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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal June 2014

Last Post 1336 days 11 hours ago

Can anyone help Scrubber?

29 June 2014 22:10:03

Much to be thankful for...

29 June 2014 18:21:35

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Scrubber was lucky enough to get away for a holiday, back last night. Some very kind people were a little worried as he had not figured in the journals for some time but that was the reason and thank you very much for your concern. And I shall soon be writing to all the recent contributors and looking forward to catching up!

We were on the coast beside the med and there was a lovely nature reserve about ten minutes walk away down the beach so I was down there every day, sometimes twice! and hope to put up an album. Luckily we were not affected by the strike of the French air controllers. It was just the wild area as it was before all the apartments etc. began to be built there and there was a great selection of grasses and cactus and eryngiums, the broom had gone over. There was bamboo and tamarisk and mallow and lots of lovely sun and of course swimming and eating and the odd glass as well so Scrubber felt really blessed. Now of course he is home and ‘Fings is fairly frantic-well not really so bad. I got out today and did a bit of mowing and will take it little by little. And I will also try to put up an album of the nature reserve. But there is definitely no place like home and when we have good weather we have our own heaven.

I am really enjoying the roses-deadheaded about a hundred fro Alfred Barbiere today but would need a step ladder to get up to the top oness and am not chancinh it! Is it I wonder going to be a great year for them?

Photo april May 2014

10 June 2014 00:38:56

Happiness at thirteen euros--seems a good bargain!

09 June 2014 21:55:46

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We were over in the Arboretum for coffe and cake yesterday and Scrubber complimented himself on his restraint. Not in the cake line! But after walking around he was happily going home without spending…and then he saw this small lantern, only thirteen euros. So he took it up and then spotted a lovely curry plant for seven. He knew where both would fit into his scheme of things so purchased.

Today he went out to place the lantern and of course an entirely different location suggested itself. Then there was a lot of strimming to be done and edging so it wasn’t until after dinner that he managed to locate the bag of cement in the garage. No sand alas. He tried to contact two neighbours to see if they had sand. He only needed three coal -shovel fuls! Sand was procured and mixed and the lantern was set in the new position and Scrubber was as happy as larry or indeed as cherub Lute after our little talk yesterday. Imagine if thirteen Euro can raise your spirits what the Lotto might do. But anyway the lantern is setting nicely tonight and Scrubber even put a candle in to see the effect and everyone of the scrub denizens said ‘magical’.

And wait –another magical event. A Magnolia that is nearly twenty years old and has only flowered once has three buds on it today! I shall watch them like a hawk! Which reminds me our bluebirds have fledged. Anna has been keeping a close watch on them and we think they went this morning. It was the first time the nest box has been occupied and apart from Shoosh climbing up once and sitting on the roof of it, I think the birds liked it and may come again. Three positives in a day. Life is good.


'You never know, do you?

07 June 2014 21:18:09

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 Well today Scrubber got back in the game. He got out early and cut all the grass-which had really grown over the last two weeks. By leaving the mower blades high he made it easier and then, believe it or not ,he went back and cut it all again! It was great to be out and working. He put in two pieris in the Scrub and found another shrub whose name escapes him that had ‘gone under’ as a result of cow-parsley and goose grass. Then Anna mentioned a cornus kousa that we had seen in some garden in wicklow and he went down and removed all the cowparsley and goosegrass from about our own two as well!

Then he put in nine penstemon garnet in the lower lawn border- (bargain lot) and strimmed a bit more of the banks and terraces. Was really pleased with the days work but then something very unusual occurred. I hope I’m not breaking confidences here but I do know some of you consider Cherub Lute to be well, at times, a bit sharp. Scrubber was passing and noticed that a robin, a very careless one, had er ! left its mark shall we say in poor Cherub Lutes left eye! It looked quite uncomfortable so Scrubber got a rag and dipped it in water and carefully washed out the offending mess.

