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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal July 2012

Last Post 2035 days 10 hours ago

As if things werent bad enough!

30 July 2012 22:44:18

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Back from a lovely week's holidays with some nice days and lots of enjoyable moments, Scrubber was hardly out in the garden again when he realised there was trouble afoot. It was in the air. Apparently Cherub Lute and Cymbals who are usually extremely well behaved lads had been jeering poor old Scrubber (statue)) because his pedestal had a chip or two out of it. (The human Scrubber would not have got it so cheaply otherwise.) Now that Scrubber (Statue)--are you following me? had been put on this pedestal and surrounded by  French lavender plants, the two lads became jealous and as they face one another over a short length of lawn, the caustic comments were flying. Scrubber statue however just stared ahead as a statue should and Scrubber (human) stopped mowing the lawn and spent about an hour putting in a new stone and changing levels a tiny bit and now Scrubber statue looks quite posh and the two bold ones have mended their ways as they now realise that there is a nice balance achieved between the three of them. Some gardeners have only weeds to contend with!

As I have not been gardening as much as I needed too for the last few weeks Fings have become quite disorderly but nevertheless theres a great show of colour and the clashes are wonderful! There are purples and reds and deep yellows and pinks and lots more and all jumbled together. The Rockery has gone quite mad with white and well lavender lavender and what I think is Nepeta. And the stronger roses are blooming their hearts our. (The weaker ones are sufferin' the blackspot unfortunately)

The Veg garden has joined in the wild abandon and the cauliflowers all went into wonderful seed! Onions remembered they were alliums and tried to outdo their relatives but there are potatoes and cabbage and peas and leaf beet-I think thats what it is).

I spent the last two days mowing and strimming and im going to attack the other end of the long border as soon as I can. And Eileen's bed has dissappeared under goose grass so thats for another day. I wonder could i still put in some new veg? They seem to be in the Garden centres still?? Cabbage Calabrese late carrots???

Will try to put up some of the photos I took today of the confusion. Good to be back.

Scrubber on high!

19 July 2012 19:38:10

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Who put Scrubber on a pedestal? Well actually Scrubber did. This is far from his usual humble mien of course.’ A humble soul ‘with everything to be humble about’ was Doorley’s quip. Oh and by the way Tom Doorley is NOT the T.Doorley. who pontificates on wine and food,- someone recently asked. How this elevation happened was quite simple.

Scrubber was up to his old tricks a few days ago searching in the back lot of the place they make concrete statues and planters. There was an old abandoned urn top with an iron spike still stuck in it. Scrubber asked and got it for a good price. The nice people there very kindly cut out the iron bar and drilled a hole through for drainage and scrubber went to collect today.

He saw an old base that would fit and got it very reasonably! Both were loaded into the boot and were driven carefully home. The urn went down the garden displacing the Goose! And then it didn’t seem to need the height given by the base. The base was tried out under another pot but no. Then a nudge from Cherub.’Scrubber is dying for it, but is too shy to ask’ So over to the statue of Scrubber-the one used in my profile picture. Staue moved aside and base stone taken up. New base/pedestal put in and statue replaced.  Old stone then incorporated into the stone steps beside statue and lo! Scrubber is elevated! And the real Scrubber is elated.

Now where do I find a place for my goose? Suggestions NOT invited! As Im sure some of you would be tempted….

Sally no more...

18 July 2012 11:40:08

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I just thought that those of you who patiently read through both episodes of sad Sally Bindweed, might like to see the border as it is now! If its too much for you  dont look at the photos.

Yesterday was sheer heaven. I was free and able to go out in the garden. The Sun shone all day. I got a lot of the border cleaned. I ordered three more hot chocolate to put in the border and I was told my latest bargain urn will be ready tomorrow.(It had to have an iron spike cut out of it and a hole drilled) Its only the top half but there is an old base lying beside it so I just might get that. I scoured the  place yesterday but i do think thats all I can find! I think I might put it where the goose is and put the goose down further in the scrub.

On throughly weeding the border i realised i had lost a lot to slugs who used the bindweed as climbing ropes! Also I remembered lovely campanula Octopus which did not come back as expected. Yu win some you lose lots! Oh the sun has come out. Im off!

Title of the last picture should be rosa Floribunda Hot chocolate. Its nicely scented.


The end of the sad tale of Sally Bindweed

17 July 2012 19:20:25
Quite near the scene of these doleful happenings!

Quite near the scene of these doleful happenings!

‘Oh Muvver Oh Muvver! How right you were after all! And that sneaky old Shasta didn’t do a thing to foil Mr. Scrubber ,just bent over as he unwound me from base to blossom and discarded me on a hot tarmacadamed surface.’’ No word of farewell, no tears, no desperate struggle or sympathetic snap of the stem’ ‘Abandoned I was!’

