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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal July 2011

Last Post 2397 days 13 hours ago

Hi ho! hi ho! Its off to work we go!!

30 July 2011 22:04:33
First blood to Scrubber!

First blood to Scrubber!

Like Disneys seven Dwarves I went at it 'with a shovel and a pick and a walking sti- well a brandnew c.bar! First job today to unearth the one you see. The thought it might be nice beside Frans rock. Rolled it up slope and across to fern Corner but then decided it was too much and left it. Was soon back and thought if i rolled it up onto one ledge-no go. The realised if I rolled it in at the back there was a sort of flight of stones and so eventually manouvered it up those and over. Dug out a hole beside Fran's Rock and Bob's your uncle.

Then went and wed around lantern of light under the low Juniper baranches which was proper gardening. Evening taken up with funeral of a neighbour's son. So didnt return until late. Went down to reassure myself that rock looked well and it seemed to be getting on very well with Fran's rock!

I also noticed today that my green primrose has flowered again this year! I have two photos of it in the album. Got it from Lorna Mc Mahon who got it from a lady who got it from a roundabout in Canada! Oh there was a poppy in  the bed that wasnt a bit like the others so I waited to see. And today it came out. Photo doesnt do it justice. Its white with purple markings inside and Im going to try for seed.

So there you have it Scrubber Rockman, Scrubber Weeder and Scrubber Propogator!

Visit to Arboretum

29 July 2011 19:08:08
Mr Scrubber and his new colossal crowbar!

Mr Scrubber and his new colossal crowbar!

We were looking for a housewarming gift for a friend and Anna suggested the Arboretum-not far away. On the way I picked up my crowbar! Boulders beware. Its massive! Im thinking of returning to a rock or two that i failed to budge with my new weapon. We got two lovely white Buddleia which will suit the friend's garden to perfectionand I collared a Ligularia desdemona on the way out. Havent had time to christen the crowbar yet but am looking forward to it.The grandchildren took my 'crowbar photographs'

Cleared out the vegetable patch yesterday so thats a start. I made so many mistakes but hopefully will learn from them.Will put up some more arboretum photos tomorrow.

Scrubber's vision.

28 July 2011 12:50:21
Scrubber has a vision!

Scrubber has a vision!

A dear friend and very good photgrapher took this shot of me when I wasnt paying attention. I wanted to put it up on the garden.ie site so I took a shot of his photo. I used a flash the first time and this came out. Ill put the other up in the album and some rockery shots (scrubbery ) for Dick and Andy

Archduke Fran and Maria ,the princess royal.....

27 July 2011 21:48:16
The Archduke and the Princess Royal

The Archduke and the Princess Royal

Alighting from the royal state car as they honoured the garden and scrub of Mr. Scrubber with a recent visit. They immediately, by their kind and solicitous questions put poor trembling Scrubber at his ease. 'You'd never think they were as important as they are' he later confided to the local press 'Such nice easy people-and they never mentioned the eyesore that was the veg. garden- oh real royalty!'

It took Mr Scrubber, who was quite overcome, a full day to recover. he was out today cutting the lawn and cleaning up the vegetable beds that he wanted to have done before his visitors came. He also dug around rocks which was a great nerve calmer.

As he has visitors tonight-ordinary people- he cannot put up photos but was so nervous yesterday that he only got the one of their excellencies. However he did download the court circular in garden.ie where he learned to his wonderment that his garden was mentioned in the context of a double visit and that the other favoured garden was the nationally famous Gracedieu garden of Paddy and Mary. Mr Scrubber was astounded that his little garden was bracketed with such a renowned one, and does not think he will return to normal for at least a week.

His last comment to the press as he shyly moved away down the Scrub 'I have to go shift a rock or two, scuze me'

Red Riding Hood Grandma Big Bad Wolf and Scrubber

25 July 2011 21:00:51
Believe it or not its part of rockery!

Believe it or not its part of rockery!

Because  in the eyes of my two grandchildren, who stood back at a respectable and safe distance , Dandad (Scrubber) is now also a Woodcutter. One who actually cut down two big-well not too big- willow trees in the Boggy part. They were dead and leaning over and in the way. I think it was the fact that they saw someone using an axe for the first time impressed them! It bloody well impressed me when the two came tumbling down!

I had strimmed out a good piece of the bog and these trees were adding nothing to the new vistas so they went.

Later I strimmed the back of the long border which involves a bit of balancing on the outer wall but the tree chopping incident was what gripped them.

Am determined to get at the veg by Wednesday. But of course if any of you are troubled by big bad wolves I am at your service! MY first gladioli was out today and some japanes anemones but I am sure you have them long ago.

