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TheH (Hazel)'s Journal

TheH (Hazel)'s Journal July 2015

Last Post 911 days 9 hours ago

Persicaria for Rachel

27 July 2015 23:34:52

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When visitng Rachel last Sunday we got talking about gorund cover and her wonderful Persicaria Affine which she has propagated around the steep banks of her garden and I mentioned another persicaria that I got from Fran but as usual I couldn't remember the full name of it!

So here are some photos of it .... 

It is a really pretty one - has lovely Autumn colour but it has touches of red right through the summer too - and it is a great gound cover plant. 

The third photo gives an idea of its spread after 2 years!

All the photos were taken today too!

And the full name is Persicaria Elata!

Back in the garden again

24 July 2015 23:20:04

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I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms this week but I really needed to take a bit of a rest after the big push to get the garden ready for opening. I eased my way back over yesterday and today doing onerous tasks like dead-heading roses and reorganising labels on the Clematis Walk.

But this afternoon I was feeling a little more energetic so I started on the dead-heading in earnest. I had avoided doing much before the Open Day so that the borders wouldn't look too bare, but now its ok to wade in a it more!

I was working on the area with all the Heucheras and Geraniums which has a little box hedge at the end beside the steps to the stream and this was being invaded by som Japanese Anemones so here we go again - 5 pots of Anemones have joined the "Plants in Waiting"!

There are quite a few plants left from the Plant Sales so I'm putting a few bob into the funds and trying to find homes for as many as possible. my challenge is to end up with no plants in waiting before the winter!

Having done this bit of tidying I went for a stroll around the garden and took some photos of my Day Lilies - almost all of which came from Jacinta - Thank you Jacinta! - and I noticed that there is another one that hasn't flowered yet ....

The single ones all flowered last year but the double one is flowering for the first time and is a real beauty!

And Peter (Scrubber) there will definitely be a bit of the Pink Damask for you this year!

All Gardened Out

20 July 2015 23:19:42
The only photo I took on the day!

The only photo I took on the day!

I'm still trying to recover from the excitement of my Open Day yesterday! I am completely overwhelmed by the whole thing. I was so delighted to have so many .iers from all corners of the country make the trip. It was lovely to have a bit of a catch-up although I didn't have as much time with them as I would have liked. Then there were all the lovely local people who also came to support this very worthy cause. I think that many of them were quite surprised to find that a garden existed here!

And everyone has been so complimentary about the garden too! Its really interesting to see which plants catch people's fancy! We had quite a few plants for sale but if we had had three times as much of the lovely sedum "Green Mantle" we would have sold them all!

There were many donations of cakes too - and despite our best efforts to force-feed the visitors I reckon I'll be living on cake for weeks :-)

The many people who helped out really added to the occasion as I was too busy talking plants to be much use for the other aspects of the day!

And weren't we so lucky with the weather! Brendan, Pat and Cliona certainly did their bit :-) And would you believe it - when the tables were being collected at 7 pm the first few drops of rain fell ......

The people from Laois Hospice Foundation were absolutely delighted with the response - and they kept saying over and over "people are so generous" - so all you kind and generous people who came - take a bow!

I think that most of all, it was a great pleasure to be able to share my garden with so many people and to have them appreciate it!

Preview for Borris-in-Ossory Garden Club

17 July 2015 13:00:33
Geranium - taken last time we saw the sun!

Geranium - taken last time we saw the sun!

Well, yesterday wasn't exactly garden visiting weather but my friends from my local Gardening Club in Borris-in-Ossory braved the elements to come for a "preview" o my garden -(well really I wanted to do a bit of a dress-rehearsal for Sunday) - and the rain actually stopped just as they arrived at 7.30 pm! I tried out my "tour guide" skills on them and then lefft them to their own devices. I asked for feedback and was a bit surprised when they agreed that I should do "tours" on Sunday - so we'll have to see how that works out!

There were two plants they all seemed to admire - Geranium Maderense Palmatum (no surprise there - it is looking its best at the moment) but the second one was a surprise - they loved the little Acaena that I use as ground cover in the Oak Woodland! I think I'd better see if there are any bits o that one to pot up for Sunday!

I really appreciated having them visit as it meant I was focussed on having the garden ready for yesterday - so I still have a bit of time for all the other bits and pieces.

Only three more sleeps to my Open Day!

16 July 2015 15:38:31

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Its still full steam ahead in Gortnalee getting ready for the Open Day on Sunday next 19th July (in case I haven't mentioned it before LOL). 

The gravel is all shifted.

The Plants for Sale are ready.

And Tinkerbell is waiting to welcome all!

In aid of Laois Hospice and remembering Brendan who encouraged me in the design and implementation of the garden, and Pat who once grew phenomenal vegetables by hydroponics and who had a birthday on 19th July!

Plug problem

16 July 2015 15:31:05

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Has anyone else had this this problem? I have noticed that sometimes when I buy nice plants, usually in flower, they start to wilt very quickly despite my best efforts. Some Gerberas i got recently are a case in point.

One actually died and another is on life support. When I took them out of the pot I noticed that they had obviously been grown in allegedly biodegradeable plugs - a kind of whitish fabric.

