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Rachel's Journal

Rachel's Journal April 2014

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Garden Visit, 10 May

30 April 2014 22:31:44

That was April

30 April 2014 20:11:23

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So that was April and I've added the last of my April photos to the album if anyone wants a look.

The photos of Fran and ClaireE's gardens abd the Alpine Show have also been uploaded.

It has been a lovely April. Let's hope the summer is as good.

Douentza, April 2014

Today and Sunday

30 April 2014 14:56:52
Today and Sunday

Today and Sunday

I am trying to finish planting the new Lasagne Border but it's taking longer than anticipated. Today rain called a halt to proceedings. Then it stopped so I went out and dug some more holes.

I've positioned all the plants on the border and am digging the holes for them and then I'll plant all in one go with a nice compost and manure mix.

I would have finished the holes too except I remembered the arisaema. The plan had been to put them in and I nearly forgot!

So I went and found them and postioned them and dug a few more holes in the drizzle and then it started coming down good-o so I went in.

On Sunday I took a mad propagating fit, trying all kinds of things and hoping they'll strike. That reminds me, I'd better go check their moisture levels!

The photo shows Rhododendron 'Virginia Richards'. It is just coming into flower. I bought this one for its particular colour because it was in flower when I bought it. In front of the rhodo is a plant I thought I'd lost - Japanese Parsley or Cryptotaenia japonica f. atropurpurea. And it is alive and well.

Star Wars

29 April 2014 23:36:01

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This time Star Wars is a magnolia, not a pleione!

I sought this magnolia out after seeing it in a garden where the flowers were almost dinner plate size.

So, Magnolia 'Star Wars'. Here it is.

A Little Help from my Friends

29 April 2014 23:11:11

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Last summer I photographed this fabulous tender plant in summer bedding displays in France.

Isn't it just gorgeous with those black heart-shaped leaves?

It took a long time to identify the plant, via my friend in France who contacted her local municipal gardners. She went to a lot of trouble and eventually came back with the name Ipomea 'Sweetheart Purple'.

Ipomea? That's not any ipomea I know!!!

So, armed with knowledge, I tried to source this plant. You may have seen my previous journal! But it was fruitless.

And then Deborah Begley came to my rescue :)

Deborah also went to a lot of trouble (although rumour has it that Terra Nova may feature one or two of these plants this year).

Anyway, last Saturday I took posession of 25 Ipomea 'Sweetheart Purple' at the Alpine Fair, thanks to Deborah.

Aren't frinds just the bestest?

Tall, Lanky Plants

29 April 2014 19:29:32

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As some may have guessed from my recent Irish Garden article, I am not put off by a plant's habit.

I seem to have a penchant for tall, lanky plants at the moment and snapped a few of them in the garden today.

All three of these - Polygonatum, Disporum and Smilacina (now renamed, I think) - like shade. I think all three are crackers!

Pink Leyla

29 April 2014 09:06:22
Pink Leyla

Pink Leyla

Looking good now, Streptocarpus 'Pink Leyla'.

Thank you, Tina

28 April 2014 11:12:54
Thank you, Tina

Thank you, Tina

I would just like to say a big thank you to my uncomplaining companion for the day.

Tina had a really long day, arriving at my house, after more than an hour's drive. So when I got home about 7:30pm, Poor Tina still had a long journey ahead of her.

But I am reminded of her and the great day we had when I see this fabulous aruicula. Tina grew this from Barnhaven seed and it is even prettier than this photo suggests, with a two-toned effect on the leaves.

Compare this to the last photos I uploaded of auriculas that I bought and it is just as good, if not prettier.

So, thank you, Tina :)

A Few Purchases

28 April 2014 11:02:39

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The Alpine Show was a day for purchsing alpines.

I ordered some auricula and marginata primulas beforehand. One plant from my order didn't arrive so I picked a different auricula instead.

I thought it was very decent of Peninsua Primulas, when they only had half-sized plants, to bring them along anyway for me and only charge half price!

And that was the sum total of my nursery purchases.

But I did pick up two gems in the members plant sale - a speckled farfugium (happy days) and a large Hydrangea 'Soeur Therese'.