Duller and duller

23 July 2011 23:38:58
Hydrangea Kyushu across from fern Corner

Hydrangea Kyushu across from fern Corner

What a beautiful day. I made the mistake of cutting a few branches off a juniper that is for the chop anyway as it grew in against the house and everytime I filled the watering cans I got dried bits of Juniper down the back of my neck. Will take about fifteen minutes. HA! You cut one bit and then another and three hours later....

Went down to scrub and had idea re fern corner. ie to accentuate the levels i had there as a series of ledges. This involved shiftind a rock or three but am very pleased with result.

The decided to clean out Rill/. IE Mud filled little ditch in bog. When floods came bottles landed into it. Pulled them out using a three pronged scraper and tried to get up some mud and redefine the stone edge. Then discovered a rock under the mud and all but landed in the middle of the rill, but didnt. Carried this rock up in triumph to fern corner. Then unearthed a lovely three stemmed variegated  dogwood that had grown over a rock and had a good root system and planted that as I did another a few weeks ago and it was fine.

Then noticed my yesterday planted lavenders were drooping ominously so ddid a lot of watering. Cut grass away from two more lawn trees- Fagus Antarticus which I love and a Catalpa. And wed a bit of long border and watered there too.

Am pleased with fern corner and open to suggestions and also delighted with my new free three stemmed dogwood! Veg garden escaped again. I do now have broad beans though!

Last but not least I have ordered a big crowbar!

Nothing to report Sir!

22 July 2011 20:04:54
Three examples of Chancurarmius Saladius

Three examples of Chancurarmius Saladius

Very easy day today. Wasn't able to get out until after dinner but what a dinner! We went into the country market as we heard there was a fish van. Anna got lovely dover sole and four scallops.

Only delicious and my own spuds! But as we got the fish I noticed a flower stand and just had a bit of change in my pocket so got three lovely purple pink geraniums for 7.50. I had a spot in the border that was aching for a bit of colour.Came home and put them in.(Photos) Well pleased.

Then later I wed as much as i could of the long border and have taken two photos which will give an idea. They dont make the border look colourful but they give an idea of it. Theres another third again to the back hedge so I have my weeding cut out for me for a few days.

I also did circle around Abies Koreana as was told to do to help it recover and did the two walnuts as well and it brought them all together. (Photos)Just went out to take them and the Sidalcea looked lovely in the sunshine. Also my last lily has come out (P) I'm going to put in (P) like that if there's a photo!

I recently found a bag with a good few bulbs I bought in a 2 Euro Shop-some gladioli and other stuff. I put them down about two weeks ago and they are pushing through today! Also when weeding I found two 9barely0 surviving gaura, the weeds had saved them!


Bill's entry Ladygardener's journal Natural Roots

21 July 2011 10:40:21
Love Lavender

Love Lavender

Dont miss this whatever you do. It probably accounts for the crowds of people that line up on the other side of the hedge to watch the operation! A 'neckid' Bill pouring white fluffy suds over the smooth birch stems! As the ladies would say WADDDAMAN! 

And to more mundane matters got nine lavender 4euro each in Aldi this morning. They were flying out but got four varieties. They were a decent size.

Have spent a very satisfying evening putting them in groups of three into Eileen's bed. They were french lavender, Hodcote and a white one. Then wed some of the border and cut a large circle around the Abies Koreana. Its middle got some sort of virus but i was told to clear around and feed it. It does set aff more clearly against the lawn now.

Wed a bit ofthe long narrow border. Its hard to believe this was clear a while back but there have been some survivals-Rudbeckia came back and shasta daisies. But my lovely gaura failed to appear after two bad winters.Thought id get to veg patch but one can only do so much and Scrubber can only do a bit less than that!

Scrubber's gone all formal!

20 July 2011 12:32:15
An example of the edging!

An example of the edging!

Yes you wont believe it but I think as a result of bill's baleful influence I decided to really tidy up the more formal parts of the garden, So I edged around roses and trees and walls and steps and it improved things a hundred per cent, even if my box bordered beds in the front now look a bit like green coffins!

But I am very pleased with the new look and theres a lovely contrast with the scrub part. We have visitors at present so I cant get up the pictures but will try to do so tomorrow to show off the new look. In the meantime we are going to see the new ross tapestery today and coincidentally its just beside sweeneys garden centre and there might be a hydrangea or two. They have lovely portuguese laural bushes. And i need a small low hedge to lead down to Bruno's steps but Hydrangeas and hedge are prohibitive especially as I havent the bill from arborist in yet.

Elizabeth I have got shots of the river as requested and will put them up.

Later... Got to new ross and got the two Hydrangeas and got theminto the ground. As was planting them came across a big ? yes.... Might take mea few days to get back to it bit ITS COMING OUT!

Have just put up a new album and tried to give an idea of a walk through the boggy part of garden but i dont think it works very well!

You Tarzan-me Scrubber!!!

