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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal December 2012

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Wrote a long account but

31 December 2012 20:57:54

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it 'pissappeared' as a dear young friend once memorably said of her cat! So briefly- Went over to Arboretum as sale was on and a very dear friend had given me a voucher. I decided as things were all half price that my voucher was worth double. No it wasnt! The value of the voucher remained the same. I went up to the cash desk with my load expecting to pay and extra 12 to 14 euro. When the very kind young lady said 45 Euro I patiently explained that i had bought only the half price plants and she just as patiently explained that i had made a total miscalculation! Sr Josephine would have died on the spot of 'sheer murtification'.

I decided it was still technically Christmas and i had been very good for the year so I very generously treated myself!  I now have a lovely bootload of bargain plants outside in the boot waiting to be unloaded tomorrow.But next time i shall have to be more aware or the house might end up being mortgaged! Still a good note on which to end 2012 and some promise already for 2013!

May we all be wiser in the new year and hopefully happy and fulfilled.

Just sitting here

30 December 2012 17:48:18

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a little pensively and thinking of all the excitement last year with the installation of Cherubs Lute and Cymbals. Dont get me wrong I had a lovely Christmas! Among the pressies was a brother Plant Labeller which I had thought of a month before and mentioned and Lo! Santa brought it. I also got two garden vouchers. One for Glanbia and the other for the Arboretum where there is a sale this week and all herbaceous are half price  mmmm Heuchera in abundance or a prunus, that one with the lovely bark???

Because of the Artichoke Drains Scrubber must walk and walk and he does! Twice a day three to four miles each time! No wonder the pounds are falling off him! I should be able to dig and delve and swim again around the end of january so thats not too bad.Meantime Im devouring all the dec. January editions of my garden mags and getting lots of ideas.

The crows have unearthed lots of my bulbs so it will be interesting to see if it makes a big difference to the display. The snowdrops are coming and seem relatively unharmed. We are on the cusp of a new year so Cherub, Buddha, Statue Scrubber, Micilin Dee,Cherubs Lute and Cymbals and all the denizens of the Scrub and Mr. Scrubber hisself wish you all a very happy fulfilled and floriferous New Year and many thanks for being the lovely people you all are throughout 2012!



'Artichoke drains'

20 December 2012 21:20:19

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Artichoke Drains-that was the explanation. It had to be. For weeks now Mr. Scrubber had not appeared in the garden except to wander around a little wistfully and tweak a branch here or a twig there..’Not a good sign’ pronounced Micilin Dee. But that was early days so not many attended to him. Lord Buddha kept himself to himself and gave his usual inscrutable smile. This was getting on Cherub Lute’s nerves and he ventured to ask ‘Can he do anything other than inscrutable? Cherub Lute’s nerves were on edge at Mr. Scrubbers lack of interest these days-no digging ,no weeding, ‘Not even rock moving for heaven’s sake!’

Statue Scrubber was also worried but didn’t want to get the others excited. Mr. Scrubber had been away for a few days and he hoped that when he returned his namesake would be back to form. But as Cherub Cymbals almost shrieked,’He was worse!’ Often during the day Mr Scrubber would emerge from the house and without a backward look at his abandoned garden would head determinedly off down the road. And as Micilin Dee said ‘It wasn’t as though he was going for a pleasant walk because he seemed to be limping a bit’. Micilin would have used that to expound more on his own recent operation on a gammy knee but everyone was too worried to care. ’What was to come of this dereliction of duty on Mr. Scrubber’s part.’ ‘I mean its not as if he hadn’t a NICE garden in which to work’ intoned Cherub Lute. ‘Indeed!’ chorused everyone except Cherub himself who kept his own council.

Then at last, a breakthrough- Cherub Lute overheard a phone call. Mr Scrubber was on his mobile to his friend Jim and Cherub Lute distinctly heard the words ‘Artichoke Drains!’ The mystery cleared a little. Mr Scrubber was obviously going to have Artichoke Drains done in the garden so of course it would not be sensible to be disturbing the place beforehand.

