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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal February 2011

Last Post 2525 days 4 hours ago

The comforting of friends!

24 February 2011 23:39:05

Bit of a come-down!

24 February 2011 19:05:29
Believe it or not ,this is the 'after' shot!

Believe it or not ,this is the 'after' shot!

There was I thinking id have a magnificent before and after set of photos where one could clearly see the brilliant effort involved in transforming the overgrown patch around the overgrown bay tree but as you can clearly see and after a DAY'S WORK! there's no great transformation. I did cut it back and cleared roots and transplanted a good bit of sidalcea and Japanese Anenome. So I suppose something came of it. Especially as I had to clear the ground where i was transplanting! i.e. a bit of the rockery and the ground elder ridden front bed, Eileen's bed so called after a dear departed friend and gardener. I owe it to her to have that the nicest bed in the garden!

Anyway that's life. One expects to do wonders and one is lucky to do anything! It was a great day, sunny at first but above all dry and a pleasure to be out in it. I notice the snowdrops are tinged with brown in places, not  too long more, another week or two and then well have the daffs. Tete a tete out already.

I suppose it's progress but it's sure slow!

23 February 2011 20:22:55
This is the bay and this is the 'before' photo. Ill have the 'after' soon!

This is the bay and this is the 'before' photo. Ill have the 'after' soon!

This is yesterday and todays account. Finally got the last bit done on the long border and redid some stone-work and cleared up some steps and it took the whole day as visitors arrived and were made welcome. Misty old day at times.


Today I was looking down on what i call the rockery and said 'Ill just trim the top of the lavenders. -I had already decided what i needed to do ,mainly cut back the  overgrown frost damaged bayleaf and clean out the mess around it. So Of course i did the lavenders and then did the old ferns and then did a bit of the creeper that invades the rockery and then trimmed the thrift and of course then i had had to take the shears to the Stipa Gigantea in another bed and discovered the couch grass was rampant and then decided to get rid of another overgrown heather and then decided to plant a few Mullein that I discovered in its place(Not mullen! as I think I last called it and then....' so it was well into the afternoon before i could tackle the bay. Cut about a foot off it all round. Raked all around under it and carted the stuff, two tarpaulins full down to bottom of garden. The decided to remove big old Yucca from front bed which I am reclaiming. Got four big Yuccas from that and put three of them in boggy ground at the bottom of the garden and one in a big blue barrel pot. I know theyll grow in the bog as Ive done it before .

Decided I had 'nuff done and had coffee. I hope to do a 'before and after' photo of the bay tree area. I put in one or two more photos in the Photo section but they are not pretty. Might be consoling!


Its not all poncing around with snowdrops you know

21 February 2011 20:12:02
Theres work to be done!

Theres work to be done!

What a lovely day, birds singing, sun shining, shoots springing, Scrubber cursing!-Today i came near the end of the long border. Its only a meter wide but its about 60 yards long and today i hit the dirtiest, weediest, stringiest, couch grassiest bit. All pull and drag and tear and the ground was damp so the clay clung and the quince attacked again as I tried to get the thorns out. Oddly enough the briars were ramrod straight in the middle of the bush, almost like canes!

However it is all but done and this is the first time EVER the whole border is cleaned-usually by the time i get to the end the beginning has regrown all its dandelions and buttercups. So cause for celebration.

Have made a new purchase but as its not home yet ill leave it until later!


19 February 2011 23:47:48
This is a further back view of the 'Acorns'

This is a further back view of the 'Acorns'

Sorry, Im sure that Acorn bit is confusing but if you   bother to look in Photos-you dont have to- you can see a shot of the aforementioned balls jammed into the aforementioned pots! Hope that clarifies things!

About the snowdrop album

19 February 2011 23:24:25
Why do I think 'Frog'?

Why do I think 'Frog'?

I went out this morning and tried to get a few pictures of the snowdrops but it was quite misty so they arent very bright-like the photographer- I hear some unkind viewer quip!

They are so beautiful this year. I havent been able to divide them  for a while but once they go over I'm going to divide and hopefully have lots more next year.

They go well with the moss covered rocks.

The two pots were bought as I couldn't find ceramic balls. Then I got the balls and as it was raining i just jammed them into the pots!. This morning i thought they looked quite well so now they are Acorns!

Im getting the hang of the photos now and can even title some but dont worry, there wont be too many more as the garden aint that big! But of course when the Daffs come out ill have to do a Daff, daft? album!

Bear with me!

Five minutes break!

19 February 2011 13:36:56

Where have all my entries gone?

18 February 2011 18:37:45

Beginner's blunderings!

16 February 2011 17:34:47


15 February 2011 23:25:39


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