Cherub Lute was extremely grateful and in an uncharacteristically gentle voice said ’Thank you very much Mr. Scrubber’. ‘Not at all Cherub Lute. You are welcome I’m sure’.’No Mr Scrubber, really thank you, that was very embarrassin’’. ‘Yes I’m sure it was but it’s over now’. ‘And Mr. Scrubber it happens quite a bit but the rain usually washes it away’.’And Mr. Scrubber ,I’ -I’- I’m sorry for sometimes saying things that are a bit sharp’. This really stopped Scrubber in his tracks. ‘You see Mr Scrubber, I’m not easy and happy like Cherub Cymbals. He doesn’t find it hard to be cheerful and nice’. ‘And you do?’ asked Scrubber. ‘Yes Mr Scrubber. I was never easy. I think its because of the crack.’ ‘The crack?’ Yes Mr. Scrubber, you know when they make us in the factory there is always a crack where they join up our parts. Well in our factory some of us were made badly and the cracks were very obvious an’ people said we would have to be sold off cheap. Now we cant turn around to see if we have a bad crack or a nice join so it was always very embarrassin’ not knowing whether you were a dud ,so to speak, or not. And Mr Scrubber’ the voice shook just a little,’ I think when you bought us both you only paid half- price so I was always afraid I was indeed a ‘dud’ even though it never bothered Cherub Cymbals. And we are really very glad that you brought us here and set us up so nicely. Only sometimes I get a bit down and that’s why I can be a bit sharp. An’ I’m only tellin’ you cos you were so kind to me today, cleanin’my eye out an all.

Scrubber was really taken aback and immediately reassured Cherub Lute that though he had paid half the price as he got them in the SALE, nevertheless they had been priced originally at the very full price and so could not have been ‘duds’. And he also reassured  Cherub Lute that in his case the join had been very tastefully done and was extremely difficult to see as it went very cleverly along his arm and down at the side of his leg. Actually one of the best joins that Scrubber had ever seen! Cherub Cymbals went along his bottom but as he was sitting down it wasn’t at all noticeable! Cherub Lute looked happier than Scrubber had ever seen him. And before he took his leave Scrubber said,

‘You know Cherub Lute, there is no one who has not some little funny join somewhere in their makeup so it’s not really something to dwell on. Our friends take us as they find us, cracks, joins, even missing bits at times! You shouldn’t be worried. And remember there’s always a place for you in the Scrub. And I am really very glad you told me. And don’t worry. If master robin comes again and is very bold you wont have to rely on the rainwater any more!

Scrubber was quite moved and thoughtful after this strange ending to the day. You never know, do you?

Reely, reely, reely!

06 June 2014 18:02:08

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‘It mus’ be reely , reely, reely frustratin’ for Mr. Scrubber not to be able to be out gardening in this glorious weather’ commented a sunburnt Cherub Cymbals, blowing away a yellow tipped butterfly that had landed on his nose.’ ‘Well perhaps not’ answered Cherub Lute,’ maybe he is glad to get away from all the work that he hasn’t done yet this year!’. ‘And yet ,chimed in Micilin Dee,  From my experiensh I have often learned that a period of sushpenshion of work often indushes a Zen-like contemplative shtate in which new ideas take root an’ blosshom! Donch you know!’.  ’root an’ blosshom, root and blosshom’ echoed Esmeralda whose basket now held  a nice collection of Ajuga reptens.

‘Indeed’ said Cherub ‘I think Mr. Scrubber will benefit a great deal from his little break. He has had time to wander and to think and to reimagine lots of things. He has had more time than usual to evaluate and see what is growing well and what, like the poor violas, are very susceptible to slug attacks.’

‘Yes, said young Statue Scrubber and he seems to have built up quite a collection of plants to be put in as soon as he is out and about’ He knew this because he could see the trays of zingy lime yellow tagetes that Mr. Scrubber had got at the small supervalue garden area and the latest haul from glanbia of some fine Penstemon-only needing some l &tc to bring them back to life and two pieris that would have died had they not been rescued at a very reasonable price. –very!

So all in all a nasty two weeks cold may bring benefits in turn if one adopts the right frame of mind and has a plentiful supply of handerchiefs. And Mr. Scrubber is going to look out all his old veg seeds and sow them so that next year he can start with a clean sheet/bed/whatever and he is not going to bemoan the lack of veg this year but concentrate instead on the roses and penstemons and Cornus blossoms all of which promise great things to come. So not  quite ‘reely reely frustratin’ after all!

Id been such a dnubby ruuby dosed week!

03 June 2014 21:52:18

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Or rather such a runny snubnosed week that despite the very good weather poor old Scrubber was retired from active gardening despite his best intentions. The lawns are going mad again in the meantime but there will be time for it. Today was the first time Scrubber did not feel he was walking through a fog and even then Fran was taken aback on seeing him in dublin and immediately and kindly offered him a lift to his bus. All heart that man!

However one wasn't able to work but theres lots of lovely colour breaking out and a blue tit has a nest in the birdhouse and the bedding plants are doing well after a fierce snail onslaught so fings are looking up! Sorry i have not been commenting on your journals but will get back to it shortly.

One great thing if a little one. The fern ormunda regalis that was quite dead last year has done a Lazarus on it and is peeping up through the black mud in the swamp! Hurrah!


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