Mind you Mr. Scrubber had a very determined look on his face coming out this lovely sunny morning –and he was wearing pigskin gloves!!!’ Resolution was the word and when we saw him actually uproot an old rose that was really a wild one but spread everywhere as we do, we sensed the game was up!’’ Such forking and raking and throwing away of thug geraniums and rooting out of dandelions and vetch and yes even sally bindweed.’I did think I might be put on the compost heap where Id have a chance but no I’m lying here on this driveway and  it’s a perilous situation’

‘Oh Muvver, be sure to warn my sisters of the dangers of becoming too attached to Shastas! Let them put up with Docks and nettles and such more commoner folk. Had I known how fickle those feckin’ (excuse the language) Shastas were Id never have climed up a stalk of theirs. ‘Farewell cruel world  its evening and the sap aint flowing so good. And remember, ‘stay far from Shastas’ they were the end of me!

The sad story of Silly Sally Bindweed

16 July 2012 18:46:27
Set to suitable doleful music by Cherub lute

Set to suitable doleful music by Cherub lute

‘Oh Muvver, Muvver, I’m soo in Lurve!!!!’ ‘That’s nice dear, and who is it this time?’ Oh Muvver its Shasta daisy!’ ‘Very nice as I say dear but will he be able to support you properly?. That’s what Id like to know!’ ‘Oh yes Muvver-he’s tall and straight and has lots of fine branching leaves and I can clamber up all around him and smother him with hugs! I love clinging to him and curling around  his strong stems and he doesn’t mind at all if  other Bindweed relatives join in the fun! ‘But is he a steady prospect?’ ‘Oh yes Muvver. He will stay strong and straight right into late autumn and he has a lovely position right in the middle of Mr. Scrubbers border. There’s good soil there and it suits me very well and I can go on twining and climbing and spreading my charms out to the Crocosmias and Ive already nearly smothered the geranium geums! The little Spirea has quite disappeared under all my leaves! What frolics!’ ’And what does Mr Scrubber say of all this?’

Well Mother, yesterday he came our and shouted something about the ‘bloody damp!’ and he tried to tear all my cousins out of the nearby rosebush and then he scratched himself badly and swore!’ ‘I had warned the cousins that roses were not the best place for us but would they listen? ‘No!’ ‘Stubborn out!’ Now he did look fiercely at me and said ‘blasted damp’ again but it began to rain so he went in. I don’t think he’ll bother us again. And in the meantime Im romping away happily with my Luurvely Shasta daisy!’’Well enjoy it as long as you can my dear because if I know mr. Scrubber he’ll be back!!!’ ‘Oh Muvver why must you always put a damper on things?’ ‘I bet he’ll get a severe cold from the wet weather and wont be out for weeks by which time the entire border will have disappeared under our tendrils!’’He he he!’ ‘I do hope you’re right dear but I’d transfer my affections to any nettles or Docks that are nearby’! ‘And give up my Shasta? Never Muvver! ,how could you say such a thing!’ ‘Im in Luurve!’

It was a sign Elizabeth, a veritable sign!!!

11 July 2012 20:50:03
And there came a sign in the heavens...

And there came a sign in the heavens...

As Scrubber-a slightly straightened and happier Scrubber made his way indoors today, he turned and there in the sky he saw it. A beautiful rainbow arching down into his own little garden patch! He had noticed the Scrub was very quiet today  but put it down to the length of the grass cushioning all noise but now realises that they must all have been resting after their long flight to the Lords of the weather yesterday! And it came to pass that on this particular day Scrubber and his grandson were enabled to work in the Scrub-a happening denied him for a long long time! And they both did labour, putting in six Aquilegia and about 60 Kenneddy Primula. And they caught and released frogs and compared snails and looked at their coming out and going in and lastly got the main lawn and side and lower lawns mown. Could all of this have happened had not Elizabeth written to the denizens of the Scrub and had they not taken her advice? Scrubber thinketh not. And to any doubters out there there is the sign of the rainbow for final proof.

This letter was found in the Scrub this evening...

09 July 2012 23:17:58

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Dear Lords of the weather,

Would it i wonder be possible for ye for just a few days at least to desist from downpour after shower after drizzle after cloudburst after rain.

We the undersigned have a special reason for asking. We have watched as our dear friend Mr. Scrubber has become gloomier and gloomier, his old shoulders have become hunchedier and hunchedier  (Yes we know rachel-it should be more hunched), his merry eyes are gone duller and duller, his tinkly laugh has gone totally out of tune, his hands are beginning to shake and he keeps murmuring over and over 'Ruination, Damnation, Damp station, Lost nation!'

