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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal June 2011

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and still on

25 June 2011 21:28:28
clematis Margaret Hunt- a blossom remaining on the plant

clematis Margaret Hunt- a blossom remaining on the plant

I did out a journal and it vanished so ill just say that I got in all the plants acers included and found a nice small rock while doing so and planted the front bed with all my goodies.

The original journal was very witty, very humorous and very knowledgeable but as i say it 'pssappeared' so accept my apologies for this shorty.

On the go

25 June 2011 14:28:58
The old pittosporum now defunct

The old pittosporum now defunct

Am having my dinner here, delicious salad on break from planting. weather is perfect for it and have put in seven clematis so far (Very Properly Sally! Compost, big hole, fed and well atered!

Acers after dinner , five , I know where three of them are going! and maybe the fourth. Then a big lot of herbaceous. I thinkill make it. Has to be done today as wont get a chance tomorrow. Buzy buzy buzy.

This salad is delicious! Hope rain keeps off!


24 June 2011 20:33:48
Fading glory.

Fading glory.

I cant get a picture from my photo album to put on my journal page. I cant find it under my pictures or in my documents. Anyone any ideas?

Anyway it has been one very wet day down here. Monsoon. Non stop. I had hoped to begin planting. So instead i went and visited virtually terra Nova. Wow wow and more wow. I cant wait to visit. No wonder you rave about it.

I also wrote a long journal and lost it and then couldnt get the picture on the journal so instead of screaming blue murder i went through lots of lovely journals and got ideas.

Hopefully, as I am tied for time ill get in my plants tomorrow. if not ill heel them in for the present, I also brushed up on clematis and sallysarah you are so on the ball! I was delighted that all my new clematis are listed. Warsaw Nike seems the most fascinating of them deep deep purple, named after polish freedom fighters!

 And of course wimbleton has its moments!Had to put in an older picture. Sorry!

Midsummer madness !!!!!!!!!

23 June 2011 20:04:07
Scrubbers haul!

Scrubbers haul!

Sorry Clara, have yet to get (photo) shot of cross cat. She wont stay still!

Lord but it has been a hectic day when all my Christmasses arrived together. I went into Glanbia Kilmeadan determined to spend 50 euro of my birthday money. And of course i fell for two acers Ozakazuki and one Acer trompemburg (plum and fine leaves) As a glanbia garden club member i got discount of 10% so it cost me 58 Euro.

Then as I was going out, Kieran the nursery man said he had some stock that had gone over, if i was interested they were going cheap. I went back in and found them. Ali Babas cave! Vinca (that I had previously bought at full 7.99 Aubretia, Dianthus ,Scabious, Campanula. Now they had been sheared and watered so they didnt look great to a non gardener but i saw next years blossom! and possibly some this year. Now wait for it. THEY WERE ONE EURO each! I'd be embarassed to tell you how greedy I was, but at that price! I carried my booty out to the car (Thats booty in the old sense!) and went back to my daughter's house bedazzeled. She asked what was up (My grin was cheshire cat like). 'Has he any more she asked . Theres your birthday present, pressing a note into my hot little hand!

Down again. Whoops two more Acers! Kieran saw me coming back and said there are some clematis there that are gone over. I got 5 Margaret Hunt  and one Warzanska Nike and Ville de Lyons at 2 Euro each!! I needed to get a lot as I have killed countless clematis. You should have seen the car coming home!

Now to those of you who are saying 'heartless and boastful b......d' may I say that I asked Kieran could i spread the word and he said 'tell your friends, (we are still friends arent we?) that if they come in and ask me have I any 'old stuff' i will do what i can for them! And if they want to join the Glanbia garden club they get 10% off all garden plants and stuff-but not on special offers or 'old stuff'.' So there you have it. Mind you i did dent their Acers and made a hole in their 'old stuff' but the way is open and dont say I didnt say so!

I will put up a picture of my haul if I can. Have to get them all in tomorrow. And I was as happy as Larry with my three first purchases so talk about icing on (birthday) cake!

Moya asked me for some more shots of the circle.

A normal day if a wet one..

21 June 2011 23:42:43
this is the little non-descript corner.

this is the little non-descript corner.

First thank you Rachel and Bruno for explaining Boggart! It started wet here but got out between showers and cut grass in lower scrub. Then I made a corner look a little better. So many corners !(cf pictures when I put them in). Cleaned out around a prostrate cypress-there were thorn trees growing through it! Then went up and attacked the elder.

