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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal April 2011

Last Post 2452 days 12 hours ago

I know its not gardening but...

30 April 2011 20:54:18
And when Scrubber finished, the Lord sent a sign!

And when Scrubber finished, the Lord sent a sign!

Its the only thing I feel Im good at! I spent the entire day remaking the steps on the way into the old rockery. I dedicated it to a dear friend who passed away in march so its now officially Hilarys garden. Its a small triangular bit of ground with a set of steps (stones) and it was these steps that took the whole afternoon. I took out one to improve them and then another and then changed one and uprooted two more to make stepping stones and by the time I was finished and had raked out all the leaves and debris that had accumulated it was five thirty!

However its now clean and ready for planting and really is a lovely way in to old rockery, especially for little people and then they can meet Lord Buddha in his special place.

As I say not exactly planting and pruning, more shoving and scraping but its what I love doing.

Its a kinda magic???

25 April 2011 19:54:44
Lord Bhudda

Lord Bhudda

You know those days. You go out and you have just a few things to do, sowing or planting or clearing... Not very exciting and then suddenly the day turns that bit magical. Went out and put  in a new small patio rose in front of 'old rockery', divided a fabulous primula i got in Rathwood-not not one of the purple leaved ones- Its a double, purple and gold edged, I got three plants out of it. Put in sorrel in herb patch and sowed Rhubarb chard for the first time. Then dutifully hoed between veg lines.

THEN it struck me that Lord Bhudda, or rather my statue of him, would look well in front of the old rockery rather than where he was. (I am not a Bhuddist but have huge respect for it as a religion and treat my statue with great respect). It was unbelievable. As soon as it, the statue was placed there it looked so right and i set out on a frenzy of clearing the rockery and carting away lots of leaves that still remained and taking the moss OFF some of the rocks so that theyd show better. I got a real garden lift and the rockery ,due to the clean up looks much better and fits into the garden scheme exactly. At least I think so. I cant wait to get some more colour into it. The photos were taken on this rather dull day. I feel I was a little bit blessed by something down there today.

Now you all know Im loopy!

Help needed?

23 April 2011 22:03:21


23 April 2011 13:51:20
Happy Easter to all!

Happy Easter to all!

Havent been out for a few day. Smudderin' cold and Grandfatherly duties (happy ones) Im getting good at crazy golf. Hope to get out today to put in two more slabs in path and new Rhodo (10Euro Tesco!) and maybe just maybe cut grass and tackle elder. Step by step.


Anyway the MAIN REASON IM ONLINE is to wish all of you a lovely springlike happy Easter! May all your gardens flourish, all your backs remain supple and all the admirers of said gardens  multiply-among which admirers consider me enrolled! 

Later i.e. after tea-I put in the slabs and am pleased about four more should do it. Found a new rock-small one so fitted it into old rockery and took out a  very thorny thing that seemed to be there for years Huge long thorns on a green stem. It used have leaves but hasn't had any for years and planted Rhodo  instead. Gomer Waterer (Tesco's) Its white brushed with the faintest violet. Not out yet. Im looking at the label. Old rockery coming into its own now, nothing as floriferous (is that a word?) as my main one. Cut grass and watered box balls and veg. Took a break from ground eldering. Got some bluebell pictures and put them in. Sunshine makes such a difference.

Oh dear, oh dear oh dear...

19 April 2011 17:31:09
Alack and alas! and other words too strong to print!!!

Alack and alas! and other words too strong to print!!!

Do you see this lovely twenty five to thirtyyearold eucalyptus? I was visiting a friend this morning and he showed me his  dead eucalyptus. It was about ten years ols. I sympathised but then when I cam home i examined mine and i think it too has suddenly given up the ghost. All the leaves have browned and there are no new ones. It looks like curtains!

The only good side is that the fern leaved beech beside it will eventually tower in unrestricted glory! A present from my wife! So theres a silver lining.

Took out seven hundred tonnes of ground elder-well thats what it felt like! Well lets say about six big sacks of potoatoes weight! and im slowly getting there. Also took out old heather and another broomishy looking bush that were well past there sell by date.

Only came in to moan about the eucalyptus. Have had coffee so out to the ground elder again! HIIIIIYAH!

Oh I put in some steps No nothing like Headgardener's wonderful wooden ones. These are just rocks on a slope. Ill put in some photos tonight. ground elder tremble, im coming!

Well it felt like work...

18 April 2011 21:02:09
There's work going on here...

There's work going on here...

Apart from trying to capture those elusive bluebells on film i had a very basic day. I dug two new vegetable beds. The photo shows the first. I did the other yesterday and got a third done before evening. I also sowed spinach and put in spinach seedlings and two rows of parsnips and transplanted some lettuce . I watered the box balls etc as I was getting a bit worried about them not lgetting new leaves yet.

I was a little anxious about digging up my lawn for veg but Im so glad i did it and may even do more-I have a cunning plan!

Got photos of bluebells and have some in the long border which is a bit silly. But i may as well enjoy them and then later they can go to the scrub. The yellow chalicy-looking flower is an unfolding azaelea. There are three of them and there looks to be a good show coming but they smell to high heaven a bit like turkscap lillies. I dont know how the two different saxifrages are together in the rockery--serendipity


17 April 2011 22:08:58
Azalea and bluebells

Azalea and bluebells

Well they are there, but its hard to capture them in the photographs I got today. Funnily enough they are most obvious in the Picture of the White Rhododendron. ! The red one is a poor picture but I caught a glimpse of red in under the greenery and thought it was a bag of crisps or something that had bllown in. That was the first time it had bloomed. I think theres one other bud.Ill try for a better picture tomorrow.

Pretty yucky experience.....