It is sad to see such deterioration in someone who not long ago had visions and dreams and aspirations, who looked up and saw stars and looked down and saw surprises, for whom life was indeed for living, rocks were for shifting and gardening was very heaven.

'Oh! Oh! Oh! and Ochone go deo!'. This last being a collective sigh from all of us who inhabit his garden. Please, Lords of the weather, send our roots no more rain for a while and let Mr Scrubber get at least some of his Glanbia Purchases in before the terraces and levels of the Scrub become Paddy Fields and the only way to view the lower bottoms will be by submarine.

Send him sunshine, send him hope, send him happiness.

We remain, yours imploringly, the denizens of the scrub-Namely


Cherub Cymbals,

Cherub Lute,

Assorted Gremlins, Forest Fairies and Wood Nymphs,

Michilin D,

Dooley and Shoosh, and the Goose on the Rock,

Hoping that amelioration is on the way -otherwise Mr. Scrubber will do his nut in!!! 

how does your garden grow?

07 July 2012 18:46:11
how does your garden grow?

how does your garden grow?

Last week we were down near
Glanbia garden centre and Scrubber kept popping in to see if he could be of any
assistance in clearing the bargain bench!  We had the dog with us so couldn't pack in all
the plants but luckily my daughter was coming up the next day!

I got a lot of Frenchlavender, some white aubretia, some nice small compact shrubs and some erysium
and aquilegia. It got me thinking. Gardeners are not usually possessed of
limitless purses and ten to maybe twenty Euro would be for me an average
purchase on a visit. No wonder we go a bit mad when we get plants for a lot
less. The danger is then that we buy for the sake of getting the amount we do
rather than buying what would exactly suit our conditions or plan.

This came to mind when i was
looking at a plan recently for a border and one was supposed to buy five of one
thing and seven of another and three of another and a small tree etc! I think
the only practical way for us to do this is to divide. Anyway all my planting
is quite haphazard and things will hopefully evolve.

I just wondered about other's
buying habits-impulse? Bargain? Result of reading? Careful plan in advance, Friends? Slips from other places??Am looking forward to
getting in all of mine and hopefully a plan will emerge from the chaos!

A visit from the ladies!

01 July 2012 14:19:57
'There were two lovely lassies from Wat...'

'There were two lovely lassies from Wat...'

Scrubber had to be on his very best behaviour last Wednesday as Anne and Noelle were coming on a visit to a very weedy and somewhat disorganised garden. But being Ladies they only saw the good things. Thank you both so much for the plants, strawberries but particularly for your appreciation which left Scrubber looking at his little patch with an even fonder eye.

I think sometimes as gardeners we are inclined to see all that has to be done and not concentrate on what has been and the comments of my lady visitors showed me that there was indeed a good deal to enjoy. Scrubber's main worry was that the photographs would have given a heightened impression of the garden but one of the first remarks was 'The photos are lovely but to see it in reality is far better'. That meant a lot in reassurance. Anne has written a lovely full account in her journal and put up a fine album which made me see the garden in a different way. We had lunch and went on to the Arboretum and met Hazel Lodge who was more than kind and showed us the show garden and gave us a lot of time for someone who was i am sure run off his feet and then I had to part as I was going Waterford bound and as you can read in Anne's they were going on to Dick's where they had a lovely time. Dick ,Ill get to you yet.

The day before ,my friend Jim had helped me collect my new urn and we installed it and filled it with the box that was in the old frost destroyed planter. I replaced it with the urn that used be in the centre of the walnuts and replaced that with the new one. The ladies approved of all the changes. 

Got back friday with booty from Glanbia. Five pink geraniums (for which I paid full price! and seven Broom (for which I paid bargain price). I planted the geraniums about the new Urn. and did a lot of strimming in Scrub-wishing I had done so before the visit! On Sat I put in the genistas Im taking three out as theyare too close and Anne guess what-when planting i found another rock which I put with the other two at the top of the slope. Then I planted the lovely purple primula in Marian's bed which I weeded.Noelle the euphorbia is going in next! I cleared around Scrubber (The statue, and then esposed a bit more rock behind him and redid two of the stone steps which really makes a huge difference . Ill try to get photos up in a new album.

So, busy busy busy, but realising how good it is to have  one's garden oohed and aahed over by people who know their alliums! Its a nice pat on the back for all the times when things seem just a bit too much. Im only sorry the new improvement s werent in when ye visited. Many thanks Anne and Noelle 'The birthdays of the old require such candles!'



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