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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal December 2011

Last Post 2245 days 6 hours ago

Happy new year to all you lovely people!

31 December 2011 18:43:01
Homage to Paddy Mary and Anne!

Homage to Paddy Mary and Anne!

And by its end may we all have achieved a little of what we dream and something of what we hope for and have become  that bit more wise, that bit more understanding and that bit more touched by happiness as we share our hopes , fears, friendships  and gardens with one another.

Now Scrubber get down from the pulpit and recount the day’s doings. He thought at one stage he would have to retire from the fray! Its funny but with Cherub’s help boulders and rocks are shifted and then just shoveling clay into the wheelbarrow today a slight twist and a perceptible stab! However despite Anna’s very good advice he continued until five o clock and now after a bath has decided the twinge is temporary!

The day began well with a HOMAGE to paddy and mary and anne. There’s a word for you! I finally decided on a spiral around  the cornus variegate in the lawn. I had only a 100 bulbs (red tulips Toronto) so it will  not be spectacular but I hope it will be nice.

Then back to Mucky Corner. Oh no before that a very funny thing. There was an elder (tree!) in the Scrub and I have been dithering a long time whether to get rid of it as it was fairly shook. Cherub whispered ‘give it a little shove’ and giggled. I put my hand to it, gave a little shove and ‘swear to God down it went as if it had been shot! The root was quite rotten! I have cut it up and cleared and put in a cornus florida Rainbow that I got for a tenner on a bargain bench yesterday! I also put it a parrotia persica that I got for 3 Euro! Reduced from 40E! Because the leader had been smashed and it was now cut down to about a foot! They will grow again in the benign atmosphere of the scrub.

Back to mucky corner. Quite hard work trying to clean the dumpings of decades. Its going to take about a fortnight before I get it right but it has lots of promise. The back didn’t help. And I found another huge triangular rock. Cherub loves springing these surprises on me just when Im ready to finish. This one was special though and with Crowbar managed to lever it down to lower level and got it to fit in.. As I say it will take ages but I think it will be ready for christening early in January.

Snowdrops are peeping their noses through every where. I feel that there will be a big rush soon and we will all be swept off our feet at the sight.

Put some primulas into two pots and took out Bergenia from one of them and replanted it by the waterfall (don’t ask). The Primulas were old stock that I was given but I think they will come on in new soil.

Well that’s it. 2011done and dusted, some great joys some great sadnesses, that’s the way of the world. Bless you all and all your families,partners and friends among whom I am honoured perhaps to be numbered? As you see Ive gone back into the pulpit. Sr Josephine shrieks as loudly as she can in the church GET DOWN OUTA DAT YOU BOLD THING OR YOULL NEVER MAKE YOUR FIRST COMMUNION! But I did!

Got out to Mucky Corner today

30 December 2011 00:45:43
Sometimes the simplest things are the lovliest!

Sometimes the simplest things are the lovliest!

Its been a hard day’s work and Scrubber’l be sleepin’ like a hog! But it was satisfying. As usual he set out thinking ‘Ill do this and this and then that’ and of course ‘this’ takes up huge amounts of time! Well the Mucky Corner’s siren call was answered and for a while he was really at sea as there seemed to be no way he could organize the slope and the longed for big boulders were not appearing. And then, He should be used to it by now. The Cherub thing happened. There was a suggestion over my shoulder that three very big boulders, that I had hitherto considered immoveable might just  move if the crowbar was inserted. Yes Folks! They all shifted at its first touch and then were inched (they were biggies) into different places which finally gave Scrubber levels and direction. So from then on it was a question of pulling out a load of debris that had been dumped there, branches leaves twigs etc over the years and dumping that in the bottom of the scrub. Finally as Scrubber was shifting the last debris from the top he unearthed a massive boulder-which thankfully did not need to be shifted so he decided that was a special present from Cherub!

Now it will take a few days to clean out all the debris and replace clay that got thrown down but at least there is a plan and an end in view as Tom Dooley once very boldly said about Sr Josephine when she picked up a pencil he had dropped beside his desk.

I put up a few pictures at the end of the Christmas album to charter the course of things. Also some lovely moss shots.

'Scruuuuuber!' ' Scruuuuuber! 'Scruuuuuber!!!'

28 December 2011 21:17:48
Some parts are beautiful!

Some parts are beautiful!