Yesterday I was completely itchinfg to get out and pot up my primroses in the small antique clay pots I got my hands on last year. It is a joy only us gardeners will understand :)

A Day of Three Halves

28 April 2014 00:25:38

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I can only add to what has been written already by saying that I too enjoyed the events of yesterday.

It was just wonderful to see so many of my favourite people again - some having come from the far-flung corners of Ireland!

The day started in Fran's, everyone in great form and rearing to go. We enjoyed the tour of the garden and marvelled at the attention to detail throughout. I came away with the feeling of having to rethink the 'micro' element in my garden. I was so awestruck my Fran's creativity and technical abilities.

Lunch was wonderful. Still can't believe I turned down that sumptuous vegan cake, thinking there wasn't enough to go around, only to see a second one magically materialise on the table. lol.

I guess that accunts for the first half of the day.

Then there was the show! And there was Liga and Myrtle and many hugs and kisses and Hazel and, looking over some stalls, even the bold Jacinta!

I was glad I had ordered plants in advance because there seemed little time to browse, what with all the catching up that had to be done!

And then there was coffee and more chat and goodbyes and desperate and impossible attempts to get all the plants in the car with myself, Tina and Kristina. But the day was not over yet! Kristina had to be back in Galway and Tina was definitely overtime yet we decided to descend on ClaireE's garden.

So this was the third half of the day and Claire took it in her stride when three of us turned up when she had only expected one. The garden is beautiful and is a credit to Claire, who has a penchant for Barnhaven primroses and flamboyant pink camellias while still maintaining a tranquil and beautiful place for her girls to play. Little Lucie is quite the gardener, you know!

So much to say and yet I've rabbited on enough. It was a good day :) Photos to follow.

Open Gardens

25 April 2014 20:06:03

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It was another beautiful day today. We have been so lucky but it's due to change!

I did some potting on and sorting of plants for people who are coming to the Alpine Show tomorrow. I'm soooo looking forward to it! And, breaking news, Liga is coming after all so it will be perfect :)

We removed the strips of bubble wrap from the roof of the greenhouse. It was too much, not being able to open the windows. I've left the bubble wrap up on the sides for the moment though as it's giving my seedlings some shade.

Then when I came indoors I found the postman had brought me the Irish Garden, with the Open Gardens magazine.

I spotted this one garden in Wexford that I might try out. However, rumour has it she still has the bubble wrap up in the greenhouse so goodness knows what it's like!


25 April 2014 08:32:50
Erythronium 'Kinfauns Pink'

Erythronium 'Kinfauns Pink'

The weather was glorious yesterday and there was one heavy shower, which was very welcome.

I didn't feel like gardening at all but somehow mustered the inclination to spread the last of the mulch (small amount left from last year), weed a small area and translate several clumps of lychnis.

I noticed lily of the valley and a certain euphorbia are running in a weedy way. They will have to come out. Also, the ocassional bluebell is popping up in the borders. Yikes. They are hard to remove!

This erythronium is looking lovely though.

Ginger Cake y

24 April 2014 22:16:39
Hedychium greenie keiki

Hedychium greenie keiki

Okay, well correctly it's a ginger keiki (not cake-y) but I couldn't resist the tasty pun!

My Hedychium greenei are making babies. They are growing new plants (keikis) from beside where they flowered.

I am going to remove the babies and pot them up.

I know some orchids, particularly dendrobiums, tend to do this. But apparently so does Hedychium greenei.

Coming into Flower

23 April 2014 20:07:52

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These two are coming into flower now.

The first is a wonderfu, giant umbel called melanoselinum or giant black parsley. I grew it from seed and this is its first flowering, although they aren't quite open yet.

The second is a hardy orchid, planted in my Orchid Bed. It is a calanthe and also a first flowering for me.

Alpine Show

23 April 2014 09:48:34
Alpine Show

Alpine Show

I hope to see many of you at the Alpine Show in Cabinteely this Saturday.

It should be a great day :)

Great Scent

23 April 2014 07:47:24
Rhododendron 'Lady Alice Fitzwilliam'

Rhododendron 'Lady Alice Fitzwilliam'

Liga recently posted about this rhododendron.

