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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal June 2012

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A strange thing happened on the way to the centre

25 June 2012 21:41:22
Sunlight in Scrub

Sunlight in Scrub

A strange one today but wonderful in its own way and disbelievers in magic  may have to just bear with  Scrubber or stop reading now!. He was very busy today and on his way to the Arboretum to buy a rose as a present  and also to buy a rectangular box -shaped tub to replace a frost- destroyed one.

He didn’t notice but Cherub was sitting in the car beside him. This is quite unusual for, except when he goes to give Hazel or Elizabeth a hand, he prefers to stay down in the Scrub. He was passing a place where they manufacture statues and garden ornaments and fountains and such like and Cherub gave hima very strong nudge to go in. In they went and stock was very low so they walked around the back. (Cherub of course does not walk but you know what is meant) Then Scrubber saw it. A lovely weatherbeaten cast stone pillar. It was round and fluted and Scrubber fell for it big time. Then over beside it was a bowl or urn in the same material and Scrubber staggered back to the pillar and placed bowl on the top. Now it wasn’t perfect but they suited one another and he was having a thought. Another gentle nudge in his side  and--- a few feet away on the ground was a piece that might do as a base for the bowl. When tried, it fitted perfectly! And the result was really fine.

The owner was away so I said Id call back and spent the evening in the garden-Roses are out and wonderful-then back and owner was there.

We looked at the pieces and Scrubber was told that they were actually made of granite composite not cement and that they had been bought years ago. Scrubber was also told they were expensive. Scrubber bit his lip (in his mind you know!) and asked what was ‘expensive’. He was delighted to hear that it was quite reasonable and asked would he get it for the same. Affirmative and here is where he got a bit greedy and said ‘I wonder would you throw in that little bowl as well-it was  the top of a small birdbath. I don’t know whether Cherub approved of that last but he hadn’t come the second time  and it was graciously thrown in.

Anna is kindly giving it as a birthday present and  his friend Jim is going to help with the  transportation. He is going to put it into the circle of Walnut at the front and put the one there replacing the terracotta square. He just wonders could he get Cherub to come more often with him???

Spent day cleaning rose bed along one wall, apart that is from going on that strange journey with cherub. Is still pinching himself !

'Oh what is Mr. Scrubber up to?'

24 June 2012 13:38:09
The Feeeooshas will bloom in abundance!

The Feeeooshas will bloom in abundance!

There was a right tizzy in the Scrub on Saturday. You may remember, it rained a lot. All the nymphs, garden fairies and gremlins were perplexed. “Whats Mr. Scrubber doing?” They refer to me as Mr. Scrubber as only Bonafide garden.iers  may call me Scrubber. “Whas he doin ?’”. They hadn’t ever seen him doing stuff like this before. They even chanced asking  Cherub who usually held himself quite aloof from them.   ‘Dunno!!’ was the rather gruff reply.’I only deal with rocks’.

Scrubber had five long green boxes (Cherubs Flute and Cymbals had seen them coming out of the boot and had told Cherub that they were window boxes). But window boxes had nothing to do with the Scrub surely? And then that bag of Compost and the very bright pink flowers. ‘very bright, aint they?’ ‘Yeh. Very pink’ ‘Not really scrub stuff’. The one of them, I think a gremlin, suggested ‘He might be doing it here because its wet up above’ and all agreed that was probably it. Scrubber was able to continue to garden despite the rain. They all thought this quite clever but they were very unfamiliar with what he was doing. ‘Nuttin to do with rocks’ pronounced Cherub definitely. ‘Not Mr. Scrubber’s normal form down here at all’ ‘No, he’s usually weeding’.’Or shifting rocks with Cherub’.’ or planting acers and hostas’. ‘I’d say this is more what the others do, Rachel or Bill or Elizabeth.  Puttin’ things in pots’ ‘Yeh Pink things’. ‘I think theyre called Feeeooshahs’ ’Whats he doing down here with Feeeooshas?’ ‘It’s a Mystery surely’.

Then Scrubber got up and carefully carried the boxes one after the other up into the upper garden out of their sight. Luckily Cherub Cymbals could see around the corner and told them that he did the weirdest thing! He put flowerpots in upside down into the little box- edged rectangles in the front and then sat the long boxes on top so that the Feeooshas peeped out over the box.. Cherub Cymbals said they looked nice. The gang didn’t really know but knew that they would have been wrong down in the Scrub. ‘Too Pink by far’ was the consensus’ ‘Better up there!’

After all that work Scrubber shortly returned and began raking furiously and carrying leaf loads down to the bottoms and eyeing rocks and everyone relaxed at these signs of normality and went back to their caves and eyries and branches to think about the wonders they had seen. And the rain continued to drip gently down.

