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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal September 2011

Last Post 2343 days 15 hours ago

Th'other day...

25 September 2011 21:01:01
My bestest picture ever!

My bestest picture ever!

Scrubber was feeling just a little bit tired-probably hadnt worked on rocks for a while and had withdrawal symptoms and thought 'he'd like a little injection of energy or sumptin'. JUST THEN he looked down and there at his feet was the lovliest little Purple-PINK mushroom. Yes Purple-Pink! And it was sort of lying on its side as if it had been unearthed. (Shoosh?). And Scrubber took it up and brought it into the house and photographed it on the formica top which proved in hindsight to have been the most perfect background and thus by the sheerest of accidents took one of the best photographs he has ever taken-Worthy to be put with the likes of Paddy's and Frans' and Bruno's no less! And he is still rather shocked that between them Mushroom, Formica and small digital camera something quite magical evolved.

Nuff of That! Went out to strim and titivate lawn edges but at the gate i got an idea because outside the gate is fairly wild. One must allow nature to take over sometimes!!! Well the first thing was to dig out roots of small elm shoots and then to dig through gravel which had been piled there years ago and scutch and briars. Then there was a mighty step that might be better looking if raised and reset-Come on crowbar and cherub and we did it. Then rebuilt a bit of wall that had fallen down years ago and replanted bulbs that had been dug up in the process. Then raked and scattered grass seed and water and trim back a branch or two. Voila! I have a far far cleaner entrance, well worth the five or so hours-although I will admit that half way through it was only the thought of Hazel's shredding heroics that kept me going!

The nice thing is that I get a (pleasant) kick now every time i go in or out!Ill put up some pics.

Guess what

22 September 2011 20:49:01
Whats not to love?

Whats not to love?

I just happened to be in the vicinity today and called into Glanbia and am now six Rudbeckia plants nearer my vision! Well they were half price. I couldn't not. It wasnt a deliberate visit as I was getting six Rosemary for a friend's garden. That was also half price and just happened to notice the rudbeckia by accident!

Not much done but an inspiration....

20 September 2011 22:56:54
You see it? There. Where? underneath the tree! Oh that?

You see it? There. Where? underneath the tree! Oh that?

As I say, have cut grass etc. and planted out the Cistus. Think Id better take them up and tease the roots out a bit better. Checked and my Viburnum 'Dawn' Bodnantese which I got for 8Euro and its quite large is not the same as the other 'Charles Lamont' but they are very closely related . The lamont cost me 18 50 but it was beautiful last year so am looking forward.

Yes Scrubber all very well but the inspiration??? I was getting to that. I thought how lovely it would be to underplant the Joseph Rock bright yellow crabapple with a great bed of Rudbeckia. So I dug up a plant today and put it under it and I think it will work beautifully for Autumn next year if i can get enough Rudbeckia. What about sowing them/// Or should i buy plants and divide them?

I enclose a photo. I know it may be laughable-one tiny bunch of rudbeckia under the tree but have faith and see with the eyes of a true believer!

A very useful visit to two venues

17 September 2011 20:23:18
Hadn't many but what I had were beauties!

Hadn't many but what I had were beauties!

Was down in Glanbia Kilmeaden today and finally collected my other acer Ozakazuki which I had ordered about six weeks ago and Kieran very kindly kept it for me allthis time.

And wonderful to behold-I needed just one stepping stone (They look like a section through a trunk) to finish a path . They had been out of them for yonks so I decided to scour the yard where all the tiles etc are and yes there unbelievably was one there, overlooked on all the other times I had searched! And only one. It was the display one but it was sold to me so I was chuffed.

Then there were Lavender and Cistus plants for sale at half price so I got three each for self and nine for friends. Twelve plants for the price of six. There are still quite a few there if anyone wants to acquire some!

Came home and went to the Book Event in Graiguenamanagh. Thats still on tomorrow.Got a fine Plant Encyclopedia for about 6 Euro. A Lovely book, lots of colour on Scent in the garden for 4 Euro and a copy of Cicely Mary Barker's A Flower Fairies Treasury(Maybe not to everyone's taste but i think her Flower fairies are brill) for 7Euro. Then I fell for a lovely copy of Culpeppers Herbal, a  Folio Edition in a slip-casethat was marked 20 Euro but when I went back to the stall about three times ,it was offered to me for 15 Euro and it was bought by my better half as a present for me! I have put it away for Christmas.