When I got tired at that went to veg patch which is on the point of catastrophe and put in some of Anna's parsley and cleaned a space for brassica (eaten by bunnies).Also scuffed between the roses and staked William Shakespeare! He's inclined to flop!

Cleaned a flower border and planted out (dont laugh) all my sunflowers! Discovered that none of my lupins had come to anything-slugs? Next time ill do them in trays and pots. We live and learn.

Did harvest my first crop of peas and we had them for dinner! We also had chicken and new potatoes but not my new potatoes yet.

My transplanted dogwood seems to be alive! Which is more than I am having gone for a swim in Enniscorthy pool! and since the elder is cleared I now have a very large bed to fill!

Thats it! Mundane and ordinary and yet very satisfying!

By the way thats a stone (concrete) cat in the corner and she has a very cross sly expression!

A circle of Walnut

20 June 2011 20:07:05
Walnut circle with box

Walnut circle with box

Ladygardener asked me what walnut I grow and I have two kinds. One has a rough bark and the other is smooth. Ive trained the roughly barked ones into what I hope will be a cupola type structure. It may look a bit town park but I like the formality in front of the house. God knows theres enough wildness everywhere else.

The poppies long awaited have turned out very non descript. Red with a big black blotch in the centre. (cf pictures) but Ill leave them there for the present as they are bright. I left down a tray of Nicotiana in front of them and they matched very well but hadnt enough room for the Nicotiana and wanted to put them into the circle anyway.

I got a good bit of grass cut but then the rains came. Am hoping to get out early tomorrow before the next dousing!

Friends, gardeners and know it alls....

20 June 2011 13:21:55
Anna's flat leaved parsley.

Anna's flat leaved parsley.

That last one is meant in a positive light! Can you please help me or rather Anna. As you know and as I am proving to meself I am a duffer at vegetables. I am I am. But Anna has sown and tended this magbificent pot of flat leaved parsley. She asked me if its left in the put will it survive the winter. It is closely packed together. I wondered whether to divide it up and transplant it but dont want to wreck her achievement! And the chance of parsley throughout the winter!!!

Thought this morning was going to be dreadful but got a lot of grass cut and some edging done. yes edging no less! Around the box and walnut trees.

Then my neighbour who owns a hazel wood invited me over to see the path he was making through it. THE ROCKS!!!!They were to die for, great big striated boulders. He had just cleared them back a little bit from encroaching earth and tangle but they were so beautiful.

Anyone who wants a Buff picture can google Buff headware and that explains it all. Im wearing mine today and if the weather takes up ill be out with me new spear and jackson stainless steel TKMaxx bargain fork! Elder here i come!

But Id really welcome advice on the parsley. Come on I have been boasting about ye since I joined garden.ie-'they all know so much and are so nice and encouraging and helpful'..... Its up to ye!

Two hours later---Is that rain ever going to stop?

Scrubber in his Buff-its o.k.see below

18 June 2011 17:46:19
geranium fancying itself as a rose!

geranium fancying itself as a rose!

Monsoon weather down here today. Anna and i went into kilkenny. Went into padmore and barnes and saw a Buff. What? You dont know what a Buff is? Oh come on! (Although I didnt until today) A Buff is a scarf, a tube of light cloth and you wear it when motorcycling or skiing or housebreaking and it can be worn as a scarf or headgear or balaclava or pirates kerchief.

Well as soon as I saw it I was hooked but the blessed thing cost 20 Euro!!!! But there was a cheaper edition , a Heddy which was 12 so I plumped for that. Now I dont motorbike or housebreak but I do get bits of ivy and dried palm twigs and withered leaves dropping down the back of my neck and thus wear my kerchief. But now TRAAAAAA! I am going to be elegant in my Buff (Sorry about that, didnt realise how compromising it was until I re read the entry)!-well ok my Heddy!

Then into TKMAXX and saw Spear and Jackson stainless steel Fork and garden spade at 20 Euro each. I snapped them up as they were reduced according to TKMaxx from43 50.each.

On the way home called into garden centre and found same priced at 35.99 so still felt i had a bargain. (But will be wary of TKMaxx's claims in future!) So not a very good garden day but I am sure you will be pleased to have the benefits of my market research on tools and sartorial elegance instead. Stainless steel no less. They are a bit heavy but then I am a strong Scrubber!