The good news is, the bad...

18 June 2012 22:35:03
More foxgloves by the path

More foxgloves by the path

The good news is that my Juniper is in good health and not showing any signs of rot and David and I, well mostly David are going to prop it up with elegant supports of forked wood and winch it a little but as long as I dont allow clay to get into the crack it will be sound. So thats the good news.

The bad is that about a third of my garden has disappeared under lush grass and weed growth! I was down in the scrub yesterday wearing  my pony goggles (theres posh!) and swearing mightily and trying to avoid NOT strimming my dogwoods which have exactly the same leaves as the Himalayan Balsam which i was strimming and also getting to grips with immense flags leaves which all seemed to grow perilously near the said Dogwoods and the willow slips given me by Bill. Sheets of water flying off the grass and everyplace a blessed swamp. (I was going to use bl...y but memories of Sr J.)

I had also strimmed Elizabeth's corner and nearly did for a Buddleia but at least I can now see it again. Spitting out bits of reeds and grass and Im sure chunks of Him. Bals. I turned to see my dear son regarding me calmly-me in my goggles and wearing a swimming cap! (well I couldnt find my gardening hat and I had to keep all the bits out of my hair, hadnt I?-It was a bright blue and black swimming cap with Waterfront Swimming club on the side-) and he was carring a 12 year old under his arm! It being father's day the twelve year old was Jameson. Well politeness prevailed and I retired from the fray. Nuff done for one day. Oh I had strimmed two banks as well.

Today Anna and I went up to the wicklow garden today mon. as our friends  were coming back and we wanted to surprise them. I put in Salvia Argenta and some Fuschia and a pot of Gladioli and a lot of cheap and cheerful bedding. I hoed and Anna raked and we did mightily! The very bold rabbits had even chewed the Juniper trees and had shredded the Mexican orange and the Achillea. One even came out near where we were working. It was a lovely sunny day and it was so good and so nice to be able to plant into cleared ground. Ill have to find the clay in my garden before i can get bedding in.

So really very little bad and a whole heap of good even if Scrubber is expecting cramps later tonight! 



All the way from deepest Calcutta/ (and a query)

16 June 2012 12:18:10
This is the Juniper that is splitting

This is the Juniper that is splitting

At least thats what it seems here. Im expecting to see elephants in the scrub any day. All the more annoying as i have five salvia Argenta that i want to put in and some false bamboo. Dont know anything about either and books aint helping. The query i mentioned above was why my Zakazuki acer-small one- put in last year and came into leaf well this year suddenly died? Do maples do this??? The other two are fine. I said it to Kieran in Glanbia and he showed me three that had done the same on him and yet others are fine????

Was in Arboretrum yesterday and p...d into a poppy!!!. The mens toilets are in the shape of beautiful colourful a) Poppies, B) Calla lillies and c) Hibiscus! Had the great pleasure of meeting Hazel Lodge who had guessed I was Scrubber-a lovely man and as helpful as he is erudite (H.L. not Scrubber!). Anna wanted to pick out something to put in two empty containers that we have and she chose Calla Lillies, Zentescedia, white witha purple throat. Well we were watching monty Don at the gardener's World show and what did he take home with him of all the things there. Calla Lillies. Just shows that good taste is innate!

My beautiful forked Juniper  what with the weight of the bramches and maybe the wet has split in the fork and I fear i may lose it. Im having david the man who took down my Eucalyptus to examine it tomorrow. Im hoping we can put in ropes or something to hold it. Its about twentfive to thirty years old. Oh and anyone lose any branches. A fairly big beech one came down while i was away and luckily did no damage.

As I look out Rain ,rain, rain. Luckily we started building that ark last week! Now where do I get two Shooshes, Two Dooleys, two hedghogs, two frogs, two.....???


Is it in India we are at all?

11 June 2012 22:24:29
Foxgloves by steps

Foxgloves by steps

Who knows? Scrubber had a list of six things to be done in the garden today. 'Cut grass 'was the first but when he went out it was almost knee high. Slight exaggeration admittedly. He set the blades at the highest and got around ok stopping every so often to clean out the funnel into the grass bag. Then the Monsoon struck. Thus India above.

It came straight down in sheets. We even had a roof leak. Scrubber went in and watched the tennis. Nadal won graciously I thought) Then back out and decided grass needed a second cut but said he would give it a chance to dry out! (Poor fool!) 