It is slightly tender so I kept mine in a pot until last year when it got planted in this sheltered location.

Wafts of scent came to me across the garden yesterday, advertising that the flowers had opened. The scent is just magnificent.

Open Day

22 April 2014 18:30:00
Tulipa 'Banja Luka'

Tulipa 'Banja Luka'

The 'Visit Gardens' section on this site now holds information from the Open Gardens booklet, which will go out with the May magazine.

My Open Days for this year, 12 & 13 July, are listed.

Hope to see many of you there.

Open Day 2014

For Bruno

21 April 2014 17:56:09

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Courtesy of yesterday and last night's wind, a flower arrangement!



PS I hate to cut or pick flowers from the garden.

Happy Easter

20 April 2014 14:11:43

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Our Easter started off with a good Easter egg hunt.

Don't you think that gardens were invented for Easter egg hunts?

The Easter bunny noticed some ground frost at 7am but it was gone by the time the 'hunters' set out.

Happy Easter to everyone.

Another White Double

20 April 2014 00:20:06
Another White Double

Another White Double

Just opened today - Sanguinaria canadensis 'Flore Plena'


Wood Anemone

20 April 2014 00:11:50

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This is my favourite wood anemone or Anemone nemorosa 'Vestal'.

I love the way the flowers open as single, with a yellow heart.

Then the yellow heart gains some white hairs.

And before you know, it has turned into a double, or maybe it is a semi double. It is gorgeous in any case.

I love small double white flowers.


Today's Escapades

17 April 2014 19:28:08
Pieris 'Forest Flame'

Pieris 'Forest Flame'

I didn't get much gardening done today as I was out and about.

I picked up a regal pelargonium from Lidl for next to nothing and then found Hydrangea aspera on a bargain trolley for €2 in an expensive Garden Centre. That made my day because I lost one to drought last summer.

When we got home I spent a few hours in the greenhouse, doing my favourite thing. That is, potting on specimen plants and preening them. The aeoniums are doing brilliantly! I even stood a few outside when I was finished but will keep an eye on the weather.

Couldn't believe the intense red of the pieris bushes today. So pretty.

For Periwinkle

17 April 2014 19:13:43
For Periwinkle

For Periwinkle

Hi Periwinkle, this is the stow-away primula I got from you back in 2009.

Perhaps you can judge the size of the flowers from my fingers.

The one I saw for sale, called 'Wanda', had similar colouring but much smaller flowers.

Any thoughts on name?

White & Stones

16 April 2014 17:48:19

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This is my stony triangle. In this part of the garden the ground is incredibly stony, so much so that, although it's bare, I won't be planting any more here.

There is the circular tulip/aster bed, a few specimen trees and a very stony bank where I am attempting to grow grasses.

But the tulips do look lovely in spring. I love white flowers.

Speaking of banks, today was spent weeding, edging and raking the persicaria bank at the very front, on the road.  Hubby recently clipped the hedge above the bank so the clippings were adding to the general dissaray. I can tell you that a certain pair of heavy-duty gardening gloves came in very handy for the odd bramble!

I was pleased to get it all done but not looking forward to picking up all the leaf thatch and weed piles when hubby came to my rescue. He was very welcome.


Cowslips & erythroniums

16 April 2014 12:25:49
Cowslips & erythroniums

Cowslips & erythroniums

Not to be outdone by Fran...


There are new photos in the April albym if anyone is interested.


16 April 2014 00:00:34
Streptocarpus 'Harlequin Lace'

Streptocarpus 'Harlequin Lace'

I know it seems a bit shameful to post about a house plant when the weahter is so wonderful but my streptocarpus justifies it.

I thoughts Streptocarpus 'Harlequin Lace' was looking particularly lovely today.

Fabulous Weather

15 April 2014 23:53:14
Fabulous Weather

Fabulous Weather

The weather is just fabulous.

It is hard to hold back on planting out the annuals with this kind of weahter!

Hoping everyone can manage some time in their garden between work and other commitments.

