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TheH (Hazel)'s Journal

TheH (Hazel)'s Journal December 2012

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Get Together Update

31 December 2012 23:33:08

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Hi Everyone.

May I wish you all a very Happy New Year and I hope that as many of you as possible will be at Johnstown on Sunday 13th at 1 pm.

There are a couple of things I need to mention -

1. Kris Kindle - please bear in mind the limit of €10 for your gifts. Sometimes people may get bargains that come within the budget which can cause people to feel that the limit has been ignored - and in these hard times we all need to keep to budgets.

2. Parking on the day - Fran has asked me to remind you that if we all park in the left-hand car-park it makes life much easier for plant swaps! That part of the car-park is usually pretty empty.

3. Raffle - anyone get any nice unwanted Christmas presents they might want to donate for the raffle please? You can send me a pm if you prefer.

4. Numbers - I need to give approximate numbers to Johnstown by next weekend so can you let me know how many people will be coming with you before then. 


The little girls that Santa Claus forgot :-(

26 December 2012 22:33:31
I prefer this Santa!

I prefer this Santa!

I must have been a very bad girl this year because Santa didn't bring me ANYTHING off my list - no Moon Window, no Beautiful Lady statue ... and as for that Mature Herbaceous Border - not a chance :-(

However, thankfully other kind people were very good to me - the Chaenomeles has a few flowers on it in the greenhouse, and I now have some of those lovely solar lights that I've admired in other gardens for ages. 

After that, it is some cash to splash at Johnstown in January and a really funny almost-garden-related book called Fifty Sheds of Grey not to be confused with the racy book with a similar name!I've been chuckling away all evening!


I also got The Curious Gardener's Almanac - another whimsical book of bits and pieces of garden wisdom and some amusing garden quotes.

I wonder are my family trying to tell me something? Maybe - not to take the gardening so seriously? Naw! No chance! LOL


Nollaig Shona Daoibh go leir

24 December 2012 19:27:01

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Just sitting back listening to a lovely carol program on the TV and already my Christmas is looking up! I got a present of a lovely pink Chaenomeles which had been kept in a greenhouse so it is in full leaf. I'm keeping it in my greenhouse too as it is starting to flower!

What is the best way to acclimatise a plant like this to the hard life of outdoors in the average Irish garden?

Anyway, it is tucked up safe and sound until after the Big Day! Hey, Santa! Did you get my wish-list? Lost in the post? Whaaat!


And to those of you who have forgotten your Irish (or were never lucky enough to learn it in the first place) 

A Happy and Peaceful Christmas to all of you!

You can always rely on .....

20 December 2012 15:02:02

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"Ask Gerry" to give you an answer! I posted a journal a couple of weeks ago about a mysterious fungus that had appeared in my new Fernery. Of course, having an over-active imagination I immediately started googling all the most awful funguses that were going to reduce my garden to a wasteland if i didn't take STRONG ACTION immediately! Even my .ie friends who assured me it WASN'T Honey Fungus failed to calm me down.

So after many sleepless nights I took more photos and sent a query to Gerry. Today I got my response - far from being an exotic and deadly invader, what I have is "Common Dung Cap" - grows on the ground after feeding on organic matter.

Could this be because some farmyard manure may have got included in the mix for this bed? - well, of course!

And the best news is that it is harmless, but not edible!


So all you mushroom lovers enjoy the photos!


Looking forward to a good nights sleep now (LOL)

Social Calendar - Get-together Jan 2013

18 December 2012 16:53:27


I hope that all of you are busy filling in the Social Calendar for the new year. So can I be so bold as to suggest that you add in the date for the Garden.ie Annual Gathering in Johnstown Garden Centre on Sunday 13th January - kicking off at about 1 p.m.

One of the best parts of the day is the Kris Kindle - so when you are doing the Christmas shopping keep an eye out for a small gift (no more than €10 please) for it.

Looking forward to seeing you all there - especially new members (who might be a bit shy about joining in). 

I took the plunge a couple of years ago with trepidation - and have never looked back! Such a friendly bunch, and since then have visited lots of their gardens as well as sharing plants and advice that have greatly improved my own gardening knowledge.

The other feature of any meetings of this group is the inevitable Plant Swap - boots of cars are thrown open and incredible treasures just tumble out .... so if you are lifting and dividing stuff this is a great way to find good homes for your "extras".

This event is also a great opportunity for non-gardening husbands, wives, partners, etc. to meet the garden crew without having to go looking at any gardens LOL.

I'll be looking for approximate numbers the week before the big event - the more the merrier!

And don't forget there will also be a free raffle on the day!

Almost like Spring

16 December 2012 02:25:05

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Today was so mild that it almost felt like Spring! Wasn't free to do much in the garden, just replanted a few bulbs dug up by my "friendly" Blackbirds who seem to be thinking of setting up home in the Hedgerow - and as happened a couple of years ago we have one that ain't too bright - he flew full tilt into the window today and frightened the wits out of me!