Not everyone fully understood this and Cherub himself was seen to have a slight smile, not an inscrutable one, at the news. Micilin Dee wanted to know where ‘EXXXACTLY the drains would be going and what EFFECTthey’d have’

Meanwhile Mr. Scrubber still kept up his strange walking schedule and he seemed to be away for an hour at a time. Micilin Dee observed that he didn’t seem to be limping as much by now but that the walks seemed to be getting longer. Someone mentioned it was a good time perhaps to get Artichoke Drains done as there was not a lot going on otherwise at this time.

Cherub of course knew all along as Mr. Scrubber would always confide in him if something concerning the garden was coming up. He knew that Mr. Scrubber would be back in the garden by the end of January and that probably he would be able to work a lot better, and to dig more deeply and to move even bigger rocks. It would just take time for the legs to come into their new strength. ‘. Cherub Lute should have listened just a tad more carefully! ‘Artichoke Drains indeed’. ‘I must share that one with Mr Scrubber’ said Cherub,and he smiled quietly to himself.

Bulb mystery solved

13 December 2012 15:45:19
Bulb mystery solved

Bulb mystery solved

Anna has solved the bulb puzzle for me. As she drew the curtains this morning a flock of black crows rose up from their bulb feeding grounds! So It is dem critters is to blame. Dooley is on hols at present so he is not on his usual patrol and the grass was cut very close to make it all the easier for them!

Scrubber was just thinking this morning of how when we all begin on our gardens money was so tight. Im not saying its still not! But then to spend a tenner on a plant was an occasion! I remember Rachel Doyle of the Arboretum who at that stage was also just beginning with a small area near her house sayin 'Take it peter, and pay me the next time you are in!' Bless her! And I still remember clearly Liam recommending azalea Lutea to me, they are still blooming and buddleia alternifolia and a lovely prunus shiro something or other that is always first out... I think it was because it cost a bit and one budgeted that one got such a tremendous kick out of it.

And I suppose that is why our gardens grew higgeldy piggeldy-at least mine did. We used to buy from what we saw in the garden centre rather than plan ahead and buy in threes or sixes. 'Ones' was the norm! At least now we see something in a magazine and realise that it would suit and its often available. And of course then we hadnt garden.ie with all our friends who know so much and share it all with us. So though Scrubber hankers after the excitement of the olden dys purchases he is quite content. 'Now let me see a river of scillas underneath that curving line of magnolia and backed by some Illex verticillata Aurantiaca...mmm Is that Johnstown garden centre? Id like...'

Just a wee note in the season that's in it.Ho! ho!

12 December 2012 17:03:49
The spirit of the season

The spirit of the season

Just came across this when getting ready to do cards. A little chap used write to Santa and got a personal reply from him every year. Last year he obviously had grown out of childhood  beliefs and didn't write. Santa however replied for one last time!

Who is mine enemy???

08 December 2012 14:41:09

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Scrubber is FURRY 'NNOYED!!! While out walking around the garden today he saw almost hundreds of bitten off daffodil and snowdrop shoots and little bulbs dug up out of the ground. There were little round circular holes beside them just scraped out ones not going down deep and the moss was scuffled so he doesnt know whether it was Birds or mice or rabbits? Has anyone any ideas . This is the first year that he has  noticed this so he wondered whether the weather had anything to do with it and are the wild creatures hungrier. FURRY FURRY 'NNOYING!

If you look carefully at the third picture you can just make out the fremontedendrons, three of them and their labels still on them!

A Time to enjoy

05 December 2012 14:08:23

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I think a tthis time when there's not a huge amount to be done it can be a time to just enjoy the changes made during the year-and the fact that the leaves are finally gone! The trees have a lovely shape  and the frosts change the whole landscape. Its nice to see things working out, that curve one worked on, that bit of a wall, that rock replaced. Things, like the gardener, have time to settle and one sees how they fit into the scheme of things. A time for every season under heaven


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