18 July 2011 20:54:41
Through the trees...

Through the trees...

Oh what a fun-filled day! I havent had so much fun since Sr Maria Goretti set her wimple on fire bending over the school May Altar many years ago!

It didnt start well. I was sat there as our English friends say, glowering at the rain coming down. Then after dinner it lifted and i got out and decided to start by removing some ivy from an arching branch. I brought down the steps but couldnt reach so got a bit of a twig and pulled down the branch and began sawing. Got a bit off. Pulled down again and yes the blessed branch broke. It didnt come dow so I stood on a rock and twisted it to break it off-a big enough branch. It twisted back and there i was dangling-a sight to behold. But I swung in the other direction and brought the whole lot down and it has cleared a nice space overhead which will benefit my Rhodo Blue Peter underneath.Blue peter is the name of the rhodo not a bruised Scrubber!

Tidied up all the lino left over from newly tiled kitchen. I inexpertly roofed Dooley's kennel with some a few days ago and today I gave him a new state of the art floor! Have all the lino ready now for dump and am glad to see the back of it.

Then I mowed all the lawns and they really looked good. I remember Liga saying how satisfied she was after mowing and i agree. Then I strimmed a slope and the grass down in the scrub and then I went down into the swampy bit and had an absolute ball. Flags and weeds and wild grasses all went down before me and the Squelchy path began to emerge again in all its muddy glory. I hadnt time to photgraph but it was soooo satisfying to slash around wildly and get covered in muck! The boggy area is now looking quite presentable -not that Id ever want it to be pretty of course, just penetrable.

Then as a final bit of cake icing I came up and delicately scuffed around the roses!What a contrast but between strimming, swinging, slashing and scuffling i had a great day!


The sun will come out TOMORROW!

17 July 2011 19:32:18
I think this catches the rockery best.

I think this catches the rockery best.

And sure even if it doesnt! As yesterday was so bad my weeding of the rockery was very cursory (Interpret that as you like!). And I said when the sun comes back so will I and do it properly. A wet rockery is not the nicest environment and slippery too!

But I looked out today and felt that I had done better than i thought as having got rid of lots of messy stuff the lavenders and perovskia had a chance to spread and it looked ok. So I took four photos of the scene and have put them up. Obviously they are all alike but I cant get in the whole picture.

Oh and heres one for Science if not for Hortiiculture. You know when the children have suncream on and they put their hands on the car and the prints cannot be removed. Well they can. I tried jiff and hot water and soap and rubbing hard but what eventually worked was Dairygold. A little spreadable butter or better real butter on a tissue. It works! No charge for that nugget of helpful info.

Did nothing today except walk around the garden-well I did change three rocks around but I was in a suit (Well light trousers and jacket)so that doesnt count as work!

Was just wondering. I did a lot of work yesterday and didnt realise what the effect would be and didnt seem to be getting places and then it sort of fell into place today-I wonder is that a good parallel to life! Lordy me, Scrubber but sumptimes youse have de profoundessst  of thoughts for such a simple soul!!

And the exact price Sir....

16 July 2011 16:34:20
A bare bed a few months ago!

A bare bed a few months ago!

Have just had my Arborist (no less) in to advise me on the removal of the very big Eucalyptus (about thirty feet high and broad) Also the pittosporum, a big Juniper that has crowded the corner of the house, a small dying forest pansy and a big awkward long limbed blackthorn in the scrub. The estimate is to be sent on to me next week and Id say it might make a hole in my gardening budget for some time. The good thing is that the badly frosted hedge of berberis seems to have some root growth and we are to leave it for a year and then halve its height and let the new stuff through. So dont have to tackle that until next year.

Funny old day. Monsoon showers and sunshine. Put in the Hydrangea paniculata Kyushu and its perfect. Started to put in gentians but have that to finish as rain bet me in again. Put fern in other pot to balance Fatsia and am pleased. Now Im dashing out again. have the long border to clean and of course there's always the veg bed.

Aldi have a thursday offer on Lavendar that is tempting but by then Ill have got the bill for the Tree removal so may have to rein in on impulses. In the meantime ill enjoy my Hydrangea.

I put up some photos but as the screen was pink at the time I mixed up a caption on the rose bed-the picture above-. I think I said rockery overwhelmed or something. Its hard to decipher pink pictures!

As it was raining...

15 July 2011 22:51:13
some of Anna's Apricot and Orange Marmalade!

some of Anna's Apricot and Orange Marmalade!

I couldnt go out into the garden could I? So I went down the Scrub where there was shelter and finished off the steps by adding a stone on the other side. Then I put Brunos fatsia on one stone and a matching pot on the other and felt I had done something!

