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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal May 2013

Last Post 1698 days 11 hours ago

May Scrubber be forgiven his sin of pride!

31 May 2013 21:58:10

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 He and Mrs. S. have just come back from Bloom. It was a spur of the moment decision and we went up today and it was our first time ever. We went by train and shuttle bus and found that extremely satisfactory.

First into the big marquee and immediately Scrubber’s soul almost departed his body. He had NEVER EVER seen anything like it! There were fabulous displays of wonderful plants EVERYWHERE. Peonies that one would die for, Primula Sieboldii in all shades, Epimediums, Roses, even Gladioli at this time of year, and the ferns!!! And stand after stand left him gawping and grinning and oohing and aahing. The way the plants were set out, the quality and the variety and the artistry. And his appreciation and astonishment was shared by someone who says she does not know a daisy from a dandelion! We went our separate ways then and toured as much as we could and took in the craft village where a very dear friend was exhibitng her wonderful blown glass beads. ‘Cadenza’ (google it Ladies, and tell me is my friend not a wonderful artist and there are also fabulous  black cufflinks for the men ,each with a teeny tiny gold dragonfly contained in the jet black glass). This was a complete surprise for me as we had not met for two years,  and such a pleasant one.

On again and I visited as many stalls as I could get around to. I was very taken with some majestic Eremurus flowers, I think from Devine Nursery and I may yet order some from them for next year,

We lunched in the Bistro Tent and it was fine-good plain cooking and then we again separated and did the show gardens. They were very interesting to look at. Wild flowers and weeds and lychnis, especially the white one and grasses seem to be very in. We were neither of us bowled over by any particular garden. You could see and appreciate the great skills involved but I felt none had that heart-stopping shock of beauty that says ‘This is the real thing’. I was far more struck by the exhibits in the marquee. I did love the fairy garden as I thought it was very restrained and all the more magical. I didn’t think the crashed space ship although imaginative, fulfilled its brief as it hardly showed the ‘invasive plants’. The little Woodie gardens were well executed and suited their purpose. I really think the postcard gardens are too small to be any way effective-if they were doubled perhaps? But I so enjoyed seeing all the obvious talent and ability on view.

Purchases. I surprised meself. Id have liked to buy the eremurus but they were 50Euro for six roots to be sent on in Autumn so I may yet do that. There was a lovely peony Claire de lune but I felt I wouldn’t get it safely out the door! So over to Shady Plants. I do believe Headgardener had been there ten minutes before-sorry I missed him- and got me two painted ferns, a ruby red Spikemoss, a polypodium, a beautiful Ghost lady fern and a rosy red buckler fern-all here beside me as I write. Then back to the bus and on to the train and home. And here’s the sin!

In the beautiful calm evening Scrubber descended into the Scrub and walked around his own green kingdom and thought ‘Do you know it’s as beautiful as anything up there in Dublin and at times more so!’ And Cherub , who was sitting on a rock behind me said quietly. ‘That is because you love it so much Mr. Scrubber ‘ and we both agreed that must be what it was and perhaps it wasn’t such a big sin after all!

Its been a busy busy busy time...

30 May 2013 23:04:55

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When last you heard from Scrubber he had been promised a lot of stones. That was on Sunday evening. Up early on Monday morning and in he went to check. The ‘stones’ are mostly cut granite!!! Most are too big to take in his car but he picked out some smaller ones and staggered across to the boot! Then made another run and another… There were also a lot of concrete blocks for which an idea struck him so they went as well. Very busy man buzzing up and back down the road! The bigger ones are to come in a bucket on a tractor! There’s about five of those.

Now in the 25th of May journal he explained how he had put steps into both banks so that ‘when old’ he could strim more easily. (Actually the running up and down said steps hundreds of times in their making has aged Scrubber’s legs considerably!) Anyway the steps had to be done again as I had better stones and there was one section of the bank that was broken down. The rubble went in there and was topped with clay and I hope when grass grows again it will look natural. The important thing is it gives him a firm level and even footing. That was the lower bank.

Next day more runs with the car. Then more work on steps. Then the filling in of a big gap in the upper bank with rubble.  Then the digging out of the top of Elizabeth’s corner and the putting in of a lining of concrete rubble and then recovering of same with earth. This will have all the horizontal lines of the banks on a level and of course as they lead on to Elizabeth’s corner , that was the most important bit of work completed. Oh and in the showers which were scarce but heavy ,Scrubber tidied up the garage!

