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TheH (Hazel)'s Journal

TheH (Hazel)'s Journal May 2013

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The problems with Bloom ....

31 May 2013 02:51:08
My dream Pod

My dream Pod

They keep showing me things I can't afford! I really want one of those lovely "Pods" - the perfect seating area for my windy garden! It even swivels around so you can always face it away from the wind!  Unfortunately I didn't have the winning ticket for that big Lotto so it will have to remain a dream!

The other problem was when we went to have our annual "posh lunch" in the Bistro they had decided not to serve wine by the glass this year - this was a MAJOR problem because Terry likes white and I like red! However we badgered them so much that they went into the other section and got us a couple of glasses of Prosecco which was probably more suited to the sunny day :-)


30 May 2013 00:55:48

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Not getting as much time in the garden as I want at the moment but I did manage to get a few good sessions this week. I was concentrating on the front areas and I'm delighted with how some of the beds are filling up - less room for weeds! 

The alchemilla mollis is paying off now - and I'm happy to have it self-seed as it is such a great ground cover for my woodlands.

The bluebells are so tall that they are covering the hard-pruned Buddleia in the Oak Woodland - but watch this space - in a few short weeks those Buddleia will have fountained up to anything from 6 to 8 feet high!

The biggest task this week was trimming the hawthorn hedge. The worst part of this task is removing the lethal hedge trimmings especially from the car-park! Before I realised how bad they were we both suffered punctures from the thorns! I'm so glad that this hedge really only needs to be trimmed a couple of times a year. 

Note the fence showing above the hedge! The farmer has put up a proper stock-proof fence on his side of the boundary much to my relief! Have to say I am sleeping better at night knowing that I won't wake up to a bovine invasion! Hasn't the hedge really matured!

Busy Busy Busy

23 May 2013 02:01:35

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Been a bit busy with non-gardening things but still have managed to get out for a bit of a session each day since I got back from my little break.

The Roses got tidied up - there was quite a bit of die-back to trim off, and then it was weed, feed and spray! Only got the ones in the new Rose Garden done so the ramblers and climbers are for another day.

Took a close-up of those Iris today - I noticed for the first time the detail of these flowers.

Monday was a nice still day so I sprayed all the gravel areas with Pathclear so hopefully the weeds will oblige me by dying!

Tackled the West Woodland (now renamed to be the "Ash Woodland") weeding it and got nearly two barrows of thistles! I was delighted to see that the Primula Japonica 'Valley Red' seedlings I propagated last year are all flowering, as are the Primula Japonica 'Postford White' but no sign of the little orange one Primula Cockburniana. this was my first attempt at collecting seeds so I'm delighted with the results so far!


May Album

Only 5 days .....

17 May 2013 11:24:11

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Yes, took another trip to see the wonderful granddaughter! I had hoped to catch a few rays in Barcelona but sadly they are having a summer similar to ours so far - not quite as cold but just as wet and windy!

Anyway, I really wanted to post a few of the changes in just 5 short days - the biggest surprise was the Irises as I hadn't even noticed the buds before I went away. 

The purple Hazels in the front have burst into leaf, the bluebells are out in force and some of my tall primula are actually trying to flower! I think I need to go away more often because the plants seem to prefer to do their growing behind my back LOL

The Ajuga that Liga gave me is really doing well this year, I have finally got flowers on my clematis Montana Rubens so now I'm off to cut the grass which has been taken over by buttercups also while my back was turned!

U4BA - as Jacinta might say ...

09 May 2013 21:55:32

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I have quite a few Euphorbias in my garden. Most of them are seedlings of the original one I purchased in 2009 from Johnstown - Euphorbia Amygdaloides Purpurea . Many of the seedlings have the lovely deep purple leaves of the parent, but some are more mixed in colour with dark green leaves and purple or red stems. However. all of them have the lovely yellow "flowers" that are so characteristic of this plant.

An then there is the Euphorbia that Bruno gave me in 2011 -  Euphorbia Sequieriana Niciciana - now several members warned me that many of Bruno's lovely plants can be pretty invasive, but I forgot about this and planted this little beauty in my Heuchera Bed where it struggled at first, being consumed down to the root by the neighbourhood rabbits! So protected by chicken wire it decided to get going again. Boys Oh Boys! Runners came up over a meter away from the parent plant!

However, there is a happy ending to the story! The runners were (almost) all removed from that bed and are now planted where they can romp away in a woodland setting. Unfortunately any future plants in the Heuchera bed will have to be treated like weeds!

The original plant is also now in that woodland area so I'm hoping to have a positive carpet of this lovely plant in due course! At the moment there is NO foliage visible on this little plant so you cannot see its dainty pale green leaves ... all in all, a little beauty! Thank you Bruno!


Is this little guy Irish?

09 May 2013 21:01:20


I'm still not too clear which ladybird is native and which is not. Can some of my more learned friends tell me which this one is having a nice time on my bluebell!

Sometimes Dealz come good ...

05 May 2013 23:57:54

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I fell for some of Dealz bargain bulbs a few weeks ago and after last year when I spent weeks searching for the emerging spikes so this year I planted them in plugs instead and I am really happy with the outcome - for the Oxalis Iron Cross - 15 out of 15 have sprouted, 10 out of 12 Triteleia, 12 out of 12 Sparaxis - only the Anemones haven't appeared and I haven't given up hope yet!

Been busy planting out stuff the past few days trying to reduce the plants in the greenhouse as I'll be away next week and don;t want to lose stuff!

I have great success with the Solanum Laciniatum seeds - they have started to take off but I'm not sure if they would survive the  current cold winds - any advice? I got my original plant from Headgardener (Bill) and really want to have this lovely plant through my borders this year.

Really enjoying getting the plants-n-waiting new homes and you can nearly see them take off when they are planted out :-)

Nice to see the Herbaceous Border starting to wake up too! I even have - wait for it - BUDS on one of my Paeony after 4 years!

Clematis 'Cartmanii Joe' is looking good now too!

Look Fran! At last!

04 May 2013 23:40:56
Libertia bud at last!

Libertia bud at last!

I can't believe my eyes! Fran gave me this Libertia on one of my first .ie gatherings and I planted it carefully and it grew some leaves - but no flowers! This Spring I moved it to a new location - less shaded - and gave it a feed of chicken manure. This evening I was taking a stroll in the garden when I spotted - yes! My first bud on the Libertia!

Thank you Fran!


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