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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal November 2013

Last Post 1512 days 12 hours ago

You have heard of snow blindness?

25 November 2013 20:21:06

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I think Scrubber after the last few days has leaf blindness! Apart from putting in a few more callicarpa and scratching a little around a rock (I left it there!) He has been doing nothing but raking and raking and raking and dumping and dumping and dumping!

When God made leaves he made a lot of them but I am not complaining. -It would be nice to actually even do a bit of weeding for a change but better to get them while they are nice and dry and crunchy and collectible! Scrubber just stands in the middle of the pile and rakes in all around him, then goes on and makes another pile and when he has a few he lands them all into the tarpaulin and lugs them down to the bottom of the scrub to the 'compost heap'I think the second pictures shows the two little heaps in the centre of the rest.

And the colours are sumptious! Ill try to put up a few pictures. It will take me the best part of another week to have them all collected and brought to the 'compost heap' which is getting higher and higher by the day!

Scrub people in shock at Mr. Scrubber!

20 November 2013 21:16:18

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Well lets go back to Friday first as Scrubber was tied up (not literally) on Saturday and Tuesday. He went out and blew leaves off the drive-way. Then dutifully raked away a lot of leaves from lawn and terraces and when he says a lot he means it! Rewarded himself by planting three Calceophalus (silver barbed- wire- like plants) He sillily tried to divide one but made a mess of it so he’s hoping it wont die!

Then He turned the blower on the rockery and it was magical to see it emerging from all the leaves! Greatest fun entirely! Unfortunately Scrubber noticed an MBM rock (might be moved) so ran in and got crowbar. It was moved and came up beautifully and then the others around it had to be re-aligned a bit. With this as a warmer -upper he went back to the rock that had thrown him (literally) the last day and with a lot of inching and edging it came up and stood straight. Then it was an easy matter to put back the others beside it and Scrubber was very pleased indeed with this improved wall edge to marian’s bed.

By Monday there were millions more leaves so Scrubber raked and raked. Then went down and filled in behind the new big rock and replanted ferns, primula s and hostas that had had to be taken out. Mind you, you are not going to believe the next bit. There was a large flat rock covered in Bruno’s ‘Mind your own business’ and Cherub nudged me. The whole evening went digging and inching and shifting  but luckily  the good helpful son ( who is strong) ,arrived and with his help, stones were put in under so that a mighty square rock took pride of place in the bed! It is now adorned with the Lantern of Illumination!

Today saw lots more raking and also filling behind square rock and amazingly-and this is why the  Scrub People were shocked,-Scrubber made the big and for him very unusual decision, to BURY a rock! This was one he had half uncovered a few months ago beside the steps down to the ‘rock-pool’. As he couldn’t move it he put other stones around it but today decided he had made a mess of the steps by doing so and yes HE COVERED THE ROCK again! And the other steps do look far better. Micilin Dee was ‘Ashtonished’ and the Lute and Cymbals duo questioned Cherub ‘Cos it is kind against his principles isn’t it?’ Cherub merely smiled and said ‘There is always a time…’and left it floating in the air, echoed by ‘-lways a’ime, -lways a ‘ime’ from Esmeralda. And Micilin who had reason to be very grateful to Scrubber who saved him from smothering in Beech leaves, nodded his head sagely and said ‘Well perhapsh!’

(in the first photo you can see the tip of the flat rock just beside the lantern of Illumination. That is the same rock in the third photo-now unearthed and I laterswitched the lantern over on to it)

Scrubber the whizz-kid!

15 November 2013 19:23:16

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‘My word ,but wasn’t Mr. Scrubber really buzzing today’ said Statue Scrubber to the cherubs. ‘Indeed’ replied Cherub Lute in a sort of Maggie Smith voice’ I was half-afraid he’d do himself another injury!’.’Only half?’ laughed Cherub Cymbals.’But he was flying. First out with the Blowing machine and clearing off the drive, then raking all the lawn and especially under the trees and carting all down to the bottoms.’ ‘Not to mention planting those three white things’ ‘Calocephalus Brownii’ intoned Micilin Dee echoed by ‘lots of fattus brownies, lots of fttus brownies’.

‘Well said Statue Scrubber , I began to get nervous when he decided to blow all the leaves off the rockery-he never did that before, and I feared he would trip over the cable’ ‘But Mr scrubber didn’t said Cherub who suddenly materialized  beside them ‘And he seemed to get a great kick out of seeing the rockery re-emerge from all the leaves’.

‘Shtill  an’ all, I think it was a bit soon to take out the crowbar’ this from Micilin Dee. ‘Its not so long since he went flying in the Scrub!’ ‘But Cherub was there’ said Cherub Cymbals. And added Cherub  himself,’Mr. Scrubber promised his dear friend Fran yesterday that he would be most careful!’ ‘Shtill’ said Micilin Dee, that was an enormous rock that he turned on its side’ ‘But it was managed very easily ‘ answered Cherub, ‘And he got a huge kick out of it’ said Cherub Cymbals ‘so much that he practically redesigned a quarter of that area again!’