Scrubber thinks it may be a touch of cabin fever! There is a mucky corner in the garden that is calling him out like a siren. --‘Come on there are hidden rocks there’--- ‘maybe youll make a new ledge’---‘It’s going to be such an adventure’--- ‘There may even be the biggest boulder imaginable under that clay’---‘Its going to be fabulous when its done’--- ‘You can plant ferns and hostas and things!’

He has gone out to it a number of times-just to look and he has scratched at it with a hoe –just to see but he cant wait to actually dive in and dig and delve and discover and although he will probably end up on his backside after sliding down the slope many times he will have no rest until he has satisfied himself-such is the joy of compulsive gardening. Meanwhile Cherub and the two newcomers sit grinning waiting for the fun to begin. Whatever about Lute and Cymbal I know good old Cherub wont let Scrubber down if we find boulders!

And it would be such a good way to combat the excesses of Christmas-don’t ask! So maybe tomorrow…watch this space. I will put up a picture or two in the Christmas album to show the mucky corner in question. When it is done of course and is beferned and beautified it will have a new name! You see it wont be mucky corner any more! S’logical!!

I put up three and one of scrub in early morning and one of terraces which are pleasing me greatly. The last two are to take your minds off mucky Corner!

As Oscar Wilde once memorably said

26 December 2011 12:42:36
Cherub Lute

Cherub Lute

‘I find it harder and harder, every day, to live up to my blue china’. I think it may be a little bit like that with the Cherubs!!!! I went out this morning (and last evening and last night!) to view and felt that they were a little bit GRAHWND if you know what I mean for Scrubber! I am a little bit in awe of this bit of renaissance statuary in my garden! Even if they are concrete they have an air of elegance about them! Luckily Noelle tells me that in Summer they will be swathed in roses and suchlike. It’s so nice to get such a kick out of things so I am sure as we get to know one another we will be on more familiar terms and I wont feel like giving them a low bow as I pass!

Hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday and hope the day passes soon for those who have to work and slowly and relaxedly for those of us who luckily don’t. Have just had a lovely walk around the garden with my granddaughter and we discovered all the daffodils, hellebores, snowdrops, and cyclamens pushing through. We went all over up paths and down steps and had a very pleasant time. That’s where it’s really at, this life!

And now in to dip into Culpeppers herbal, that my son specially chose for me- well I found it at a book fair and suggested he might like to give it to me for Christmas! It’s a lovely Folio edition and luckily not at all dear. But I must just nip out again to check that the Cherubs are settling in!


Have just been disco dancing

25 December 2011 17:33:27
And it finally came to pass!

And it finally came to pass!

to a disco ball in our hall i.e. our small home hallway! It arrived from santa and the recipient insisted his garandparents and parents disco danced to the glitter ball while he breakdanced (brokedanced?) on the rug!!!

A little earlier this evening we unveiled the statues and I am going to try to upload a few pictures despite my present very shook up balance! I need nother jameson.

Have managed to upload about ten pictures. they are much the same. I am very very pleased with them-Thank you Anna! but i feel I will grow even more pleased as i get used to them and as the flowers and roses set them off.

So far it has been a really lovely time today, one of the lovliest christmasses I remember. Hope its the same for all of you and that 2012 is a great year for us all! 

Big day ahead!

24 December 2011 16:39:27
I just flew in for the unveiling

I just flew in for the unveiling

Christmas Eve and nearly time! I looked out this morning and wondered did my eyes deceive me or was that indeed a single crocus pushing up through the lawn. I told myself it was probably a leaf or something but went out and lo and behold there it was, my first this year!

A big red robin has landed on the rockery ( cf photos) and he says he has come for the unveiling! I didnt realise that the animal kingdom was also agog to see the new   inhabitants of the garden. The grandchildren are to do the  derefusesacking of the statues when they arrive tomorrow around twelve so it will probably be on the six o clock news....lol

My Granddaughter is to unveil Cherub cymbals and her brother, may- depending on inclination at the vital moment- reveal Cherub lute . On the other hand he may prefer to play football. How is it that ladies always have a better sense of occasion than we mere men?

Anyway Scrubber hisself is very excited about it all. Hasnt felt so much anticipation since Tom Dooley left that drawing pin on Sr. Josephines chair in Junioe Infants! Funny how things come together in the garden. ie. He got the statues done and then the hedge fitted in and now the mucky corner once its cleaned out will also add to the entire scene as Cherub Cymbals will aquire ten foot or more elevation from the lower part of the garden. Scrubber wonders in a philosphical state of mind is that the way the overall plan for each of us works, one thing enhances another and at the very end we will see the pattern ? I hope there is one!