Dinner in the Garden

15 April 2014 00:28:53

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Click to zoom

Dinner in the garden in mid April.

That can't be bad!


13 April 2014 16:52:40

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Click to zoom

I couldn't help feeling a teensy bit jealous today of all those lucky folk at Fota.

But it was a nice day here and I busied myself with potting up some purple angelic and selinum for sale on my Open Day.

Then we played some silly games on the grass outdoors. We are lucky to have the weather for it.


Which Primrose Rules?

12 April 2014 12:05:58
Replanting Primula 'Wanda'

Replanting Primula 'Wanda'

The way I've been looking at things, each border should have a dominant spring flower, usually a primrose.

The idea is to have large drifts of the one primrose in each border/section. I think primroses are gorgeous en masse, and so rarely seen.

Sooo, in line with this master plant, I decided yesterday that Primula 'Wanda' should rule the border pictured.

I acquired 'Wanda' by accident in a clump that came down from Periwinkle's Donegal garden. Wanda is an old variety and these belonged originally to Periwinkle's grandmother. Only recently did Margot (Fleurette) give us the correct name for it.

So, Wanda had created quite a decent clump, mixed in with some asters that had travelled down with her, and I split it all up and replanted in the spaces under the hostas.

In a short while hostas will rule this border but for the moment there is little evidence of them. In spring Wanda will rule here!

Weeds Rant

11 April 2014 22:11:06
Narcissus 'Thalia'

Narcissus 'Thalia'

I am having a rant here.

My rant comes from finding that some plant, which I grew lovingly from seed and only planted out last year, has gone berserk in a border and is sending out runners at a most alarming rate.  I weeded it today but, no doubt, that is not the last of the problem. I have my suspicions as to what the plant was but will say nothing until I am sure.

And also, I hate Viola riviniana 'Purpurea'. What a waste of space! And to think, I actually paid money for this pest!

The photos show a pretty blue viola with purple foliage but the reality is that if this plant ever flowers, it is so surreptitious that you will never notice it. But flower it must because it spreads itself everywhere!!! And because the foliage is purple, it is hard to see and weed out. It is a kind of insubstantial weedy plant that is worth nothing.

Rant over!


11 April 2014 21:50:27
Arisaema graffithii

Arisaema graffithii

I've been peering around the tree peony for a few weeks now, on the look out for this arisaema. Today I was rewarded.

Apart from the little mouse plant, this is the first aroid to flower this year. Well, it's on its way!

I grew arisaema from seed in 2011 and now have about 20 flowering-size plants. They are going into the new Lasagne Bed.

Of course that is only the spring interest!


11 April 2014 20:14:58

Click to zoom

Click to zoom

Some may remember that last year I created a Lasagne Bed, as a quick way to get a new border.

Now it's time to plant it up!

I was a bit unhappy when I removed the plastic first because there were plenty of 'undigested' sticks on top (that's what comes from not shredding your prunings). But, as I plant, I lift out spadefuls of earth and these do a great job of covering the sticks. When covered by earth, the sticks will be digested in six months.

So, I planted up the first section today, using spadefuls of that lovely horse manure I got in Festina Lente recently. And it looks good. I can't wait til it grows up!

It is a nice long border and, once planted, it will really help the garden seem more filled out .

For anyone who has visited, the new border is where the horribly-pruned apple trees used to be.

Linda's Orchid

10 April 2014 17:14:50

Click to zoom

Click to zoom

It is very funny how Linda just put up a journal about my orchid.

I had taken this photo to put up a journal about hers.

I love this cute little dendrobium that Linda gave me.

Its parent originally belonged to RitaD, from this site, who sadly is no longer with us.

The second one is Laeliocattleya Coastal Sunrise, one of the nine in the competition that Hazel won.

I'm getting near the end of my orchids for this year.

All about green

09 April 2014 22:32:27

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Click to zoom

I started planting last year's Lasagne Bed but it was tough going as I had to dig holes slightly deeper than the layers.

As the ride-on is on the blink, hubby hand mowed the grass.

We both collapsed in a heap afterwards.