Down to New Ross to collect car and called in to Garden centre just for a wander. Came out with a small alpine campanula, two lovely full gentians and a white Hydrangea sort of lace cap with a cone effect. I know exactly where they are going so am best pleased!

Havent a snap of Bruno's fatsia so will look for something!

Now I know how Dobby feels!

14 July 2011 22:06:54
The rock my good intentions perished on

The rock my good intentions perished on

Dobby being the house-elf in Harry Potter! But you all knew that. He's always berating himself. So today after an absolute gift of a day I am saying 'Scrubber is a bad gardener! Scrubber is a BAD Gardener'. Why? Because Scrubber after a good start gave in again to his addictions and the vegetable bed did NOT get tended and reorganised as intended. Day started well.

Went to New Ross to leave in car and we went to Lidl and I got four Hibiscus Syricusa (which I think are the hardiest for a fiver each. They had just come in. Home and out and put them in with loving care and watered and in doing so did a good clearing of any elder that remained in Eileens bed. (cf Photos) The wed a bit more. After I went at the roses and deadheaded all round and cut back some Rosa Mundi stems that had shot out and were covering up the blossoms. Hope that was the right thing to do. They looked much better.

Then downfall! Went down to Scrub to take out some lillies that had overgrown Rockery and found they were covering up big rock. Well I cleaned it up and put in a smaller one beside it. Then thought id put a rock at the bottom of a path as a step. Did that and discovered another as I dug-too big couldnt budge it but wasted time! Then thought Id put a rock where i had removed Pampas Grass. I had a spare one! Was digging a hole for it and discovered another very big egg shaped one which took me ages to get out. Put that one atthe edge of a path near a birch and settled in the new one as a corner stone and was very pleased. Looked at my watch and was amazed to see it was so late. Thus Scrubber is a BAD gardener!

Ive put up a few photos to show the rocks but you dont have to look at them! I finally sat on the pwincesses seat and took a shot from there. I didnt dare glance at the vegetable patch on the way in. Oh we had potatoes and peas from the garden today!

Chaos beginning to be beaten back...

12 July 2011 23:07:08
Mullein and Feverfew, unintentional but magic!

Mullein and Feverfew, unintentional but magic!

Wasn't that a special evening. there was something serene about it. Two days in and theres an improvement. Am I the only one who actaually thanks flowers for reappearing. Some lovely chocolatey cone flowers or heleniums have reappeared-I can never tell the difference between them and also I see a good few rosettes of is it Campion dotted here and there. But my biggest surprise were the radishes. They went gaily to seed and from these tiny red turnipy things came  the lovliest of white airy flowers. I really think i might put them in a flower border next year. There, proof positive that Scrubber is indeed mad!

I'm awaiting the onset of that lovely pink Sidalcea, now theres a plant even i cant kill and i can propogate. Rachel is all on for propogation this month in the garden mag! So Now I can propogate sidalcea and sage and..well not much else!

Deborah has a smashing article on Bowers and Arches and Pergolas in Irish garden. I was reading it at breakfast-no not rude,I was on my own-and it was so good I had to ring and tell her. If I only had Bill's or Fran's skill Id immediately run meself up a Bower or Pergola.

Another bonus is I have a few Mullein and some feverfew and they grew into one another and set off each other beautifully. Ill try for some pictures. Lavender and Perovskia are taking over the show now and heleniums and fireglow (Forget their proper name Like Montbretia oh its crocosmia, I think!

Oh Im glad the panic at the state of the garden has subsided. I was so stunned when I came back, I think it was because the garden was never as good-mainly thanks to all ive learned from you lot and your encouragement. There wasn't enough there before to go too wrong!

The vegetables apart from peas and new potatoes are a total disaster. Is it too late to put in anything else?

And who is this coming over the mountain?

10 July 2011 23:08:37
Imagine, this is a car park!

Imagine, this is a car park!

Its me Scrubber. Shouldnt that be it is I? Anyway I have been away for two weeks and when we drove in tonight i couldnt believe the chaos! Weeds have sprooted! Which means shot up and sprouted. Roses all hung their heads in shame as they had gone over and balled. Poppies looked like a collection of hari krishna members (I have loads of respects for the same people!) Lettuces let of the leash had aimed for the heavens. Luckily my Clematis bar one are still alive as are all my 0ther plantings but its going to take me another two weeks to get things back again. Oh the swathe of white clover on the lawn is a deliberate Scrubber EFFECT!-not really but thats my excuse until it gets mown and my lovely crcle of walnuts look like a teenage mop head. I felt as though I had no right to be numbered among the noble members of garden.ie!

Was this really the garden I had been dreaming about when i was away?. Many thanks for the advice re slugs  Sally. I did forget one and paid for it but hope that theres stuff undergraound.

Have one or two pictures from hols. No Fran, the flora of the country only! Loads and loads of Oleander and Agapanthus.


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