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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal December 2013

Last Post 1483 days 19 hours ago

Multiple apologies!

29 December 2013 16:38:40

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For not being in touch or not commentingon what I'm sure were brilliant journals. The storm has knocked us sideways down here and internet only comes back intermittently. Its not as if i wuz ignorin, yiz!

Well Christmas is almost over and normality returns. I must confess that I enjoy both te buzz and then the respite! It was great to get out for the whole day on Saturday even if all I got done was sweeping all the leaves off the patio and steps and then re edging the 'Chives rill'. I have to weed it out but I see parsley , flat leaved, there as well. I raked the top off the smaller veg beds and will get to grips with them and i dumped lots and lots of leaves in the compost mountain.

Oh and I realigned yet another  'Birch stone'! A small one but pleasing to behold! As Sr Thomasina said of my 'Marla' Mushroom that I modelled in art class one day when Sr Josephine was out with the 'flu. Mind you Tom Dooley sniggered and said it was like...well I wont repeat it, but it was anatomical and he was wrong!

It was good to be out and already anticipation is setting in. There are daffs four inches high in the lawn and there are snowdrops just coming through. There will be aconites and hellebores and snowdrops and daffodils so lets leave 2013 behind us with its joys and sorrows and focus on a wonderful new 2014 and as a young poet I know once wrote

   'And that I never may

Even to the last page of my day

lack courage in questioning


A Question at the year's end

21 December 2013 17:56:25

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‘What on earth are you doing, out in the cold, this winter’s evening, working in the garden?’ The lady’s voice came through the hedge near where scrubber was working. We chatted for a while and she went to walk her dog and scrubber asked himself the question.

The answer lay before him. There was a stone. Ah yes, the usual story. But this was not a huge boulder, just part of the edging of a path. A few days before the thought had struck Scrubber , or Cherub had nudged!, that that particular stone would look nice nearer the Birch trees and that if so placed it would answer the one on the other side of the tree and help define a bend. No sooner thought than acted on –well three or four days later. It was easy to take out the rock and exchange it with the one beside it. Then  the rock on the other side had to be set in about six inches deeper so that their surfaces ‘flowed’, which is Scrubber’s perhaps silly word for ‘matched’.

This was done and Scrubber stepped back. Now the kerb flowed nicely around the three and the two matching stones set off the Birch nicely. The path down from there is now more clearly defined and the slope behind it is more prominent. The area in front of the Birches looks cleaner and has a lovely turn and then the urn on the big square granite stone now stands out so much better. The area overlooks the carraig mor so that ties in nicely with it. Now maybe no one else will understand the difference made by shifting one stone but Scrubber does and has gone down a number of times to enjoy the new effect. A little thing granted but if we have many such little things to enliven us as we potter about in our little domains we will count ourselves lucky.

And THAT is the answer to the lady’s question but of course Scrubber would never be so boring as to call her back and explain. Perhaps just as well. It’s a gardener’s thing!

P.s. if I can I’ll try for a photograph or two –worth any amount of words! And if I don’t get time in the next few days thank you all for your companionship, generosity, friendliness and appreciation throughout 2013. It meant so much. And of course Scrubber is joined in these words by Cherub, Cherubs Cymbals and Lute, Esmeralda ‘‘-appy ‘istmus, ‘appy ‘istmus ”, Micilin Dee ‘feicitashuns of the Seashun!’, statue Scrubber, Lord Buddha and all the denizens of Scrubland.

We wish you all the blessings of the season, a wonderful Christmas and a fantastically floriferous new year! See you in Johnstown!

Oh but it was such a relief to get out

17 December 2013 18:26:32

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and be actually gardening again. Even if some of the activities might not be exactly horticultural!. After the winds the leaves were stacked againstthe walls and I got the trusty old blower out-no the machine! and blew and blew and huffed and puffed. Of course in the end i had to rake them all together and cart them down to the compost heap which is more a leaf mountain at present.

Then I  tried spraying lord Buddha with gold paint. I hear shrieks! You did what?  Yes I sprayed Lord Buddha with gold paint and was as shocked as you were to hear it. But as the days go by I am reconciling meself to this strange new Image and i think in time I will be happy. Whether lord Buddha will be is another point.He received many years ago a kick from a cow and the paint does rather point up his injuries but as he is so serene about it we have all learned to be the same. And cows will be cows. Micilin dee took a VERY DIM view of the gilding but I think he may have been just a teeny bit jealous!

Then I strung fairy lights all around my walnut circle and at night I shall not be at all surprised if the fairies and goblins and Scrub denizens have cider or nectar parties out there because its lovely at night.

So nearly all my cards and letters done and presents waiting to be wrapped. I wonder when Ill get out again. There's mountains of leaves yet to be moved but the snowdrops are coming, two hellebores are actually out and some very brave daffs have pushed their snouts up already!

Quietly meditative...

09 December 2013 15:37:13

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Like Sr. Josephine fingering her beads. Thats Scrubber these days. We were away for a few days and then down with grandchildren for a little bit and since coming back Scrubber hasn't set a working foot in the garden. He thinks its the time of year when nature pulls down the blinds a bit and its just that bitteen too cold and the leaves are that bitteen too soggy and he is a wee bit tired so today he's staying in and writing to his garden.ie friends and being a touch melancholic at the year's approaching end. Mind you there's nothing like a burst of winter aconite and a clump of snowdrops to start him off again! Still a time for every season under heaven and today it's restful. Mind you theres still a Cistus out there on the rockery that needs to be planted.......


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