I also did some pruning of hydranges, notably the paniculata types. I remembered to try hardwood cuttings of 'Vanille Fraise', the most fabulous hydrangea of them all.

I imagined a kind of green theme going on, with Mathiasella 'Green Dream' and Disporum 'Green Giant'. But, even if that's in my imagination, they are both relatively unusual plants so worthy of a journal.

But the best bit was when I came indoors I managed to watch both Beechgrove and Gardens in Time on the iplayer, without using expat shield or anything. No halting at all! I wonder has the BBC changed their permissions to include overseas. I had missed both of these super programmes so was delighted to catch them.

More photos in the April album.

Tropical Promise

09 April 2014 16:03:41

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Click to zoom

It is encouraging to see things doing so well, due to the mild winter.

My tetrapanax is now getting to be a decent size.

Hoping for a good display this summer from my tropicals.

Day in the Garden

08 April 2014 16:57:16

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Click to zoom

I spent the day in the garden, starting with the bed that holds white tulips. How disgraceful to not have tidyied it up before the tulips opened!

But aren't the tulips haywire this year? Apart from the early ones, all my others look like they are opening at the same time!?!

Anyway, after sorting that out I kind of went from Billy to Jack in the garden, following my nose, or the weeds to be more precise.

Hubby appeared at one stage, wearing two jumpers and a coat - taking no chances - and shredded some branches, removed an unwanted shrub and heaved my large box plants over to their summer location.

I love when those box balls go in place as it means summer is coming!

We even had lunch outdoors. How's that for April!

Hope you all got some time outdoors!


Thank you, Dick & Sally

08 April 2014 16:29:43
Kerria japonica 'Pleniflora'

Kerria japonica 'Pleniflora'

This is Kerria japonica 'Pleniflora' and Dick gave it to me. In fact I was a very lucky girl because Sally gave me one too, which will be planted out this year.

So thank you, Dick & Sally :)

Kerria is a beautiful shrub and I saw it in Holland at the Keukenhof, where it was used as a backdrop to spring bulbs so I'll have to work on incorporating that idea.

I prefer the double form even if, as it would seed from a recent article, Gerry Daly does not.

Lots more flowers to come.


07 April 2014 19:44:10

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Click to zoom

It was another wet day here and I just watched it fall.

I tended to my orchids and the greenhouse a little but mostly felt crestfallen.

So much to do out there!

I'm sure tomorrow will be better.

PS The wood anemone is one I collected locally and the first wood anemone to open in my garden. I love wood anemones.

I also got...

06 April 2014 23:54:55
Dudleya brittonii

Dudleya brittonii

While I got my 'bread and butter', hardy perennials from Caherhurley Nursery at today's plant fair, I also wanted something a little different and exotic.

You saw the aeonium I put up in the last journal but I also got this little gem.

It is Dudleya brittonii, a Mexican succulent. The leaves are covered in a mealy 'wax', a little like auriculas. But this mealy 'wax' has the highest ultaviolet reflectivity of any plant. It certainly seems luminous!

Day Out

06 April 2014 21:20:48

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Click to zoom

Due to a last minute change of plan, I made it the the ISNA PLant Fair at Festina Lente today.

The weather was not promising but after a brief wetting, we were treated to glorious, take-your-coat-off sunshine.

I immediately spotted Fran, nose drawn to the Caherhurley plant sales and we had a bit of a chat before getting on with the serious business at hand.

Have I mentioned Caherhurley Nursery before? They are my stars. They always have excellent hardy perennials with roots that fill the pots and a super selection. They save money by not labelling so make sure to bring your camera to photograph the label at the front of the display. Actually, at €3.50 for one, €10 for three or €20 for 7 plants, I don't know how they make any money! That's €2.85 per plant!!!

I also bought two nice plants from Harrington's Exotics. I always look out for them at shows!

So myself and Fran had a good old chat over coffee as it felt like just ages since we'd last met and it was just great to catch up.