Anyway, off to bed wid yiz all now an' no peeping over the blankets! Sleep well! 


Fings getting a bit hectic at pwesent!

22 December 2011 16:46:20
Silent night...

Silent night...

But got out for a few hours. Went ahead tidying up the mucky corner and also edged along by wall of rosebed. Put those sods on the terraces so nothing was lost. Built a little bit of wall near the water feature-only simple stone on stones but it tidied it up a bit so the tangle is being untangled. Then came in and did the crib with moss and twigs from the garden. Lots more to be done before night falls but all inside! Excuse brevity-not quite Scrubberlike! I think Ive managed to put up a few crib photos and some of the decorations. My mother gave me the figures many years ago so its quite precious to me.

Funny how the bad days turn into good ones!

21 December 2011 22:15:41
He says he's not an ornament and he wont come down!

He says he's not an ornament and he wont come down!

Sitting here having finally completed the decorations. Only have to dump boxes in attic. No garden though as i lost a filling and had to go to a new dentist with a cavity that you could fit TKMax into! Well it felt like that. I dread going but my grandson aged five had gone the week before so I couldnt chicken out. What has this to do with gardening. 

As I came down the stairs after a really pleasant encounter and a nice new temporary filling in my tooth who should i meet but Ladygardener! I brought her to the cafe and Anne and Anna and I had a lovely chat, some of it about gardening! Serendipity.

As i say nothing aabout gardening but something about the good fortune of being a garden.ier! 

And so say all of us!

20 December 2011 11:20:40
And his name shall be called, Wonderful.......

And his name shall be called, Wonderful.......

Things are closing in! I have to get into the attic this afternoon to get down the decorations so I doubt ,unless I am very lucky, that the garden will see me for a while! Id just like to take this opportunity as Sr. Josephine used say before she took a skelp at us, to thank everybody in garden.ie for helping to make the year so very enjoyable, for being so kind, so helpful so warm and for laughing at even the feeblest of my jokes.

Id especially like to thank all those who encouraged and praised  my garden. ‘The Birthdays of the old require such candles’! But it meant so much and to those kind souls who visited my garden and passed such nice comments, well they were among the highlight days of the past year. Thank you also to Bill and Rachel for inviting me to their open day and for making me so welcome as they did for all of us.

Now before Scrubber gets all teary and sentimental-Dooley cant stand that and Shoosh also takes a dim view of an excess of emotion- let me just wish you all a happy peaceful and contented Christmas and a bright colourful and floriferous New Year! Bless you all!


You know its not the amount that gets done,

19 December 2011 19:48:44
This is the mucky tangled slope I mention

This is the mucky tangled slope I mention

 although it helps if you do get through a good bit, or the amount of time you spend outside, but just the being out there on a mild, damp, slightly melancholic December day like today and letting it all seep into your very bones. I was only out for a few hours but it was so peaceful and the garden seemed quiet and spare and waiting patiently for Spring. It was very calming.

All I did was to put in two more small azaleas on the slope at the bottom of the Budha Rockery. (Im calling it that as the new rockery and the old became confusing!) It’s the wall one, down in the Scrub. They are small and fit in well. Then I put a Hosta in the bog and hope the ground is not too boggy as Ive put a few in. I was looking at the willows and the greeny yellow ones had rooted into the bog themselves so I cut some branched bits from the top and stuck them down in two places beside the cornus siberica. I did the same with the Midnight Fire. Maybe they will grow maybe not but if they do and I stool them they should be lovely.

I decided to clear the debris, old bits of logs and leaves and stuff around the base of the Japanese tree and then looked up at the slope beside the septic tank. I dump a lot over the garden wall there and it has become a right mucky- up tangle of branches, compost, thorns etc. It goes up about nine feet or more. Cherub Cymbals sits, still plastic clad, on the wall above it. Now There are some major boulders in it and I began to poke. I think I may be able to do something with it because even with the little I had done there were possibilities, -capabilities? I think I can level out the top and clear off the debris and line it in with the other bank but it will take time. And maybe a Buddleia alternifolia placed properly might shield the eyes from the garish orangey pipe which of course has never figured in any of my garden photographs. I think that may be my next project and Im thinking Ferns on a sort of cliffy slope. Now Ill have to dump elsewhere. And then I could put in a line of hedging at the side behind the Japanese tree and and and…. Its the kind of thing one could be working away at when theres not so much else to be done (Proper gardening!)

