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Rachel's Journal

Rachel's Journal January 2015

Last Post 1119 days 13 hours ago

Orchid in Flower

31 January 2015 22:57:05
Orchid in Flower

Orchid in Flower

For your delictation, a video of this orchid...

Blc Chia Lin 'New City' - YouTube

Wednesday Videos

28 January 2015 00:21:33

Click to zoom

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And here are the Wednesday videos.

For sturdy outdoor gardeners and those who love propagation, here is a video on collecting arisaema seed, cleaning it and growing them.

Arisaema From Seed - YouTube



And for those who are still tucked indoors, here's a video on the carnivorous tropical pitcher plants that I grow.

Tropical Pitchers & Epicattleya - YouTube


Hoping there is something of interest for most of you.

The Great Outdoors

27 January 2015 14:47:22
The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

I've managed to do a a smidgeon of gardening the last few days and it has felt good.

This little robin kept me company today as I planted a bag of some 80 forgotten tulips.

Old Reliable

25 January 2015 20:04:03
Old Reliable

Old Reliable

This orchid, Tahitian Dancer, is back in flower.

It has 5 flower spikes this year.

You can't beat the old reliables!

Plant Genealogy

23 January 2015 17:24:01
Plant Genealogy

Plant Genealogy

I thought I would make this post to give you all a giggle.

The photo shows some notes I've been making on the ancestry of one of my cattleya orchids. I kid you not!

Amazingly, with orchids their ancestry has all been completely documented and can be easily researched. This is because orchids were hard to propagate and never hybridised by themselves in cultivation because baby plants require myccorhizal fungus to survive. This is not something that was understood until modern times so making an orchid cross was a whole song and dance and therefore always 100% documented.

With ordinary plant hybrids, mostly we have no idea as to what went into their ancestry as no human intervened in that process.

So, amazingly I can trace many of my orchids' ancestry back to the 1800's, as shown for Blc Young Kong in the photo.

Now, if only my own genealogy were so well documented!

Proteas & Cyms

23 January 2015 16:12:24

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Click to zoom

I thought you might like to see how my baby proteas are getting on. Those babies just grow up so fast...

And the second photo shows some cymbidiums in the greenhouse. I managed to break off a flower spike this morning while attempting to stake it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Some More Buds

23 January 2015 09:54:21

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Here are a few more buds I spotted in the greenhouse.

The first is an aeonium, which is a cross between Zwartkop and undulatum.

The second is a little noid aloe.

And the third is a pot of mixed freesias.

The first two are first flowerings for me so that's exciting and the freesias will add lovely scent.

Some Aeoniums

22 January 2015 23:05:32

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Click to zoom

Here are some aeoniums from the greenhouse yesterday.

I love these plants.

Wednesday Videos

21 January 2015 09:49:14

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Click to zoom

Well, it's Wednesday again and that means videos.

I have decided, for the time being, to release two videos per week - one on outdoor gardening and one on indoor. This is because I know a number of people are only interested in one particular type of gardening - outdoor, for example. Yet others are only interested in orchids.

You may also note the new 'sections' on my YouTube channel, which make it easier for you to find the kind of thing you prefer to watch. The four sections are - Greenhouse & House Plants, Outdoor Gardening, Orchids and Garden Tours.

Anyway, here are today's videos. I hope you enjoy them...

Only The Hardy - YouTube

Four Cattleyas - YouTube

Some Double Hellebores

19 January 2015 16:54:38

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Here are some photos I took in the garden two days ago.

It's great to see the hellebores coming into flower although I fear that last night's frost may have knocked them back.

Site Issues

17 January 2015 21:18:40
Site Issues

Site Issues

I see I'm not the only one who is again unable to upload photos.

I have aichrysum in flower and some nice dounle hellebores. You'll just have to take my word for it!

19.1.15 : Issues resolved and photo added.

Wednesday Videos

14 January 2015 08:13:58

Click to zoom

Click to zoom

Well, there's a blanket of snow outside so there'll be no gardening done. If you don't have to go anywhere I seriously recommend a warm drink and sitting down to enjoy these videos.

I have a treat for you this week with the first video. Even if you don't normally watch them, you may enjoy this...