I also took time out to take a stroll around the garden and once more it has managed to surprise me - first of all there is the Kaffir Lily that I planted last year - it was an impulse buy as I knew nothing about them so I just stuck it in the ground and hoped for the best - imagine my surprise when I found it has two lovely buds waiting to open!

Then I noticed a glimse of yellow - and my Hamamelis Mollis is coming into flower - and the final delight was the Christmas Rose right on time ..... I love all the Helebores I have and I just call the one that happens to flower in December the Christmas Rose - I used to have labels on all of them but the Blackbirds don't like those labels in their turf so they just pull them out and fling them any old where - so I now have absolutely no idea which Helebore is which - and then they go and hybridise on me so the case is totally hopeless but that doesn't stop the flowers being wonderful!


13 December 2012 22:37:11

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Thank you Mary (and Fran) for getting me thnking about some of the inspirations I found this year. The magic thing about inspirations is that a chance encounter can stay firmly in the mind and can resurface when you least expect it.

My first Inspiration is the beautiful "Moon Window" in Birr Castle. However, try as i might i can't come up with anywhere to build a wall so i can make a window in it ... maybe that would be one way to keep wandering cattle at bay !!!!

My second Inspiration is the "lovely Lady" from Elizabeth7's delightful garden. She is hiding so demurely among those strange tall plants that I admired in Bruno's last year. My two new "non-lawns" in the front really need a feature .....

My third Inspiration is the Herbaceous Border in Altamont. This is what I really want my Herbaceous Border to look like. Still got a way to go, I'm afraid :-)

So Santa, I hope you are reading this - I would like a Moon Window, a couple of statues of beautiful ladies, and a magically mature Herbaceous Border - Please! Please! Please! I promise I'll be ever so good for ever and ever!

Oooh! How cool is this ....

12 December 2012 16:30:30

Is this Honey Fungus?

11 December 2012 00:33:07
Is this Honey Fungus?

Is this Honey Fungus?

This fungus has appeared on the ground where I put the large logs for the Fernery. The logs originally had some bark left on them which I left (for artistic effect!) but it all fell off with the first hint of frost and now this fungus has appeared.

Is it Honey Fungus? And if so, what can I do about it? 


Help please!!!!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder ....

11 December 2012 00:29:42

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I've spent the past week in Dublin for family reasons but came home last night so this morning was my first opportunity to review the state of the garden after the recent frosts. Of course, I also had to at least take note of all the tidying that is required - Would I be able to lift all those leaves and fill up my new leaf-mould cage? And what about the frost-blasted stalks of the various herbaceous plants? Not to mention that Himalayan Blackberry that has gone amok on me? 

It was all getting a bit disheartening - and then I came across a little Achillea - it didn't manage to do much during the summer, but it has managed to produce a pretty flower in December!!!!

Then, in the shed, I found the parcel from Bakker that was delivered last Tuesday - with heart in mouth I opened the box - and what a relief! all appears to be well!

The box contained 3 Campanula Glomerata Emerald - very pretty large flowered Campanula - and my gift of a Trachycarpus Fortuneii.

What to do? The frost was still on the ground, so planting them was out of the question. Leaving them in their box also didn't seem to be very wise, so eventually, I followed Dick's example and potted up the Campanula and gave the Trachycarpus a drink - and they are all in the greenhouse until the frost abates a bit.

Still very busy with family stuff but it felt really good to do even that little bit of planting!


Get together Sunday13th Jan NAMES PLEASE

02 December 2012 22:31:20

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Hi Everyone

Jacinta has kindly offered to do Name Tags for us again this year for the Annual Get-Together.

For this we need an idea of who is coming so can you please let us know if you plan to attend.

Here are the names I have so far - but some of them may not be correct - 

If you want your "real" name as well as your ".ie" name please let Jacinta know.

Names so far  
AitAlainn - Nuala Kitty
Biddy Ladybird
Joann BrunoCork
Jacinta Kate & Graham
Rachel Pwiseman
Elizabeth7 Fraoch
Elizabeth II (my sister) Conrad
BlarneyCastle -Adam JoanG
Hosta Millimouse
eilish Moya
Hoeys TheH (hazel)

For those of you who missed my previous Journals in October -

Get-Together on Sunday 13th January 2013 kicks off about 1 p.m.

Venue: Johnstown Garden Centre, Naas Road

Lunch:can be purchased

Kris Kindle: - If you wish to participate bring along a wrapped gift (value NO MORE THAN €10) 

Raffle: - Johnstown have again promised some vouchers for the free raffle - Jacinta has promised a painting - any other raffle prizes if you want to send me a PM or just bring them along on the day.



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