On Wednesday hewas invited to view a garden near here and it was superb. A wonderful expanse of well -maintained lawn set off by lovely planting and generous curves. Some wonderful stone walls  and a carlow fence effect that fitted in perfectly. Elegant, graceful, stylish yet never precious. It’s a complete contrast to Scrubber’s haphazard  garden but one with which he could immediately identify and appreciate.

After that he just had time to set up the little stile steps that started the new hunt for stones and also another set on the other side of the wall. These he cemented (in a rush as he had to go off) just enough to hold them in place and tonight when he got back he brushed off the surplus cement and dug a hole and set one more stone in (in his GOOD CLOTHES!)

So now after a hectic few days there is a new area in the garden called ‘The Banks’ and NAMA is not getting them! And they have nice rough handy stone steps and when the grass regrows they will be very impressive and tie in with Elizabeth’s corner and most important, look as though they have always been there! And NOW Scrubber can get back to weeding all the beds and looking after the veg and being a very proper gardener like you know who! (There are so many of them!)


If one has been very very good....

26 May 2013 21:15:32

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one sometimes gets a very special present! This evening Scrubber was walking in his garden keeping a sharp lookout for rocks of any size or shape as he needs to make the stile steps he had earlier written about. There were no stones to be had nor even ones that could be taken from somewhere else. While looking out on the river bank he saw someone he knew, who had just completed a run. True to his nature Scrubber began to tease him. 'Why B..... what wonderful calves you have!!!' Banter gave way to chat and Scrubber explained his predicament re stones. It transpired that the athlete was doing some work on his house and that there were indeed lots of stones to be had for the taking! I am to go tomorrow to pick out some. As Sr. Josephine said, when I showed her the medal old Sr. Eucharia had given me (I thought it was half a crown and was over the moon!) 'You must have been a very very good boy to deserve that'.

No more rocks-for a while

26 May 2013 11:52:46

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Although I am looking for two or three to improve the stile steps! But went out this morning and looked at the rhododendrons. Not a collection like sean's but satisfying. Also found another wild orchid! Oh lucky me! Perhaps now they will stay. The lilac (very pale yellow has given me it's first truss in about twenty years! only two, and another branch has a violet one which is not as scented. Also a camellia very slow to flower has obliged this year. So there is a time for just looking! Ill try for an album although the focus is wrong in a number of them. I tried to get the Columbine/aquilegia to show how it got the name Columbine or dove-saw it on chelsea, It looks like five doves drinking from the one fountain. Actually if it wasnt such a bad shot its a remarkable resemblance. All the wonderful things we see when we leave the rocks alone for a while!

One of Scrubber’s favourite stories,

25 May 2013 20:57:15

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 a true one, concerns a dear ninety-year old nun in a convent not far from where he  lives. She had gone on a trip to Dublin and invited all the other nuns in to see her purchase. This was in the seventies. ‘Its called a duvet’ she told them ‘You use it instead of blankets’. Then she added ‘It will be very handy when I am old’. Scrubber  thought of her yesterday and today as he worked on a new project.

For the last thirty five years  he has strimmed the grass on two steep vertical banks beside the lower lawn. This has involved a lot of climbing up and down harnessed to the Strimmer, sometimes with comical consequences. Yesterday it struck him how handy it would be ‘when I am old’, if there were steps down from the banks.

It has been a great adventure! First he selected a big rock in the bank and cleared all the clay etc on top of it. This was to be a step. And so it proved, once dragged out and turned around-a lovely flat surface. More digging into the bank and setting in of two big stones and there was a second step. Today he noticed a big rock in the upper bank that might and did suit as third step. It was necessary because Scrubber had left this as a clay step and of course it soon collapsed under him! Its the tall pointed one in the first picture which lying horizontally becomes the highest step in picture three!

Then on to next upper bank and process repeated but only one step  needed. Then the idea came to him that a stile over the wall between the lawn and the banks might be good ‘when I am old’. This was simply done by placing two big stones, one on either side of the wall. Sometimes the simplest is best.

However while pulling out the stone for that, he unearthed a magnificent block of a stone. At first it was intended as one of the stile stones but it was too fine so it ended up perfectly as the bottom stone of the lower bank set out just a few inches from the bank to show it off .