Oh I spent the rest of my son's generous present on lots of Nicotiana which Ill put in tomorrow.

? ? ? Oh Happy Day ? ? ?

15 June 2011 19:32:42
Hosta heaven

Hosta heaven

Those of you of a kind and warm -hearted disposition would have been so happy today to see the smile on Scrubber's face as he went about the garden today. No he wasn't strimming in the swamp. or breaking his back on boulders, or discovering yet another set of steps, or tugging tarpaulins through the bog. No He was GARDENING! Yes real gardening like you all do!

He was making a bed and digging and putting in all the plants he was given at bills. And what beautiful plants they were, all with a lovely root system, none of them cramped but just ready to spread into new soil. So Take a bow paddy and mary and fran and bruno and ladygardener and Bill and Clongaw and Liga. Your plants at home must be the most cosseted in the country. And if i have left out anyone may the earth swallow me up.

But there Scrubber was, trotting across the lawn with two brimming watering cans , as happy as a pig in ordure! For one giddy moment he even considered ordering a head gardeners shirt like bill's but decided against it as he still has his ancient coral sweater with long sleeves-for strimming.

But planting  and weeding and raking and watering. Lord he looked the real business! A GARDENER at last!

I know it is very immodest of me..

14 June 2011 19:08:02
Mud! Mud! Glorious Mud!

Mud! Mud! Glorious Mud!

..to post a picture of myself in the journal but i thought this might act as a counterfoil to all remarks about being dapper, designer wellingtons, professorial attitude and Issey Mayake. This is the real Scrubber after an hour's trimming in the bog!

Went out today mindful of Moya's question @What did i do in the garden@ And like balderick I had 'a cunning plan'. I would use only one fill of strimmer petrol and then desist and go straight to elder plot and clean and plant my Goodies from Bill's.

Well I strimmed as is clear from photo and then just at the end ran out of petrol so I just put in a little more to finish, as one does. Then I let my spade fall and heard a clink and it was one of the slabs in the 'squelchy path', most of which were now invisible under an inch or two of bog. So Just One. I levered it up, slipped it out and put the stuff on top which peeled off beautifully back in the hole and replaced the slab on top. So simple.'Ill do another'. Fourteen slabs later, back a bit sore  but path now fully visible! Only had time to plant a branch of dogwood that had grown on a rock in the bog and now had a big root system. So much for cunning plan!

Also Scrub (Garden, Moya not me!) now looks very brown and bare after all the strimming but it always comes back so Im not really worried. I had to laugh  when I looked at my photos tonight Brown and bare? But remember these were taken in the bog!

Im off for a swim but will post up pictures later tonight. Enjoy them if looking at concrete slabs is your thing! Otherwise be merciful to Scrubber. He worked hard today! He was on hands and knees trying to clear all the wild bog plants from around the Hostas in the bog as well as laying paths through peat!

Felt a bit like ADAM today when i went out.....

13 June 2011 22:34:30
look how lovely the elder is now!

look how lovely the elder is now!

as he must have felt after leaving Paradise ( For paradise substitute Bill's). 'Lord, Eve, there never seemed to be weeds like this in that other place'. I Got strimmer ready for action but then went and planted a half dozen surfinias-lovely purple streaked white at the gate to fool anyone coming in that I was a superb plantsperson!

Then two gentlemen came and offered to resurface the back of my house with lovely block tiles (They had done work earlier for me and I was extremely satisfied with the quality and efficiency )and I was so tempted but the price suggested they mistook me for Abramovitch.

After that I went down to strim but first had to rake around fern corner and of course ended up with tarpaulins full. Planted a new fern. O.Regalis which looked well. Then more raking and more trundling of huge loads down to bottom of scrub. Honestly that seems to be my gardening life at present.The veg are abandoned, the front border elder ridden, the side border weighed down with weeds...And having met me you know i am an honest man.

But it was a lovely day even if a man lost his dog and I spent an hour helping to find him and I got about ten minutes strimming done so there's much to be thankful for. And I can always go back to paradise because its only twenty minutes away and Bill is so welcoming.

Theres no apple trees here either but that may be a good thing........

Theres a number of new photos, not all of greenery! Actual flowers in some and of course the odd rock!

Seeing as I got home first....

