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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal June 2013

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Just for Rachel!

30 June 2013 21:36:47

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You see Rachel, I do listen-sometimes. I went out and took a photo of the full round so you could see the circle. I know you know what I meantbut others might not. Im sorry about the second one. It was a shotof the path disappearing into the wooded bit. I put in a big flag step at the bottok and two stones inset into the lawn above it and they have worked well giving the steps a bit more oomph. The last photo is that of the 'Terraces'-someone gave me their name two tears ago when i had just made them and now they are matched on the other side (not in picture ,by 'The Ledges'. Its funny the way things unintentionally manage to combine-perhaps there's a master plan that Cherub alone knows about-bit like life were one to go all philosophical!

After a second mowing

29 June 2013 21:11:31

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the place is beginning to shape up again. What we forget ,I think, each year is the abundance and the colour that floods the garden in june and July. One minute we are saying goodbye to bluebells and then wham bang and thank you maam (Mother nature) all the fireworks come out.

Another thought-two is a bit much for scrubber but he notices that if he is doing something arty farty or rock involving, he can go on for hours quite happily- but if its basic weeding or sowing or maintenance he needs copious cups of tea and tea breaks!!! This afternoon he happily spent two to three hours twiddlifying the circle in front. Digging around all the box and trees and the square in the centre and planting his red geraniums which didnt clash mercifully with the one already there and then edging part of the circle-all tedious in their own way but there was an end in view nd it wasnt scrubber's! I was delighted and dont mind having to continue the edging next monday-then its back to weeding i promise.

Will try to get a picture up. No sign of Shoosh and many thanks for all of you who were so encouraging. Perhaps she may yet wake us again at six some morning doing a fair impression of Moonlight from Cats!

Hi! Missed the chat!

28 June 2013 21:49:23

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‘’Mr Scrubber doesn’t seem to be any different after two weeks in the bed, does he? ‘ asked Cherub Cymbals. ‘Er I think it was ‘in the med’ was the term used’ answered Micilin, ‘Of coursh, if one behaves in a moderate manner, a little holiday doeshn’t cause a huge change in weight or ashtitude, Now I well remember-‘. ‘But he is definitely browner-I noticed that when he was attempting to fight his way through the jungle-what used be the lawn’ said Statue Scrubber. ‘-es –efintely-rownner’ agreed a voice from below.

Nice to be away, nice to come home. But two weeks growth can really cause havoc. However two days work has made inroads into things and one of the highlights was to see the fabulous yellows and orangey yellows of the Fremontodendrons.  Scrubber had never seen them in reality and they are so vibrant they sing! One day spent mowing and one day spent strimming and a bit of weeding. And a lightening raid on Glanbia which proved very successful. So  hopefully all will soon return to kemptness.

Scrubber has some lovely photos of a park he visited and will try and get that up soon. No there will be no shots of the beach although the thought did cross Scrubber’s mind as he lay there in his Speedos that perhaps the lily white complexion of us Celts just might possibly evoke tremors of admiration from the  leather- tanned multitudes passing by, we being so different like!- and that perhaps the grins were of admiration rather than gentle derision? Anyway, vive la difference and looking at a few gardening magazines over there I felt very proud of our gardening tradition. We have so much going for us even if the weather changes on a whim.

So back to the Scrub and am wondering where to put those new roses.. and my long wait for the cowslips proved successful! I had had my eye on them ever since they went over and luckily no-one wanted them so they went into my boot today along with the roses- a miniature called ‘Bluesy’ which looks like a small rugosa violet/purple and pale centre. I’ll find a place! Has anyone a hellebore still out?

‘Poor old Mr. Scrubber’ said Cherub Cymbals,

05 June 2013 22:27:44
Evening light

Evening light

 ‘He was even too tired to say ‘F..’,   ‘Finished ‘ supplied Micilin Dee, cutting across just in time. ‘Eh Yeh,’replied Cherub C. ‘when the rake handle broke’. ‘He seemed really beat’ said Cherub C. warming to his theme. ‘-eally –et, -eally –et’ echoed from the Scrub. Everyone had noticed. He had gone out early and moulded up the new potatoes, ‘Gracedieu’s Gift’ Then weeded the rocket and found the beetroot and thinned it. He then tried to hoe between the cabbages but there were some mighty fine potatoes there so he left them growing as well.

Then oh joy He ‘skipped’ I kid you not ,over the wall, using the new steps. He strimmed all of Elizabeth’s corner which was now totally overgrown, then the slope in which the thalias had bloomed also totally overgrown. Very heavy going. There were two large pots of thalia and tulips to be emptied and these were put into the thalia slope for next year. He wed some of rose bed and put in higher supports for clematis. On to Eileen’s Bed and this was disheartening as this was not overgrown but completely swamped and three  big Lavenders had succumbed and there were huge stands of weed everywhere. So that by the time the rake broke,  cf above, he was glad to finish.

Today was different. It’s amazing what a bit of poncing around can do for one! I pulled out the forget me nots along the rose border and put in some plants of dianthus so that will be nice. Had to go away and when I came back I put in the ferns and spent a little time weeding the fern corner and building up a little bit of lower bank-used better stones and raked up a lot of the weeds form yesterday so doing only a little today got me back into the swing of things and I was pleased with the results of yesterdays toiling. A recent Birthday has resulted in an improvement in my garden bank balance. So today I spent 23 Euro on assorted bamboo canes and I hope they will cover all eventualities for a few years. So your are never really F.., er finished , are you?’ No matter how tired there will come better days!

A "touch of the Rachel's"

01 June 2013 20:51:30

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The CHEEK of that Cherub Cymbals, back to his boldness again! But this time he has really overstepped the limit. And just when i thought there were sparks of redemption-I still have hopes for him! Cherub really spoke quite sharply to him and told him that one NEVER refers to the people in garden.ie informally. That Rachel should be spoken of, as Mrs. D. and in most respectful tones and that the phrase 'a touch of the Rachel's' is completement inacceptable!. (My French phrase book turned up that one last week!)

What happened was that Cherub overheard Esmeralda quacking '-ouch 'o d' -achels'     ,  '-ouch 'o d' -achels' and asked her what she meant. Apparently when Scrubber went out today and eyed the other side of the stile steps, he spent a long time pondering. It was reasonably ok, but, the day before when his son viewed it (He being the only member of Scrubber's family quite content with being dragged down the garden to see the latest creation-grandchildren excepted!) he said. 'Dad there's a huge drop on the other side. One would want to be careful using it'. He was thinking of his Dad but his dad began to think of the grand children! And so this morning Scrubber took a hammer to the last few days work and replaced the steps with broader finer ones and one extra on each side to help balance. While doing so he was thinking aloud-'I'm a bit like rachel here, not being satisfied unless something is done perfectly right. You know the way she prepares the one bed for irises another for different species and everything so thorough and complete-I'm convinced that if a plant needed Elephant Poo to thrive, Rachel would be parked at the back gates of the Zoo the next morning!.-she does everything so perfectly and here am I trying to do the same!''

Well Scrubber spent most of the day getting two new stones from the friends, setting them up and then cementing them into position. And he thinks he was overheard by Cherub Cymbals who sniggered across to Cherub Lute 'Mr Scrubber has 'a touch of the Rachels' which was where we came in above.

Anyway there is a much more stable footing on the other side now as I have tried to show in the photos. And do you know I think 'a touch of the Rachel's is actually a rather nice compliment to have  paid to one! Maybe he's not that bad after all???


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