So although Eileen’s bed needs a thorough weeding and the lawns are growing fast ,it was a very satisfying day and I am secure in the knowledge that Scrubber will still be able to garden even the steep banks ‘When I am old!’ Bless you Sister!

Oh and by the way all six petunia -planted - mini-urns are now gracing the little wall beside lower lawn. Scrubber’s first task today was to break through the thin cement coating on the bottom of the urns after taking out the pieces of piping. Then he poured in water into the urns to flush out the ‘gulleys’. Lord but the man is becoming an engineer. They all worked!

Have put up a load of new phos but they are mostly steps and rocks-booorinng!

You are probably not going to believe this!

24 May 2013 20:00:41

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 I was very surprised myself. I had been working on putting up the next three urns on the wall and filling the three previous ones when there was a timid voice behind me. ‘Er! Mr Scrubber , sir,’ I turned and it was Cherub Cymbals. Now I don’t usually talk to the statues in the garden as people might find that strange and I generally hear what is said from Cherub. I talk to cherub of course because he is not a statue . ‘He ish’ in the words of Micilin Dee, explaining the ‘eshence of Cherub’ to a somewhat started Esmeralda ‘ in fact, a dishembodied spirit’.

But here was Cherub Cymbals addressing me for the first time since he arrived in the garden. So what did I do? ‘Yes Cherub Cymbals. You wanted to say something?’. ‘Er Mr. Scrubber Sir, I jus’ wanted to ask did you like the way the ivy has curled up of itself around the ball I am sitting on?’ This was said very shyly, almost a new persona emerging. ‘Why yes Cherub Cymbals, it is very nice indeed and I do like it very much. Then there was a little slippage ‘Its not growing up around Cherub Lute’s at all!’ ‘I am sure it will and you will both look very well indeed’ .’Thank you Mr. Scrubber, oh and I like the flowers you have put in the urns too!’ Why thank you Cherub Cymbals, nice of you to say so. I shall put a picture of the ivy growing on garden.ie tonight.’. Cherub told me later that Cherub Cymbals blushed deeply. I hadn’t noticed but apparently the concrete takes a deeper shade of grey! But isn’t it nice when someone you think is not perhaps the kindest takes a turn for the better. I have put up the picture to encourage him. And since Cherub Lute has taken such an interest in the vegetables I shouldn’t be at all surprised were we to have a discussion soon on the relative merits of lettuce  all the year round as against lettuce saladdin. Both of which I sowed in those tiny compartmented trays today!

But wasn’t that a good one about Cherub Cymbals? I knew you would find it hard to credit. The three other urns are up and fixed and I will do the drainage holes tomorrow and put in the 2 litre pots . I bought plants of Petunias surfinia-and potted them into a bigger pot and hopefully one will be enough to fill each urn as the urns themselves are about two litres capacity.


'Urning my keep!'

22 May 2013 22:25:55

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Tuesday was a busy day for Scrubber. Up early and into town for sand and cement! Wasn’t quite sure how id get the urns on the wall as it was quite narrow but we often learn by doing and when I put a good dollop of cement on the top and flattened it a bit there was enough for a base. I also put in a piece of plastic piping that I could take out later leaving a channel underneath for water to drain out! I have done three and though I’m no builder I am delighted with them-and I have put in the bases for the next three which I am getting tomorrow. They are small urns , concrete and take a two litre flowerpot so I can ring the changes.

Bought a tiny flowered rhododendron in Arboretum ,Artic tern. I thought it was quite unusual and will try to get a picture up. Diod a load of weeding along rose bed wall and took out and divided lots of daffs. Also resettled a rock or two in Caterwall!

Today’s work much more prosaic.  Planted out some brussel sprouts.  Took out an old prunus  beni shidare which had failed a lot but I will try to get another as its very early scented blossom is special. Weeded some of Eileen’s bed and found lots of plants that the weeds had grown in over! That’s for the next few days.It’s really all go. Hope you like the urns. I do and when the six are done they should be fine.



Just a note

19 May 2013 21:39:19
Ferns, rocks, Rhodo's, all one needs really!

Ferns, rocks, Rhodo's, all one needs really!

