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TheH (Hazel)'s Journal

TheH (Hazel)'s Journal November 2015

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Sshhh! Is it tme

30 November 2015 09:56:19
Sshhh! Is it tme

Sshhh! Is it tme

To mention Johnstown?


28 November 2015 19:32:47

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I really love my Cotinus Grace.  I already had another Cotinus but when I saw Grace in Headgardners I knew that I had to Get one! It adds a lovely emphasis to my Small Pond and this year it is in no hhurry to shed its leaves. It captures the late afternoon light and really goes on fire!


C'mon birdies - Grub is up!

25 November 2015 23:26:04
C'mon birdies - Grub is up!

C'mon birdies - Grub is up!

I heard recently that people have difficulty getting their Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides) to produce berries. I have three of these extraordinary native shrubs - great grey leaves more or less evergreen and it appears they come in male and female varieties. This is a photo of my female one! 

Now I have a question - these shrubs send up a fair number of suckers. Will suckers take their gender from the parent plant? If so, I'll try and pot up any suckers from the female plants. Or do they have to have a male plant nearby to produce these amazing berries?

Yeah! I know! birds and bees stuff - but some plants don't appear to follow the rules .... any ideas?

Gosh - is it really 11 days?

22 November 2015 00:57:10

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Can't believe it is 11 days since I posted here! Been a bit busy with other stuff and of course the weather hasn't been encouraging ...

However today I found time for a little bit of stuff - mainly repairing damage from the storms - the greenhouse had a narrow escape - one of the panes blew out and I could have had the disaster I had last year. Fortunately I've been able to sort it out this time. Then one of my arches on the Clematis Walk was starting to come adrift so that needed a bit of fixing too. 

Having done that I went on a "camera walk" round the garden and was thrilled at what I found ....

A poppy? In November?

Mahonia just getting going - no black spot this year!

And in the greenhouse - maybe not as spectacualr as Rachels ..... Attar of Roses!

Begonia conundrum

11 November 2015 21:51:49

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Having watched Rachel's excellent video on how to overwinter Begonias I finally got round to following her method.

I have about 6 tubers - so 6 out of 6 planted this year actually grew. This is a much better success rate than my previous attempts.

So once the earth was cleaned off them i noticed that one of them must have been planted sideways judging by where the leave shoot came out.

So they are all safely in a paper bag in the wardrobe and I have until Spring to figure out this conundrum. This one that I accidentally planted sideways this year - do I plant it sideways next year? Or should I try to let it go right way up instead?

Aster for Jacinta

11 November 2015 21:18:25
Aster for Jacinta

Aster for Jacinta

This aster could be the plant you showed.

where did all those leaves come from?

07 November 2015 02:40:57

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Just back from celebrating the little princess's 4th birthday in Barcelona .... warm and sunny .... and no rain!!!!

Does everyone do what i do when they've been away? I got home after dark last night so this morning even before breakfast I had to do a lap around the garden! I'm a bit shocked at the amount of leaves waiting to be lifted but I am delighted to see that there are still quite a few flowers doing their stuff - although I'm going to have my work cut out to get the place sorted - lots of cutting back and tidying is called for!

But for today its a day to celebrate the late bloomers!

I'm a bit concerned that my wonderful giant Ricinus have flowers but don't seem to be setting seeds .....

And there were enough raspberries to make a couple more pots of jam!


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