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TheH (Hazel)'s Journal

TheH (Hazel)'s Journal July 2017

Last Post 173 days 22 hours ago

What to do on a showery day

31 July 2017 13:35:46

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Yesterday was a lovely day - except for the occasional downpours so I continued on the deadheading of the front garden. It was a bit optimistic of me to say I was almost finished!!! You know how it is when you get the secateurs in your hand .... the mound of stuff awaiting shredding is testament to my enthusiasm for severe haircuts! 

So what to do during the downpours? I made good use of the time by plaiting my onions and they are now waiting to be hung up/1

The other photo is of a really pretty Francoa Pink Giant whose name I had completely forgotten - but Gerry Daly's lovely item on late colour in the borders jogged my memory - and there it was, in the database, and even its correct location identified! Thank you Tina for this lovely plant which seems very happy here!

Deadheading etc.

29 July 2017 23:54:12

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I started out today determined to do the dead-heading that I've been promising myself to do ages!

Well you know how it is - every time you pass by the dahlias with the "pointy" buds that need to come off, or you trip over the geraniums spilling out over the path you say "must do the dead-heading".

Well today was the day! And did I enjoy it! I decided to concentrate on the front areas because the Buddlias were top of the list! I tidied the Buddha garden - took out the foxgloves that were gone over and did a judicious trim of some of the geraniums. I realised that this border has a pastel thing going on - the Thalictrums are mauve and white and the various geraniums are in blues and pinks. There are two Buddlias here - a white one and a stunning "pink" one - well its actually a kind of cerise but really beautiful. In tidying the geraniums I realised there was a need for something to carry on the show for the late summer. I had the perfect plant among the "plants in waiting" - It is a Sidalcea that I thought I'd lost that I potted up in the Spring. It is one that came from an old garden which went via my Dubliln garden to Elizabeth and then to me! It looks very like "Party Girl" and is a lovely deep shade that fits in well with the other plants in the border.

So what was I doing? Oh yes, Dead-heading wasn't I? Well I did get back to it after that distraction and spend a happy few hours chopping and tidying - so almost all front areas are done and looking much better! 

plant id please?

28 July 2017 02:21:08

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I have this amazing plant in one of the borders. It is tall, elegant and last year flowered amazingly. It's not quite so vigorous this year but I thin it may not come into its own until next month. 

I suspect it may be Campanula Glomerata 'Superba' but the pink colour is putting me off a bit. The only tall pink campanula that Google is finding is a much paler pink than mine.

I have it beside Campanula Lactiflora 'Prichards Variety' which is pale bllue. The leaves of the pink plant are stiffer and a shiny green a bit darker than the blue one. In my database I have Rachel as the donor.

I;d really like to be able to identify this flower because it is such a striking one.


Sometimes Less is More

26 July 2017 00:04:54

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In previous journals I have featured the Japanese Anemones which have been allowed to run amok in the border behind my greenhouse but this year I noticed that the other plants in that border are really suffering from the exuberance of the Anemones.

I started just intending to weed the border - there were thistles and other undesireables shooting up over the Anemones - no mean feat as the Anemones are well over 5ft tall!!!

But you know how it is - once you start cutting back its very hard to stop .... so the plan evolved. Just retain ONE plant of the Anemones and remove all the others!

On what may have been the hottest day of the year so far I embarked on the task of removing dozens of Anemone roots :-) Lots of drinks of water were required but before dusk all were out!

So I'm left with a sack full of roots and a mountain of shredding to do!

But on the bright side this gives me a planting opportunity - there are a couple of shrubs really begging to be planted so that may be tomorrow's task.

Reply to DeclanFromTipp

24 July 2017 11:57:42
Reply to DeclanFromTipp

Reply to DeclanFromTipp

I was going to put this in a comment but it turned into more of a journal - so here it is:

Oh dear! Microsoft and Apple have never been good at talking to each other!!!! The Album problem has been solved for the Microsoft world it appears.