I was working in the one area of rocks for the last two days or more and then spend the whole of Saturday strimmimg-instead of getting to go to Blarney. I had a special anniversary mass to go to in the evening. So I put up a photoalbum and then thought it didnt come up and then it did-sooo confewsing! Anyway hope you like the album Mid May 2013. Nothing very new in it I'm afraid.

Scrubber's Credo

17 May 2013 22:50:42

Big Chief Runner Bean- How?

14 May 2013 22:46:54
Rhodo Luteum-divine perfume.

Rhodo Luteum-divine perfume.

‘Oh poor old Mr Scrubber’ this from cherub Cymbals in a tone that clearly implied that he had no real  sympathy for the said Mr Scrubber at all. ‘-oor, -ol,-iste, -rubber’ from below and this was said, even incompletely, in a much kinder tone. ‘Wash could poshibly prompt you to say that?’ from Micilin Dee. ‘Ash far ash I recollect, he wash fine on Tueshday’. Delighted to be given leave to continue Cherub Cymbals asked dramatically ‘Isnt it obvious? Or obvioush as you’d say yourself Micilin. The dear man has gone back to his childhood. Honestly ,playing Indians at his age! Making those silly wigwams in the veg garden instead of concentrating on what he is good at-rocks!’

Here Statue Scrubber intervened with a little cough. ‘Er, they are not wigwams!’ ‘Nosh at all’ agreed Micilin. ‘-0sh –a’ –‘ll’ came the backing chorus.’ No? Well what are they then?’ ‘Er, they are supports for runner beans, said Statue Scrubber quietly. ‘The beans grow up the poles.’  ‘-p the,-oles’ echoed Esmeralda, delighted to be in the thick of things. ‘Never heard of anything so stupid’ angrily retorted Cherub Cymbals ‘And anyway Mr. Scrubber is not a vegetable gardener on the evidence of last year’s crop!’

Here Cherub himself intervened. ‘I believe Mr. Scrubber got a book from Mr. Fran and one from Mr Paddy and Mrs. Mary and he intends this year to surprise Mrs Scrubber with baskets of fresh vegetables from the garden. I think that was where the , er, ‘wigwams’ came from. This last , a gentle little rub which put Cherub Cymbals in his place and in a bad mood for the next few hours. ‘Yesh ‘ said Micilin, and I heard he was putting in the runner beans this afternoon and dwarf beans and peas as well. ’-ocket!,-ocket!’. ‘Oh yes Esmeralda, and he also sowed some rocket.’ ‘So’  said a disgruntled Cherub Cymbals ‘I suppose he’ll stop his rock- shifting from now on?’ ‘I don’t think that’s likely’ answered Cherub ‘as I gave him a little help today resettling a rock he had settled yesterday, before going on to make his, er, ‘wigwams’. ‘-limbing –rames, -limbing –rames’ shouted Esmeralsa, almost beside herself with excitement. ‘Exactly Esmeralda, ‘said Cherub even though he had seen Micilin whispering to her a moment earlier. ‘Climbing Frames indeed or as Cherub Cymbals says ‘Wigwams’ and again that enigmatic smile played around his lips.

'Heaven is a place or state of perfect happiness'

13 May 2013 21:09:59

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where large rocks can be lifted with the touch of a little finger, where Cherub can actually be seen smiling at Scrubber as he does so, where peas all come up and in the same lines as they were sown, where outdoor tomatoes really do grow outdoors and where family members look at what has been done and say 'Oh thats really wonderful' or 'Thats really stunning' or 'You know you dream up the most wonderful colour arrangements......

But even in this life or 'valley of tears' which was Sr. Josephines favourite description, we sometimes get a hint of it. Take today. It was wet and cold and windy most of the day but in the afternoon the sky was blue and the sun and Scrubber came out together. A rock caught his eye in the Scrub and it said 'Clean me back a bit'. He did and that led him to shift back another and to dig out a third and reposition it. In the doing of which he discovered a big rock that would fit in exactly where he wanted a step and then there was another that he didnt have to touch ,just clean up and a last one that he went about repositioning and then it sort of fell into a position he hadnt intended and looked so well there, he left it. And the thing was that all of these rocks moved so easily and obligingly and with just a caress from the crowbar and a blessing from Cherub and that got Scrubber thinkng of Heaven!

