be working on my tan for Chelsea while using the excuse of having to soak the hands to get them to look even reasonably presentable.  Don't think Jacinta would think much of a houseguest with dirty fingernails!! 

Lazin' on a sunny afternoon

22 May 2010 15:27:12
Pheasant's Way on a Pleasant Day

Pheasant's Way on a Pleasant Day

Too hot to work in the garden, today, but couldn't resist sharing this photo.

New Discovery

03 May 2010 09:30:13

Rain - wot Rain?

04 October 2009 10:08:20
Oh for a good soak!

Oh for a good soak!

Where's the rain that was promised?  I'm living in a dust bowl at the moment.  I was going to water the garden on Friday because of the imminent wind and thought it'd end up a swamp because of the deluge I'd expected!!  Now the poor plants have to recover from drying gales and dust at their feet.

 I spent most of yesterday watching as clouds rolled by, merrily on their way to somewhere that probably doesn't even want their contents dumped!!!

This morning I'm expecting a nice trailer-load of rotted farmyard manure to arrive so when it does rain next week I'll be ready with the mulch to seal the moisture in. 

The 'F' word

02 October 2009 08:55:16
The 'F' word

The 'F' word

I just heard the F word on the radio this morning, folks - FROST!! -  so watch out.  My biggie, though, is the W word - WIND!!  I'll be spending today coralling all the pots I have around the place - all the plants I buy and then can never decide where's the most suitable place for them.  Mind you, I'm chuffed with all the work I've got done in the last couple of weeks.  I'm busy dividing and replanting - it took me 2 days to split a lovely daylily I have - I ended up butchering it but I'm hopeful it'll live up to its reputation as a toughy.

Work is progressing nicely on the new veg bed - himself's been busy double-digging and getting the well-rotted manure into the soil.  The missing parts for the new grower frames arrived in the post from Arboretum yesterday so I should be very busy in the next few weeks finding ways to get the best use from them!  Photos to follow.

As they say: Lots done, more to do! so I'm off to get ahead of the forecasted rain. 


31 August 2009 22:06:03

Post-script at the end of the day

27 August 2009 22:15:17
Front garden

Front garden

Six o'clock this evening the sun shone across the garden and I couldn't resist running out to take a few snaps - while the garden is at its peak.  Heaven knows we'll be sweeping leaves pretty soon.

I've uploaded them in the August 09 album - thanks for the tip, Brenmar, to visit Steno's journal.  Thanks, Steno, if you're reading this.  I've no idea what I was doing when I followed your advice but the photos uploaded in no time! 

Nothing to report!

27 August 2009 13:12:42


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