And then I came in and was grateful for those lovely calm relaxing hours in my meditative, almost sleeping, winterwonderful land! and the pleasure of sharing it with all my garden.ie friends.

A whole day

17 December 2011 17:33:56
Early morning in the scrub

Early morning in the scrub

spent writing cards and letters-oh I did slip out to edge the tiniest bit about a foot and a half that was annoying me. But otherwise I was inside all day like Hazel. However i did stick in a few more pictures as i took them this sunny morning!

Also as I glanced back over my diary I realised I have spent a kings ransom on the garden this year. I put it down to desperately trying to impress the garden.iers! Next year i shall be far more restrained and divide and sow and slip and save! But i dont regret a penny!!!!

I mixed up the captions between emerging acer buds and emerging snowdrops! Sorry! 

Got a bit carried away.

15 December 2011 20:53:14
Round and round the garden like a teddy bear....

Round and round the garden like a teddy bear....

Thanks to Paddy's good advice Scrubber began work on Wednesday morning as he had a bit of sunshine. He had the first line of trenching done-the one with the gap in it. (Gap being the easier word, you can substitute entrance or even arch!). It was relatively easy to plant this as the clay was soft and friable.

Then he dug the second line which is to form a  block of hedge behind the gap so that you walk around it and then throughthe gap and view the lawn below with the two cherubs atthe head of the lawn. Well that was where Scrubber got a bit carried away .

Instead of putting in a block he continued it on parallel with the first line and then brought it in a spiral around a convenient beech tree! Of course by doing this it went from being a hedge to a CONCEPT! And then Scrubber had a vision of perhaps in future years bringing the spiral up from about a foot  gradually to the six feet level. (Remeber the spiral in the Mt Sion Talk, Anne Paddy and Mary?) Well that had an influence after all.

 Now I know that is all hard to visualise so i have tried to put it into a series of photos in the december album.'In the Beginning was the trench'. Anyone who has visited me will have a better idea. And of course just at present its all a few twigs in the ground but Scrubber can dream. Maybe the photos may help.

Then he had ten plants left over and he knew where they would fit  nicely down in the scrub proper and  it worked out that ten was the required number-Serendipity! 

Made a pilgrimage to glanbia today and came out grinning. Suffice to say that I should have some fab tulip colour next year!


Not so much a gardening day but...

13 December 2011 16:32:06
C, Cymbals in background C.Lute in foreground.....

C, Cymbals in background C.Lute in foreground.....

I took off for Ardattin today to the Coillte Nurseries where the good Lynda and Pat were most accomodating and bless the ladies who manhandled the big bag into the boot. I did offer but was told they were fine!!!

I went through one small snow storm on the way over and one coming back but am now the proud possessor of fifty, three yes three year old beech hedging plants that i can't wait to get in. They were three year old because they had been transplanted or something, normally they are two years old and the fifty cost 39 Euro which is a very decent price. They are in a special sack white outside and black inside and can stay there for a month safely! I will get them in as soon as I can of course. hopefully starting tomorrow.

I like the bareness of everywhere now, No frantic need to get weeding done. Oh those toad lilyies I got in Arboretrum for 2 Euro each figured on the cover of one of the glossies this month! Who said Scrubber couldnt pick 'em.(Even if it was by sheer luck!) Now Ill shut up as Sr. Josephine would say i was getting 'obstreperous'.

In the picture the tree is actually behind the wall! But for a minute it fooled me. That is the 'Japanese' tree that i pruned. You might remember the ladder incident!  

Calm down Scrubber!

12 December 2011 14:04:52
Starting on the beech hedge overlooking lower lawn

Starting on the beech hedge overlooking lower lawn

Well I needed to after the excitement of Saturday! I spent Sunday morning, orpart of it ,putting up the lights on the walnut circle and this year I also incorporated another older set on the urn in the middle. As i am not handy or electrically gifted this took time but as the circle of walnut branches develop there are lots more little branches and snags to loop it on to. I tried a photo but lacking Fran's mooning abilities (see his photos!) It didnt come out great.

This morning started well and i got out and have dug the trench for the first line of beech hedging above the terraces. There will be a door or archway in the middle and another hedge of beech behind so that the doorway is effectively blocked from view. So you will come around the first hedge  out through the arch and the lower lawn and Scrub are revealed with the two cherubs at the head of the lower lawn. Its funny how ideas sometimes manage to complementthemselves.

