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TheH (Hazel)'s Journal

TheH (Hazel)'s Journal September 2015

Last Post 879 days 3 hours ago

Hostas a la Rachel :-)

27 September 2015 20:55:49

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I was finishing off the main herbaceous border when I realised that the Hostas were taking from the overall "tidy" effect so I rememberes Rachels fantastic video on how to have slug-free Hostas so I thought I'd give it a go!

It took a bit longer than I thought - about an hour and a half in total - but I'm really pleased with the result!

I have some garlic granules that are designed to be absorbed into the plants to make them less attractive to slugs - they are dug into the soil and the plants absorb them through their roots. As well as digging them in around the plants I'm going to try dissolving some in a watering can and giving the plants a good soak! They won't smell great but if it keeps the slugs away it will be worthwhile!

Next spring I'll do the coffee grains as this worked well for me in the past.


Back to the garden at last!

27 September 2015 09:52:23

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This Ploughing lark is all very well but I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms as I hadn't a minute for the garden for nearly a whole week!

Yesterday was a lovely return to normal - first off the grass was cut (the usual 30 minute job!) and the edges neatened so they won't need attentiona again this season. Then I started tackling the large clump of saxifrage under the multi-stemmed birch which has become inested with grass. Does anyone have any tips for this task? I seem to end up taking out clumps of the saxigrage as well! Got very tired of this activity as the birch was grabbing me every time I moved. Brainwave! Cut of the lower branches! Sometimes I'm a bit of a slow learner :-) I'm delighted with the result -the white trunks are much more evident now!

Then it was tidy the rest of that border and deadheading the Anthemis which looks lovely again!

After that it was into the main herbaceous border where a serious amount of dead-heading was called for. I'm really aware how few weeds I have to pull when I work on this border this year - the close planting is really paying off! 

The lovely sunshine had the butterflies out in good numbers and as usual the Sedums are the real magnet for them.

In the second photo I spotted this Marigold that had planted itself in just the right place to contrast with the Rudbeckia and the Echinacea!

Unfortunately the light went before I got that border done - making it really clear to me that we are rapidly moving towards winter.

Happy days! Back gardening!

I wuz at de ploughing

26 September 2015 01:22:38

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For the second year in a row I have found myself at the Ploughing Championships here in Laois. Last year,as my first time there, I had no idea what to expect and while I found it very interesting I was disappointed not to find much to interest me as a gardener.

This year was different! I studied the map and the exhibitors list well before I went and so had some vague idea where i wanted to go .... but I was with friends so there was a certain amount of compromise involved!

However I did find the stand for Dunne's of Durrow Garden Centre and met up with Angelo there - he had some beautiful Liquidamber trees there along with lots of other goodies but since I couldn't carry home my tree (not being in my own car!) I've arrenged to go over to the Garden Centre in about a month - first to collect my Liquidamber and also to get some bare-roots as well.

Another stand on my list was the Foroige Gardens. There was a lot of publicity around these gardens - Diarmuid Gavin was an advisor for the groups but I was blown away with the creativity of these young people and the delightful gardens they created. Clare, Galway, Laois and Cork Foroige groups were involved, and Aldi provided the plants.

Well done to all concerned! I've put up an album!

Aldi also had some creative planting themselves outside their pavilion!

Am I seeing things?

20 September 2015 18:05:48
Confused Magnolia

Confused Magnolia

My Magnolia Soulangeana hase decided to flower - this IS september, isn't it?

There are more buds on it than there were in the spring.

I'm confused - and so is the poor Magnolia!

Gardeners have to be optimists

20 September 2015 15:26:43

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In the spring I purchased a Hydrangea Paniculata 'Vanilla Fraise' but it was a very small specimen. during the summer (ok - what summer?) it nearly expired a couple of times but regular watering a a few doses of Miracle Gro brought it through. I'm used to Hydrangeas taking their time to flower in my garden - some took as long as 3 years to produce anything so I was totally amazed to see these buds just appearing on Vanilla Fraise - now whether they will actually open is still in the lap of the gods.

I drooled over them in the Bay Garden a few weeks back .... so comparing the photos i think you'll agree that Gardeners are definitely Optimists !!!!

P.S Had terrible trouble loading the second photo - seems the title was too long!

Never say never

17 September 2015 23:54:33

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I've never had any luck with Begonias but having seen the spectacular ones in my sister Elizabeth's garden last year I was tempted to try them - so having persuaded them to appear above ground and seeing a first timid red flower just befroe my holidays i was delighted to come home to at least one flower on each of the 6 plants - and different colours too! They certainly provide a bit of vivid colour at this time of year. I might just become a fan! Do I have to lift them or just bring the planters into the greenhouse?

