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Rachel's Journal

Rachel's Journal July 2015

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A Year in the Life of a Border

31 July 2015 10:33:57
A Year in the Life of a Border

A Year in the Life of a Border

I've just published the July installment of the 'Year in the Life of a Border' series of videos and it's here if anyone wants a look...

A Year in the Life of a Border - July, Cherry Border - YouTube

There is a big difference in that border, as with the whole garden, since I started making the videos. And since we're almost half way there I thought I would put up the links to the previous months' videos of the same...

A Year in the Life of a Border - June, Cherry Border - YouTube

A Year in the Life of a Border - May, Cherry Border - YouTube

A Year in the Life of a Border - April, Cherry Border - YouTube

A Year in the Life of a Border - March, Cherry Border - YouTube

Garden Views

30 July 2015 10:46:46

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Here are some views from around the garden yesterday, framed by a moody sky.

Fed up with the rain now!

Wednesday Videos

29 July 2015 09:15:29

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Well, I'd better get these videos on here before I get a private message asking what's going on. lol.

The first of this week's videos is a tour of the Bay Garden in Camolin Wexford and, at the end, I show the plants I bought. I enjoyed a beautiful, dry stroll there with Deborah and Martin Begley last Saturday...

Garden Room For Every Mood - Bay Garden, Wexford - YouTube

The second video is on streptocarpus care...

Streptocarpus Care - YouTube

As usual, there have been other videos since last Wednesday, which you can find by going to my channel, if anyone is interested. Thanks and enjoy!

At last

24 July 2015 22:53:08
At last

At last

Some plants, like the romneya, just seem to take an age to open.

It seems like this one has been budding forever.

But it's here now and very welcome.

PS Congrats, Margot. Great article and photos!

Wednesday Videos

22 July 2015 19:25:28

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I received a message this morning, complaing about the lack of videos. lol.

So here you go!

They were already on YouTube but I couldn't get to a computer to do a journal for here.

The first video is a tour of Dhu Varren Garden in Kerry. Check out what amazing plants they grow!

Where Tree Ferns Grow Wild - Dhu Varren Garden, Kerry - YouTube

The second one is about Haemanthus humilis, the South African bulb, which is in flower now in the greenhouse...

Haemanthus humilis In Flower - YouTube

Here too is the video from last Monday...

Gardening Gifts - the big 50 ! - YouTube

Garden Views

20 July 2015 19:05:39

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Yesterday I celebrated a significant birthday and got a good haul of gardening ornaments. Happy days!

I got ahead with my potting today and feel that I'm actually five minutes ahead of the game for once.

But it's raining now so, no doubt, there will be weeds up again in no time! So it goes!


Monstrous Pot-Eating Orchid

17 July 2015 19:52:21
Monstrous Pot-Eating Orchid

Monstrous Pot-Eating Orchid

Here is a video on how I recently tackled dividing ad repotting my monster - and found a surprise as I did so!

Monstrous Pot-Eating Cattleya Gets Divided & repotted - YouTube

Monty Don, 25th July

15 July 2015 11:20:06

Wednesday Videos

15 July 2015 10:49:55

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Hello Folks. Just back from Kerry.

Here are this Wednesday's videos - one outdoorsy and one indoorsy, asuusual. The outdoorsy one is on choosing plants for foliage and the indoorsy one is on my streptocarpus collection and choosing the best of the best...

New Plants from Kerry - some advice on choosing for foliage - YouTube

Why Suffer Mediocrity - Streptocarpus - YouTube

Last week I was away in Kerry but scheduled videos on YouTube so anyone who is subscribed to me will have seen them already. The first video was a tour of Philip Hollwey's beautiful garden and glorious meadow, whcih I think worked very well with Philip's narration, and the second was on growing South African bulbs in the greenhouse...

Wildflower Meadow - Philip Hollwey's Wexford Garden - YouTube

South African Bulbs - YouTube

In addition to the two Wednesday videos, I have been publishing at least every second day for ages now. Here are the other videos that were published while I was away and the subscribers will have seen.

These are about orchids (my most popular YouTube stream)...

Miniature from the Cattleya Alliance - Euchile mariae - YouTube

A Brown Orchid - Laelia tenebrosa - YouTube

Other Dendrobiums - YouTube

And this one is about other greenhouse stuff...

Other Greenhouse Plants - YouTube

I appreciate that not everyone has great broadband but these videos are there for whoever wants to watch them and they won't be taken down so if you have bad broadband, maybe just bookmark the ones that appeal for a better moment.

Now to get on with gardening for this weekend's group!

Protea & Disa

05 July 2015 09:31:28
Protea & Disa

Protea & Disa

I am publishing videos on YouTube every second day or more now, with two in a Wednesday.

Here is today's one and one from last Friday.

The protea I have grown for five years has finally come into flower...

Protea in Flower - YouTube

And, speaking of South African plants, a shocking-pink disa is also in full throttle...

A Pink To Blind - Disa watsonii in Flower - YouTube

Wednesday Videos

01 July 2015 11:17:45

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Here are the Wednesday videos.

The first takes a look at some succulents, looking well right now in the greenhouse, and a few new ones...

Succulents - Old & New - YouTube

The second video is part of the 'Year in the Life of a Border' series that seems very popular on garden.ie :) Anyway, this time we look at the Cherry Tree Border in June and see what is looking good...

A Year in the Life of a Border - June, Cherry Border - YouTube


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