In the first picture the square rock (with ball) was one that had to be realigned, the one underneath it was the one i started to clean. The roundy one beside the square one was the new boulder that acts as a step The third rock down was also realigned as was the one in the bottom left corner and the one between those is the one that didnt align itself as I intended but is all the better for its new position. Now I have to tidy a little bit and wait for the grasses to grow around them so that they look as though the have been always there-they have but not in that arrangement!

Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear!

12 May 2013 20:42:33

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Ive got a brilliant idea- no credit due it just came to me possibly via Cherub. I was looking down the side of the old rockery where there is a curving grass path and thought wouldnt it be quite wonderful if the path wandered into the middle of the lower lawn in a circle around the tree there. The original path would be as it was with this addition.Oh dear oh dear-because it would involve an amount of work and time-but if i had the clay Id do it tomorrow!

It would involve making a small clay ramp and shaping it into a spiral around the tree. I think it would look brilliant but would involve a huge amount of clay and some earth moulding skills. It would eventually be covered with grass. A sort of a ramp down to the lawn about a foot high where it breaks from the path and then sloping down to level with the lawn. It would be grassed over of course

I have sketched it out and will try to put it up as a photo for your opinions. Scrubber has a fairly thick skin! The intended path is the dotted lines one. I know its very hard to imagine what goes on in Scrubber's mind but those who have visited me may remember the area and be able to picture it. It is not a huge slope just a gentle continuation of the original path down onto the lawn.

Got the study finally tidied and was able to sit down and plan my veggies for tomorrow. Up to this it was all done on the run and chaos ensued!

When temptation comes near me...

10 May 2013 20:43:54

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O Goodness. How the mighty have fallen. Woe is me and all that jazz! I went in all innocent to Glanbia and behold there was a bargain bench and behold Scrubber was sorely tempted and behold he filled a good portion of his boot. But then he went in this morning and saw some more that he could not refuse at the price. Later on our way home we called into tesco and Scrubber wandered into Homebase and there were two Japanese laurels at 2.50 each! Well they went into the boot as well. In the meantime he had visited gracedieu and come away with a sack! Then to put the tin hat on it he saw the Garden Annual for 2013 and got that as well so Ill have to rein back forcibly next week. Oh did everyone see the lovely obelisks Elizabeth got in Aldi. Id really like.....

Anyway got out today at three o clock and spent afternoon putting in contents of the sack and placing and planting the Glanbia stuff-well most of it. I priced the cost of the inscription on that stone and it is expensive-about 200 euro for a verse give or take-but then it would be there for ever and it would be lovely and if the family clubbed together...... There is a faint possibility it may happen in 2013 or 2014.

In the meantime the bluebells are joining the forget-me nots in a raphsody? rapsody? rahpsody? in a great shout of blue! And the amelanchier is out and a lovely white!

I know Elizabeth speaks goose

08 May 2013 20:17:52

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and so I do hope she wont hear of esmerelda's latest outburst '-ookin', -loody, -ocks, -ookin', -loody, -ocks!'. I really do not know where she is picking this language up, certainly not from Micilin Dee. 'No, no, Nosh at awl!' And i am quite sure it had nothing to do with Scrubber's slaving away at a secret project for the last two unrewarding days, and thereby neglecting 'real gardening'.

And would you believe it Scrubber was actually heard declaring as he came up from the Scrub this afternoon. 'I wonder have I too many rocks?' IMAGINE, THAT FROM SCRUBBER! It may have been the terrible tussle or it may have been the somewhat coffin shape of a newly resurrected rock (Big 'un) Or the fact that as he was so doing he found two more large  rocks and had to set them into the bank, but then a third that somehow just sprung out of the ground beside him fitted in perfectly!

Well maybe when the grass grows back around the coffin rock-no Ill call it goose rock after Esmeralda-thats better. Perhaps then it will be softened and fit into the general scheme. But it was a real challenging thought for Scrubber of all people to question a rock! I do have a cunning plan but it would probably cost the earth. Its a very flat rock and wouldnt it be fabulous to get something beautiful inscribed on it?

That might be a Birthday present except that my birthday present has already been bought this year.....

Anyway Ill put up the photos-Ive put up another lot of garden ones last night. I think I'm fixated at present at trying to capture the beauty all around before it goes. Have just put them up. Hope you like them. I warn you rocks figure a lot!.

I'm just not telling!

