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TheH (Hazel)'s Journal

TheH (Hazel)'s Journal November 2014

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November at Gortnalee

27 November 2014 18:05:01
November at Gortnalee

November at Gortnalee

We had a family gathering here a couple of weeks ago and this photo was taken by one of the visitors!

It always delights me when someone finds a different view of my garden!

This is more like November ....

26 November 2014 21:57:29

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Even though the temperatures have dropped recently there has still been some great gardening weather. I really enjoy getting well wrapped up and getting stuck in to clearing the borders for Winter!

I have been working steadily from one border to another, but without over-doing it and the garden is gently going asleep for the winter.

Each afternoon I set an alarm on the phone to remind me to go in and watch the "Gardens from Above" programme which is a really good discipline as otherwise I would be inclined to stay out until it was dark - not a great idea at this time of year with the drop in temperature as dusk arrives.

Yesterday I was in such a hurry to get in to my programme that I abandoned the wheelbarrow, bucket and all! 

There is something really magical about being in the garden with nothing visible beyond the boundaries - it feels like I'm the only person left on the earth!

The real bonus for this time of year is the beauty of the plants when they are frosted in the early morning.

I'm not much of a flower arranger .....

22 November 2014 19:59:41
I'm not much of a flower arranger .....

I'm not much of a flower arranger .....

....but took in the last of the roses so that I can get in and give them a bit of a pruning tomorrow ....

Proper gardening

21 November 2014 00:17:50

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Got out yesterday and today for a bit of Proper Gardening. Yesterday was lovely but today the fog never lifted.

Yesterday I tackled the Rockery and mulched up the hardy Fuchsias. I used  the compost from the Dalek for this - and there is a good bit left in it so since I really want to empty it so I can start off a new lot to leave over the winter I decided to mulch the Dahlias with it and that was today's task.

Now I wonder when people are tackling a border that has been ignored for a while where do they start?

Today i started by cutting back everything that needed cutting back, then got down to do a bit of weeding - not the most pleasant task as the soil is getting to the "total muck" stage since the recent heavy rain.

That was all I really meant to do - but you know how it is - all those little seedlings looking so healthy they couldn't just be weeded out .....

So the net result was a number of Geranium Palmatum, a couple of baby Potentillas, some Centaurea Montana and gazillions of Tree Lupins!!!!!

And then I ran out of time so the Dahlias still haven't got mulched!

Date for your Calendar

17 November 2014 22:41:08
Date for your Calendar

Date for your Calendar

I've been in touch with Jim in Johnstown on behalf of our Garden Club and here is Jim's response:

Hi Hazel,

 We would be thrilled to have you all back here again on January 11th.

 The sale will be still on that day with 20% OFF all plants and up to 50% OFF other items.

Looking forward to it already!  

 Best Regards, 

 Jim  Clarke

So put it in the Diary:

Date: Sunday 11 January 2015

Time: 12 noon onwards 

I hope this meets with the approval of the majority  :-)




What is a Get-together about?

15 November 2014 10:52:41

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Maybe before we get too carried away with alternative locations I would like to suggest that we should define what we want from a Get-together. I have had conversations with gardeners in various parts of the country who really feel they miss out on the cameraderie that people who can get to Johnstown develop. So the idea of more meetings originated with this idea.

Here is my opinion of what its all about - and I welcome all alternate views :-)

1. A Get-together is primarily about catching up with our gardening friends and meeting new friends.

2. For this reason it needs to be in a place where lunch is available that can accommodate a reasonable crowd.

3. It is an opportunity to swap our surplus plants

4. If it is located in a Garden centre it adds the possibility of buying plants.


Now for me what Get-togethers are not really about is visiting gardens. This is a completely different activity and is much more suited to small groups. That is not to say that other outings visiting gardens are not enjoyable! Just that they have a different focus.

What I would like to propose is that we agree on more REGIONAL gatherings for Spring (maybe in May) and Autumn (maybe in September) and my suggestion would be for the Spring one to be focussed North and Autumn one focussed South.

So unless people have a problem with this general description of our get-togethers it would be great to have suggestions of venues North and South that meet the criteria above.


Help! I'm under attack!!!!

12 November 2014 01:09:46

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I may have mentioned that my porch was covered in guana when i got back from my recent trip and I blamed the sparrows that are nesting in the hedgerow but I was mistaken.

There is a very large Hooded Crow attacking my front porch - his preferred time of attack is about 7.30 in the morning I'm not too happy about it.

I'm also getting tired of cleaning up after him.

Why is he doing this?

What have I ever done on him?


Get-together 2015

10 November 2014 11:50:24
Get-together 2015

Get-together 2015


Well, since we now have Halloween safely over I guess it’s time to start planning for our annual Get-together.

If no-one else wants to do the coordinating of it I'm happy to do it again this year. I quite enjoy the task and since there are so many people ready to lend a hand on the day it’s not a difficult one :-)

There have been a few suggestions made to me during the year so I thought I'd just throw them out there for our consideration.

Suggestion 1

The Get-together would be better organised for a little later in the Spring so that people would have more stuff to swap.

Suggestion 2

That we have more than one "organised" event during the year taking in different parts of the country so that people who cannot travel to Johnstown will have an opportunity to meet up with their fellow .iers.

Suggestion 3

That we use a different venue - suggestions welcome!

Please post all comments to this journal so everyone can see where the consensus is!

For new-comers to the site this event has been held in Johnstown Garden Centre for the past few years usually on the last day of Johnstown’s January Sale (usually the first Sunday in January) and is an opportunity to meet up, have a chat, and inevitably swap a few plants!



Surprised again

08 November 2014 00:18:51

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This autumn seems to have been a series of surprises as plants produced unexpected flowers out of their usual season.

I'm just back from the "Little Princess" birthday in Bardelona and when I glanced out the window something caught my eye - on inspection it was my Clematis Nelly Moser that has produced two beautiful flowers while I was away.

As I'm still a bit caught up in family stuff all I had time for was a wuick tour of inspection -  but of course the camera came too!

The result is a really surprising selection of flowers for 7 November!



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