In defense of the IT team they are a small team trying to keep this website going while undertaking a major upgrade of the system.

I think we should remind ourselves that the Irish Garden people are providing us with a huge amount of safe storage for our archives of our gardens totally free of charge. I realise the current technical difficulties for people using iPhones and Tablets are very frustrating but the team are working to produce a new version of the website and this kind of development takes time especially when happening in tandem with maintaining the current system.

Declan - as the only gardening site and gardening magazine originating in Ireland The Irish Garden gives us advice and information relevant to Ireland rather than the very annoying English magazines and programs that will only suppy to "Mainland UK Only".  With the small population on this island it is inevitable that the resources available for the website are limited. It is indeed a smalll outfit but in my opinion it "Punches way above its weight" and we haven't had Brexit yet!!!!

Sorry for the rant - but I have found that the techies are quick to respond to most issues but this one is not a minor one - it is a hugely challenging problem for them which they are trying hard to resolve.


My Private Open Day

24 July 2017 01:18:49

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Would you believe it? I was looking forward to Elizabeth's Open Day since I visited her in May - I said I was going on Facebook - I said I was going on Garden.ie - and then after all that I managed to get the day wrong!!!!

So I travelled to Cobh today. I have now got Elizabeth in my Sat Nav (so no escape Elizabeth!) so I'm cruising along enjoying the sunshine but as i get closer I'm a little surprised that there are no "Open Garden This Way" signs ..... i get to Elizabeths - the gate is closed! I go onto Facebook on the phone and there as large as life are messages wishing Elizabeth Good Luck for her Open Day YESTERDAY!!!!! 

Oh Dear!  What to do? I try calling her but it goes to voicemail! I see her car is in the drive and I call her but no reply ... What to do now? I've brought her a little plant so I write a note on the only available paper - a tissue! - and decide to try the gate and leave the plant on the table outside the house - but as I tentatively go round the house I see the door is open! I call Elizabeth and her crazy dog Meg realises she is going to get the sack because she didn't cop the intruder!!!!

Poor Elizabeth! i'm sure the last thing she needed today was yet another garden visitor! But being the lady she is, she put the kettle on and plied me with goodies before giving me my very own personal tour of her garden! Having visited in May I was very aware of just how much work she had put in to making her garden "perfect" !!!! In May it was delightful but now in July it is singing!

Thank you so much Elizabeth for your great welcome to me - I know only too well just how wrecked you must have been after your very successful day yesterday! Your garden is a real treasure but best of all it was lovely to sit and talk "gardening" on a lovely sunny day in your garden! I'm sorry for worrying you by my non-appearance yesterday! I'll put up an album if the site is behaving tonight!

One, Two, Three

21 July 2017 14:08:06

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My daughter Ciara and her lovely husband Jesus brought me back some bulbs from Amsterdam. Last year my Tigridia produced a single flower and I was captivated by it. Imaging my delight this year! 

The flowers only last a day or so, but Oh! so Pretty!


Jemo's Garden

16 July 2017 23:46:03

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I made the trip to Jemo's garden today - and what a day it was! I have often wondered what Brian (Jemo) 's garden would be like. From various conversations I knew it was a mature garden - and that he liked planting the vegetables the hard way with lots of digging - and that he had a pond. More than that I couldn't picture so arriving at his lovely garden I was absolutely delighted!The first impression on this lovely sunny Sunday was of lovely mature trees, well-manicured lawns and a profusion of plants living happily round the trees. As the afternoon wore on more and more Garden.ie friends appeared - it was a real "gathering". As we strolled around the garden examining Brian's many clever planting arrangements we renewed acquaintance with friends not seen since the January get-together so there was lots of chat, lots of hugs, and our very own "official photographer" snapping everyone as they arrived! 

I particularly liked the unusual Clematis that Brian has in his garden and I am very jealous of his magnificent "Princess Diana"!!!!! I got great tips on how to grow climbers up into the trees - and while my trees are only babies compared to his lovely mature ones I amd tempted to give it a go anyway!