Far from degrading, this plug material can actually strangle the plants. I've now cut away the remains of the plug and its amazing how strong it is. I found this with some beautiful Campanula I got a year or so ago and had the same problem. Surely growers should ensure that whatever medium they start plants in should not impede future growth!

Open Garden July 19th

13 July 2015 13:09:07

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Hi everyone

Its only 6 more days till my Open Day in the garden at Gortnalee House. I'm so glad that people are planning to come! It's my first "public" Open Day so I'm a bit apprehensive but I decided to have a full Open Day for charity this year and chose the Laois Hospice as my charity.

My tension levels weren't helped when the Hospice put the Open Day on theri website as a "Fete" - I had visions of hoards of families arriving expecting Face-painting, Bouncy Castles and all sorts!!!! Thankfully it has now been amended so I'm hoping that visitors will not be disappointed at the lack of these things :-)

The Open Day is a tribute to the two men I have been fortunate enough to love and marry - Brendan, who many of you will remember, and Pat - whose birthday fell on the 19th july. Both men were long-suffering husbands of a pretty fanatical gardener and were known to suffer rom malnutrition when their errant wife was busy watering the garden!

There isn't an Admission Charge, but I'm hoping that visitors will donate generously to the cause. Tea and cakes will be available and I'll have some plants for sale. Some very kind .iers have given me plants to sell too - and I'm having to resist the temptation to do a bit of "advance purchasing" ....

Open days bring out the worst of the perfectionist in gardeners (well, this gardener anyway) so I'm REALLY UPSET because the sedums in the "petal" in the second photo are supposed to be ALL THE ONE COLOUR!!!!

And photo 3 is a better map .....



Dublin Gardens - and BIG thank yous

10 July 2015 21:44:30

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I was so happy to be able to join the merry gang on the Dublin Gardens visits today - I have to apologise that I didn't make it to the third garden - I'm afraid the gravel-moving of the past few days caught up on me after Garden Number Two!

The first big Thank You is to Joan, who was a most gracious hostess and guide for the day! She had the whole day planned to the last, and I was so delighted that I finally got the chance to see her immaculate garden! The gardens we visited were lovely, and the two i went to were much larger than Joans, but hers had a charm that I really enjoyed! We had already been to our first garden when she led us in cavalcade to her home, and the best lunch I've had in an age - and what a delightful opportunity to catch up with .ie friends!

The second big Thank You is to all of you who have generously donated plants for the Plant Sales at my upcoming Open Day. I have just unpacked the boot and I am amazed! I'll have to resist the temptation to syphon off some of those beauties for myself LOL

Wilderness, Jacinta???

07 July 2015 21:34:07

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I was struck by Jacinta's recent journal on her Wilderness - In my recent onslaughts on the woodland areas of my garden I had a quotation in my head all the time .... you may have heard of the one-man show celebrating the Antartic Explorer Tom Crean - and you may have heard Tommy Tiernan the commedian incorporating Tom Crean into his act ... there is a phrase that has stuck in my head when he says " ... and then we saw Georgia" - No idea why it stuck in my mind, but when I'm plouging through a bit of neglected garden and coming to the far side that phrase always comes into my head ... ".... and then we saw Georgia". Not very appropriate since he was referring to the sighitng of land after a long time at sea, but who am I to try and understand the workings of the subconcious .....

Anyway, today I psyched myself up to tackle the far corner of my Ash Woodland which I had been ignoring up to now .... Photo One is a view of my personal Wilderness. Phot Two is of the same area a few hard hours later!



Still waiting ....

07 July 2015 00:38:03
Still waiting ....

Still waiting ....

That little Clematis that I got from Deborah is taking its time coming out ... I'm watching it each day, and the suspense is killing me!

So today I saw that the first bud is starting to open .... maybe tomorrow I'll see the true colour ....

Getting all philosophical

05 July 2015 00:30:04
Getting all philosophical

Getting all philosophical

After a long day in the garden I'm curled up having a good read of my Irish Garden and I am aware of the unmistakeable sound of water gushing down the drainpipe. This is the best of all possible worlds - sunshine all day so the garden can be tended and then a decent shower of rain to make everything look freshly washed! And the water-barrel is full again!

..... and a rose called Compassion!

Clematis Walk is beginning to deliver

04 July 2015 21:54:28

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I'm mad busy in the garden trying to get on top of the weeds before my upcoming Open Day but I do take time out to walk around the garden now and again :-)

This morning after the stormy weather there is a large branch come down off one of the Willows - but best of all the rain seems to have encouraged not one but two of my new Clematis on the Clematis Walk to open!

I'm so excited about clematis texensis princess diana - it looks an amazing colour - can't wait for it to open fully.

Clematis Tangutica is flwering much earlier than I expected!

The one I'm really waiting for is a little Clematis cutting I got from Deborah last year - it looks great and has loads of buds but i have no idea what colour it will be!

Patience pays off

03 July 2015 22:02:34

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I got this plant from Rachel a few years ago (at least i think it was Rachel!) and managed to hold on to the label for two of the years but alas it is gone! And now this plant has rewarded me with its very first flowers! 

So what it is called?

New girl on the block

03 July 2015 14:14:00
New girl on the block

New girl on the block

My new clematis "Hadley Hybrid" has just flowered!


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