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TheH (Hazel)'s Journal

TheH (Hazel)'s Journal July 2012

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Happy accident

29 July 2012 23:17:59


I got some bulb mixtures this year and these ones were unknown to me. I was in a panic trying to get them all in the ground so didn't bother checking up about them. They put up some dafodil-type leaves when the Tete-a-Tete were coming up but the they did nothing. I was tidying that area and was about to chop off these leaves when I saw the beginnings of something else - and my patience has been rewarded! They were labelled "White Brodliaea" but I am delighted that the have turned out to be blue!

And as to the happy accident? Well, having no idea what they would be like, I seem to have chosen the perfect spot for them!

I saw somewhere that this plant has been renamed - I'm still struggling with the old name :-(

In defence of Thugs

29 July 2012 22:48:21

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I seem to have a real soft spot for the Thugs of the Garden - whether it's geraniums trying to climb my shrubs, Alchemilla popping up in unusual places, even Violets  that insist on getting entwined with anything nearby - I love them all. When I hear people complaining about the vigour of Japanese Anemones it brings out all my protective instincts - another thug for me to foster!

The way to grow Japanes Anemones in my opinion, is to allocate a reasonable space to them and then let them rip!

In the photo are three of my personal thugs - Crocosmia (although I believe Lucifer is less rampant than the ones growing wild in Mayo!) Alchemilla and my Anemones - these are the single ones and are 4.5 feet high already and only starting to flower!

Loading photos ....

28 July 2012 22:42:07

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I decided last night to load my July photos. Thanks to the new arrangement I was able to select the entire contents of the July folder on my computer at one go!!! It took a while to load (probably because there were 91 photos in that older :-)) so when it finished it was past my bedtime!

This evening I had a look and realised that some of the photos were not needed in that album, and the rest needed labels!

I made an interesting discovery - if you have added a few titles and then delete a photo you lose the titles you have added! Simple solution - "Save Gallery" before doing the deletion!

I've also discovered that it takes much longer than you might expect to label a load of photos :-) ..... and the album is down to 60 or so .... :-)




Any bets on which will win?

22 July 2012 16:53:14

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As I have mentioned before I am encouraging all kinds of thugs to take over my woodland areas and this year they all seem to be getting the message. However, I just can't help wondering which of these beauties will win out - The Acaena is leading the posse just now, but I reckon the Lamium is only getting started .... and as for the sedum "green mantle" ....LOL ... but I'm loving watching them compete! ... and what about that shy little Bergenia in the corner ..... :-)

Calling all Orchid experts - HELP!

20 July 2012 23:43:12


A very kind visitor brought me my very first Orchid - Phalaenopsis - and I haven't a clue how to look after it! The label is not very helpful - it has little pictures supposed to tell me all I need to know :-(

Picture 1 seems to shows semi-shade in Summer and full sun in Winter

Picture 2 has a hand dunking the pot in a basin - is that how it is watered?

Picture 3 shows feed being applied - what kind of feed is best?

Picture 4 says dont eat it, donlt leave it standing in water and cut off the stems ???

Any advice would be welcome!




Light Gardening

18 July 2012 23:41:38
Love this one!

Love this one!

I've been reading all the journals and have decided that for today there will be no mention of the dreaded W.....r in this journal.

Those of you who have had open days will no doubt recall the frantic activity that precedes these joyous occasions. In my case I took total advantage of my long-suffering family and anyone that looked even vaguely willing to help!

But now ..... well, I'm reaping the rewards! Having lazed about enjoying the garden, today I stirred myself to do a little light gardening .... I planted the lovely sedums that kind .ier friends brought me in my new Sedum Bed and did a bit of weeding in that area - really easy stuff - just some bits of grass peeping through the gravel .... a gentle and satisfying bit of gardening ....and the bit I got done looks great! As to the rest of it - tomorrow is another day!

Meet the new Hazel :-))

St. John's Wort ....

18 July 2012 00:04:02

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... better late than never!

I thought people might like to compare these two versions of this worthy plant - I have the shrub version Hypericum 'Hidcote' and the ground-cover version Hypericum calcyninum. The ground-cover one is one of the plants I remember from my childhood. We lived near Corpus Christi church in Drumcondra and my recollection is of the long avenue that led to the church being completely covered with this beautiful plant!

I had looked for it on and off for years in various garden centres without success so when I saw it advertised in a catalogue from Bakker I ordered it without delay. This was in the early days of my garden, when the rabbits were dining a la carte on my unfortunate plants. The outcome for the three original plants was - one completely demolished, one chawed so badly that it was about to die, and one very small surviving plant! I carefully transplanted the surviving plant and the mortal remains of the second on to a less rabbit-prone area, protected them with chicken wire until they got a start - so now, after about three years in this location they are really taking off!

Reflections on an Open Day

17 July 2012 23:29:35

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Can't believe it is 13 whole days since I posted a journal ... or maybe I can! Been up to my eyes with domestic stuff but today I took a bit of a break and did some dead-heading of roses before I succumbed to the lovely scents of the sweetpea and the roses and just collapsed onto the swing-seat for a chill-out.

Of course the garden is brimming over at the moment what with all the lovely rain (LOL) and I'm trying to figure out why I decided to have my Open Day in June! I checked back on last June's photos and despite the difficult weather this year there really wasn't a whole lot of difference between the plants in flower in June last year and this year. 

My memory obviously played tricks on me and I thought the sweetpeas were in their prime in June along with the Potentillas. How wrong I was! However, thanks to the effort we put in to get the garden ready for the Open Day things are not showing much evidence of neglect despite my recent lack of time :-)

So my advice to others planning Open Days - check your photos from previous years !!!!

So here are a few pics of what I really wanted to share with my visitors last month .....

Cabin Fever

03 July 2012 23:23:11
Compassion - a bit on the wet side

Compassion - a bit on the wet side

This persistent rain is getting to me - poor Jacinta got totally drowned when she visited on Sunday - she very bravely toured the garden under a large umbrella, but it was very disappointing. She has been very kind in her journal about my garden, and I really appreciate her comments!

I'm trying to look on the bright side .... the puddles on the patio are brought alive with reflections of nearby plants .... and the plants that collect raindrops like Alchemilla and Cerinthe are looking really beautiful ...

Yesterday I braved the elements for all of 20 minutes and did manage to dead-head some of the roses before the rain drove me in.

Today I was feeling really caged in by the weather - a bad case of cabin fever!

By this afternoon I was ready to climb the walls, so there was nothing for it but to don a good stout jacket and go for a walk! I tried to keep the camera dry and did manage to get a few photos which has cheered me up no end!

Finished off the day by taking in the plants-in-waiting that needed weeding and giving them a good tidy-up and mulch. So in the end i was quite happy with my efforts.

My poor students can't believe the rain! They haven't seen the sun since they arrived :-( 


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