Seven Deadly Sins of Gardening - YouTube

And, off the back of our recent get-together and my last journal, here's what I got at Johnstown...

New Plants - from Orchid to Snowdrop - YouTube

Few New Plants

13 January 2015 17:44:06
Few New Plants

Few New Plants

I picked up some exciting new plants at Johnstown, besides all the lovely things that my friends gave me.

Still basking in the glow of it all :)

I wonder how many can guess what this plant is in the photo!

Wonderful Day

12 January 2015 18:58:04


10 January 2015 21:17:18

All Set

10 January 2015 17:07:41
Blc Chia Lin 'New City'

Blc Chia Lin 'New City'

I dug up the phlox this morning, labelled my plants and put them in the car.

I am all set.

See you tomorrow, bright and early :)

Repotting Nepenthes

09 January 2015 18:00:36
Repotting Nepenthes

Repotting Nepenthes

I've been reading up on nepenthes and doing a little research recently and, of course, that got me to pay attention to my plants, which were overdue a repotting.

I had bought sphagnum moss, flat packed in a brick. It looked like MDF but was easy enought to break up and use.

I think my plants are going to benefit from this repotting and the use of sphag in their mix as opposed to moss peat.

PS Also wrapped my Kris Kindle pressie.

Now I'll let you get back to the Johnstown posts :)))

Plants 4 Johnstown

08 January 2015 09:36:20

Wednesday Videos

07 January 2015 08:23:47
Wednesday Videos

Wednesday Videos

Although the excitement about Johnstown is mounting, maybe you all can calm down by taking a few minutes to look at these.

The first of my weekly videos is on buds in the greenhouse at the moment and the exciting flowers I have to look forward to...

Buds in the Greenhouse - YouTube

The seoncd is one from the series of clips taken in the garden last July. They are nearly finished now....

Douentza Garden Tour - The Pipes - YouTube

If you have a YouTube acount, don't be afraid to subscribe, comment, like and share. But if you don't, you can still watch.

For Johnstown

06 January 2015 14:48:47
For Johnstown

For Johnstown

Can't wait to see you all on Sunday.
Please let me know if anyone going to Johnstown would like any of the following...

1) Phlox paniculata (white) - will be served in a plastic bag - Linda, Litzai, Doreen

2) Cordyline australis X 3 (small plants)

3) Lychnis coroniaria (cerise) - Jackie, Litzai, Doreen

4) Teucrium hircanicum - Linda, Florette, Joann

5) Centauea (white). This is a division from a plant originally owned by Shelser (a garden-ie who passed away prematurely) - all gone (checking amount)

6) Book - The Garden Healer - Helen Farmer-Knowles - 142 pages



Visit to Tina's

06 January 2015 09:31:52

Click to zoom

Click to zoom

Yesterday I was in south Wexford, paying a visit to Tina.

It was so good to talk plants again!

After a gorgeous peppery soup and temptation by cream cakes, I came away with a few cuttings and a happy heart.

Thank you, Tina :)

Books 4 Johnstown

05 January 2015 08:58:35

8 Years

03 January 2015 15:34:35

Click to zoom

Click to zoom

As the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of the Irish Garden is now in the shops, I hope you will excuse me if I pause for a moment to consider that I have just completeld eight years of writing for the magazine.

When I started writing my column, which Gerry wanted for the amateur readers, back in March 2007 I had no idea of the journey it would take me on, the volumn I would learn and the people I would meet.

I have written about many topics and have received a lot of questions and comments along the way, especially since this site started in 2008. And I would like to thank you all for your contributions and feedback. They have certainly coloured what I have written and my experience as a gardener. You are a great bunch!

And for those who haven't seen it yet, my last article is on 'screens and camouglage' and the reason why the Straw-Bale-princess, in the second photo, came into being. Those who came to last year's Open Days will have seen her. I hope you enjoy it and see you all at Johnstown!

I'm Back

02 January 2015 11:16:55

Click to zoom

Click to zoom

Well, now that the site seems fixed, I'm back.

It looks like a lovely sunny day today and not at all like in my photograph, which was taken after the frost of a few days ago.


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