11 June 2011 17:52:12
sweep to the grass steps

sweep to the grass steps

I wish to announce that we all had a splendid day at the home and garden of that eminent wexford based but kilkenny inclined gardener, HEADGARDENER and GABRIEL and SAM FAITH AND BEN.

It was lovely to spot people from their profiles and more exciting still to discover that other people were far different from what one had envisioned! But again it confirmed for me what a lovely bunch garden.iers are! Thank you all for your warm welcome and friendship which I deeply appreciate.

Thank you Gabriel for that lovely tea and loads of cake-pounds were put on! Bill your garden was impressive to the point of terrifying! I so enjoyed the official tour and learned so much in a short time. I think we should have immediately started a second time to catch up on what I missed the first. Many thanks to all who helped my spelling i.e. phyllum for fillum etc! There are so many plants i want to source after that. The planting was splendid, unusal and aesthetically hugely pleasing. Im reaching for hyperboles but you deserve them all.In short a triumph!

I think we all had a wonderful outing and just thought Id say so. So three cheers for Headgardener gabriel and the Trio Hip Hip.....hip hip... hip hip......

Oh nearly forgot. To all those who gave me plants many many thanks and i will do my darndest to ensure they grow florish and remain as reminders of a great day and of your great generosity.

Once upon a time...

10 June 2011 19:50:47
looking up at Rosa Alberic Barbier

looking up at Rosa Alberic Barbier

...and a long time ago when most of yous were childer, Anna and I went to visit the garden at Butterstream made by Jim Reynolds. I have many memories of the place and brought home two Rosa Alberic Barbier. They have quietly delighted me over many years and I was quite sad to see their thick gnarled stems begin to crack and flake this year and the canopy overhead turn into brittle twigs.

But yesterday I looked up and there they were , the clotted cream flowers climbing among the blackthorn trees-one stem had survived, much thinner than the main one. And then when I went over to the other tree, there at its base I saw that Alberic barbier had started to grow new shoots. These are the moments!

Didnt get out today but have bought in brassicas and NETTING in the hope that I can beat the bunnies! Had a birthday recently and greedily asked for money for plants rather than presents or tokens so I have a little treasure store to dream about. No doubt after seeing Bill's garden tomorrow I will have lots of ideas on how to spend it!

That was some response to yesterdays!

08 June 2011 16:14:45
Well have to do something about red-eye!

Well have to do something about red-eye!

Im still remembering names for the list of R.G's! Am in here atfour o clock apres le deluge (No I dont know French but like Del Boy Im not averse to using it on occasion! Its p0uring outside and i welcome it. I just refused an invitation to go to a garden centre as i thought Id get a lot done. well Ive done the lawn and moved into a new area. Fern Corner! Quite messy but some of the ferns i put there years ago are still clinging on and the wild ones are rampant.

It looks lovely but the photgraphs just cant get what I see. Thats frustratin'. Im not able to garden tomorrow so thats why I gave up on the centre visit. Not like me! But unless the rain gives up Im going to change and go.

Having graciously condescended to go to the centre I got up from the computer only to find the car already gone. Serves me right too! But i think the rain is finally giving up!

Im like a child before Christmas thinking of Bill's Open day!

Ive put up a few photos of fern corner but they were taken early this morning before I took out a number and carted about six huge tarpaulin loads of leaves, and debris out from the corner. If i can get better ones soon ill post them up.

Same old same old and yet...

06 June 2011 22:01:55
Dont know the name

Dont know the name

Woke up this morning and felt will I EVER get everything back to normal so that I can be a real gardener. Decided I would go and do vegetables! But of course that addictive weakness broke through and I was soon down in the depths strimming for all i was worth.

I also cut off two big branches that were overshadowing one area and retrieved a very nice corner from briars and all sorts of weeds. Yesterday had done a lot of strimming in boggy part and did some more today and also got rid of the remains of two Pampas grass mounds which had been there for years and years . Well now I realise they are not woodland plants but at one time i thought they were great!

The lovely thing is that each time you go out you get a little surge of adrenalin and Now there is an end in view-and its not mine waggling out of a big bush! I see how the scrub is going to turn out and i like it and then i can start packing in plants! I took off some lower branches from an acer and that lightened the area. As soon as I find my charger I will put up pictures.

A gentleman on the river bank told me it was a 'Movies garden' That was a new one on me! So if Penelope Cruz or Gwyneth Paltrow want to visit Ill do something about it!!!!!