I also loved how there are nooks waiting to be explored all round the garden, without losing the spacious feel of all those manicured lawns! Brian assured me he loves mowing his lawns and they certainly show his care and attention! 

Down at the Pond the house is almost hidden from view - the water-lilies are flowering and the Angel's Fishing-Rods at the pool side were dramatic! A lovely double Geranium was flowering away and I ignored Brian's comments about it being a bit floppy - it looked delightful to me!

After we had had ample opportunity to explore the garden Maria called us in for tea and a veritable feast of goodies - and i think we did justice to her efforts!

I know the site is only back after its recent problems but I'm going to try and load an album too!

Thank you Biran and Maria - the hosts with the most - for giving me the chance to catch up with so many of my gardening friends in your truly delightful garden!

What to do with the left-overs

12 July 2017 03:07:25

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I wonder what do others who open their gardens and offer plants for sale do with the plants that don't sell?

Do they continue to pamper the plants until the next open day?

This year I put quite a bit of effort into the plants for sale, starting them off early in the year and nursing them through the weeks and indeed months! Many of my plants are prolific self-seeders so any weeding session is likely to result in a few more pots for the Plants for Sale area. Over the seasons these plants need maintenance  - weeding and tidying as well as the endless watering!

Thankfully there weren't too many left-overs after Sunday. I put some by for the next meeting of my local Gardening Club but there were still a lot to deal with.

This morning I went around with the wheelbarrow laden with plants looking for a good home. I did manage to get rid of quite a few    

I got as far as distributing the pots but the planting of them will have to wait for another day or so!  

I spent quite a time cleaning up the Clematis Walk. The Clematis Wilt has been very bad this year. So I spent the day sorting them out. I felt it was a little crazy to be doing last miute tidying after the event - the horse has definitely bolted by now!

The last photo is just to let you know I haven't completely lost the plot - I sat on the Swing seat and snapped that scene!!!     

The day after .....

11 July 2017 01:52:33

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Yesterday was my Open Day. I'd like to start with a huge "Thank you" to the people who travelled from Clare and from Dublin to visit my garden and more importantly to support the Laois Hospice.

We don't have a final figure yet as some people who couldn't come on the day are kindly coming up with donations as I write. When the final figure is counted I'll post the results.

Once again Brendan managed his magic so I had a lovely day for the event. It was hot in the sunshine and still very warm when the sun went in! The rain stayed away until 5 pm so if I do this again I will deinitely finish at 5 rather than 6 pm

Of course, i was far too busy talking to visitors to take any photos so instead I took some today when the garden has settled back into its usual tranquility!

I was really touched by all the lovely compliments the garden got - one lady was complimenting me on how weed-free the garden is ..... while I was quite distracted by a very large dandelion just behind her LOL

Thank you Jackie for the plants you brought - I hope the Pelargonium survives my rather hit-and-miss approach to plants that need over-wintering in the greenhouse!

And thank you to Elizabeth (Liztai) for the white campanula! 

The Plant Sales area made a significant contribution to the funds raised and I really appreciate Elizabeth's work in this area. It was very poignant that her beloved husband Tony who did a fantastic job last time directing people arriving at the gate was no longer with us. We really missed him and i would like to dedicate the success of yesterday to his memory.

The pictures are:

1. Down by the pond this morning just dringing in the peace

2. This lovely Grass was given to me by Nuala (AitAileann) when we visited her a couple of years ago

3. This Alstromeria Selina was given to me by a kind .ier but my database needs their name please!

Good ideas are always welcome!

08 July 2017 01:09:58
Good ideas are always welcome!

Good ideas are always welcome!

Ages ago Peter (AKA Mr. Scrubber) put up a journal describing using a Tarpaulin to haul stuff up from the Scrub. I remember thinking this was a great idea but didn't get around to trying it until the past couple of days. 