15 April 2011 20:02:45
Goodbye old friend!

Goodbye old friend!

Day started well. I got out about eleven and did a lot of strimming and mowing. (Also got a lesson on how to load my strimmer as I had forgotten! Place looking cleaner and having got some more packets-spinach and parsnip I decided id emulate Dick and  make a new bed in the lawn.

I skimmed off the top sod and used it to fill in a path and was realy pleased with the size and position and started to dig. After three shovelfulls I went through the ground -or rather the spade did and ended up in a rat tunnel ! and i could see the remains of paper and a few blue nuggets of undigested rat bait that I had put in near the compost bin a month or so ago. I think the rat was gone but  it was sickening to think of it being there so I filled back in my bed retrieved all the sods and  have decided to put a new bed a good distance away from that one. Yuck!

I also got rid of a lovely old larch that I had for years in a big pot. It was almost a bonsai and every year it had golden foliage in April. For the last few years it was failing and it gave up the ghost this year.

Apart from the rat tunnel-it is still giving me the creeps- it was a beautiful day and everything is charging along. We are to have a good spell of dry weather so I may get the new bed done.

Got a nice picture of my crab apple blossom and the cornus in sunshine and will upload them soon.

Simple sort of day

12 April 2011 18:58:30
The wheel on this barrow wont go round, round, round...

The wheel on this barrow wont go round, round, round...

Back seems to have decided to behave! Spent the evening digging out ground elder. Its a pernicious weed as my old teacher used to say of idleness! But it seems to leave the ground very friable, a bit like nettles so out of so much badness some good must come! There's still lots and lots of digging out to be done. Id say two weeks might see me clear!

Got a nice photo today of old handmade barrow wheel that I fixed to a tree years ago and the ivy has now knotted itself around it. There was another of a rhododendron that sprung a huge surprise on me and came out all in a rush. Ill try to get it into my photos tonight if i can. But the wheel won out as you can see.

We're in for wet and windy for a while but cant complain. Weve had it good.

This pots business is beginning to .....

11 April 2011 19:22:17
just in the gate..

just in the gate..

Had a funny back after yesterday. Funny as in not bad enough to not go out and yet not good enough to swing from tree to tree in the scrub! Im told my Tarzan impression leaves much to be desired! But potted up my own set of Sunflowers, five varieties and, am I cracked? potted up or sowed in pots  some nasturtium dark beauty because i usually stick the seeds in and of course they get devoured or lost or emigrate. they dont come up so i thought if i started them in pots I might be able to plant them in the right places.

I have finally got a lily of the valley to flower. Up to this never!

Also got a few more feet into the ground elder bed and the back held out! The soil there seems quite good so Im hoping for a nice border eventually. Its just beside the gate (Not Gates, Moya!) so needs to be presentable.

Two people walking the river bank thanked me for my gardening! They said they enjoy looking in when they pass! Suppose i should have said 'dont just look , feel free to come in 'but that only occurred to me when writing this. Still it was nice of them.

21 pots of promise!

10 April 2011 12:19:01
Magnolia down in the 'Scrub'

Magnolia down in the 'Scrub'

Spent a good while with both grandchildren  filling pots with compost and planting three sunflower seeds in each and tamping down with a little more and writing the names of the five varieties on brightly coloured lollipop sticks! Then we placed them in a plastic crate so that the dogs wouldnt knock them over. They did all of the work so it was a big deal. They had better GWOW!

Then home and put in two more slabs on woodland path. I get them for about 6.50 each so bit by bit Ill build them up.

I have a large bed of the most green and thriving ground elder! It came in to my Dad's garden on some Anemones gifted to him by a nun! I often bless the gift as they came up to my garden from his. Its a tough job but bit by bit ill get them all out eventually. My first lily of the valley has appeared and Ive never managed it before so  'Ah Ahm Chuffed'- I think Ive lost a Pieris tha ive had for about ten years. Ahm not so chuffed about that!

Have got beans 'n stuff to sow but am taking Sunday off.

What a day!

06 April 2011 19:13:18
pure joy.

pure joy.

But in the nicest sense.Wasn't it  brilliant?. I got out for a few hours in the morning and put in second early potatoes and savoy cabbage and brussels sprouts and another cabbage. here i must confess I bought plants because I havent as yet a lot of space-That might change as I really liked Dick's beds in the grass lawn approach and i have lawn to spare!!!!

But it was the air and the sunshine and the whole sense of uplift that was there.

Then as I started on the long border I discovered that the Russian Sage and even better my Gaura plants had definite signs of life. And a special Astrantia has reappeared after getting lost. Not alone that but i found Dooley dog's drinking bowl which was gone for two weeks and he suffered the indignity of drinking from a margarine carton! So it was a wonderful morning.

I took some photos and the ones of the rockery came up beautifully. Im not claiming any credit. Dem dar flowers know how to pose. I think Ill open a new album to celebrate the day.

Looking forward to reading how everybody else who was able to, got out and enjoyed today!

When you're that tired just go out!

03 April 2011 23:00:07
Rockery beginning to colour

Rockery beginning to colour

Was very tired today after the travelling over weekend but thought if i went out I'd get a second wind. It happened! Got some grass cut-quite a bit and started again on the long border that was cleaned a few weeks ago but has become invaded again!

Do you think there's hope for my Berberis Hedge-large parts are now brown. Ive scratched the bark and there seems to be a bit of green but all the leaves look as if burned. I think Ill leave it for a month or so and hope!

Tulips are beginning to appear but the daffs are wonderful-although tete a tete have just gone over. I have some lillies poking through but no sign of lily of the valley. Is it too early?

Some veg appearing so theres a possibility we wont starve!

Got some new photos but not many.

The Botts!

01 April 2011 21:14:19


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