Picture Two is just three sedums I think make a good combination.

Picture Three is the lovely rose I gazed on having my lunch the other day!


My garden just got bigger!

17 September 2015 01:10:33

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Just before I went away I got the trusty Kevin to tackle the overgrown hedgerow behind the compost bins because the brambles were taking over the joint. He made short work of the task although he had to resort to a chainsaw! And he took away as much as would fit in the trailer. I was delighted to have the job done and spent the past two days cleaning up the area and guess what? My garden is about 4 feet wider as a result!



Happy 80th Birthday, Dick!

16 September 2015 21:19:59
Happy Birthday Dick

Happy Birthday Dick

Dick you are a great advertisement for the benefits of regular gardening! 

I thought I'd post this photo of a rose I propagated using your advice last year as a little "happy birthday" to you! I think it might be " Wenlock " - one of the David Austin roses.

Definitely going to plan a visit to see your roses in the coming year!

That's more like it!

16 September 2015 00:23:13

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Good to see the sun still shines this part of the world! I finally dragged myself away from the laundry and got out in the garden for a while.

Got some photos while the sun was shining - and I am so amazed at the amount of growth in one short week! The new Tropical Garden has exceeded my expectations completely! The Ricinus are well over 6 feet tall and are matched by the Solanum Laciniatum - they are towering over the Tetrapanax which hasn't reached its full height on account of being moved .... but wait till next year :-)

The Melianthus recovered really well from the late frost and I have found the perfect home for the rather messy Persicaria Campanulata. I really like the white flowers on this plant but when I had it in a more civilised border it just flopped down on top of its less exhuberant neighbours but in the Tropical Garden it is supported by its neighbours and is standing up well even after all the recent rain!

And that lovely little Rehmannia Elata is little no longer! It is about 60 cm tall and would probably be taller except it is under the more vigorous giants around it but it is really pretty and there is another flower on its way too!

Workwise in the garden - I've learned a new activity "Breasting a hedgerow" (well, by name anyway!). Kevin did a serious breasting of the hedgerow behind the compost bins but there is a lot of junk left behind so I started the tidy-up of that area today. I'll do a full journal on it when its done!

When I turned my back for a few days ...

14 September 2015 18:38:31

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... ok - while I was sunning myself in Lanzarote for an all-too-short week .....

The Rhus decided it was Autumn.....

But the Day Lilies said they'd have another go at Summer....

and the Luxuriant Clematis and the Ceanothus 'Gloire de Versaille' just went on doing their own thing!

And just for a laugh when I got home yesterday evening I tried to take some photos when it was nearly dark (I've put up a small album :-)

today's visits

03 September 2015 19:36:58

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I had a wonderful day today. Thank you Fran for organising it! 

Got off to a good start with a nice cup of coffee at The Bay Garden. This is a garden I have visited a few times already and always enjoy. This time we went rond it in the opposite direction to previous times and it is amazing how that affects the way the garden looks! Frances and Ian have a beautiful garden and it is full of interesting plants. This time what stood out for me was the many unusual Hydrangeas (particularly since Hydrangeas struggle a bit in my garden!) and the pretty tall Dascias dotted through the beds .... and the Turks Cap Lilies .... and the Anemones .... and the Thalicturms .... and and and ....Came away with of the Dascias and a nice piece of deep pink Japanese Anemone that Ian lifted for me! Thank you very much!

So then it was off on a it of a magical mystery tour by Satnav since Enniscorthy has major roadworks and detours but eventually satnav triumphed and I caught up with the rest of the gang at Coolaught Gardens. My first visit here and well worth the effort! This garden has a lovely history going back over generations with the current gardeners being total plantaholics who fill their very generous borders with a great selection of plants and shrubs with a real country garden feel to it. More beautiful Hydrangeas - I think this part of the country is very good for them - and a spectacular Bonariensis Avenue that fairly took my breath away. Here I found two plants that I've wanted for some time - a particular Helianthus that grew in the garden of the house where I was borne and a Helenium that my mother loved too.

Of course there was all the usual chat and banter of these outings - so thanks to all the .iers for their company - and for the swaps too!!!

P.S. - note the new boots in the group photo! Every time I've been to Bay Garden I've had to drive home with wet feet so this time I took no chances :-)

More unseasonal flowers

01 September 2015 18:10:02

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Just put up an album for August. I took a slightly different approach this time - I only put up photos that hadn't appeared in Journals already! 

Today was a bit showery but I did get a bit done between the showers.

These little Helebores have decided to make an unseasonal appearance! And I like the contrast with the Astilbe!


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