06 May 2013 23:13:16

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Another beautiful day and i was out early and tried the Strimmer before sending it down to be rpaired. halleluia! It worked well all day. I got a lot of area strimmed again and the bog is looking pristine and i even got some of the steps quite cleaned up and so it was a very good mornings work.

Also dug a little rill to extend one in bog and take of excess water. At present its just a black drain but in time it will be a rill!

And after that Im not saying anything! '-Ovein' -ocks, -ovein' -ocks!' Shush Esmeralda!. Isnt it enough that I bear the guilt of letting a glorious afternoon go by without sowing anything in the prepared veg plot or any of the flower seed packets and all because.... No I'm not telling but I'm quite tired tonight and things didn't suddenly fall into place-thats not a hint- and I may even have to go out and spend more precious hours very soon.  '-Ovin' -ocks, -ovin' -ocks'. Would somebody ever feed that goose!

A beautiful day and here i am

04 May 2013 22:09:53

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wondering where it went . very little gardening done but a lot of work. You see Scrubber got an idea! Always dangerous. he had a big concrete slab behind a curved wall and on this slab were a) the compost stuff bucket, B the fire ashes bucket and c0 assorted large  plastic pots  with dead things in them (plants!).

The thought went 'Now were i to put the compost bucket at the side of the house wall and the  fire ash also and empty those pots and put them with all the other pots out of the way then I could take up the slab and re-sod the grass and it would look far better.-Yes you have guessed it 'What to do with the slab'. Well if I set it in the grass path at the side- So I tried and it looked awful. The I thought -a third step and so spent ages manhandling it down-its a much bigger heavier slab than the norm. Then setting it into the grass. Then resodding  original area with the sods from there. Then putting a few big stones that were dug up into wall of Granddaughter's garden necessitating a bit of shifting and turning! So time goes by.

Then I strimmed the new place and  continued strimming till machine gave up- I mean gave up not run out of petrol-so have to get it seen to But got a lot of strimming done on paths.

Then enlarged the rock near Clares path-didnt realise it was soooo big so dug down around it and it looks well. Then released another rock near steps and dug up a lot of hogweed (cow parsnip) because if you strim it you can have blisters for days after on your arms and  in my case -neck! This led to revealing of more rocks set there twenty years and more ago and much weeding around azaeleas which will look splendid against the rocks now that they have grown a good bit. (Because there was so much weed i didnt realise how fine they were.

Then it was approaching six so had to give up. And that in a longwinded way is why I was wondering where the day went. But tomorrow when i go down and wander around and see the strimming and the clearances I may not regret  failing to get in my second sowing of peas and lots more...........

Put up a few more photos.

Photo album May 2013

03 May 2013 23:47:35

First poncin' then gettin' down and dirty!

01 May 2013 20:43:24

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Scrubber had a funny day, as in curious rather than ha ha, yesterday. Anna needed two arrangements and we had got some special flowers the day before. So spent the morning doing them and they turned out very nicely. One with irises and a very frothy blue delphinium couple with some of the twigs from the tree Anne gave me-well not hers but an older one and the other using kangeroos paw! yellow roses and a white flower which looks a bit like a campanula and is very delicate but surprisingly resilient in oasis. Ill try to put up the pics.

But then in the afternoon I went down into the bottom of the scrub to find the steps of the squelchy path. They were overgrown with bog and moss and black ooze so the strimming was quite an adventure! heavy wet going and scrubber emerged looking like the  Monster from the Blue Lagoon -if it were boggy and black! The funny ha ha thing was I had to bring the arrangements into town so of course had to wash change deliver and then back change and out again. Thid time I did the paths in the Scrub and revealed all the stone edgings i put in years ago-I must have been a very energetic young man!

Today I determined to take up all the daffs that were growing in the middle of paths! As my paths are earth there were lots and then I had to rehome those bulbs. Also did a lot of strimming on banks and every bone in my body is reminding me of all the bending and swaying and stooping. Did a good bit of cleaning of steps and general tidying and dont have to worry re flowers asForget me nots, primroses, bluebells, Rhodos, tulips, magnolia.are all out in masses without my lifting a finger. All I have to do is enjoy it.

Last thing I brought out my sixteen pots of dahlias from the garage and watered them. Will this be the year I successfully carried them on? Ill be watching for frost! Hope everyones garden is blooming. May for me is the adolescence of the year and the lovliest month. Full of promise.


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