Down into the Scrub then as the ground was seeping damp and planted fifty of those Kenneddy primroses with the dark red leaves.( Kilmeaden Glanbia bargain-and he was able to divide each plant into three). Colour  sounds odd for primroses but they do look well bordering the path under the white foxgloves. Then as his dear friend Jim arrived to do the hedge-Scrubber cant reach on it at this stage- he went back down and cleared a border/bed of the daffs that were there and put in six Rhododendron that were a bargain lot (also Kilmeaden!). They are white and pink and yellow but Scrubber thinks he will get away with it as they are dwarf-and anyway if the clash is too much they can always be rearranged. He did keep the yellow out on its own, still begrudging the pink yellow combination!!!

Once again Monsoon rains swept in and we retired to tea and biscuits and solved most of the world's problems including that of our soccer team over it. Rain didnt ease so my list had two th ings crossed off and another half done. Who knows tomorrow may be dry!!! And the veg bed is looking more respectable after yesterday's attempts at weeding. 

just to say

10 June 2012 20:44:04
Shoosh in rapt contemplation of the foxgloves!

Shoosh in rapt contemplation of the foxgloves!

I finally managed to get up those pictures of the foxgloves that I failed to do last night. Was over in Arboretum today and came out with nothing. Is that a record?

Scrubber's back with a vengeance!

09 June 2012 20:18:36
On the way to the Foxgloves

On the way to the Foxgloves

Well all went well on Thursday and the very nice surgeon said Scrubber  could garden! Then came the the Monsoons! He woke this morning and thought about all the things that had to be done and his back wasn’t exactly in top form BUT! Out went Scrubber and the first thing that caught his eye was that the net had been blown off the Calabrese and his fine sturdy plants were now lying down! It might have broken a lesser man but Scrubber rang his brother in law who is a fine veggie gardener and was told if he moulded  the stems they’d probably be ok. So He dutifully moulded the stems and they stood up straight again. Then mindful of the need to diversify he swept the new patio and side. This was quite easily done. There were a few left over sets so he created a new (very simple) step near the tap and used them all up.

Then back to veg and oh! here a tale of woe. Everything covered in weeds.  Disheartening but did he sit down and cry like Tom Doorley in the junior playground? (Actually it was one of the very few times he ever cried! He had tormented Colette Casey once too often and she drew a kick on him that was as painful as it was accurate. Doorley couldn’t tell on Colette because he hadn’t the vocabulary necessary to explain exactly to Sr Josephine precisely what had happened. So he just clutched himself and roared and she very wisely ignored the clutching and told him to behave himself so Colette got off scot free-though she was called  KungFu Colette ever afterwards! Theres a funnier part with dear slightly deaf Sr Josefa where Doorleys Brother came down to the convent to ask where he had been kicked but twould  take too long to tell it!) Now where was Scrubber?

Yes not crying. He laboriously tried to mould the spuds and found the broad beans, well some of them and the peas and the runner beans. He is going to resow the gaps! The pak Choi is fine and the scallions are good too as are the onions so all of those are ok. The flat leaved parsley is all gone to seed and there is neer a sign of lettuce or white Lisbon! Still!

Then diversifying again ,out to the front and trimmed the box hedging around the little rectangular beds and the box balls-the cheaper ones are not doing well! Scrubber felt quite professional clipping box hedging no less! He tidied up and then as he went down to dump the leaves that wonderful magic moment! The five foot white and purple foxgloves had all come out and it was like fairyland, all delicacy and light and the evening sun setting it perfectly. These are the moments that make us gardeners.

He took some photos but they cant replicate the shaft as a dear friend recently described it that goes through you at the sight of something really special. Anyway Scrubber’s back with a vengeance and it will be a long haul to get all back to normal but given good weather and a good back many things are possible…

Am trying to put up some pictures on the foxgloves etc. i TRIED AND FAILED AND THEN I SEE i HAVE FIVE UP! AND NO COMMENT. wAS TRYING TO GET UP MORE BUT WILL HAVE TO SEE Excuse shouting didnt notice till it was done! Sorry I seem to have made a right feck of the ophotos. Im going to delete the five and try again. Apologies to all who went looking for foxgloves!

Hopefully tomorrow!

06 June 2012 12:44:46
This is where Scrubber gardens! 'down- by-the -river '

This is where Scrubber gardens! 'down- by-the -river '

Dont want to jinx things but cross your fingers for me tomorrow, that is if you are not weeding atthe time! I hope to get the all clear and be allowed to get back into the garden-or jungle rather. So much to do but thankfully there's lots of time to do it!Do really want to get some more veg in and lots of bedding. I had a birthday recently and am now flush! (I was very kindly given tokens and cash for flowers rather than socks 'n stuff. Did get a great bargain in Kenneddy primroses in Glanbia last week and Anne tells me she got the same somewhere else I forget exactly where. I wont buy them at the normal price! Scrooge is a synonym for Scrubber!


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