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Diana's Journal

Diana's Journal

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Beautiful day.

08 May 2010 22:18:04

What a fantastic evening, I was outside so long that my other half asked had I grown roots, and quite honestly I really wouldn't have minded. The birds were singing their little heads off and it felt just like summer.     We bought another Rhododerdron "Percy Wiseman" in Lidl.  it is a really large plant and chocker block full of flowers.  Im looking forward to getting it planted tomorrow.

Have a great weekend ya all. 


The weather

06 May 2010 22:20:48

What in the world is happening to the weather. This morning was like the middle of winter outside, and then this afternoon was beautiful. The poor seeds don't know if they are coming or going.  Mine are in and out like a fiddlers elbow. I just wish that it would make up it's mind what its going to do and get on with it. Mind you I am only whistling in the wind because it dosn't make any difference what we think of it at all.  Sorry for the rant but I'v waited so long for a garden that I just want to get down and get my hands dirty.(and I want to be able to get into my bedroom without triping over seed trays ;o)


Happy Mayday.

01 May 2010 20:30:13

The weather has been a mixed bag for that last few days.  Didn't get much done at all.  Bought loads and loads of seeds though, and have trays and pots all over the place.  There was a clump of primroses outside the fence so I dug them up and got 12 plant from them. Going to plant them under the trees, unless you think that might not a good idea. 

Managed to get broccoli plants in woodies and put them out for a week to harden off and then planted them in a patch (cant call it a vegetable patch because thats all thats in there at the moment)  The slugs had a feast.  So planted 3 more along with some slug pelletts. Touch wood they seem to be growing.

Thinking of doing a corner of the garden in shrubs. Would I be better off putting a membrain down  over the grass or do I need to dig first. Mind you by the time I have got rid of the stones and rocks it will be pretty well dug over anyway.

Enjoy the bank holiday and hope the weather improves for you all.

mushroom compost.

20 April 2010 22:33:23

Thank you for all your good wishes and helful advice.  It seems as though the article I read was a little doom and gloom.  It is better to rot it down a little and let the rain at it to wash away some of the salt. but it is not the end of the world to do what I did. Brigette had told me not to put it near the roots of the trunk of the trees as it containes a good bit of lime. so I was very careful and hopefully did not cause too much damage to any of the plants,and I didnt go anywhere near the trees just in case.  The lucky thing is that we only do a smallish piece of the border at a time. so alls well that ends well.  Thanks agaqin for all your help and advice. Needless to say the other three blocks are as we speak rotting down. (and producing mushrooms Soup anybody?)

Jacinta - We got the compost in our local mushroom growers, and we were told to take as much as we wanted . FOR FREE!!!! Maybe look up your local grower and give them a call, They can only say no.


What have I done now??

19 April 2010 22:00:57
This afternoon we went and collected 4 blocks of mushroom compost, and I put one block into newly dug beds.  I was checking on talk and came across a bit that said that you sould rot it down before adding it to the soil and that if you dont it ruins the soil and any new plantings.......Please please tell me that this isn't true and if it is how can I make amends. 

Great week

17 April 2010 08:20:05

What a great week. The weather was so good and I now have a better idea where the sun is in the garden. 

  I patched up my disaster (lidl green house) with parcel tape and so far so good.  Yesterday I had a slug in it (the little blighter) I put some slug pellets down so hopefully he is no more.  The space is starting to look more like a garden now.

We bought a raised bed in the garden centre but was dissapointed when it arrived as it is so small and at E150 (including filling it) it really dosn't seem good value.  Not to worry we all learn by our mistakes. Any way it is filled with Lettuce and seeds.  I have dug 2 new small beds and have a few seed germinating (fingers crossed) so I will have somewhere for them to go. 

I really seem to have so many questions that I hope you will not get fed up with them.  Just let me know if I am puting them in the wrong place please.  Love all the journals,  Happy weekend to you all.