But it wasn't until I got home that I realised I had a bone to pick with Fran. He only went and SAT on my new aeonium - I mean, look at the poor thing in photo three :-)

My plant list :

Primula chionantha  
Potentilla   'Arc-en-Ciel'
Cephalaria gigantea  
Heloniopsis orientalis v. breviscarpa 'A-so'
Primula (polyantha) 'Gold-laced Black'
Primula (polyantha) 'Silver-laced Black'
Delphinium   'Sweethearts'
Aeonium tabuliforme  
Dudleya brittonii  


05 April 2014 20:54:05
Bartlettina sordida

Bartlettina sordida

I love the enormous, soft, felt-like leaves on this bartlettina tree.

It is a fast growing, thirsty fellow and not hardy.

Mark and Laura from Dhu Varren Garden were kind enough to bring this as a present when they visited here last year and I was delighted because if there's something I love more than getting plants, it's getting plants I've never heard of !

It is going to look fabulous as a pot display this summer!

Free Loaders

05 April 2014 17:34:41
Free Loaders

Free Loaders

This is the biggest free loader in my garden.

It's a brugmansia that is nearly 6ft tall, excluding pot, and it has never flowered!

Tina's Visit

04 April 2014 16:39:39
Tina's Visit

Tina's Visit

Tina came for a visit this morning and caught me cutting back the asters.

We had a walk and a talk around the garden and more chat over tea.

I'm sure we gardeners all have the same feeling but it is just lovely to have someone who notices things visit.

Our non-gardening friends and relatives and great but it takes a proper gardener to appreciate podophyllum, trilliums and erythroniums :)


04 April 2014 16:19:11
Trillium kurabayashii

Trillium kurabayashii

Yes, pleased with this :)


03 April 2014 22:10:32
First Pelargonium

First Pelargonium

I would just like to say that I will not be buying petunia seed any more.

I like to have two pots of white petunias for a certain area and usually grow them from seed. I grow from seed because this allows me to choose the colour.

This year I bought two packets of petunia seed at €1.62 each. They should have been started at the end of January but the seed company delayed so I only got to sow them on 16th February.

I got 20 seeds, which resulted in about 10 plants. The plants are still tiny. They cost me €3.24 plus compost, vermiculite and heat. They are not enough and they will not be ready soon enough.

So today I went to Aldi and bought a 12 pack of trailing petunia plugs for €5.99. These plugs are at least 4 times as big as my seedlings, with healthy roots, and they will zoom up now that I have potted them on. I will be buying Aldi plugs from now on.

Bad Taste

02 April 2014 13:18:35
Bad Taste

Bad Taste

Spring is the season of exceptionally bad taste.

However, we are happy for any colour :)

Primroses & The French Revolution

01 April 2014 20:07:17
Primula 'Marie Crosse' at the garden's edges

Primula 'Marie Crosse' at the garden's edges

Although it is too early to divide primroses as they are still in flower, I did it anyway today.

I had two large clumps of 'Marie Crosse' and 'Dawn Ansell' and round about this time, for the last few years, I would look at them and say - I should divide them when they finish flowering! But when they finished flowering the garden had moved on and so had I.

So today I dug them both up and I got 9 plants out of 'Dawn Ansell' and about 15 out of 'Marie Crousse' and I carpeted the border in them.

I am particularly pleased with the deep purple 'Marie Crousse' as it is now picking up the more insipid purples in Corydalis solida in that border.

I had to cut off all the flowers to give the divisions a chance. It was brutal and I had a bucket full! But aren't primroses the best?

I was reading that after the French Revolution at one point, the primrose was introduced as the French national currency.

Native Flowers

01 April 2014 09:51:12
Primula vulgaris

Primula vulgaris

I am just about to go out and do a bit in the garden but thought I'd post this photo from a few days ago first.

I have a nice red-flowered hawthorn, 'Crimson Cloud',  planted beyond the greenhouse. This touches on where the garden runs into the 'little maintained' area so the tree should count itself lucky that it even gets weeded at all!

Anyway, last year I went around the garden, digging up any clumps of native primroses I found in the grass and dividing and replanting them under this tree. There were enough to fill up the space but only this year can I see how well it looks.

Of course, a mass of Kennedy or Barnhaven primroses would look even better but these ones were free and are probably quite tough.


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