So I sit here tonight thinking how lucky i am that people buy me presents and that nurseries reduce their stock and that Ireland won against the Wallabies...Oh and that there's a possibility I may get a load of farmyard manure before the week is out! Life aint bad!


Please help re Muck V Fertilizer

15 September 2011 14:15:52
The top stone. Grass had encroached !

The top stone. Grass had encroached !

I have dug the veg garden over and am thinking of incorporating muck ie farmyard manure to give a bit of ooomph. Would i get the same result from a bag say of 10-10-20? Im determined to have veg next year!

Dug the bed, cleared around a stone that I had planted thirty years ago (cf photo) and chopped down a few big beech branches to open out some space-all at breakneck speed as I had to finish early!

Finally out again

14 September 2011 20:44:36
The John's Wort Bun!

The John's Wort Bun!

Am I the only one? I just didnt feel like going out to the garden tody. Of course Im glad I did! Dont know was it the weather or that I was still very tired or what. But decided to take it easy.'Ill just dig up some roots of that bushy Johns Wort and do the little paths on the slope and sow some grass.@ O foolish Scrubber. When will you learn.

I had to get all the tools out to get at the roots of that blessed Johns Wort!. Thick and tangled ,they were and heading for australia. Anyway I got an axe to them eventually and created a neat little bun. Then I decided to trim off the branches of a Kolwitzia  nearby, much of which was dead (and prickly) because of overhanging beech branches. having done that I had to trim back said branches.

Then did the little paths on the slope and sowed grass on them and where the old Juniper was and another path below Marian's bed. I dont know if grass will grow there as its quite shady but the slope is now better defined and the little paths should be nice. (I have put up photos or will once I write this)

Then I strimmed in Scrub and in bog and can see a difference coming down there. So after a weak hearted start I finished fairly well and am pleased with my nice clean slope. The foxgloves seem to be ok. We havent had any rain to speak of but they were well watered when going in.

Tomorrow might be a dig over the vegetable plot day as theres nothing left to harvest and the late sowings may as well be dug in as green manure. Must talk to farming friends re loads of muck for next year.

Amazing how a purchase can inspire one!!!

10 September 2011 19:42:20
This is the Campanula Pink  at first glance.cf other photos

This is the Campanula Pink at first glance.cf other photos

Had a fairly hectic schedule recently not helped by a nasty head cold. However today was a day of rest. I took off to Carlow and collected my Foxgloves from Mary in the Delta Centre. I got 67 good potgrown plants for a very reasonable sum! So I couldnt leave behinnd me another Campanula Pink Octopus and a bush type clematis that promises a second flush of lovely flowers!(integrifolia hakurei). Home and planted all my foxgloves (cold forgotten!). Some in fern corner, some around rustic step path under the trees, more below new rockery-rabbits dont like them!

Then I dug a bit more of two paths that I cut into a slope last week and cut all the grass. Was delighted to be back digging and delving.

Ill put up some snaps of Campanula Pink Octopus. Its quite floriferous and not hugely striking at first sight but if you turn up the petals or take off a blossom and phograph it its quite remarkable! Actually-a bit on the lines of Scrubber himself -not a great deal to observe at first glance but with HIDDEN DEPTHS!!! I joke! I joke!

Hasnt it suddenly gone autumnal. My garden is going into its browns and yellows and reds. I love Autumn even though it can be quite a melancholy season but then melancholy has its own sweetness.Its a sort of sweet sadness that the year is turning. Oh dear! here come the men in the white coats again. Id better hide! (They always are sent for when I begin to ramble too much!)

Ive put up nine new photos in Shoosh's album

Back again.

06 September 2011 12:29:04
Had cleaned up here before i went.

Had cleaned up here before i went.

High everybody. Good to be back! Was lucky enough to get away for a week. Little bit of garden viewing in it too but not a lot. Will get back into my stride over next few days. There's a consignment of foxgloves to be dealt with!


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