‘And then ‘ announced Micilin ‘To go back to the rock that beshted him the previous day!!!, that washnt Hope,- it was in my opinion Preshumption! ‘ ‘But Mr. Scrubber did finally get it into position’ said Cherub Cymbals and the others beside it and it looks very well and he didn’t hurt his back or his side or his anything’.   ‘-ack or’ide or -‘nythin’  from Scrub. Esmeralda was quite pleased because it was her part of the garden that had been beautified or well, rejigged. And Mr Scrubber was indeed hugely pleased that his joints had held out and that he had got a huge amount of work done and it was a glorious day with all the autumn colour all around him. It was indeed great to be out and about and of course a very special thanks to Cherub who seemed to be working overtime all day long.

Unfortunately Mr Scrubber didn’t manage to photograph the work but will put up some of those pictures soon. In the meantime he has some nice stills that you might enjoy seeing.



13 November 2013 16:52:58

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Long ago when Adam was a boy and I was a child in Waterford, a new invention came into our lives which we, in our innocence, christened ‘Illuminous Paint’. This marvelous pigment enabled things to shine in the dark and even extended to crucifixes that glowed eerily on bedroom walls and there were also ‘illuminous’ rosary beads that could be bought on the stalls at the missions given by thundering Redemptorists or suave Jesuits. I thought of this ‘illuminous’ wonder this morning when my Acer achieved a degree of luminosity I have never seen excelled in the Scrub. Whether it was the temperatures that were just right or the fact that some obstructing boughs had been cleared, somehow this morning its beauty was so startling that I knew it must have peaked and would not be the same tomorrow. I rushed in for my camera and as I came out again the sun shone through for one brief moment and I knew I had seen something very special. The French would say ‘Lumineux’ but I have my own Deise word, ‘Illuminous’!

It was great to be out again and working and I got a great deal of grass cut despite the fact that it was damp. The Strimmer started easily and that too saw lots of action before the rain came down and perhaps luckily put a stop to some further plans !

So Scrubber is thankfully, back in the game. We were in Kilmacurragh? yesterday, an extension of the national Botanical gardens . I think Seamas O Brien is Director there. The old house is in ruins but there are some nice walks and a large pond that fits in so beautifully into its surroundings that it couldn’t be bettered. Also a huge copse of  Cryptomeria Japonica that seems to be all the one tree. I don’t think I would travel a long distance to see it but if one were in the locality it would make a nice stroll, not far from Arklow on the Dublin Road, turn left at the Tap (Excellent Food!) and straight on for about a mile to a t junction. Turn left and its about 100 yards up and well signposted.

Scrubber's in love!

10 November 2013 14:20:11

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and the object of his fascination is an exotic looking but quite hardy plant! Actually its so striking that I wonder if it can settle in to my rather quiet and natural garden but we shall see! Her name is Callicarpa and the berries have to be seen to be believed. Probably you are all familiar with it as usual but i had only seen it in books and even then felt the atraction!

I will eventually have five of them and the big question is where to place them. They looked great beside an acer with strong yellow leaves but a bit too much so Im thinking beside two Sambucus aurea..we shall see.

Leaf colour this year is magnificent and so excuse my putting up photographs of same two trees to show, as jackie did, the advance in a week. Of course I make no aplogy for the one of callicarpa!

If you havent seen Gracedieu Lass' last journal its a stunner. Its on a disused estate in Stradbally and the photos conjure up an unforgettable atmosphere.

Still id'lin'

06 November 2013 15:29:02

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But strange things happen! Yesterday Scrubber was walking in the Scrub and suddenly three pheasants rose up before him and then a fourth! He went on a few steps more and lo Six! I kid you not! Six rose up together in a plethora of whirring and clucking. There's a wood nearby where they raise them and now that the shooting season has begun they seem to have taken shelter below in my gunfree zone. A great big cock pheasant picked his way carefully over the old rockery yesterday  ,watched by a very curious Shoosh! So even if Im not planting or recovering things (dahlias cannas etc) I'm seeing wonderful sights!

Have just gone out and photographed the acers and a fern leaved beech and ginko. Ill try to put them up. Oh dear Ozakazuki very blurred sorry!

Little things mean a lot.

05 November 2013 18:14:02

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After my unassisted flight over the scrub cf last journal I have perforce to abstain for a while from Manual Labour. (The like of which used not be allowed long ago on the sabbath!). I ,instead walk meditatively around the area and plan the next movement of said rock. It really only needs to be moved a foot and settled in.

But then I saw the ashes bucket. I saw a very posh one in a shop with ash bucket inscribed on it in black fancy letters. So I went out and bought an ordinary zinc? bucket and it does equally well. Unfortunately it gets filled up! But-and this is where time to think helps-Scrbber begat a cunning plan.     He carefully lifted said bucket down to the squelchy path, levered up one of the flags (as in flat slabs) , and deposited the contents of the bucket underneath. It was easy to spread out and forms a crunchy firm base. So I shall do it flag by flag and the squelchy path will be just a little proud of the bog floor and Scrubber will be just a little proud of the path!

Its a lovely relaxing time in the garden. We have done what we could and not a lot more is expected of us so we can take a little rest and take in the glorious colours and rake up all those leaves and get a little bit pleasantly melancholy! Unless one lives in gracedieu it is a bit too soon to be looking out for snowdrops but the cyclamen leaves are showing nicely after that lovely flowering and the acers are colouring as are the liquidambers and euonymus (afflata???). I have loads of that three cornered leek which is very pretty but a desperate spreader. If ever you have it act at once or be forever plagued!



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