Another one

09 April 2010 21:31:34

Another beautiful a work filled day. I'm trying to figure where I am getting all this energy as there was no lunch... it was I'll just do this and then that and then the other and it was 5.00 when I thought about it again so decided to wait for dinner.  A trip to the garden centre tomorrow for more green thingies to plant. Oh I am enjoying myself.  (I wonder if there is a time limit on this  feeling I do hope not) 

great day

08 April 2010 23:04:04
What a great day. Up and out ito the garden at 9.30  then the work started. We planted 9 assorted trees and bushes including a cordaline which I thought was dead when I took it out of the pot there were a good few new roots so am hoping for the best............  Mick got to use his brand new mower and made a first class job of mowing the (lawn?). ........ Cleared a lot of Ivy from the dry stone wall and then finished off by clearing the grass off another three slabs.  If I keep finding slabs we won't have to build a patio at all. .....  Also tapped up my disaster..i.e. lidl type glass house  not a bad job at all. it will do at a push anyway.  Hippy Chick thinks that she has a spare cover from a couple of years ago so could be the answer...and so to bed.zzzzz


05 April 2010 11:44:20

Oh I could cry.  I was so thrilled with my walk in green house the other day after, we erected it in the garden.  This morning when I got up I found it by the kitchen window. It had blown over in  the high winds last night and when I went to rescue it i found that the plastic had been completely shredded on the gravel path. 

Has anyone any idea if I can get a new cover? Or do I have to invest in a whole new one again.? I didn't have a lot in it thank goodness but what I did have is gone.  What with this and the weather I am really not having much luck.  I know now how you all felt about the plants, trees, and shrubs that you all lost to the floods and dreadfull low temperatures.

Never mind in Scarletts words "tomorrow is another day"

Happy Easter

02 April 2010 15:42:13

Happy Easter one and all, and may the weather improve in all parts of the country.  If you can't get out into the Garden just put your feet up and dream about it. (you always get twice as much done that way!!)

Could be worth a try.

30 March 2010 14:06:27

I just picked this up on an Australian site.  It could work and it's worth a try anyway.

"Are grubs and slugs ruining your bedding planting beds?

Place a few slices of cucumber in a small pie tin and your garden will be free of pests all season long.

The chemicals in the cucumber react with alluminium to give off a scent undetectable to humans but drive garden pests crazy and make them flee the area."

I supose in a big garden you would need a few.  Are the Chinese take away cartons alluminium?

First day

29 March 2010 10:06:58

Well I spent the first full day yesterday in the garden (field) and what a glorious day it was too.

 I decided to see why there were patches of moss outside the new french doors When I scraped the moss away I discovered great slabs of concrete. It looks as though there was another house on this site and they knocked it down and just left it where it fell.  I managed to clear 4 patches and plonked some pots on one of them (not bad looking) . But the trouble is that is where we wanted to put the patio. So back to the drawing board. 

We  have one remaining stone dry wall which is beautiful and half covered in ivy. so I am looking out for ways to get rid of some of it,  Also I think that there use to be more walls and the stones (rocks) are scattered about the rest of the garden.

We also put up the walk in green house from lidl.  I'm glad we didn't put it up in the house as I really didn't think it was that big.  If I can't have the real thing I am delighted with it. 

Best part is that although I could't move without a groan last night today I feel no pain. 





The photos at last

25 March 2010 20:28:24

Mick has just put the photos up on the site for me, I'm a bit worried about the title though. I  do hope he intends to help.......

 As you can see I need all the ideas I can get please.  I would like a veg patch and a patio, a trellis but I know it will all take time but it should be worth it.

 I have bought lavender, rosemary  shallots and onion sets and a tomato plant.Well I supose it is a start isn't it?







21 March 2010 16:54:18

At long last I have the photos of the garden but not being the brightest on the computer I have to wait for my other half to download them for me (I'm not even sure if that is the rite termanologie)

Any way I have spent the last hour or so reading all your journals and how I envy you all.  I thought that by now I would have more that a 2' x 3' plot  to start the new garden in but with all the work in the house I havn't had time.  We did go to Home base on Sat and had a good look at the garden centre...What dose everyone think about buying there?  I thought that the plants looked really healthy but thouht I would ask your oppion on them first. I did get a Phormium for my birthday but was dissapionted to find that it wasn't frostproof.  Try and get the photos up tomorrow.  Enjoy the beautiful weather.

What a warm welcome.

17 March 2010 09:18:24

Thank you all for your warm welcome.  I have spent hours in here (this site) nosing in everyones garden and quite honestly they are all fantastic.  I don.t think that I realised quite how much work will be involved.  I havn't had a garden for about 10 years as we have lived on a Barge in Roscommon. mind you I went a bit mad with tubs of flowers and herbs all over the deck (you could say i went over board). This however is quite a different story.  I will try and get some photos later today when it has stopped drizzling and we have been to the local parade.

Have a great day everyone and not too much green beer.... 



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