Ive put up a few pictures to try to explain but have only dug the first hedge trench as the rain has driven me in. Im hoping to collect my hedging in Coillte Ardattin tomorrow, Good big plants, barerooted at 39.50 for Fifty. Now where Ill put the surplus i dont know but i have some ideas!!! They only do bundles of fifty. But I think I will definitely use them all. I see in Irish garden Oct November they say there is never any need to plant a double row??? That suits me as i dont want a wide hedge, especially as there will be two parallel.

Anyway as soon as they are in and planted Ill put up more pictures.

I love the garden at this time because you can see all the bones and how one fits in with another-and I found a nice stone, not a biggie but one that fits into a wall where needed. happy days! And snow drops to come!



The day that scrubber nearly burst hisself with

10 December 2011 21:51:05
Mysterious object!

Mysterious object!


Oh the excitement of today! This is my second time writing out the journal as I lost it once but now Im in Word. Well Donal, bless him arrived in early with some buckets of cement and he wheeled out the two cherubs on his pink! Hand truck. Then he slapped a big dollop of cement on one plinth and there followed a discussion as to which Cherub went where. Well we both agreed on Cherub Cymbals and he was lifted into place by Donal and cemented in. Scrubber meanwhile was beside hisself with excitement and was running up the garden and down the Scrub and across the lawn to view from all angles. And d’ye know what. It was exactly right! From below it was lovely. From Above it was lovely from the side it was lovely. Zactly right height, zactly right position, zactly right balance.

It was so exciting that when dear Cherub Lute went up at the other side it just couldn’t match the first buzz. But I hasten to add that Cherub Lute is also perfectly placed and we had the whole rigmarole of running up and running down and viewing from the back and the side and below and from the side of the house and even out the windows!

They were even better than I could have imagined. Anna came back from town and I asked her opinion. She said it was like Pere Lachaise. I started to think oh yes a lovely Italianate or French garden until I remembered that Pere Lachaise is that wonderful cemetery in paris  that we once visited where Oscar Wilde and many more are buried-lots of angels there as well!

Anyway they are now up and covered in black plastic Rubbish sacks because they are a Christmas present after all so will not be on public view until the 25th when I will put them up on the Album. I will try to put one or two of the plastic sacked figures up just to show you. In the meantime rejoice with Scrubber. Who had a dream and it came true!

Triumph and Disaster! and Shoosh, a killer streak?

09 December 2011 17:48:32
A Christmas Rose

A Christmas Rose

Well not a major triumph and not an incalculable disaster but a bit of both! The triumph was achieved as scrubber kneeling down on his kneeling pad and using his rubberised gloves, having dug away all the surrounding clay, was able to locate and clean out the waste pipe that had broken loose. (he had left a note in the house asking Anna NOT to flush anything or even drain the sink while the operation lasted. Unlike Scrubber Anna remebers things and so Scrubber at no stage was over whelmed with soap suds. Once the area was cleared it was quite easy to jam the pipes back together and on testing they proved to be watertight! A tiny triumph as Scrubber is not at all handy.

The disaster is a funny one. I know the difference between daff bulbs and tulip bulbs but they were in similar brown paper bags. I think I have planted very gaudy red and white stroiped tulips  in the woodland. And the lovely delicate white Thalia narcissi in two big pots! I wont know until Spring. There was I imagining the Thalia waving under the trees in the scrub, perfectly placed and now theres gonna be a riot of colour!

Spent the day on the Drain and planting as many bulbs as I could. I was getting a sack for a friend in glanbia and somehow six more packets fell into the boot of my car. careless of me I know oh and also two azaeleas at 6 Euro each! Now how did they get there.

I put those in today and have planted tulips and alliums at the bases of the cherubs. They were to be possibly installed today but it didnt work out and i got the chance to clean up the rose bed that will be behind them. Im planting forget me nots all around the place. i dont know whether theyll be successful but they have multiplied and multiplied and I got them from my dad so they are special.

It was good to be out as it was a lovely day and you see the bones of the garden and how little things like the terraces are really fitting in quite well and how removing one or two weak straggling trees was a good idea.

Oh! Shoosh was playing with a leaf and i thought how playful until I realised that it was a little field mouse! I know i shouldnt interfere with nature but i called her and gave her a gentle rub and she purred away like goodoh. Then i managed to slip the mouse into my hand when she wasnt looking and left it escape into the bushes! I dontthink I was caught doing it but she did spend some time retracing her steps! 



