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TheH (Hazel)'s Journal

TheH (Hazel)'s Journal June 2010

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Surprise Plant - but what is it?

28 June 2010 12:49:02
Mystery plant

Mystery plant

Today we have had some very welcome rain and when it stopped I went out to see how much the flowers had enjoyed it! This plant had decided to burst into flower at last - I have been watching it develop over the past few weeks and wasn't convinced that it wasn't a weed - now that it has flowered I have decided that if it doesn't have a "garden" name I'll just keep it as a "wildflower"! Anybody got a name for it please? I've just spent hours with the garden books trying to identify it.

Story of a Lemon Tree

16 June 2010 00:42:41
Resurrected Lemon Tree

Resurrected Lemon Tree

This Lemon Tree was a present for Christmas 2008. It had a pretty adventurous life with us - It didn't like our "passive" house - it produced flowers and lots of mini fruits that never did anything,  just hung about for a bit and then fell off.

I tried spraying the leaves, giving it lots of water, giving it a little water, feeding it but nothing seemed to make any difference. Then the leaves started to fall.

As soon as it was mild enough I put it out on the deck where it got lots of sun and not too much rain (it was under the roof overhang) and it perked up a bit, managing to hold on to its leaves and even produce a few new ones! The fruit started to swell and got to be about the size of a grape but that was as good as it got!

We even got a greenhouse to keep it protected over the winter since the house was too hot for it. In the greenhouse it was carefully wrapped in fleece but even that wasn't enough to protect from the hard frosts this winter so by Spring it was completely dead - all the leaves had gone and the fruits had shrivelled up to nothing. At this point I gave up on it. I moved it out of the greenhouse and dumped it at the back, intending to recover the nice big pot for another purpose.

Imagine my surprise when I went round to get the wheelbarrow and spotted these sprouts at the base of the tree. My dilemma now is what do I do next? Do I cut off the main stem and let one of these shoots take over? Any suggestions welcome.


Turbine down.....

06 June 2010 23:36:00
Lowered Turbine

Lowered Turbine

We had to have the turbine lowered for maintenance this week. I took the opportunity to take some pics so that I can be sure not to plant in its way in the future. As you can see, my carefully crafted "landing pad" is not quite in the right place, but it does give the guys room to walk around and do stuff while looking after the turbine.

They used the motor of their mobile crane to lower the turbine. so that means that we didn't suffer any garden damage.

Planning to go to Bloom tomorrow with my brother and his wife - I think we might need the wellies looking at the forecast!




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