I visited a local garden that was open today. Its about three quarters of an acre around a large bungalow. One of the most floriferous gardens I was ever in. The roses were all exhibition standard and every plant seemed to have had individual attention. Not one weed to be seen. I dont think I ever saw such precision, the grass was edged to perfection. The plants were perfectly and often ingeniously staked. It was extremely impressive. But i went back happily to my Robinsonian mishmash having told that gardener that she was never going to get inside my gate. Huge RESPEKT but.... Isnt it wonderful that we all have our own individual ideas of beauty.

There are times....

04 June 2011 20:55:12
Maybe you can just see two edged paths? It was dusk. Sorry

Maybe you can just see two edged paths? It was dusk. Sorry

When its all plod plod plod. Or at present strim, cut slash, carry! I hoed out my piffling little leeks. They had been in about six weeks and had grown very very little and were engulfed in weeds so I got fed up. Will do them again and water them better and perhaps!

Am trying to keep up with the watering but forget some plants  some of the time. I put in a lot of new stuff this year and to try to keep them all going...

In the scrub bottom its hard sweaty dirty work and as I strim i get sprayed with peaty black mud! No wonder i went for two swims today. I only get a bit done but i try to do that well and its great to see the paths emerging. Imagine I lined most of them with rock-I had forgotten all the work involved. What I find now thanks to all of you and your ideas is that I am always thinking of colonizing the scrub, what plants can I get in that will suit. You have all opened my eyes and like the famous mr Brown I can see 'possibilities' everywhere. Think I will have to do a bit of relaying on the squelchy path in places but it will be well worth it. Thinking of more Ligularia and rodgersia. Any other ideas. They need to be bold but not gunnera as thats too bold!

Hope those who went got treasures and brilliant ideas in Bloom! And that you will share them! Sorry photo is so dull. left it to late and i think its a bit cropped so Ill put it in photos and you might see the two paths. Give it a month and it will be lovely!

Well I was hot and sweaty and tired so

03 June 2011 20:39:29
I think this captures it!

I think this captures it!

I jumped in the river! Yes went for my first swim this evening after a few hours strimming and shovelling and clearing. It was fresh but not very cold and most enjoyable. I live beside it so can go down in the gardening gear and then change on bank-idyllic but ye are not getting pictures!

Still on Carraig mor but also trimmed that narrow bed near roses and am going to put in my nasturtiums-they are a plummy colour and all the same so I think it will work. I felt a bit guilty putting in bedding plants today as you are all so good at growing your own. Ive only managed sunflowers and nasturtiums so far!!! Got some pink impatiens anddianthus and have put them in the rose bed that had rosa muni and gallica. Am toying with nepeta-any advice?

But wasn't it one glorious day. Was home by one o clock and out and boy the sun was glorious. I even put up the hammock!

ASome more photos but be warned they are mostly carraig mor!

If its boring, skip it...

01 June 2011 20:42:10
The mother of all rocks

The mother of all rocks

 Some days things go well and you get a lot done. Other days you toil and try and at the end there's not a lot to show for it! This is probably a very boring journal so dont feel bad about skipping!

I found the old steps. Whats new Scrubber? I hadnt realised how good I think they are. The steps (cf photos) lead down to an ENORMOUS rock, the mother of all rocks which actually is the beginning of the rock formation on which the bridge over the barrow rests! When I first found it i thought i could use it but all i could do was to clear as much as was pleasing and I named it the carraig mor. It was only today that I again uncovered it from under heaps of dead leaves and mud and dirt and roots. It was quite laboursome but most of it is done. Thats all I got done today.

Oh I dug a little bed along by the roses just to get a cleaner edge to the lawn.

Looking at all your lovely gardens keeps me on my toes. But now I see wonderful possibilities for a planting of boggy plants around the rock making in effect a 'rock-pool' with the rock instead of water. I couldnt have water there anyway as the river is beside me and it would look silly but i do like the rock pool idea!

Qick break!

01 June 2011 13:52:29
This is the only one i have left of the bronze

This is the only one i have left of the bronze

Am just up from the depths for a quick coffee break. Am delighted with work as Ive just unearthed more steps! Ill post up pictures tonight if the sun comes up-that sounds odd. If i get sun ill take pictures. Its quite exciting to be finding all the old work and to realise that the new stuff shows exactly the same design ideas-steps, paths rocks etc! Id better get out or it will rain!


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