Just an idea for beginners!

07 December 2011 17:39:24
My new label trick!

My new label trick!

Among whom I am numbered. Now the knowledgeable ones will probably do this anyway. I was putting in all my tulip and Iris bulbs today and got an Idea. I gut some straight branches into about nine inch lengths. Then I cut across the top of the packet below the staples. So I now had a coloured card with the name of the species and I stuck the stick through that lengthwise as a marker. No doubt old hat to our master gardeners but i found it useful.

It was a good day today. Donal came and very quickly fashioned two plinths on the ends of the wall for my Cherubs. He included stones in the cement so they look natural and will cement in the Cherubs very soon. I am so looking forward to that. He also fixed two stones in the small wall that threatened to kill somebody if pulled on! Bless his skills.

On a malodorous note! (How about that for a pupil of sr. Josephine's).And perhaps this is not the place to share it but the pipe to the  septic tank which works wonderfully well at all times had become dislocated due to earth movement so on Donal's advice i dug deep and lo and behold found where it had become slightly disconnected. It will be very easy to fix now that i have ascertained where and why. So a good days work and what a pleasant day it was.

 I have half my bulbs in now so one more good day and i am sorted. I am not worrying about the hedge Anne as advised! have some nice colour from the primula as long as I keep dead heading them. 









Well sumptin' got done!

03 December 2011 17:50:17
A summery photo/n.b. the socks n' sandals!

A summery photo/n.b. the socks n' sandals!

I woke this morning and there was sun!Couldnt believe my luck. So I have been out all day. By the way has anyone advice for a sore heel. Mne has been hurting me for about six weeks to two months-nothing tortuous and i can garden but Id like a emedyif theres one. Ive tried heel pads in my shoe.

Anyway to more important issues. I went out and planted all 25K of my daffodil sack! Dutch master. I did three big sweeps of them so hopefully Spring will se lots of colour. I also put in the eight Hostas and a double swamp buttercup is it calthus? and a strange garden Iris with a Japanese name Yuri Hari or somethingthats supposed to be very hardy.

I also got most ofthe remaining drifts of leaves into the tarpaulin and down to the Scrub oh and planted a sarcococca. In doing so I realised the leaves had covered up a nice stone so that was retrieved-not moved just cleared of leaf debris.

Anna had a brilliant idea this morning. She suggested i toss my gardening clothes into the tumble dryer for ten minutes so when i put them on I was as snug as a bug in a rug! Great idea!

Then came in and had a deep hot bath and am now teetotally exhausted. Should've had a shower! Now only bulbs to be done and cherubs will be cemented on Wednesday hopefully. Im not as you all advised ,worrying about the hedge until later. Bit by bit......

Someone said to me today 'well thats that for the garden until Spring!!! ' Might be the case with some folk but with hellebores coming into flower, aconites around the corner and then snowdrops....I dont think we get a break nor do i want one. Periwinkle has a lovely journal on all the browns. Makes one revalue the season!

I see in her book A year in an irish garden that Ruth Isabel Ross was countering the december blues by giving  two parties in the one weekend for thirty people each! My Lord what energy!!!!! She's nearly as good as rachel for organization! 




Scrubber is panickin' big time!

02 December 2011 17:24:19
Just to remind me we once HAD sun!

Just to remind me we once HAD sun!

Im sitting here looking out at the rain, the rain, the rain! Im wondering should i have used fran's bark and started on building an Arc and Im starting to collect animals, two by two. The only consolation was Deborahs last journal. That gave me some hope. 

You see Scrubber was ssooo greeedy buying so many bulbs that he has packets an' packets yet to be sown. mostly tulips. And a BIG sack of Daffs which still feel firm, an' he has to dig a trench for his hedge and the placing of same is causing headaches. And he has to buy them yet and he has pots of (very cheap) Hostas-thanks to Elizabeth and he has to divide up forget me nots and, and, and, and, and where is he going to get the time to do it when it rains and rains and rains. Cherub is wearing an aqualung theses days Oh and that reminds me ,that the other two cherubs have to be cemented in. Cemented cemented and Scrubber's demented. Am so glad I got those cornus in a few days ago. Where will it all end?. Poor michael d is nearly waterlogged.

Should I start collecting the plants two by two as well I wonder? 


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