My system is to lay the tarp out flat on the ground beside where I am working and then I just have to sling the debris onto it.Much easier than trying to stuff them into a bucket! Then when I move on to the next spot the tarp is easily dragged after me!

Then when the job is finished - or the tarp is full - I catch it by the four corners and carry it to my compost heap.So much easier than struggling down a few steps to the composting area! I'm a total convert to theTarp Method.

So a big thank you to Peter for sharing such a fabulous idea!!!!

Open Garden for Laois Hospice

04 July 2017 02:19:37
The New Logo

The New Logo

Next Sunday is the day - 9 July from 2 pm to 6 pm. We have been putting a lot of effort trying to get this event into peoples diaries through Facebook and I've been mentioning it on this site too.

So at this stage .....

1. The weeding is ALMOST finished

2. The dead-heading is getting there - geraniums that flowered too early need to be tidied at least!

3. The posters are up in the local shops

4. Nearly 3000 people have clicked on the Facebook page for the event

5. There are some plants for sale and they are being kept well watered and fed

6. My daughter has designed a new logo for me

So anyone who would like to suuport this very worthy cause we would love to see you here. Its all Donations and every penny goes to the charity! And there will be tea (or coffee) and cakes too! 

Now all we need is sunshine!


Glenveagh Gardens

02 July 2017 00:50:23

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My recent trip to Donegal included a few hours spent in Glenveagh Park and with time limited I decided to spend as much time as possible in the gardens! Did I mention it was spilling rain the entire time?

Our coach left us at the Visitor Centre and some of the group deciced to stay there enjoying the video of the history of the Castle and then tucking in to a beautiful home-cooked lunch.

The committed Gardeners took a different approach - we pile in to a small Mini-bus and delivered us safely to the Garden and Castle. Sadly time did not allow for us to visit the Castle. The Cafe in the Gardens served mainly tea and cakes so that was our lunch for the day.

However I have to say that I was floating on the images of the gardens that I took home - and many I didn't record!

It was a truly magical place to visit and I just regret that i didn't have time to take if all in! Just have to go back I reckon :-)

Hope the album gives at least a flavour of this wonderful garden!

Getting ready for the Big Event

02 July 2017 00:18:38
Over-full border

Over-full border

I've been away for a few days in the wonderful county of Donegal but my enjoyment was somewhat reduced by the thought in the back of my head that I should have been at home pulling weeds!

I'm having an Open Day in aid of Laois Hospice this year. The first one was two years ago and I'm hoping that we will be as well supported as we were that time.

Of course that means I'm in a frenzy of weeding, tidying, tying up and other such boring activities!I hope that some of you may have seen references to it on some of the gardening facebook pages - or maybe even on my own facebook page!

I am also grateful that Gerry Daly has included my Open Day on the "News Page".

So the Big Day has kind of crept up on me - 9th July is only a week away ....

The preparations this year are a bit different to previous years. I collected a fair number of "thugs" over the past few years - many as generous gifts from friend on this site - and they helped me to get a really mature effect on my garden in a remarkably short space of time! Of course my total ignorance of the growth potential of the nutrients trapped in my heavy clay soil meant that I have been constantly amazed at the size these plants can achieve in a very short space of time.

So that brings me to the current dilemmas - If a Thug is trying to smother his neighbours what to do? Cut it back hard and leave a gaping hole in the border? Try and put manners on it and endup with a plant with a crew-cut?

And what about the plants that flowered earlier than usual and are now definitely past their best? They need to be cut to the ground but that will leave more gaps in the borders. 

Should I rush out and get lots of annuals to fill the gaps? Too late! Only 7 days to the Open Day so they won;t have time to fill the gaps. Leave them alone and have the borders look bedraggled for the Open Day?

Oh Dear! At the end of the day the garden will continue to "be itself" with my usual casual approach to the garden and I just have to hope that my visitors also like this style of garden!



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